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Full text of "Maximum Rocknroll, No. 187 (Dec 1998)"

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three dollars 

IJ l | ! Vil?JII,!lilifil!f1i!ill«Al!VIIJJII?Jilil^!f1;JillB.!mi,',lll, l ,litiH!<!l;tilll 


#148/Sept '95. Adversives, Thorazine. 
Toe Rag Studios, Scott Radinsky. 
Wizo, Bollocks. Shitworkers, Oppo- 
sition Party, Moody Jackson, Opcion 
Crucial, Rebel Rebel, Teen Idols, Soda 
Jerks, Walking Ruins, "Roots Of 
Punk-The Sixties Pt I". 

#149/Oct '95. Manic Hispanic, Pet 
UFO, Campus Tramps, Joe Kidd, Bad 
Luck Streak, Chumpslap, The Hump- 
ers. No Violence, Diferentes Actitudes. 
Juveniles, Richard the Roadie, "Roots 
Of Punk-The Sixties Pt 2". 

#152/Jan '96. Assfort, Turbonegro, 
Junior, Compound Fracture. Murder 
Junkies, Bottomfeeders. Battalion Of 
Saints, Heartbreakers. Florida Scum 

#153/ Feb '96. Snort, Hatchetface, 
Little Ugly Girls, A.D.Z., Oxymoron, 
N.O.T.A.,StunGuns,Gutfiddle, Karen 
Monster, Dimestore Haloes, "Uncle 
Sam & The Swastika". 

#156 pt 2/May '96. Australian Spe- 
cial: Beanflipper. Melancholy. Blitz 
Babiez, Crank. SubRosa. Mindsnare. 
T.M.T., H-Block. B-Sides. Fallout. 
Frenzal Rhomb, Lawnsmell. One Inch 
Punch, Chickenshit. No Deal, Ussue 
1, Clint Walker. 

#159/Aug '96. The Smugglers. Brand 
New Unit, Tone Deaf Pig-Dogs, 
Round Ear Spocks. David Hayes of 
Very Small Records, Man Afraid. 
Blind Side. Vox Populi, Death Wish 
Kids. Fun People, Fat Drunk & Stu- 
pid. "Pioneers of Punk-The Dick- 

#160/Sept '96. The Automatics, Boy- 
cot. Toast, Morning Shakes, The Mor- 
mons, John Q Public, Sex Offenders, 
Ballgagger, The Business, Apocalypse 
Babys, Good Riddance. Russia up- 
date. "Pioneers of Punk-Eater". 

#161/Oct '96. Jet Bumpers, Steel Min- 
ers, Divisia. Lopo Drido, Red #9. Noth- 
ing Cool, Sink. Sues. Newtown Grunts, 
"Pioneers of Punk-Ohio 77". 

#166/Mar '97. Walking Abortions. 
Hickey. '77 Spreads, Sanity Assas- 
sins. Cards In Spokes. Joey Tampon & 
The Toxic Shocks, Adjective Noun, 
Suicide King, Lenguas Armadas. Trau- 
ma. De Crew, "Pioneers of Punk- 
Dead Boys". 

#168/May '97. Cretin 66. Fishsticks. 
UK Subs, Dislemper. Enewetak. Fields 
Of Shit. "Pioneers ol Punk-SLF, Un 

Boys, The 4 Cockroaches, Absconded, 
Meanwhile. Broken, (Young) Pioneers, 
Hoodrat, "You're Dead!", "Pioneers of 
Punk-The Slits". 

#171/Aug '97. Strychnine, Idiots, 
Patrick Grindstaff of Pelado Records, 
Misanthropists, Racetraitor, Violent 
Society, Knuckleheads. 

#172/Sept '97. Withdrawls, Judgement, 
No Motiv, Oppressed Logic, Truents, 
Left For Dead, Yellowskin, The Weird 
Lovemakers. Smash Your Face, Flatus, 
Straight Faced, Klaxon, X-It, web de- 
signer Vic Gedris. filmmaker Doug 

ids. Manchurian Candidates, 
Squiggy.Nema. Traffic Violation 
Records, Jumpin' Land Mines, B-Movie 
Rats, Budget Girls, The Bruisers, Dis- 
count. Dead End Kids. "Pioneers of 

#183/Aug '98.Lewd, Asshole Parade. 
His Hero Is Gone, Cee Bee Beaumont. 
Teen Idols, "Pioneers of Punk-X-Ray 
Specs", Article on Chiapas. 

#184/Sept '98. Absentees. Devoid of 
Faith. UXA, Umlaut, Four Letter Word, 
Streetwalkin' Cheetahs. Ricanstruction, 
Libertine, Indecision, Snarkout Boys, 
"Pioneers of Punk-Black Flag". 

#173/Oct '97. Hot Water Music. Fat #185/Oct '98. Traitors. Whimpy Dicks, 
Day, Los Tigres Guapos, Les Partisans, Armed & Hammered. Dylan McKays, 
The Bristols, My 3 Scum. The Space NME, Tezacrifco, Worm, Roswells, 
Shits. Chris of Pessimiser Records. The Raxola, Beatnick Termites. "Pioneers 
Reclusives, Nick Qwik, "Pioneers of of Punk- 
Punk-GG Allin". Adverts". 

#174/Nov '97. Stratford Mercenaries, 
Lickity Split, Bladder, Piss Shivers, 
Barnhills. In/Humanity, "Education" 
theme issue. 

#175/Dec '97. One Man Army. Those 
Unknown. Boiling Man, Piao Chong. 
Exploding Crustaceans, Last Year's 
Youth, Heartdrops, Dirty Burds. 
Dimestore Haloes. "Pioneers of Punk: 
The Henchmen". Filmmaker Lech 

#177/Feb '98. Superfly TNT's. Subma- 
chine. Dropout. Society Gone Madd, 
Pinhead Circus, Ann Beretta. Black- 
bird, Naive, Useless I.D.. Quarantine, 
"Roots of Punk-Generation X. 

#178/Mar '98. Forgotten Rebels. The 
Dirtys, Josh Collins, The Letterbombs, 
Go-Devils/Gyogun Rend's/Room 41. 
Tone Deaf Pig-Dogs. American Steel, 
"Economics theme issue". 

#179/April '98. Boy Sets Fire, Tres 
Kids. Idyls, Spat & The Guttersnipes. 
The Posers. Explosive Kate, Douche 
Flag. They Still Make Records. "Pio- 
neers of Punk-Dangerhouse Records". 

#180/May '98. Reinforce. Discontent. 
T.V. Killers, Slack Action. The Eylin- 
ers. Mademoiselle. MK Ultraviolencc. 
Haulin' Ass. 97a. Infiltrators. The Jack 
Saints. Stray Bullets. "Pioneers of Punk- 
Palti Smith". 

#181/June '98. Grapefruit. The Drug- 
gies. Stiletto Boys. All Bets Off, 
Bonecrusher. Summerjack. Cell Block 
5. D.D.I.. The Normals. "Pioneers of 
Punk-999", "Pirate Radio" theme issue. 

#186/Nov '98. Registrators, August 
Spies. Marilyn's Vitamins, Chinese Love 
Beads. "On Our Doorsteps'-article on 
homeless punks, "Pioneers of Punk- 

#187/Dec '98. Real Kids. Sawn Off, 
Cretins, Spider Cunts. Heroines, Third 
Party. No Class, Skabs. article on stan- 
dardized testing, "Pioneers of Punk- 
Dead Kennedy's". 



#170/July '97, Bristle, Mine, Tedio #182/July '98. Thee Headcoatees. Vap- 

BACK ISSUE SALE: For every three you purchase, you jet a fourth one free!! 
Please list alternates in case we're out of a particular issue. Price list is on previous page. 


Scene Reports: PUNjcs not 
DEAD! It's , happening out 
there and MRR readers want 
to near about |tl Hi! My name 
fsjenn and I input, and edit 
the scene reports that come 
in. MRR relies on you scenes- 
ters out there to keep trie 
pulse or what's, happening 
In your town, write uj> somtF 
thing fun and interesting 
about it. and send it in to 
MRR. Pnotos and, artwork 
are mandatory. Tell us about 
Focal bands, zmes, and cool 
and uncool venues. Include 
info for travelling punks 
(non-US. scene reports are 
especially welcome!) such as 
where to find 

cheap vee 


scene'spawned any cornm 


■\ally-run enterprises sucl 

strong coffee. Has your" punk 

snow spaces, ca7$s b> record 
stores/ .Are racist or ho- 
mophobic thugs threatening 
your scene's harmony? En- 
quiring punk minds want to 
RnowrSee details below for 

interviews: Bpy, is MRR 
ever looking to improve the 

~f our interviews 
ouldn't be hard!) 

._ to get a staff of 
, people across the 
country and around the 
world who could turn in 
some good, prpbing inter- 
views on a, semi-regular ba- 
sis. We're looking Tor peo- 
ple who already have some 
experience doing interviews 

perhaps you have your own 
zine arid would like to share 
some of your best stuff with 
a wider audience), who can 
challenge bands (i know. I 
know, most bands dori't 
have squat to say, but agood 
interviewer can take them 
where they haven't been be- 
fore!) or give some long 
overdue support for those 


who do an.awful lot 01 „ 
hard work in punk rock but 

§et little of the ego or mon- 
tary rewards. Please give 
us a call if you are interested 
in covering new hardcore, 

Punk or garage bands.. . 
ormatr for submitting 
stuff! We prefer things 
typed up on.a ,3 1/2" corri- 
ter disk, either Mac (pre- 


erred) or IBM. Please don't 
type in ALL CAPS! if you can't 
access a computer, then 
typed up cleanly on paper 
Should work, aslong as it's 
in a Tairjy common and 
Straightforward font. Graph- 
ic stuff? Send photos (B&w 
preferred, but color OK too), 
[pgos, etc. Thanks 
Rf cords/zines? See detailed 
information listed on the 
mastheads of the Record 
Review and Zine Review sec- 


SUBSCRIPTIONS: (postpaid prices) 

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Back issues 148-149, 152-153, 156 Pt 2, 
159-161, 166, 168, 170-175, 177-187 are 
as stated above in subscription info. See 
descriptions on page after next. 




For what it's worth (not much), 

here's some of the MRR crew's 

current Top 10 lists of stuff we review. 


NEIGHBORS-The More Money One Has-CD 


V/A-Tribute to Rejestracja-CD 

V/A-USA Meets Japan-10" 

V/A-Tomorrow Will Be Much Worse-Box Set EPs 
VOORHEES-What You See Is What You Get-EP 
V/A-Chaos of Destruction-3xLP 

ROZZ & THE NEGATIVE TREND-Pop Sessions-CD UPSETS-Tommygunheart-EP 


Scene Reports: continuously, with photos! TOM hopkins 
Interviews: continuously, with photos! 
Ad Reservations: call to make sure. 
Ad Copy In: by 20nd of previous month- 

Issue out: by 2nd week of following month. 

DIRTBOMBS-Stuck Under My Shoe-45 


1/6 page: (2 1/2" x 5") $25 

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1/3 page square: (5" x 5") $70 


Due to backlogs, we can only run new ads 
for music and zine releases. All other ads 
must be classfieds only. We will not accept 
major label or related ads, or ads for comps 
or EPs that include major label bands. 

CLASSIFIEDS: 40 words cost $3/60 words 
max for $4. No racist, sexist or fascist mate- 
rial. Send typed if possible. Cash only!!! 
Expect a two month backlog! 

COVER: Mark Murrmann 

V/A-Tomorrow Will Be Worse-Box/CUTZ-Live 


DANDY SNATCHERS-Moronic Pleasures-45 
/IUD CITY MANGLERS-Gonna Die Tonight'-EP 
BONNIE FUJIYAMA-Coney lsland-45 
DIRTBOMBS-Stuck Under My Shoe-45 
3D's-Your Heart Is Black-EP 

SELL MRR AT GIGS: Within U.S., we'll sell ||_ 
them to you at $1.50 each ppd, cash up RAY LUJAN 
front. Must order 5 or more of the same . 
issue. Need street address (not PO Box) to k 
UPS to. 


'AGEENAS-We Are the Vageenas-EP 
IUD CITY MANGLERS-Gonna Die Tonight-45 
ANDY SNATCHERS-Moronic Pleasures-45 
IRTBOMBS-Stuck Under My Shoe-45 

STORES: If you have problems getting 
MRR from your distributors, try contacting 
Mordam Records at tel (415) 642-6800 or 
fax (415) 642-6810. Also available from: 

nean, Last Gasp, Rotz, See Hear, Cargo, 
Armadillo, Ubiquity, Choke Inc, Desert 
Moon and Marginal. 

Please send all records, zines, letters, 
articles, scene reports, photos, subscrip- 
tions, interviews, ads, etc., to: 


PO BOX 460760 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94146-0760 

Phone (415) 923-9814 

Fax (415) 923-961 7 


(use this mainly for comments & letters. 

Use phone for ads & other business stuff) 

:HICKS-Criminales-EP/EYELINERS-Rock 'n' Roll-45 
iORE LOSER-Out To Save-EP 

INDEPENDENT OUTLET-Record Store in Amsterdam 
LIBERATE-Proof Of Survival-LP 
V/A-Tomorrow Will Be Much Worse-Box Set EPs 


AVULSION-Crimson Foliage Hit-CD 
DICKIES-45/V/A-Tomorrow Will Be. ..-Box Set EPs 
OUTLAST-Positive Hardcore Positive Youth-10" 
| V/A-At War With Society-CD 

TURPENTINES-American Music-LP 

INTENSITY-10'W/A-Chaos of Destruction-3xLP 
COCKSPARRER-England Belongs to me-EP 
V/A-Cleans e the Bacteria Bonus-12" 

COYOTEMEN-Call of the Coyotemen-2xEP 
LIGHTNING BEAT MAN-Apt. Wrestling RnR Girl-LP 

RONNIE FUJIYAMA-Coney lsland-45 


TURPENTINES-American Music-LP 



NO ONE'S VICTIM-Just Another...-EP 
TURPENTINES-American Music-LP 

AVULSTION-Crimson Foliage-CD 
SHIKABANE-Title In Japanese-LP 
V/A-Bare Faced Hipocrisy-EP 
V/A-Why Does Holland Sux-LP 

BLACKLISTED-Bring On A Revolution-EP 
KURT-Schesplana-LP/V/A-Holland Sux-LP 
THE 'TONE-One For the Money-EP 
V/A-Bare Faced Hypocrisy Sells Records-EP 

:,i:v<iMii:i;<iiH:<:i;<iiiw:,i:>:<i:,iii:,iHiiH;<:ii<ilW l ',WI,'JII.'J;lile)^B^ 

f y \ f% Please send us your records (2 copies of vinyl, if pos-,j -* i 
I L^'sible-one for MRR and one for reviewer), or CD-only | II 
release. See Records section for where to send tapes. ■ v I 


WORKIN STIFFS/BODIES/440 SIX PACK-live V/A-Chaos of Destruction-3xLP 

DICK SPIKIE-Beginning of the End-LP LAST RESORT-Violence in Our Minds-EP 



V/A-Stumpf ist Trumpf...und Oi! ist Gold-CD V/A-Zero Hour-LP 


RONNIE FUJIYAMA-Coney Island/NY Groove-45 SONNY VINCENT-Lucky Seven Inch Record-EP 

DIRTBOMBS-Stuck Under My Shoe-45 RECEIVERS-Drop Out-EP 

V/A-At the Club-LP HELLACOPTERS-Hey!/Her Strut-45 

DOUBLE NUTHINS-Make Out With You Tonight-EP 3D's-Your Heart Is Black-EP 


MACKINLA Y KNOWLES, another viiitin' limey 

Fracture #4-zine HUMAN BEANS/CHEAP DATES-live 

KURT-Schesaplana-LP STORMSHADOW-Black Power-EP 


V/A-As We Look To The Future-EP LOS TIGRES GUAPOS-On Bad Behavior-EP 



V/A-Tribute To Our Favourite Droogies-EP 
| COCKSPARRER-England Belongs To Me-45 
SKINT-CD/BOVVER 96-96 Bottles of Beer-CD 
DICK SPIKIE-Beginning of the End-LP 

NO ONE'S VICTIM-Just Another Young Punk Band-EF 

LAST RESORT-Violence In Our Minds-EP 



CANDY SNATCHERS-Moronic Pleasures-45 



V/A-Chaos of Destruction-3xLP 


LIBERATE-The Proof of Survival-LP 




V/A-Tomorrow Will Be Worse-4xEP 






ROZZ & THE NEGATIVE TREND-Pop Sessions-CD UPSETS-Tommygunheart-EP 

V/A-At the Club-LP COCKSPARRER-Live & Loud-LP 




DOUBLE NUTHINS-Make Out With You Tonight-EP 

HELLACOPTERS-Hey!/Her Strut-45 

DICKIES-My Pop the Cop/Marry Me, Ann-45 

DIRT BOMBS-Stuck Under My Shoe-45 

CHICKS-Criminales, Coches, Pistolas y Chicas-EP 

CANDY SNATCHERS-Moronic Pleasures-45 

UPSETS-Tommy Gun Heart-EP 


DISGUSTEENS-Nothing Personal-EP 







Fracture #4-zine/KILLTHE MESSANGER-demo 

Peter Avery Aragorn 

John Backstrom Paul Barger 
Michelle Bamhardt Lily Boe 
Jerry Booth Enrico Cadena 

Chris Charla 
Catherine Cook 
Rob Coons 
Rafael DiDonato 
Jonathan Floyd 
Brian Gathy 
Todd Gullion 
Lance Hahn 
Harald Hartmann 
Tom Hopkins 
George Impulse 
Carolyn Keddy 
Roger Kuhns 
Rachel Liba 
Michael Lucas 
Hal MacLean 
Mary Jane 

Brianna Chesser 
Jeremy Cool 
Mikel Delgado 
Neale Fishback 
Gardner Fusuhara 
Zabet Gerber 
Katja Gussmann 
Chris Hall 
Jeff Heermann 
Jenn Hyman 
Kenny Kaos 
Mick Krash 
Jennifer Leigh 
Dulcinea Loudmouth 
Ray Lujan 
Timojhen Mark 
Jeff Mason 

Tobia Jean Minckler Mundo Murguia 
Allan McNaughton Mike Millett 

Jah Nell 
James Reling 
Bruce Roehrs 
Ty Smith 
Steve Spinali 
Max Ward 
Shane White 

Donna Poole 
Casey Ress 
Harry Sherrill 

Martin Sprouse 
Sean Sullivan 
Jason Valdez 
Ryan Wells 
Kelli Williams 

Winni Wintermeyer Jeff Yih 
Rema Young Mack Knowles 

Jack Coolidge 


Mykel Board 
George Tabb 
Jason Beck 
Ted Rail 
Renae Bryant 
Nick Fitt 
Larry Harmon 
Brian GTA 
Jose Palafox 
Pete Menchetti 
Brian Burch 
Micah Holmquist 
Adrian Niemetz 

Mike Rebound 
Melissa Klein 

Nathan Berg 
John Kohut 
Brian Zero 
Dave Emory 
Mark Hanford 
Felix Von Havoc 
Erich Schulte 
Chris Dodge 
Ryan Richardson 
Serena Sigona 
Mark Jenkins 
James Convoy 
Ed Hunter 
Marcel Schilpzand 
Trent Reinsmith 
Joe Donahue 

Mark Murrmann Jacqueline Prichard 


Long bored with 
corporate mush? 
Instead of complaining we opted to Fight 
Back with this act of commercial disobe- 
dience. On this CD you will find a collec- 
tion of recordings we are proud to have 
been involved with in some capacity over 
the last ten years. Too abrasive for the 
mainstream, these artists occupy the 
essential US underground. An under 
ground "At War With Society". 

Yes it's true, a 75 minute CD for 
99 cents list price. Yes, it's a real 
CD, yes it's in a jewel case. No, 
you don't have to buy anything 
else, or join a club. 

How do I get it? 
Check our web site for 
participating stores. 
Or, you can order it from us, 
but obviously for 99 cents we 
can't pay the shipping, so 
have a minimum order of $6 
for free shipping USA only or 
add $1.50. Send 2 stamps 
(or IRC) for a catalog of vinyl, 
CD's shirts and buttons. 

Post paid in the USA 

Anti-Flag - Die For The Government CD/LP $12/9 

Swingin' Utters - Streets Of San Francisco CD/LP $12/9 

Reagan Youth - Collection of Pop Classics / Live (S2> Rare CD $12 each 

Peace/War (60 bands double CD) $15 

Snap-Her - Queen Bitch Of Rock'N'Roll / It Smells, It Burns, It Stings CD $12 each 

New Red Archives PO Box 210501 San Francisco CA 94121 

99 Cent CD 

2,3 songs 

■■< 23 Bands 

Featuring i 

Reagan Youth 
* U.K. Subs" "'" 

Anti-Flag „ .'.U 
! No Use For A Name 

Swingin' Utters^ 
& Much More... 

Records* Stuff We Sell: 



'Join Us' * 

'Artificial Horizon' * 

'In Mass Mind' * 
'Con Art' * 
2-song 7" 
'End Hits' t* 

21 live songs CD 

1 1 -song posthumous CD, CD 
all previously released, only 

113. MAKE-UP 



110. FUGAZI 



105. MAKE-UP 

101. BLUETIP 'Dischord No. 101' * 

90. FUGAZI 'Red Medicine' +* 

40. MINOR THREAT CD has every song! 

14. DISCHORD 1981 

*regularCD. price 'J5.7 + Cassette, price c:l ^CD single, price § 

NEW(& R £k) PRICES, including postage, in U.S.$: 










CD single 











We acceptVisa/MC/ Discover- Call (703)351-7507 or E-mail or Fax us 

Stores: We deal direct. Write us or fax us at (703) 351-7582 

Illustrated CATALOG! 
please send one US $ or 
4 US Stamps or 4 IRCs. 

For a plain but complete 
LIST of records, send 
us a US stamp or an IRC. 

3819 BEECHER ST. NW, WASH., DC. 20007- 1802 




"The New Noise Theology" EP 


Probably their final release and what 

better a resting place than Honey Bear! 

We've been killing bands for fucking 






VSS •Nervous Circuit" CD $1 1 

J CHURCH 'Arbor Vitae" CD $1 1 

UNWOUND "s/t" CD $11 




BIS!!! "Kid Cut" 7" (1,000 only!) $4.50 


V/A 'Battle Of The Bands" 7" (w/ Skinned Teen, Angora, 

Rondelles, Knock-Ups) $3 

Girllrendo "Get Ready To Be..." 7" $4.50 

Lung Leg "The Negative Delinquent" 7" $4.50 

Lung Leg "Shagg The Tiger" 7" $4.50 

Registrators "4 Vibrate" 7" $6 

Faye Wong TJi Dar" TP $4 

Faye Wong 'Ingratiate Oneself" TP $4 

Faye Wong "Sky" TP $4 

J Church "You Think You're Cool" CD $10 

Discount/Shotwell Coho 7" $3.50 

V/A "Keskideez" 7" (w/J Church, Rhythm Collision...) $3.50 

V/A "Windmills Of Your Mind" (w/Steward) $3.50 

V/A 'Brouhaha" 7" $3.50 


PO BOX 460346 
San Francisco, CA 94146 



BE WORSE 4x7 EP box set 

$11 U.S.*S13Can/Mex/ World surface 
$16 Europe) W. Hem." $18 Asia/Aus. 
4 split EP's w/ Flash Gordon, Capitalist Casualties, 
Nice View. Hellnation, Spa**, Fuck On The Beach, 
Real Regae, & Charles Bronson. US & Japan HC 
thrashers team up again. First edition in hox & on 
colored vinyl. 


"Peacelovepunklile.." LP/CD 
H 1 6 new tracks of some of the most fierce 
Swedish HC ever, dusts ENT in their prime! 
Punk as fuck doesn't even begin with it. 
Their best yet... this will fucking floor you 


g "Flashbacks" CD 

Discography re issue of the Swedish legends 
Includes 25 tracks, with 2 unreleased ones 
(they were on the 1st edition]. If you newer 
§r heard them you are missing out. From soft 
intros into some of the best raging thrash you 
ever heard Get it, words don't do them justice. 


.split LP/CD" 

"«Tokyo and Texas team up for a thorough ass 
kicking. Slight Slappers do 9 tracks of high octane 
HC, frenzied is the word Short Hate Temper blast 
out 9 tracks of blistering stop start HC 
A classic is born. 


"Your Chaos Days Are Numbered" 


37 new tracks! Unrelenting HC power 

thrash, no mellowing out. 



1 9 song follow up to their classic split 
with Spazz. All the speed, craziness, 
and energy you'd expect from these 
Tokyo greats. 


PRICES (including postage): 7"EP 

world (sufacel/Canada & Mexico (air) $4 

VIASANTAM A CITY HC 2 7" $4 f v,S " B ^ PP l° SB u 

». " w *- ' Y ^ Crucial Section. & Less Haze 

EuropelairjfW. Hemisphere (air) $5 

Asia/Australia (air) $6 












S.D.S "Ani6b6r" 12" $in^ 3St}vasher0Bsnewesl ^ hesameass 

kicking style you know Sieve MCR tf 1 00 

UNWISE 7" $4 ChBW 

HC tram Tokyo! 

MCR prices ppd. in USA, 

7'CP- Canada. Memo, world suit, odd S 1. Europe Si S. America add $1 Alls, add S3 

12' ■ Canada, Memo, world ml. add 12. Cnrope 8, S. America add S5, Aus. add 17 

send a stamp for a complete list of available titles & info. 

overseassend SI or2IRC's 

no checks! use a money order 

e mail address pollute@luse net 

http /(home fuse nei/soundpollulion, 1 


P.O.Box 17742/Covinflon,KY.4 1 17/USA I 


FU GK FACE Bastard Suka 7 

-.,....■. ■ - from ean 

eend cover. 

COWARD/ SAPspiuir 

§ u : style hard- 

,!•-:■. •■ raw 

aman frotn Austin. In a hand screened jacket:. 

'LIZARDS "Nafum K." V 

I in hyper pop punk with tinges of garage from 

*Mike6the MOLESTERS debut 7 

w / iu] v ant . terally if you 

are un ■ 

.p.,t 7 RELIANCE 

Th« | uty Veterans are back 

with an awesome Santa 


Al1 <-'■'. - irin I jreac state of Texas. 

Racluaivaa, Motards,Won»ii.rt i tha Cry' Out Louda 
Phantom Craaps , Handcku , Stratford and Paranoids 

PL US: *ALL YOU CAN EAT "Ballinoer" 7" *SAP 7" 
*HICKEY "Gaia" 7" *MOTARDS/FUCKEMOS split 7" 
MUCH MUCH MORE Send a stanp for a catalog. 

Prices: 7"-$3 12 "-SB CD-S8 

Cash check, or money order to Joey Birards please. 
If you live outside the U.S. send a little extra. I 
will trade for USFL and black western Shirts ! 

P.O.Box 7066 Austin, TX 76713 
(512) 476-4657 

record by fury. 

follow in the footsteps of these great bands: 

a day for honey 

agnostic front 

blanks 77 

born against 


citizen's arrest 



god is my co-pilot 

gorilla biscuits 


into another 



mind over matter 


orange 9mm 




sick of it all 




youth of today 


and many more 

don fury's studio is a fully automated 32 track room in downtown 

New York City, featuring a 44 input amek console with total recall 

inboard virtual dynamics, and mix processing. TL audio tube eq s and 

Tube Tech compressors are featured, the studio carries on a tradition 

of accessibility to beginning labels and bands, as well as majors. 

to find out more call or fax don fury at 212 925 1064, or E-mail 

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\m \xm ca\a\og sei imp to: 
vstagnut jgt- 

U42a wata«, sifte 59 

www.winjanutrecords.coiT. ™ke\e$ ca 94709 


^--iP e a r 
\fH^ There's 
thing that's 
been on my mind 
for oh about 16 
months. Almost every time pregnancy 
is mentioned in this magazine either 
someone is talking about sucking the 
parasite out before it can ruin your 
body and life, or they're telling you why 
abortion is absolutely wrong because 
god or whoever said so. What the 

Can't any of you talk about punk 
rock moms (and dads)? My 7 month 
old daughter is the best thing that ever 
happened to me, and she's made me 
even more determined to live my life 
well, and to shun Barney, Disney, and 
all that other crap they shove down our 
throats form birth. I realize not every- 
one can or should make the same 
decision I did, and I believe everyone 
should do as they like with their own 
bodies, just please don't forget us punk 
parents. Thanks, 
Genevieve (Vic's mom) 

PS I know this seems trivial, but 
it's not. There is nothing quite like get- 
ting ignored and glared at by your 
peers because of something you 
couldn't possibly be more proud of. 

Dear Genevieve, 

I can sympathize with how you 
must feel, and certainly punks over- 
react, but this is an example of people 
responding to the fact that in every 
other aspect of society we get the 
wonderof birth-parenthood etc shoved 
up our ass and down our throat until it's 
fairly understandable that we would be 
fucking sick of it. Because the society 
at large acts like you aren't a real adult 
(especially for women) until you have 
kids, punks tend to react to the oppo- 
site extreme, similar to being told to 
dress neatly, comb your hair, start your 
career, grow up. It's still kind of lame to 
come down so hard on it, true freedom 
from society would mean to not let it 
influence you one way or the other. 

Prison, as shattered 
as it is, is also a place that 
gives you a realistic view of 
life. In the inside and the out most of 
it tending towards some personal war. 
I never understood how all these peo- 
ple in here yell 'Fuck the police' and all 

types of other things. You can't do that 
when you're using drugs and all types of 
other useless shit. The best thing I 
learned about being in prison is that all 
this existesfora reason. I wish I'd known 
that beforehand. Call it balance! 

Another day in the clown house. 
Eight (8) years in prison— two (2) more, 
just two (2) more fucking years and I'm 
out of here. A lot of things go through my 
head. I had a very scant week! 

Kind of weird— a little while back 
some skinheads beat the dogshit out of 
a white Crip. It's funny because one of 
the skins ran at him, rushed him and the 
skin ended up getting his ass kicked. It 
was funny to see the skinhead get beat 
up. It ended up that the other skins 
couldn't take seeing their pal get beat 
down, so they all rushed the poor bas- 
tard and used himforafootball. I couldn't 
understand it. He gets beat up for hang- 
ing with the blacks but yet the skins run 
with the Southern Mexicans. The skins 
are confused. They're weird specimens 
with views too simple to figure out. 

This isn't meant to sound boring, 
just rambling on about prison. They nev- 
er mess with me — knowing I'm a straight 
edger. They prey on the weak. They see 
in black and white, just like the 
S.H.A.R.P.s. Every S.H.A.R.P. I met in 
prison was a coward. They're man-made 
just like the skins talking crap on their 
stupid records. For me to speak to these 
two crews, life is only real because I feel 
it happening. What turned me off about 
the S.H.A.R.P. crew was one I met in 
prison who was oi! oi!, all this shit and 
when he found out skins were on the 
yard, he ran to the cops needing protec- 
tive custody. 

I'm used to seeing people getting 
shanked. And all the weird stuff— it be- 
comes a daily pattern. Til it doesn't 
bother you, know to think of it, it's punk 
as fuck. I had my fight's worth. You have 
to get paid or you're through. Even while 
you're getting maced, keep fighting. 
Mace don't work. And Mr. Billy Club 
don't work. You're getting bullets in you. 

Speaking of bullets... One incident 
in LAC Prison, a fight, No Comply, and 
this dude had no shoulder left. Hell it's 
not like the movies where the dude has 
a little red spot. It's far from that. I can't 
explain. You ever go to the grocery store 
and poke like 50 holes in a slab of 
hamburger meat? It's sick. And the yell- 
ing and crying yelling!! "My shoulder, oh 
God!" The stomach is worse. Mace don't 
work. Any righteous straight edger will 
tell you the same. Bad thing about mace 
in prison is if there is afight in the building 

and you're maced, it goes through all 
the vents into your cells. On top, we 
have these cool looking No Warning 
Shots signs on the day room walls. 
Punk Rocq. 

A young kid was killed last month 
on a yard dinning, shot by a prison 
guard and died. I do feel for his family 
members. I hope they pull through. No 
one deserves that. He was a human 
being, not a fucking target. I dedicate 
the "PigsSuck"comp.toC.D.C. There's 
too many people being shot in prison, 
and if you're not aware, oh well! Like 
before I was transferred to prison, I had 
a prison guard set me up to fight other 
inmates. The guard was a white- 
washed piece of shit named Carillo. It 
got to where he even took me into a 
back room and roughed me up. To me 
people like that are too scared, or em- 
barrassed, or afraid of a challenge from 
someone maybe tougher, or whatever. 
Real strange. You even sign for your 
own body bag. Punk Rocq. 

Anyhow, I'm mentioning this to let 
people know where I'm coming from — 
the point is to show people do really live 
certain ways. In reality, we all have 
different realities. Call it morbid orwhat- 
everyou desire, they're hereto keep us 
in line. And I know a lot of people been 
through a lot of punk stuff. A lot of 
people are not strong enough so they 
end up getting lost in here, believe it or 
not. So it's better not to know no one. 

It's strange to have a prison guard 
tell me I must beat up another Mexican 
inmate and after I was finished, I was 
going to get beat with a club. I never got 
beat with the club but ended up in his 
office with the door barricaded with 
food carts being roughed up again by 
this fat pig. Pulled out and he made me 
kiss the American flag. There are weird 
guards. Ones I trip off of are the Mexi- 
can g uards — they forget what race they 
are. I love my race — Mexican — and all 
others, but they're so pathetic. 

I'm not a subhuman or a retard or 
if I was, I wouldn't be writing this. It's 
sad how people see things on TV and 
take it as a reality when it should be 
taken as a fiction or believe all the crap 
Pete Wilson says. The founder of 3 
Reichs you're out. They're so ignorant 
to second hand info. 

I hope all people read this and 
don't think I'm whining. I just want to 
share with the outside world how 
screwed it is. Before I go to end, I'd like 
to announce to the Fresno, CA straight 
edgers that Cowboy his name was, 
supposedly a punk, dead edger.They' re 

telling the skins 
here he was a 
Nazi punk. If you 
see him tell him 
to eat shit. He 
even shaved his 

At this time 
we are locked down. The prison guards 
found knives buried all over the yard. 
David from Salvation 'zine eat shit as 
well. That's as funny as the skins here 
blasting the Offspring. I want to thank 
Mykel Board for the "World Class Punk" 
comp. Stay down bro'. KDVS still rules. 
Anthony Herrera/ J-21483 /P.O. Box 
8502/ BFBI 239 UP/ Coalinga, CA 

^^Dear punks, 
^^^^ A couple of issues ago 

^^^^ Rob wrote about an incident 
^P^ at Gilman involving a guy with 
white power tattoos who was 
asked to leave the club or risk being 
beaten up by the audience. According to 
the account, the guy was not causing any 
trouble but his body markings violated 
club policy. This raises a lot of interesting 
thoughts. Is punk rock just about preach- 
ing to the converted? You can't change 
someone's opinion by avoiding him. If 
this guy were allowed to stay, would he 
have been introduced to more construc- 
tive views and perhaps, over time, 
changed his opinion? Maybe that's a 
longshot but if you don't agree it's a 
possibility you may as well put down your 
microphones and quit your zines be- 
cause ranting to people who agree with 
you is pretty damn pointless. 

Instead of talking, it seems most of 
Gilman wanted to beat the guy up. How 
often has a punch in the face changed 
someone's opinion? Sure, it'll satisfy your 
anger, but he's going to go away with 
even more hatred than before. 

What's really funny about this whole 
thing is that ever since metal became 
cool again Gilman has been filled with 
Emperor, Mayhem, and most recently 
Angel Corpse shirts. Although they've 
tamed down their opinions to help sales, 
all of these bands have been outspoken 
about their white supremacist beliefs in 
the past. Faust from Emperor is in jail for 
killing a homosexual. The singer from 
Angel Corpse published a racist mani- 
festo. The list goes on and on. 

I've always been a little confused 
about punk rock's intolerance of other 
beliefs. While I do actually feel that I'm 
anti-religious, it's imperative that we're 
all free to make up our own minds. Per- 
secution and ridicule is not the answer. 
"Millions of Damn Jews" would not have 
received as favorably as "Millions of Damn 

Christians," but what's the difference real- 
ly? There's not enough room to discuss 
everything in length but that's my attempt 
at sharing some of my recent thoughts. In 
the end, it's up to each individual to decide 
what they wish to support. But they should 
be knowledgeable about what they're 
standing for and what they're fighting 
against. And they should think about the 
results of throwing the first punch. Peace, 
The Zesty Lumberjack/ PO Box 37893/ 
San Francisco, CA 941 17 

PS I hope Gilman doesn't adopt a 
dress code because of this. I don't think 
they know one band from another. 


I think it wasn't the guy's body mark- 
ings but that he was an out racist that got 
him booted from the club. Hopefully the 
subsequent fight/ stomping did change his 
opinion about whether or not racists are 
welcome at Gilman, or hardcore shows in 

In my mind, the difference between 
damn Christians and damn Jews is that 
the US is run by the fucking Christians. 
Maybe their love of money exceeds their 
religious devotion but still it's centrist/ con- 
servative Christian values that are catered 
to. If you check out the Israeli band Nekhei 
Naa tza 'sLPon Beer City, they come down 
quite hard on the Jewish ruling class of that 
country. Whoever's enforcing their hege- 
mony is gonna draw the ire of the punks. 

Thanks for the dirt on the trashy 
metal bands. Jeff M. 

>tiii Dear MRR- 

il% Hey — I haven't been into 

^^^ fcthis scene for that long — about 
^LfJf a year — but I've had similar, less 
rrr "' formed ideas all my life. My girl- 
friend introduced me to this scene and I fell 
in love! Anyway, since then I've been read- 
ing your zine as well as others — I write my 
own and lately I've really done anything 
pro-active in my community. I've seen 
articles in MRR about Food Not Bombs, 
and I was wondering if there is one running 
in Phoenix, AZ. If there is, how can I find 
out about future dates, and if not, is there 
anyway to get one started? I would really 
appreciate your help. 
Chad Burggraf/ 11260 N. 92 St. #1106/ 
Scottsdale, AZ 85260 
Chad, . 

One way to find out if there 'san FNB 
group in Phoenix is to ask around at shows 
or check out parks or other places you 
think free food might be served, esp. on 
the weekends. Or put up fliers about start- 
ing a group, and if you aren't contacted by 
an existing group you'll be on your way to 
starting one. 

You can write to Food Not Bombs at: 
3145 Geary Blvd. #12/ SF, CA 94118 
(include an SASE or something), or call 

800 884-1136. They may know who is 
active in your area. They also publish a 
book about the history of FNB and ideas 

Hey Felix, 

I just read your column 
in #185, and was torn. I agree 
with you on a tor of the things 
you said, especially your state- 
ment, "things have been going downhill in 
this country ever since the Whisky Rebel- 
lion." Damn, that whole paragraph was 
probably the best I read in #1 85. However, 
I must disagree with your statements about 

Before I go into anything really deep 
(sort of), I will say that I enjoy listening to a 
lot of types of music. I for one really like 
Run-DMC and Public Enemy, though the 
shit that is passed off as "rap" today makes 
me want to vomit. I also love 80s hardcore, 
and the anarchist-thrash stuff on your la- 
bel, a lot of which I own. And, whether 
anyone likes it or not, I also like a lot of 
indie. Sonic Youth fucking rock my world, 
Lucid Nation and S. Process are great, 
and though as lot of punks act all tough 
saying "fuck that weak shit," I like some of 
it, especially while reading and typing. 
Sonic's Youth's older stuff can blow away 
what is processed today as hardcore and 
punk. Labels like Hopeless and Fat can go 
fuck their own faces as far as I'm con- 
cerned. Lucid Nation are a great group of 
people who are more politically active than 
a lot of the "chaos punx" I see in the scene 
today, and it's the same thing with Sonic 
Youth. Does anybody else remember 
"Youth Against Fascism" and all the SY 
stickers that said "I believe Anita Hill"? 

I will also agree with what you as 
saying that bands like Braid, the Get Up 
Kids, and Hot Water Music are horrible. It's 
all whiny emo crap... "post-hardcore" is a 
fucking joke. But, don't put down indie, or 
at least don't think that all indie bands 
fucking blow as much as much as some of 
the indie that is out there. 

If I said, "Fuck hardcore, it's all just a 
bunch of idiots screaming," that wouldn't 
be fair and it wouldn't be true either. 

And lastly, / love my fucking book- 
bag! ! ! I, for one, do carry things around 
with me, like records, zines, and my cam- 
era so I can take pictures at shows. Fuck, 
I even have a Code 1 3 patch prominently 
placed in the middle of it! 

That's it... thanks fer yer time, and 
keep putting out good records! ! ! 
Ted Stomp, Stomp It Up fanzine 

An open letter to MRR readers and Jose 

. Palafax, 

>& This letter is a response 

J) to the column (issue #183) Jose 
-— -^ wrote about a slide show called 

"A Traffic in Suffering" that I gave in San 

Francisco's Mis- 
sion District last 
May. The photos I 
presented dealt 
with pain, trauma, 
anguish, and vio- 
lence, and I think 
it is important for 
those who attended the show as well as 
those who know of it only through Jose's 
article to hear the reasons I had for making 
the presentation. 

It's not enough to debate whether or 
not images of suffering should exist be- 
cause they do exist and don't show any 
signs of going away. What we must do is 
come to terms with them as they are. 
Coming to terms does not mean liking, 
approving of, or even being aroused by 
them — though these reactions aren't pre- 
cluded either. To me it's a vital part of 
one's life to accept death as a natural 
function of life, not to be pushed to the 
margins, but accepted and spoken of. Our 
society no longer has the institutions that 
enable us to collectively or individually 
think about the suffering which is integral 
to our humanity. I honestly feel there is a 
responsible, ethical means to view the 
traumatically violent that doesn't perpetu- 
ate suffering. I seek out these images to 
feel more not less; to be drawn in, not 
distracted; to be moved beyond passive 
pop consumption to mindful reflection and 
empathy. The images in my presentation 
all share a bizarre notoriety, at once famil- 
iar and foreign. They are images that we 
have all seen before, but rarely take the 
time to think of them as more than mere 
objects suspended beyond a real time 
and place. Context is what much of the 
show dealt with. Crucial to "Traffic..." was 
asking the audience to remember that 
images of pain are never ahistoric and 
those whose anguish we gaze upon are 
not always anonymous. There are no ob- 
jective truths to be unearthed here, just as 
I can't control the meaning(s) people make 
of my work once they have thought it over 
for themselves. I can, however, do as 
much as possible to guide towards a com- 
passionate appreciation of these visceral 
and complex issues. "Traffic in Suffering" 
has never been intended as a manifesto, 
only a preface. 

This slideshow was originally pre- 
pared for my senior seminar in college, but 
it really had been on my mind since 1980 
when a group of Cambodian refugees 
came to live with my family in Logan, Utah. 
It took me 17 years to make sense of the 
events that forever changed their lives 
and has had such a profound influence on 
mine. For the longest time my only means 
of making sense of the terror that was Pol 
Pot's idealized agrarian utopia was through 
photos. The Khmer Rouge exterminated 
one third of Cambodia's population in an 

attempt to erase memory, and create a 
"year ground zero." To me it is of utmost 
importance for any person of conscience to 
not further perpetuate the violence that is 
done when histories are forgotten. This is 
not the same thing as purporting an equiv- 
alence of violence. It is simply an attempt to 
prevent other's suffering — those without my 
own good fortune of circumstance — from 
being treated as eye candy, the backdrop to 
perverted commercialism, or mere bodies 
laid to waste for a voyeur's pleasure. 

Josewas upset by my show and what 
I represent in his mind. He spoke on the mic 
about his feelings, but he also confronted 
me afterwards. Many of his points I agreed 
with while others were problematic. In the 
spirit of exchange and dialogue I wrote him. 
The bulk of his critique in MRR stems from 
that letter — a personal, private correspon- 
dence that he has chosen to make public. 
This is something that makes me very un- 
comfortable as he has chosen to manipu- 
late my words and pass it off as good 
journalism, let alone the issue of disrespect 
for my attempt to communicate with him. 
That is all I have to say about Jose and his 
column. I am extremely grateful for having 
had the opportunity to share these ideas in 
a setting outside of school where they might 
have a vitality of their own. Attached is a list 
of sources that have been influential, along 
with my most current address. Get in touch. 
Together we might just make outspoken 
more than a band. Thanks. 

Jan Saudek — The World of Jan Sau- 
dek; Paul Lester — Photojournalism: An Eth- 
ical Approach; Diane Arbus — The Estate of 
Diane Arbus; Susan Sontag — On Photog- 
raphy; David Hockney — On Photography; 
John Berger — Ways of Seeing; Chris 
Townsend — Vile Bodies: Photography and 
the Crisis of Looking; Horst Faas/ Tim 
Page — Requiem: By the Photographers 
Who Died in Vietnam and Indochina; Mary 
Paumier Jones — "Behind the Glass, Within 
the Frame" in 1994 Georgia flew'ew;the art 
and activism of Yukio Mishima, Bill T. Jones, 
Rorschach, and Bob Flanagan. 
Martin Roberts/ 1622 Oxford, Apt. 5B/ Ber- 
keley, CA 94709 

®To Whom It May Concern, 
In the last month's issue, 
Asinine Solution's 7" "Cause-ef- 
fect" was reviewed. (Which was 
pretty good to boot.) The only bad 
thing was that the band name was slaugh- 
tered. In that issue the name was spelled 
"Assnine" Solution. 

Asinine, which is actually a word, is 
the correct spelling, means: stupid, unintel- 
ligent — which Assnine makes the band 
name sound. I know that this isn't the worst 
thing in the world to ever happen, I just think 
they deserve to have their name not spelled 
in a "asinine" fashion. Thanks, a concerned 
fan of Asinine Solution, Mike Olson 

PS Otherwise the issue was great as 
always. Keep up the good work. 



OK, so I was reading 
the Indecision interview, cuz I 
like that band and all, and all 

was fine and dandy until I came 
across this little exchange: 

"MRR (Jesse): I have still not seen 
you live so I can't comment, I always left 
cause until a few months ago I always 
wrote you off. 

Justin Brannan: >snip snip< So 
you've never seen us live Jesse? 

MRR (Nick): yeah isn't he a fag?" 

OK, it wasn't my first time of reading 
such a word, not even in the holy pages of 
MRR (I have certainly read Mykel Board 
before). However, it was the first time I 
have ever seen such a word used in a 
homophobic context within the pages of 
MRR. It seems to be pretty common within 
certain sections of the hardcore scene 
right now to accompany the retro "back-to- 
the-old-school" revivals of youthcrew 88- 
style sxe and early 80s hardcore with a 
depoliticization of the scene. However, I 
neverconsidered Maximum Rocknroll, es- 
pecially with it's constant championing of 
left wing political causes, to be susceptible 
to such depoliticization. Therefore, seeing 
this homophobic wording within its pages 
was shocking to me. And actually, it kind of 
pissed me off: for a magazine who con- 
stantly proclaims an anti-racist, anti-sex- 
ist, anti- homophobic values to run this 
kind of slur, which casually equates homo- 
sexuality with stupidity, it seems that a 
lapse in quality control must have oc- 
curred. I am not writing this to accuse 
anyone of deliberately being homopho- 
bic — not Indecision, not MRR, not even 
the interviewer who originally uttered the 
objectionable phrase. However, I am writ- 
ing to say that to allow something like this 
to make it through the several stages it 
must go through and still be printed, espe- 
cially in a magazine of such size and 
reputation, will definitely create an impres- 
sion. I am hoping that this was just a slip- 
up, and does not reflect a change in edito- 
rial policy. Either way, I would like to know 
what the magazine's stance on this inci- 
dent is. If it was an accident, I think it needs 
to be mentioned, just to avoid creating the 
wrong impression. Thanks for listening 


Thanks for writing. You bring up an 
interesting situation. If I would have no- 
ticed the slight when the interview was 
being proofed, it would have been difficult 
to decide whether or not to cut it. On one 
hand, I hate perpetuating ignorance and 
stupidity by letting a comment like that 
slide. On the other hand, censoring some- 

one's stupidity is 
another dilemma. 
First off, readers 
won't know what 
idiots they are, 
and secondly, 
censorship is nev- 
er something to be 
taken lightly. In the end, I would have 
chopped it on the basis that Nick was 
representing MRR, and homophobia is 
not our policy. 

I think that it is also important to call 
Justin on the fact that he didn't address 
the insult when it Nick made it, he just 
ignored it and answered a question that 
had been put to him earlier. 

Thanks again for calling us on our 
bad editing. We always count on readers 
to keep us on our toes! 

^^. Dear MRR, 

m ^ Hey, I'll keep this short 

VjH (and sweet?). I'm just writing in 

^^^^ to make a correction in Bruce 
Roehr's column in issue #184. He 
wrote that when Bomb Squadron broke up 
two new bands formed, Half Empty and 
The Virus. Well, one week after mailing 
that tidbit of information into him I found 
out that there is also a Half Empty in 
California as well as Texas. So we have 
since changed our name to Dead Empty. 
If you could print this we would really 
appreciate it, because I think there are still 
people out there who care... somewhere. 
Thanks again. Keep spreading the dis- 

Ben/ 201 4 Hale Ct./ Reading, PA 1 961 0- 

a Dear MRR - 
Hi. This summer while traveling 
around California, me and two 
friends decided to attend the Sum- 
mer Solidarity Festival in LA and Santa 
Ana. It's basically a punk and activist fest, 
with bands, tables, Food Not Bombs food, 
and group discussions. The night we got 
there, everything we owned got robbed 
out of the car. This included my friend's 
CDs, CD player, money, all my clothes I 
was traveling with, my addresses, and 
sketchbook. Anyway it was super shitty. 
The next day, we decided we should just 
go back to Berkeley and skip the rest of the 
festival. However, everyone there asked 
us to stay, and said they would help us out . 
So we did. Laterthat evening, we learned 
that the bands made a request for people 
to donate money to us for gas money and 
to get the car window fixed. They offered 
us clothes and food. People who were 
selling tapes, offered to give some to us 
for free. In the end, they raised over $60 
for us. We thought we should write in and 
say thanks to all the punx in Santa Ana for 
helping us out. Special thanks to Jae and 
Resist and Exist for raising money and 

giving us a place to stay, Eric and Shelly 
from AZ, and Ken for making us feel better. 
Thanks to everyone who donated money. 
You guys are true punk rockers. 
Gillian Snead/ Pittsburg, PA 

_ MRR, 
/^f^K First off I would like to say 

II Fs^!§ that Maximum Ftocknroll is just 
\jgZ0? amazing and a part of history, 
^^^ and everyone that is involved 
and has been involved with MRR, and the 
Gilman Project too, should be proud to be 
part of that environment and that accom- 
plishment. I can't see any room for change, 
MRR is perfect how it is; ignore the criticism 
and keep kick'n forever. 

Now, speaking of criticism, I have quite 
the bitch, criticism, the one flaw that I can 
see in punk rock. If I'm allowed to complain 
about anything its criticism. Everyone in- 
cluding punks wants to be a critic, well I'm 
sick of hearing it. I'd say that MRR is the 
biggest victim, "MRR is racist", "MRR is 
prejudiced", "MRR is homophobic" " the 
interviews suck, there's no good colum- 
nists, there's..." Shutthefuck up! I think that 
whenever people start to see something 
succeed they go apeshit and criticize the 
fuck out of it. Why? Why can't they leave it 
alone instead of searching for topics to com- 
plain about? There are certain things that 
need criticism to get started, to get things 
right, it's called feed back, but you guys have 
been taking it for years. I think that if some- 
one wants to see something or more of 
something in MRR they should ask about it 
or send it in themselves instead of sitt'n their 
lazy asses on the couch and pick'n up the 
phone to tell all their friends that they have 
another reason why MRR sucks. I know its 
been said a million times but if ya don't like 
something fix //for fux sake, cuz complain- 
ing isn't going to get anything fixed. 

I say if you are going to voice your 
complaint then act on it, but if your not going 
to do anything about it then keep your trap 
shufl People think they'll be recognized if 
they complain enough but they won't even 
be recognized as the asses that they are, 
they'll just be ignored, so why bother? Sug- 
gest, contribute, don't be a critic. 

Ben Weasel, where's the respect? Why 
criticize him? You don't have to like his 
music, you could even hate his music, but 
have some respect for the man, he's done 
more for this scene by just existing than 
anyone else can say. I'm not a Ramones rip- 
off fan, in fact I'm quite the opposite, I like oi 
and 77, but somehow Screeching Weasel 
is probably my favorite band, and I think 
most of that's out of respect for Ben Weasel, 
take a look at the history. I only hope that I 
can lie on my death bed and say that I've 
done as much as Ben Weasel, holy shit, the 
man's an icon, show some fucking respect. 
Don't be a critic. 

Tim Armstrong (I'll keep it brief) where 
the hell is his respect? Forget about what 
he's doing now look at his past, he's done a 
fuck of a lot for this scene. Op Ivy did one big 

fuck of a lot for the scene. As far as I'm 
concerned anyone that had a band in the 
bay area, or helped with MRR and Gilman 
in the 80's deserves much respect. I wish 
I could have been a part of that. People 
criticize the hell outta Tim Armstrong. They 
say he's different, they say he's forgotten 
his roots; that's bullshit. He misses it he 
hasn't forgotten, listen to some Rancid 
songs you can tell. I think, and everyone 
should agree with me, that Tim Armstrong 
is by far one of the best song writers that 
punk rock has ever seen, he's unbeliev- 
able. If ya can't respect him now at least 
respect what he was. Don't be a critic. I 
have a lot more to say in reference to Tim 
Armstrong, but I'm trying to keep this a less 
than two hour read. 

Why do we always complain about 
each other, we're all on the same side. 
People need to stop making up by-laws, 
stop making up "rules for punk rock," last I 
checked punk rock was all about no rules. 
I believe that punk rock thrives and that it 
will never die; like the Heroes song goes 
"In every single city and every back street 
there's a brand of people who dance to the 
beat.." But just cuz it won't die doesn't 
mean it won't go bad, especially if we don't 
stop this hypocrisy, criticism. If it's not 
affecting you in anyway then why com- 
plain about it, don't be a critic. 

I hope I've turned some headsaround 
and helped to slow this down. Now I gotta 
stop before I start a hypocrisy of my own. 
I realize that some may conceive my gripe 
as a criticism itself but I had to, it made me 
feel better. 
Steve Szary 


We always say that if people think 
stuff here needs help, it's up to them to be 
that help, and we're happy to reiterate that. 
However! don 't agree with all your views on 
criticism. We're glad to get constructive 
criticism, and want people to keep holding 
us to high (?) standards. I think people are 
critical of stuff that, um, "succeeds" (as you 
put it) mostly because it is more visible. 
More folks are saying MRR or Ben Weasel 
sucks than are saying smaller zines or 
bands suck cuz more folks know who the 
former are. Things need criticism when 
they're getting started, and that need 
remains as the project continues. Punk 
started in reaction to the shiftiness of 
mainstream culture, and in trying to be 
something different and better than that, 
punk is basically a form of active criticism. 
After all, one thing we're attacking is the 
complacency found in the mainstream, so 
what's the point of trying to protect punk shit 
from the same kind of attacks? 

Sure I 'm glad and grateful for the folks 
who work(ed) at and support(ed) places like 
Gilman, then and now, but when the "now" 
turns into a slightly more consumer-friendly 
top 40 rock band, I don't really care what 
they remember and what they don't. Any- 
way, thanks for writing. Jeff M. 


MRR and several 
fanzines since the 
early 80's and 
grew up on bands like The Ramones, 
Ftezillos, Fall, Pistols, Dischord bands and 
several Norwegian, brilliant punk bands. 
I've never felt like writing to MRR or any- 
one else for that matter, but I just wanna 
tell Mr. Brian Dickinur Daughter (letter 
issue 1 84) that he's not the only mother- 
fucker in the world that is sick of ordinary 
punk music (Fat Wreck, Epitaph bands, 
etc.) and feel like most of the bands that is 
labeled "punk" plays shit, totally standard 
rock music like Ramones. The Ramones 
was my favorite band when I was 11-13 
years old and I never thought they would 
die. But, I developed into music labeled 
New Wave, i.e. bands like the Scars, John 
Cooper Clarke, Gang Of Four, De Press, 
PiL, Pack, Tragic Mulatto and my favorite 
band since 1 989, Fugazi. The thing I wan- 
na say is, I think it's way cool when I see 
kids who are into Ramones etc., but the 
problem comes when 1 8 to 35 year olds is 
sitting at home and thinking that "Rocket 
To Russia" is the best they have ever 
heard. If they have the initiative to search 
for Ramones or the fucking Queers, then 
they should also be resistant to more 
aggressive, dynamic bands with substance 
and quality. People got bored with Pink 
Floyd, for God's sake get bored with the 
Clash now! Punk rock is musical freedom 
and "End Hits" by Fugazi is '98's most 
challenging record. It's dynamic, raw, qui- 
et and intelligent. Fugazi is quality inside 

Just one note to your good colum- 
nist, Felix Havoc, Sex Pistols did not start 
with playing Stooges covers. The mighty 
Pistols and their approach to music was 
Johnny Rotten's way of being himself in 
London at that time. They played a couple 
of Stooges songs as well as Small Faces 
songs in the beginning, but do you really 
think that the Pistols would be more of a 
straight pubrock band if it wasn'tfor Johnny, 
baby? The three others weren't as clever 
orchallenging as him, as it turned out they 
were a bunch of chickens. But, they played 
good music as it turned out and we all 
agree on that. The great English punk 
band, Bob Tilton, is also in the process of 
releasing their second album now, check 
it out. It should be brilliant. Thanks. All the 
Roar E. Jacobsen/ Haugesund, Norway. 

To whom it may concern, 

Hello, my name is Paul 
and I'm in a So. Cal band 
called Kung-Fu Chicken. On 
Saturday the 4th of Septem- 
ber, the band I'm in played a show at this 
place called the Showroom in southern 

California in the west valley of LA. One of 
the bands that played the show with us, 
called Can Pipe, came from the Sylmar 
area. These guys brought all their friends 
which were comprised of all the pecker- 
woods and skinheads that I had seen beat- 
ing people up at all the shows for the past 
ten years. True to form they picked some 
poor guy at random as far as I can tell and 
proceeded to beat him. Some people tried 
to break up the fight, they were beat too. In 
the span of about 30 seconds the club was 
a swirling melee of fists and flying beer 
bottles. This all happened during the last 
song of our set. One guy had to go to the 
hospital and a few others suffered cuts and 

I want to apologize to everyone who 
was at the show and the people who ran the 
club for having them show up. We had 
booked Can Pipe at the last minute to fill a 
spot by another band who had canceled. I 
know a lot of people are mad at us right now 
for letting these jerks play but we had no 
knowledge of who they were or what kind of 
crowd they would draw. All we had was a 
name and a phone #. We have put many 
shows together down here in the past and 
we have never had this problem before. 
This town is rife with no-name punk bands 
such as ourselves and it is hard to know 
what a band is about and what kind of 
people they draw unless you have heard 
about them. Even if we were to question 
them, who is really gonna answer 
honestly? "Why yes, we bring a bunch of 
assholes to our shows and there is a high 
likelihood that you will get your ass kicked." 
It's not very practical or even possible. Un- 
less you know beforehand, there is no way 
of really knowing what the crowd is going to 
be like. If their name was the Goosestep- 
pers or something telltale like that well then 
I would have an idea that there would be 
problems. I look through the pages of MRR 
and Flipside and it's full of bands that I've 
never heard of and I've been in the punk 
scene for ten years now, I can't know every 
band that comes down the pike. I feel that 
we are being blamed for the actions of 
others. I know that we put them on the bill, 
if I had known where these guys were from 
beforehand then I could have taken them off 
the bill. Unfortunately, I did not know and 
had no real way of knowing but many peo- 
ple are pointing fingers at us, as if they were 
children or pets or something of that nature, 
they're not ourfriends and never have been. 
It seems to me at least, that one should not 
be blamed for the actions of others, we are 
all adults at the show and are responsible 
for our own actions. I have been to many a 
show where a fight has broken out and who 
do you blame? The knuckle heads that 
cause all the problems, that's who. 

Once again I'll reiterate that some 
bands and people are mad at us. I'm sure 
that they have all played shows that fights 
have broken out at but I see no reason for all 
the blame to be dumped on our collective 

Thank you for your time and sorry to 
anyone who was there. Feel free to con- 
tact me regarding this issue. 
Paul de Valera/ 7438 Etiwanda/ Reseda, 
CA 91335; email: 

A Dear MRR, 
This is Colin from At- 
rophy 'zine. I was wondering if 
you could print this letter for a 
couple of reasons. First of all, I am an 
incompetent schmuck. I was so busy 
watching reruns of Sanford & Son and 
The Dukes of Hazard, that I lost my 
address book with the addresses of 
everybody who has ordered my zine in 
the past 3 months (between last issue 
and the one that's about to come out). 
Anyway, if you've been expecting a 
zine, please send me a postcard or 
letter or email cuz I lost my book. If 
that's not bad enough, my computer 
crashed last month, and my entire 
mailing list database was erased. I 
have no backup copy, and I lost quite 
a few addresses. If you were on the 
mailing list, please send me an email or 
postcard or something to let me know 
you wanna be back on it. Include your 
snail mail and email address so I can 
reach you both ways. Eat meat, 
Colin/ AtrophyMan® Atrophy 
zine/ P.O. Box C-11/ New Rochelle, 
NY 10804 

How's it going. I'm 
writing to report that there is a 
new all ages punkclub that has 
opened up in Oklahoma City. We 
welcome all bands coming through the 
call or write us. This club has been 
opened in hopes of getting our scene 
back in gear. Also to let people know 
that punks really do live in Oklahoma 
City! The name of the club is "The 
Hole". The info #'s are (405) 691 -0490 
Tim and (405) 682-4441 Jim or Page. 
E-mail for Joe 
Vegas. Thanks, 
Joey Vegas 


(use this mainly for comments & 
letters-to-editor. Use phone for 
ad reservations. Do not expect 

answers, but you might get one) 


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1958 DWARVES-Everybodies Girl 7" EP 

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7753...DEVOLA-Playing the Game Of Revenge and Winning 
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Make America Strong 
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7625. AVAIL/YOUNG PIONEERS-My Heart Lies in Virgina 
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7949. SCREECHING WEASEL-Live '93 boot CD $8.50 

7530. ..IMPETUS INTER-An Infinite Capacity for Romance 
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7760 HIS HERO IS GONE-Monumer.ts To Thieves CD.$8.50 

6116.. BUGOUT SOCIETY-Yo! Baby 'Sup CD 

6110 DESPISED NJ, THE-1999 CD. $9 50 

6090.. STEVE AND THE JERKS -Jerks Not Dead CD. 

Make all checks (US orders only) or money orders out to 
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All orders sent 1" class or surface mail overseas. For 
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fontilfl pnWifeDPess 


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social political hardcore (midwest meets westcoast) 

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Up Next: Remission CD. EFIL 7 inch. 4th class LP 

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Forget Hellacopter 
this Is Sweden's best 
band! This band is a 
cross between The 
Boys, Undertones 6 
Hanoi Rocks!!!! 77 
Punk at It's best 

The Bladder boys 
are back with their 
brand of 77 Punk. 
No lake Brit accents 
here this is the real 
deal. Fans of Clash 
Generation X 6 77 
UK Punk buy this! 

I 70,'vi t /t'K/r -Jna'/ 

Boston's best kept 
secerl is back with 
4 more great songs. 
Lots of attitude, eye 
liner 8 great Punk 
Rock In the vien ot 
Saints. Gen X etc. 



The BEES sound Ilka "Raw Power" Stoogers, The 

Primitive Rollers are LAMF!!! 

KICK STARTER "Hannln" On B Street" 

Great Thunders, Dolls, Dead Boys Inspired Punk 

from the Bay Area! 


This 6 great Ohio Punk Rock, snotty as hell!! 

This band is right on the heels of the Stitchesl 

The COMMIES "Belter Off Red" 

Straight outta Texas comes this three chord 

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If you like loud, rude, ugly un-PC Punk Rock then 

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23 bands 29 songs w/Dropklck Murphy's, Dimastore 

Haloes, Prostitutes. Bomb Squadron 6 many more. 


14 songs of pissed off PAGANS influenced Punk 

Rock done in 22 minutes!! 


Includes Intervlws with Bladder, Sprocket, Trash 

Brats, Kevin lunior, features on loan lett. The 

Prostitutes, Dlmestore Haloes 


The BURNOUTS!!! Then The Zillionaires, 

The Bodies. The Disasters!!! 

From Pelade Hail Order we have TKO. IUNK. 

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Fuck Yeah! Canada's finest Punk Rock n' Roll 
band. 110% pure punk mayhem. Loud as fuck 

guitars, hard ass drums, and in-your-face vocals, 
on't be the last to find out how great the 
Spitfires are! 


This Album is a Sovereign Nation CD 

Cleveland's loudest punk band. Very strong 
aggressive 80s style. L.A. old-skool meets 
classic U.K. punk. 

PAGANS: Live Road Kill 1978 to 89 CD 

Cleveland classic punk! 27 unreleased live trax 
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THE X-RAYS: Snake River Leap ep 7" 

Hell Yes! Nottingham England's Kings of lo-fi 
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Ex-vocalist for the PAGANS belts out two or his 
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of the Dead Boys on guitar! The Godfathers of 
Punk Rock n' Roll!!! This 7" proves it! 

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id rather He flag burning 

OVfl? AN 


Rt\RE, \jNi?t7- 



PJ?»NT\ LWf, 
Df/V\0 AND 
EfAB A i? ASK- 

>r be f La.^-burnin^" z \- 


rhythm activism 
"jssus was iay" :d 

»tO i. i. l-i v.- ilal ■ i, 
i)2 • l-i l-i -a'lala, 

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"Trials & Tribulations" EP "Bloodthirsty Stalker" 45 

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Mating Walruses 

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Taang! TV 

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PUNK old shcoolMMo ^iii ocr.' 
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THE CLASH; a no 



titled CD. A mix oi~B <;hjt! 

pogo/ poppy punk and quirky 

hardcore A strong DK's/Clash 
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580 Kansemoad eras 
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I used to be the messiest fucker. 
Blood, sweat, lube, cherry flavored jel- 
lo, you name it; if it was wet and slip- 
pery, I brought it to bed with me. And 
inevitably it would get it into every 
crack and crevice I had, but sex is sup- 
posed to be fun, right? The more fluids 
in the trough, the better. . . Let me tell ya, 
my ROI on those rubber sheets I bought 
for potty training scenes was a hell of a 
lot bigger than I thought possible. Not 
only are they great for keeping my bed 
nice and dry, but when it gets hot 
enough, we spread them out on the 
sidewalk, hose 'em down and after a 
good running start, slip and slide, head 
first down the block. Fucking hilarious 
until you hit asphalt, then it feels stu- 
pid, but its a fun stupid. But I digress... 
All of a sudden, anything that touches 
my skin started to give me some sort of 
rash or something. Strangest thing, one 
day I'm making mud pies in bed with- 
out a hitch and the next, broke out in 
hives from taking a bath. There are a lot 
of substances one should never mix 
with sex, but I'm talking about the 
things you definitely want thrown in 
the mix. All those things that make it 
sex; not wrestling. I tried to ignore it at 
first, thinking I'd be overly cautious 
and just deal with whatever came up 
afterwards. But trying to stay away 
from fluids during sex is damn near 
impossible. Without fail, I'd start fuck- 
ing and immediately break out in a 
rash. My whole body would turn red, 
puffy and itch like fuck and except for 
the one boy who had fantasies about 
fucking Strawberry Shortcake, it was 
enough to ruin the mood every time. 

Eventually sex seemed as sterile 
as a gynecological exam. Instead of 
bottles of KY and Probe by my bed, I 
have Kleenex, baby wipes, aloe, calen- 
dula rash ointment, tea tree and boric 
acid. Realizing fucking girl in a bubble 
is not the biggest selling point, I went to 
the clinic hoping to pinpoint the cause 
of these reactions. Which meant I had 
to take a skin allergy test. Talk about an 

archaic procedure! This is how far the 
medical industry has come? They in- 
ject all kinds of random shit under- 
neath your skin and wait to see what 
induces an allergic reaction. And they 
say midwifery is primitive? At least 
the doctor wasn't a humpback with a 
jar of leeches, but close enough. He 
said the majority of people show no 
reaction at all, but I'm very special. 
Fussy hothouse orchid that I am, my 
whole body ended up looking like 
Gorbechev's forehead. Alas, gone are 
the days of tasting myself on my lov- 
er's mouth after he goes down on me. 
Now, after all that finger lickin good, 
he cleans himself off with one of those 
moist towelettes from KFC, wipes me 
down with a diaper and steam cleans 
the rugs. 

In remembrance of my messy 
years, I thought I'd list some dos and 
don'ts of inserting food into the body. 
If you can only remember two rules 
about food play, make sure it's these: 1. 
If in doubt, use a condom and 2. You 
can put food up your ass, but you 
don't want to eat it when it comes out. 
Choose wisely: cucumbers good, coco- 
nut bad. Shatterproof good, breakable 
very, very bad. Anything rough or abra- 
sive and with sharp edges should be 
avoided. The vagina is very testy when 
it comes to food play. No sugar, ever! 
Sugar will most definitely cause a rag- 
ing yeast infection that will last an ex- 
tra, extra, extra long time. This includes 
fruit, cherry life savors, churros, sweet- 
ened whipped cream, Bomb Pops, so- 
das, wine and liqueurs. Alcohol, espe- 
cially hard alcohol, should also be 
avoided. When using vegetables, buy 
organic or wash thoroughly to remove 
all pesticides and wax. I do recom- 
mend corn on the cob, unhusked, but 
hold the butter. Non soluble fats 
(Crisco, oil, butter, lard, margarine, 
mayonnaise, anything containing fat 
or oil) trap bacteria easily, are not com- 
patible with latex so therefore are not 
the best sexual lubricants. Keep all that 
greasy stuff external and use safer wa- 
ter soluble lube for all lower orifices. 

Mucous membranes, (genital, rec- 
tal, the inside of the mouth and nose) 
are extremely sensitive to certain food 
substances. Citrus juice, such as or- 
ange, lemon and lime will cause and 
uncomfortable burning sensation on 
your lower mucus membranes, as will 
vinegar. Chili peppers will cause jjv 

tense burning that lasts for several 
hours, and once applied, there is liter- 
ally no escape. Washing, diluting, salt- 
ing, etc. will usually not help. You'll 
have to just wait it out so I suggest you 
start mild before you start stuffing your- 
self with Jalapenos. Freshly ground 
spices has the tendency to irritate even 
external skin; some with heat, others 
by making you itch like crazy. For ex- 
ample, ground ginger or cloves sprin- 
kled on the genital and/or rectal area 
will produce intense itching. If this is 
the desired effect, by all means, be my 
guest. Otherwise, stick with Desitin. 

Some of the worst items to insert 
into your body can be found on the 
infamous Butt Page (http:// 
newbutt.html). An amazing site list- 
ing hundreds of case studies, both doc- 
umented and not, and even X-rays of 
recovered reported "rectal foreign ob- 
jects." To be sure you're not the next 
urban legend, make sure whatever you 
put in your ass has a flared edge or an 
anchor of some sort. Playing hide and 
go seek with your ass is not fun, ever... 
Caffeine and alcohol are absorbed 
three to five times faster if taken up the 
ass than by mouth, i.e., one cup of 
coffee equals five cups and a bottle of 
wine equals five bottles of wine. A 
cheap way to get drunk off one beer; 
but keep in mind you risk alcohol 
poisoning. Hard alcohol in the ass 
causes severe burning, pain and dam- 
age to your lower GI tract. Be sure to 
check for any food allergies; the last 
thing you want is an ass rash, take it 
from me. Don't forget, the ass is frag- 
ile, think smooth. Anything that may 
land you in the hospital should be 
avoided, always play safe. 

I'm off to go see a show. Haven't 
done that in a while! Take some time 
out to reevaluate your relationship with 
food. Use the same guidelines for in- 
sertion that you would for nutrition. 
Five or six servings of vegetables a day, 
preferably raw, use fats and sugar spar- 
ingly, and cut your meat intake. Pork 
should never be introduced into sex 
play, regardless of any intense fetish 
you may have for the other white meat. 
Pig bottoms not included. Best of all, if 
you're hungry for something don't 
want the calories, try shoving it up 
your ass... I bet you'll be just as satis- 
fied. Til then, play hard and Bon appe- 



mark muirmann 

The End of the Line 

After a lot of back and forth debat- 
ing with myself, making lists and lists of 
pros and cons, looking at the short term, 
long term and all the in between terms, 
I've decided to step down as coordinator. 

What? Who's this guy? He was 
coordinator? Wait, where's Tim??? 

Yeah, I haven't been here long, 
just six months; not even a blip in the 
MRR lifeline. But the longer I'm here, 
the more I realize that I'm not ready to 
let Maximum Rocknroll become my en- 
tire life. There are too many other things 
I still want to do. And believe me, being 
coordinator of MRR the magazine con- 
sumes your life in everyway. From the 
7 a.m. phone calls (Hey! We live here 
too! Check to time difference before 
you call!) to having to try and explain 
actions taken by the magazine in 1984- 
before I even knew Maximum existed. 
Even when I managed to escape some- 
where-my room, the beach a different 
city-it's always there. It's on my lists of 
Things To Do, it's in the back of my 
head, it's in my dreams, everywhere. 

I can see how Tim did it. He start- 
ed the magazine. His life grew and 
evolved along with the magazine, be- 
coming intertwined with the maga- 
zine, so, in some ways, his life became 
the magazine's. It's harder when you're 
dropped into the middle of it all, a new 
world a new life. It's harder to change 
gears, from fourth to reverse and back 
to fourth and keep going. 

This is something I initiated; I'm 
leaving on good terms (as far as I know). 
I'm not leaving because of the issue 
with Reverend Norb, I'm not leaving 
(entirely) because I want to travel, I'm 
not leaving because I hate it here. I still 
like MRR; Jacqueline and I get along 
great; I still like working on the maga- 
zine; I still love punk rock. I'll miss a lot 
of the people here. I've met some of the 
best people I've ever met in my whole 
life here at MRR. 

Despite all that, I've realized that 
there's a passion for this magazine which 

is absolutely essential for one to have in 
order to be coordinator. I don't have it. 

I feel like a quitter, like I'm giving 
up too soon. I hate letting anything get 
the best of me; when I do, I feel defeat- 
ed. I feel that maybe if I gave it more 
time I could like whatever has man- 
aged to get itself under my skin. I could 
learn to love it. That never works. It 
only makes things worse. It's disheart- 
ening when you find that what you 
thought was your dream "job" isn't all 
you thought it'd be. Maybe it's more 
than I thought it would be. 

And since I'm leaving MRR, I'm 
also heading back to the Midwest. The 
Bay Area is just too expensive to live in 
right now, for me anyway.. .and even 
that is sort of a cop-out. I'm going back 
to the Midwest because I have no rea- 
son to be here. I don't really have much 
reason to go to the Midwest, or any- 
where else for that matter. No reason to 
be anywhere in the world. 

> In my lists of pros and cons, the 
pros of the Midwest at this moment 
outweigh the pros of the Bay. The cons 
are running an even race. After a week 
in the Midwest, I'll be cursing myself. 
I'll remember that I spent the last twelve 
years of my life trying to Get Out, at any 
expense, at all costs. No matter what. 

I got out, now I'm coming back. 
For how long, I don' t know. To do what, 
I have no idea. There's a lot I want to do-- 
fire up a lot of projects that've been 
rattling around in my head for the past 
year or so, get a house and put on shows. 
Get out of the Midwest again so I can 
come back to it, again. I kinda feel like I 
stepped off the plank and am falling, 
still falling and not sure if I'll land, and 
when I land, what I'll land in. 

Now that I know I'm leaving, I've 
already started missing things and miss- 
ing people I didn't expect to miss. Things 
and people I never knew. Everyday I'm 
meeting new people, and getting to know 
the people I already knew better. I'm 
seeing things I had seen when I visited 
the Bay Area in the past, but were curi- 
ously invisible for the past few months. 
I'm getting out a little more, living the 
life I thought I'd be living when I first 
moved here. And it all makes me a bit 
hesitant to leave, all the people and plac- 
es popping out of the ground. But if I 
stayed, they'd disappear again. That's 
how it works. Somethings I can only see 
when I know I'm not staying. Trying to 
get in as much as I can before I'm off on 

my way to a new life. When I'm in one 
place for only so long, there are fewer 
tomorrows. When I know I'm staying, 
I'm faced with a lifetime of tomorrows. 
And that's why I gotta leave. At least for 
the next month or so that I'm here it'll be 
one of the best times of my life. Besides, 
I can and probably will be back; the Bay 
Area will always be here-at least until 
California slides off into the ocean. 

I'll still be doing stuff for MRR. 
My column will shift to a music-orient- 
ed column, focusing on some of the 
Rock 'n Roll music that falls through 
the reviewing cracks, as well as stuff 
that gets reviewed- 60's punk, power- 
pop (the next "Big Thing" says I), some 
surf, pre-punk Rock N Roll, as well as 
more info on Killed By Death type re- 
leases. If you wanna be sure I get some- 
thing to mention, send it to me direct at 
the PO Box listed at the end of my 
column-it'll be harder to stay on top of 
this stuff in Indiana. 

I am also still working on my 
book/zine of photobooth pictures. 
Look in the classifieds for more info on 
that.. .and Action! photozine#2 will be 
out soon-probably by the end of the 
year. Write or email me for more info 
...and the new issue of Sty Zine (#28) is 
about finished as well. It should hit the 
streets sometime in early 1999. 

Even thoughl've learned Mike 
Bastarache and Frank Manley are do- 
ing a much more comprehensive, much 
more thorough (and probably accu- 
rate) version of this-I've been working 
what is basically a '70s/'80s punk ver- 
sion of The Midnight Records Book of '60s 
Punk and Psychedelic Compilations. It's a 
list of all (most) of the punk reissue 
comps that've come out with a com- 
plete listing of the bands and songs on 
the comps, as well as what years the 
reissues came out, how many were 
pressed, etc. There is then a cross-listed 
reference of the bands who have ap- 
peared on reissue comps, the songs 
which have appeared, the country 
they're from and the year in which the 
song was originally released. Like I 
said, Bastarache and Manley are work- 
ing on one that'll blow mine away, but 
for what it's worth, I'll probably print 
up a few copies of mine. I put too much 
work into just letting it rot on a com- 
puter disc. Write or email me for more 
information. I'm still filling a few holes, 
but by the time you read this, I should 
have it all finished and ready to 

print.. .and with that, I say adios! My 
new address (effective mid-December) 
is below. The email address should still 
be good for a while if not longer. 

PO Box 1223 • Bloomington, IN • 

Well, well, well, not too much this 
month and that's just fine because a 
recent development has gotten my 
schedule all messed up. Folks, after 
years and years of higher education, 
I'm out of the ivory tower and in my 
own cubicle working nine to five, wear- 
ing one of the two ties I own. The work 
isn't too bad, I'm actually drawing on a 
good deal of my law school learning 
even though I'm not in a full fledged 
lawyer position. The hardest part of 
the switch over is getting used to my 
commute which is two hours. One of 
the highlights has been a small radio 
station in the Palo Alto /San Jose area 
that is on the dial at 90.1 . One Tuesday 
evening was especially grand with the 
fella at the knobs playing such choice 
NATIVE NOD (a band that had a real 
strong MOSS ICON influence without 
being derivative), as well as something 
by a new band called LIVING ROOM 
WAR (I think) that was great. Super 
long song with slow style transitions, a 
lot of power, and a lot of ugliness. 
Supposedly they're local so I'm on the 
lookout. If you have a radio show that 
might be of interest to readers of the 
column send it in, I'll feature all the 
ones I get somewhere down the line. 
As I get into my schedule I promise to 
get a bit more variety back in the col- 
umn like more Pioneers of Emo and 
record collecting bits and more news. 
Input is more then welcome. 

I wouldn't be surprised if you con- 
fused the DINNER, 1933 EP with a 
FRAIL EP when flipping through the 
record bins. The layout looks a lot like 
the FRAIL Kidney Room Records EP 
(and about a million other emo eps) 

what with the manila envelope, pasted 
on graphics, and dumpstered photos 
attached. These Floridians knock out 
songs which are spastic. Whether 
slowed down and soft, fast and manic, 
or jazzed out with a horn. I've had a 
good time every time I put it on for a 
spin. (Boxcar, PO Box 6933, Vero Beach, 
Florida 32961) 

Here's a bit of news. Unfortunate 
For The Fortunate, the label responsi- 
ble for the ANANDA LP of a few 
months back has changed their name. 
In order to "keep it simple, stupid" the 
new name is Hand Held Heart. Up- 
coming releases will include a VOL- 
UME 11 10". What the fuck does this 
band sound like?? I keep getting told 
that fans of HONEYWELL won't be 
disappointed, but shit, I need to know 
that for myself. (Hand Held Heart, 
24445 Lisa Kelton, Newhall, CA 91321) 

Two records from the dormant 
Planeria Recordings made their way to 
my door. One is the long awaited LP 
from the long defunct PLUNGER. If 
you haven't heard PLUNGER prior to 
this LP I can't imagine you'd have any 
trouble digging up a new or used copy 
of one of their many split EPs. I don't 
think they transition well to this re- 
lease though. While they focus mainly 
on anger and speed and full out play- 
ing, this LP offer s a bit more. First off 
I think their Maryland influences shine 
through with some softer approaches 
that are right out of the stable of some 
of the older Vermin Scum records 
bands. Things still get angry and pissed 
and fast. This is a little piece of full 
blown emo done the right way, record- 
ed right before the indy rock snuck in. 

Ok, the other Planeria release is a 
CD from NETWORK 34. No com- 
plaints from me as I listen to them push 
together screamo, straight up hardcore, 
and a bit of quirk into tight songs, most 
under three minutes. This band is no 
more, but a member can be found in 
FIELDS LAY FALLOW (check out their 
awesome LP). 

Apparently the ANASARCA dis- 
cography CD is in the works at Plane- 
ria as well. (PLANERIA, PO Box 32123, 
WDC 20007) 

I'm glad that people have finally 
been taking me up on my request for 
zines. Ok, I got INTERBANG #7. Lots 
of politics in a few different areas, and 
Ben takes time to think through most of 

his ideological stands which makes for 
better reading. I enjoyed the music re- 
views mainly because they were across 
the spectrum. Only thing I didn't like 
all that much was Ben's dismissal of 
the pop punk scene he was once really 
involved in because it isn't political 
enough. ($2,PO Box 671, Ravenna, OH 

I also received two copies of 
TAIL SPINS. Didn't really care for 
them, I found the interviews really 
thin, some of the articles seemed like 
filler, .and regardless of who might 
have been pulling the strings, I think 
Oswald pumped all of those bullets 
into Kennedy. From the same folks, 
however, comes the amazing 
ZINE GUIDE. There are hundreds of 
zine listings and reviews as well a 
bunch of interesting top tens inter- 
spersed through the whole thing. 
Somewhat similar to FACT- 
you don't have all the pages and pages 
of listings that are of little interest to 
most punks. It is well worth the $4 
cover price. (PO Box 1860, Evanston, 
IL 60204) 

As MURDOCK tours Europe, I'm 
sitting here listening, for the 9th or 
10th time, to their "Pissing Rocks" EP. 
I don't know how big they are across 
the Atlantic, but this is the first I've 
heard of 'em. Totally solid hardcore 
that has a solid east coast flavor; the 
Mountain Records kind of east coast 
as opposed to the MADBALL kind of 
east coast. Anyway, the EP moves for- 
ward at a a great pace from start to 
finish, with hoarse and spat vocals. 
Tricky bass and guitar work show up 
at times to give this the hooks a good 
record needs. Ex CR, and the less 
straightforward side of CR does show 
a bit here. To round everything out, 
there's creative packaging, and well 
written personal lyrics. Split LP with 
DEVOLA (who I have yet to hear, 
though I've heard really good things 
about) will be up next, and I'm eagerly 
awaiting it. ($3, Goldtooth, PO Box 
621, New Paltz, NY 12561) 

KURT has a new LP out. I'd re- 
view it for you but right at this mo- 
ment it's being reviewed for the regu- 
lar review section. So, flip forward 
and see what Mr. Gathy has to say and 
I'll chime in next month. 

Ok, so that's it. Not much else to 
say other then I really am going to 

come up with some stuff other than 
reviews for you in the upcoming 
months. Stay tuned. 

Oh, yeah, I can still be reached at 
1950 McAllister #1, Frisco, CA 94115 
or (please don't 
email me your auction lists full of dol- 
lar bin records with minimum bids of 


Mark ^ 

HanforcT L <3fL- 

"Every self-respecting punk rock- 
er likes to say the word "fuck", and it's 
even more fun to type it. .." So began my 
second column for MRR, back in March 
of 1996. That column was about the 
Communications Decency Act, and how 
the government was trying to push leg- 
islation through making it illegal to dis- 
tribute "matter harmful to minors" on 
the internet. The act passed, and was 
eventually declared unconstitutional, 
after plenty of taxpayer money was 
spent defending it. (Get that, they used 
your money to defend their right to 
keep you from saying dirty words). 

Anyway, by the time you read this, 
Congress will have passed (on October 
16, 1998) new legislation restricting 
speech on the internet. The new law 
also will prohibit "matter harmful to 
minors" on the World Wide Web. Even 
the Justice Department lawyers who 
will have the task of defending the bill 
against challenges in court have said 
that it "poses difficult constitutional is- 
sues." Great, more of our money going 
to defend a bill that restricts our rights. 

I've mentioned it before, and I'll 
mention it again. To find out more 
about these sort of issues, you should 
keep an eye on the Center for Democra- 
cy and Technology website at http:// The full text of the res- 
olution, and other technological issues 
are detailed at the site. The CDT also 
has an e-mail list of what new things are 
happening on the legal front. To sub- 
scribe to the list, send a message to . Leave the subject 
line blank, and in the body of the mes- 
sage, type "subscribe policy-posts" 

(without the quotations). Don't let big 
brother fuck with your rights. Inform 
yourself now. 

Now, back to our regularly sched- 
uled punk rock websites and junk. Start- 
ing off this month is the Society Gone 
Madd! Homepage (http://home. I don't 
think I've mentioned this site before, 
but if I have, it's probably time to men- 
tion it again. A little bit of stuff about 
the band, but the best thing about this 
site is the ability to order records and 
CDs via credit card at punk rock prices. 
The rest of the site needs work, but you 
can see some pictures, read some lyrics, 
and listen to parts of some songs. 

There's a pretty basic but pretty 
cool new French website called Mos- 
quito!. Not a lot here yet, but there is a 
decent French scene report, an inter- 
view or two, and some record and zine 
reviews. The best thing about this is 
thatitis simple yet welldesigned. Punk 
sites that are overloaded with frames, 
background music, and fancy anima- 
tions could learn a thing or two from 
Mosquito!. Check it out at http:// . 

Next up is another scene page. 
The Pittsburgh Punk page has a ton of 
shit on it, ranging from several dozen 
local bands, a list of zines, upcoming 
shows, promoters and more. This site 
has its shit together. Check out the 
page at and 
you'll have something worthwhile to 
do next this Christmas when you're 
stuck at a relative's house in PA. 

Rock and Roll RIP is a online live 
photo / interview page that features 
pictures and interviews with some bet- 
ter known punk bands who have 
played in Portland, Oregon and vicin- 
ity. Some decent pictures and words 
here of The Queers, UK Subs, Para- 
sites, The Automatics, and more. Check 
it out for yourself at http:// 
concerts.html . 

East Coast Panic is a decent band 
page that has, in the words of its au- 
thor, "has all the regular crap that band 
pages have." Yep. Info about the band, 
upcoming shows, music, links, etc. East 
Coast Panic has members of the Pist 
and the Vomit Punx. Check out ECP at 

For those of you who are fans of 
street punk, check out Outsider 

Records. Pictures and sound files here 
of bands like Snap-her, US Bombs, 999, 
Bonecrusher and more. Lots of "hid- 
den" stuff on this site, which I think 
means they are just too unorganized to 
actually put things together correctly. 
There is some cool stuff you might 
stumble across, however. Oh, and you 
can check out their catalog of Oi! and 
streetpunk stuff. You'll find Outside at 
http://www. . 

Our final site this month is Ore- 
gonPunk, a site dedicated to Oregon 
Punk Rock. You'll find it at http:// 
boys/115/. OregonPunk isn't very well 
established at this point, but there are 
some resources here for those of you 
who might want to book a show in 
Portland, Salem, or Eugene. Very few 
bands are listed, and I know Oregon 
has a load of them. Worth a look, 

That's gonna take care of this 
month. A reminder that you can find 
me on the web at http://netpunk. and you can e-mail me at a new 
address (though my old one still works) . And, as 
always, I'm still paying the USPS for 
mail service at PO Box 8059; Santa Cruz, 
CA 95060. Seeya. 

We columnists have been told to 
keep our columns short, so this will be 
very short indeed . Another old friend of 
mine died last month. He had been a 
punk guy years ago, and we used to 
hang out, drink beer, talk music and 
politics. His interest in punk had waned, 
but not his political ideas. The day be- 
fore he died, he dropped by my job site 
and we talked about radical labor histo- 
ry. Two days later a co-worker dropped 
by my job site to let me know my friend 
was dead. Although he had cleaned 
out, several years of hard drug use had 
no doubt weakened his heart and body. 
A tragic death of a young, intelligent, 
hard working comrade at only 28. The 
most depressing part of growing older 
in the punk scene is watching your old 

friends slide slowly from being bright, 
young and creative, into broken down 
junkies, drunks and corpses. Who can 
you blame when another friend bites 
the dust? The system? Society? the deal- 
er? the junkies? the victims? I'm not 
really the greatest spokesman for 
straight edge, I drank and did a lot of 
drugs myself. I don't buy into what 
Victory and Revelation are marketing 
as a straight edge look or party line. But 
every time I hear about another marty- 
red youth fallen before the scythe, I 
gather that much more conviction to 
stay true. Both my parents were junkies 
and watched all their friends die off and 
burn out. Now I get to spend the next 
ten years of my life watching the same 
process repeat itself with my own gen- 
eration. Once again punk repeats the 
mistakes of the hippie counter culture. 
No one profits from drugs except 
the system and dealers. Your mind and 
body are too valuable a resource to pol- 
lute with society's poisons. I know most 
punk kids like t6 drink and party, so did 
I for many years. But when the drug use 
becomes the controlling factor, the rai- 
son d'etre, its time for a new direction. 
I'm not advocating any program, treat- 
ment, or ideology. Minor Threat, the 
Faith and Youth of Today still work for 
me. Two great books about drugs and 
their role in social control are Acid 
Dreams and The Politics of Heroin in South- 
east Asia. A little research into the man- 
ner in which drugs are used by the 
powers that be to control the youth will 
make you want to x your hands and 
take the oath. The current heroin trend 
disgusts me and speed is no better. All 
a bunch of bull shit to make the youth 
easier to control and make some orga- 
nized criminal rich. I'm so sick of seeing 
some of the most creative and talented 
young people of my time turned into 
zombies and cadavers. You're only 
young once, don't fuck it up. 


.-.tmnaryi-fii Brian G.T.A *■ 

How "Anyone Can Do It" Is Killing 

"Do It Yourself" aka D.I.Y. in the 

Post-Nirvana Revolution 

Flashback to the late '80s, if you 
will, and what you would find is major 
record labels basically behaving like 
they did in the '70s when it came to 
finding "new" bands and peddling 
them to their prospective audiences. 
Sure, when punk and new wave came 
along there was a semi-mad rush to 
sign a couple of bands of that ilk (though 
usually of the safer/blander skinny tie 
variety with much of today's so-called 
"pop punk"being its spaded/neutered 
equivalent) to the label, although noth- 
ing within the magnitude of the non- 
stop feeding frenzy nowadays. Com- 
pared to bands that major A&R shit 
their pants over signing these days, 
groups like Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, 
DOA, Social Distortion, Bad Brains, 
Channel 3, Circle Jerks, TSOL, etc., had 
far more loyal f ollowings. Some of them 
might have had a few offers but one 
thing is for certain - no major was dis- 
cussing a multi-album /million dollar 
deal over angel hair pasta with scal- 
lops and fine wine with the likes of 
TSOL. Talk of a few thousand over an 
oki dog (A favorite of old Hollywood 
punks and other iron-gut freaks which 
consisted of a hot dog, pastrami and 
chili wrapped in a flour tortilla made 
by these natives of Okinawa.) and a 
small rail of blow, while out the corner 
of your eye you spied an unlucky run- 
away doing the shimmy n' shake with- 
drawals was more like it. Within this 
type of lack of b ucks environment, mos t 
punk bands existed because they were 
actually into the music and scene that 
surrounded it. On the other hand, most 
big businessmen were repelled by the 
non-commercial viability of punk and 
therefore saw no future (money) in it. 
There were sleaze bags with delusions 
of grandeur like Poshboy, but most of 
them never got too far up the ladder 
and few, if any, people within the ma- 
jor music industry took them too seri- 
ously. Even by the mid 80s, very few 
majors were taking the slightest brief 
glance to the underground for their 
next pop star hopefuls. The only bands 
that were being picked up had been 
around for awhile and had already 
built a sizable following, as was the 
case for Husker Du. Now, back to the 
late 80s where several key bands were 
toiling away in the underground un- 
aware of what lay ahead a few years 
down the road. Then the early 90s ar- 
rive and everything goes haywire. Kaa- 

blaamo! Out of nowhere, Nirvana's 
major label debut explodes and sales 
skyrocket far beyond anyone's expec- 
tations followed by Hole's ever expand- 
ing alterna-grunge ™ "market share" 
with Green Day and mother of all sur- 
prises, the Offspring soon becoming 
million sellers as well. The great all- 
knowing majors had been caught with 
their pants down signing only groups 
that appealed to a more commercial 
listener base. Meanwhile, zillions of 
bands paraded unnoticed under their 
snouts, rough around the edges but 
ripe for the mass market (or so they 
thought). There wasn't as much room 
on the good ship alterna-pop as they 
had figured, but no A&R scout wanted 
to be the goober that let the next Nirva- 
na get away. Unfortunately, too many 
of the A&R staffers were clueless old 
hacks only capable of spotting the next 
Cory Hart. So the A&R departments 
decided to get in some new blood or be 
left behind in the "new music" rush 
where every idiot with a broken shov- 
el, an aluminum pie plate and a tin ear 
was panning for gold. They rounded 
up some hungry young turks and as- 
sistants from college radio stations and 
fanzines to be their hip underground 
feelers. The punch-line was that out- 
of-touch, coked out, forty-something, 
pony tailed A&R bar leachers some- 
times had a tendency of hiring assis- 
tants that were shut-in, wonderbread, 
goateed, college age dorks who owned 
a Sonic Youth cassette and yanked their 
seedless grapes to busty heroin comic 
books instead of someone with any 
useful skills. This lead to many "go- 
nowhere" signing fiascoes as the feed- 
ing frenzy reached fevered heights and 
brand new signing lows. Some of these 
A&R jokers thought that they were so 
slick they could sell Afrosheen to the 
Klan and that America would buy 
whatever they were selling, apparent- 
ly forgetting America's serious lack of 
attention span that their own corpora- 
tions helped to instill. "Sign 'em up" 
fever seemed to reach its most ridicu- 
lous, absurd moment when a punk 
band by the name of Butt Trumpet was 
welcomed aboard a major after selling 
only a couple thousand of their CD on 
Dionysus Records at best. Simply sign- 
ing Butt Trumpet was commercial sui- 
cide and it was shocking to think that 
even the dumbest A&R cementhead 
wouldn't have figured it out in a nano- 

second. Butt Trumpet didn't possess 
any marketable pop chestnuts in the 
rough and their fanbase was non-exis- 
tent according to major and even larger 
indie standards. The label was unwill- 
ing to allocate a hefty sum into the 
promotion of a project so doomed from 
the start and soon bets were being tak- 
en on locally when they would get the 
label's Dear John letter. This was not an 
isolated incident either as hordes of 
flop groups were given the boot, some 
before even receiving one iota of pro- 
motion. Soon, squabbles broke out as 
to which band member would get to 
keep the rickety old tour van bought 
with their advance once bands, one 
after another, realized that their rock n' 
roll pipedream had been shot to hell. 
Most bands couldn't deal with their 
new-found freedom and grim full-time 
day job reality, buckling under the 
stress. Still, others willing to continue 
found a substantial segment of the un- 
derground not opening their arms to 
welcome the dumped groups back af- 
ter said bands had focused all their 
previous energies recruiting a new base 
of higher priced ticket paying fans. 

Now while there was usually a 
big clamor when a band got signed, far 
less people were taking notice of those 
same bands getting dumped. In the 
meantime, a few independent labels 
like Lookout and Epitaph started to 
rake in some serious piles of cash off of 
the boom in popularity of a few of their 
bands. All of a sudden dozens of labels 
started to spring up out of nowhere 
thinking that they would gain the same 
level of popularity instantly that it had 
taken Lookout or Epitaph years to ac- 
complish. Much like the goldrush 
towns of the old west, many of these 
quick cash scheme labels folded soon 
after popping up in the barren alterna- 
punk wasteland. The idea of "anyone 
can do it" had been twisted into a far 
more pedestrian notion, anyone can 
become filthy rich. Unfortunately it had 
gotten to the point where for every one 
label that folds, two sprout up to take 
its place. Again, as stated before, many 
of these labels will go the way of the 
woolly mammoth, but in the mean- 
time they will cause much damage to 
the labels that do actually care. How so 
you wonder? Well, it has gotten to the 
point where distributors and stores no 
longer have the time to properly keep 
up with ordering from everyone, and 

with the rapidly dwindling shelf space 
to keep a reasonable amount of back 
stock. With less time and space to ded- 
icate to each label, distributors and 
stores are forced to offer them less, far 
less, or even zero attention on an indi- 
vidual basis. Eventually, if this trend 
keeps widening, then many honest, 
hardworking though very small labels 
that cannot afford to have worse sales 
figures will end up being driven out 
while attention is focused on new la- 
bels that are based on consumer trends, 
not music and ideas. Many distribu- 
tors have told me in private that they 
can't wait for the day when a bunch of 
these new lame, trendy labels go out of 
business because the amount of labels / 
releases out there has gotten ridicu- 
lous. Unfortunately, though, distros are 
forced to carry what the stores ask for 
or they will be forced out of business 
with the shops also being put in the 
same position by their customers. 

There is one thing as individuals 
we can all do to help solve this bogus 
label overpopulation crisis and that is 
to support labels that are actually into 
the music, not just "shifting units" 
alone. GMM, Six Weeks, Prank, Hav- 
oc, Dr. Strange, Clean Plate, Know, 
Vermiform, New Life Shark, Free Spir- 
it, Empty, Deep Six, New Red Archives, 
Slap A Ham, Power Ground, Dead Beat, 
Alive, Bomp, Estrus, Dionysus, Pro- 
fane Existence, Ax / ction, Pelado, Head- 
ache, Crypt, Sound Pollution, Beer City, 
Agitate 96, Hostage, and many, many 
more I neither have the time nor the 
room to mention all seem to have one 
thing in common (and no, I am not 
friends with all of them; some I don't 
bother with personally, and some are 
on far less than friendly terms): They 
are actually into the music that they 
release. Wow, what a concept-people 
that don't see you as a sucker looking 
to be convinced that you need to be 
keeping up with the Joneses. Stop, look, 
and think before you buy. Give a hoot, 
don't pollute! (Oh, wait a minute, I 
stole that from some fuckin' talking 
owl, never mind.) 

By the way, I'm possibly looking 
to form a semi-negative, "old school," 
straight edge band . (I'll be singing, writ- 
ing the lyrics, and part of the music.) 
Musically influenced by the early OC- 
LA-beach punk sounds and bands like 
TSOL, Shattered Faith, Crowd, Social 
Distortion, X, Adolescents, Black Flag, 

Circle One, Channel 3, Blitz, Infa Riot, 
Abrasive Wheels, and Chelsea. No rac- 
ism, sexism, homophobia, PC turds, 
whiny commies, positive youth crew, 
hard liners, mosh metal heads, rock 
star cocks, emo, or anything else I don't 
like 'cause I'm a little Hitler. Should 
preferably live in vicinity of me. Al- 
ready have demo of one or two songs 
recorded. Gal musicians who can sing 
backups a plus. Be sure to include phone 
number and best time to call. 

Until next time. Brian c/o GTA, 
501 W. Glenoaks Blvd, #313, Glendale, 
CA 91202 USA 


s * i o i cf « 


9 fc 

Who's Your Daddy? 

or Nick Fitt Explores 

Basic Questions of Existence 

No, I'm not exploiting what is sure 
to become the catchphrase of the late- 
90s due to our increasingly por- 
nografied culture. I am asking a simple 
question of existence. 

"But Fitt," you're saying to your- 
self "I know who my daddy is... he 
used to fuck my mom until they got 
divorced and now I see him on week- 
ends and holidays." Or maybe your 
parents are still happily married like 
mine. I dunno. 

For me, actually it isn't quite so 
simple. At the root of my identity crisis 
may be the fact that I really don't know 
who my biological father is. 

Let's examine that candidates- my 
dad. The guy I live with. Big burly 
construction worker who grunts ev- 
erything he says, is virulently anti-rac- 
ist, pro-union, drinks his coffee black, 
listens to country, drives a pickup truck, 
yells at me- you get the picture. 

Let's back up to examine the other 
likely candidate. Its seventh grade. I 
am seeing the third psychologist of my 
life at my parents demand due to the 
fact that I was posting suicide threats 
on Prodigy Online Service. I actually 
was just tired of never getting any email. 
They think it was real. I was too embar- 
rassed to tell them the truth. 

Many of our discussions center 
around the fact that I think I'm unhap- 
py because I'm way ahead of all of my 
classmates. Sure, my grades suck, but 
who cares. I could pull off equally shit- 
ty grades in any class I'm stuck in. I 
basically say that life would be a lot 
better if I were a grade or two higher 
than where I am now (which is inter- 
esting, because upon graduation I will 
ream out my dad for not entering me 
into Kindergarten at the usual time in 
Massachusetts- six years of age as op- 
posed to my age of five). 

"Well, there are emotional, intel- 
lectual and psychological tests that you 
could take that could tell us if this is 

Back up even further. That sum- 
mer I had been introduced in some 
embryonic way to punk rock by this 
kid Brad who I've written about be- 

I undergo the tests. I always finish 
my work first in class and so after I'm 
done the teachers send me down to 
meet with this doctor who administers 
all kinds of tests to see if I'm emotion- 
ally or psychologically fucked up. Af- 
ter that's over, my literature teacher 
will sit me down and ask me questions 
of academic knowledge and yet anoth- 
er doctor will ask me questions which 
are logic problems. The type of stuff 
you find in a Mensa book. 

I have no idea how I did emotion- 
ally or psychologically, but I'm in- 
formed by the teacher and the one doc- 
tor that I have an IQ in the top 1 % of the 
nation and a level of knowledge com- 
parable to a high school diploma recip- 

A meeting ensues. I had never 
been surer of anything in my life. I was 
confident that I would merely select 
which year of high school I wished to 
enter. Dead wrong. My parents decide 
to drop the bomb on me that SUR- 
PRISE!, they were never actually test- 
ing me to skip a grade. They were 
trying to figure out if I were crazy and 
used the other tests as a cover. I have 
never wanted to kill myself more in my 
entire life. 

We go home. I scream at my moth- 
er for thinking I'm crazy. Dad would 
never think that. He's the one that's 
always maintained that I was just a 
little different, and there was nothing 
wrong with that. Lots of people were 
different. In time, people would come 

to accept me. It would always be easy, 
but it would get better. In the mean- 
time throughout my entire life my 
mother has been consulting teacher and 
psychologists to try and figure out just 
what the fuck is wrong with me. 

I go to sleep on the couch at 4 in 
the af ternoon and sleep through school 
the next day. 

Finally my dad sits down on the 
other couch in the living room and has 
the "father-son chat" look on his face. 
He doesn't beat around the bush. 

"Nick... do you know why your 
mom is the way she is? Overprotective, 
controlling, worried, paranoid?" He 
looks at me with a kind of blithe melan- 
choly on his face. 

"Cuz she's a bitch?" My twelve 
year old mind lashes out against the 
mother-figure I have always hated. 

"Not too long before you were 
born a man broke into the house and 
raped your mother." 

Such words would send other men 
(boys... whatever) into a blind rage. Its 
the stuff of dimestore novels and bad 
action films. I'm expected to spend the 
rest of my life hunting this man down 
to kill him. 

"Who was it?" 

He looks back at me, with the "life 
is fucked, but its still ok to party" look 
on.his face. "We don't know." "I want 
to kill him." "Me too. Why do you want 
to kill him, Nick?" 

"Cuz he ruined my life." 
And there it is. Call my remark 
insensitive (it is), but that's not the 
point. The point is also not that the 
dude DID in fact ruin not only my life, 
but also my mother's and probably put 
a very serious dent into my fathers. The 
point is the phrase "not too long before 
you were born." 

In the subsequent years I've been 
able to finagle two things out of my 
parents. One- that she was raped at 
gunpoint (the first question I asked my 
mother was the resentful and loathing 
"Why didn't you do anything about 
it?" Please remember that I was 12) and 
further on I got out of my father that 
my mother was not pregnant with me 
before she was raped. Third point of 
note- I've seen the police report. Its 
made out ten months before I was born. 
Did I mention that I was a month 
late being born? 

A certain prominent someone in 
the punk rock world who can't be men- 

tioned because of a certain MRR policy 
on naming certain people who write 
for certain magazines once said to me 
"Nick, I respect your search for an iden- 
tity." I took that as words from upon 
high, finally figuring out just how the 
fuck all these stupid columns I write 
are tied together. Its part of the search 
for identity which is never truly over, 
but is very raw, naked and intense 
during the teenage years. Teenage Sui- 
cide. I suppose that's when you think 
your quest is over. 

But why have I written any of 
this? Very simply because after that 
comment, I found it only fitting that I 
visit the main identity crisis of my life. 
Its the one I've been haunted by since I 
was 12 years old. Just who the fuck is 
my biological father? 

I go through many cycles on this. 
"Does it matter?" I ask myself. "Isn't 
my father that dude who does all that 
stuff I mentioned earlier in the col- 
umn?" Then I think "Aren't I entitled 
to know?" Then I think "Fuck it all. My 
dad's done enough to fuck up my life, 
why introduce some other asshole into 
the picture?" What's the correct ques- 
tion? All and none, I would say. 

When I was 14 me and my dad got 
into a really big fight. I asked for a 
paternity test. 

He blew up at me more than I 
have ever had anyone do so in my life. 
Even Tim when he would call my house 
on the 16th of the month wondering 
where the fuck my column was at. And 
I think that just once... for that one 
shining instant, I fully understood my 
dad . Here he is, this guy who j ust want- 
ed to marry some nice Jewish girl from 
western MI and kick his drinking habit 
and have a new family based on stabil- 
ity. And he is probably haunted every 
day by the same question I am. And he 
goes through some of the same ques- 
tions I have. To compound the situa- 
tion, his nice Jewish girl has turned into 
a neurotic control freak whose antics 
border on hysterics. 

Looking for answers? You won't 
find them here. But I really think that 
this lurid tale has more to do with who 
I am than any of the other bullshit 
(meaningless or otherwise) that I've 
written about in this column. This is 
the root of all Nick Fitt. And I am not 
ashamed. I don't think its something to 
hide. Fuck it. Its made me who I am. 
Remove one card and the whole house 

comes tumbling down. And I like who 
I am. So fuck it. And move on. 

1. Thanks to the certain "Furious" col- 
umnist whose comment spurred me to 
write this. Mucho props, dude! 

2. You can write me at 404A South 
Main Street, Attleboro, MA 02703. 

See, many late 70s/early 80s com- 
pilations had some really brilliant punk 
tunes, but also some terrible new wave. 
These same comps. will also run you 
anywhere from $40 - $100. With this in 
mind, some enterprising hooligans 
have found a rather creative niche. They 
distilled the choice punk songs onto a 
7in. EP. The first in the Listener's Di- 
gest series is ARE WE TOO LATE FOR 
THE MONEY? (a distillation of ARE 
1979 compilation of Texas bands on the 
legendary ESR label). Included are 
Skuds, Nervebreakers, Blindate, and 
the Infants, and these are indeed the 
best songs on the original LP. The pack- 
aging is also a take-off of the original 
artwork. The second in the Listener's 
Digest series is VANCOUVER EVO- 
LUTION (a distillation of Vancouver 
Independence) featuring the Furies, the 
Stiffs, the Skulls, and Victorian Pork. 
At least one of these bands is D.O.A. in 
disguise and three of the four songs 
would later be changed up a bit and 
performed by D.O.A. All of the tunes 
are choice, and the cover is the same 
effortless black & white block set-up as 
the original. 200 on color vinyl on both 
these puppies. Kudos, gentlemen. 

Recent faves MUD CITY MAN- 
GLERS have a new 7in. out on 007 just 
in time for Halloween (this column 
will be printed way after the holiday, 
but the record WAS a Halloween re- 
lease). In light of the holiday, the Man- 
glers had to choice but to complement 
the great A-side with a Misfits cover on 
the B-side. I would've liked to see an- 
other tune (i.e. three songs), but hey 
I'm not complaining. Cool package and 
limited to 500. Get crackin'. 


Collector madness reached an 
apex this last month as a handful of 
madmen (myself included) pursued 
the only known copies of the FINGERS 
"Isolation" EP. Some didn't make it 
out alive, and the rest had to donate 
blood and prostitute themselves to pay 
the tab. I'm quite sure Tim Yo would've 
joined in the capitalist fracas if he were 
here to do so. Anyway, the Fingers 
started out as a five-piece band (thus, 
the name) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
in early '77. Packing up their instru- 
ments and professional aspirations and 
leaving two Fingers behind, three mem- 
bers (two of them brothers) headed to 
New York City in September of that 
year hoping for some Ramones-type 
fame. As part of a press kit, their man- 
ager thought an actual record, instead 
of the standard cassette tape, might be 
more of art attention-getter. So, in De- 
cember '77, the Fingers recorded and 
soon released a three-song EP which 
was mostly sent to record company 
execs in the hopes that a record deal 
would soon follow. It never happened, 
though the "Isolation" EP did at least 
catch the hear of Seymour Stein (big 
cheese at Sire). Stein deemed the record 
too much like the Ramones to have on 
the same label. The records themselves 
seem to have been swallowed up into 
the void. Until recently, no copy had 
ever surfaced in a store or record col- 
lection anywhere. Some collectors even 
had their doubts the record existed 
until a band member sent out a tape 
where, sure enough, you can hear the 
needle dropping down and some great 
punk rock begin. The A-side track "Iso- 
lation" is the hands-down winner. 
Great Thunders-type guitar and good 
snotty vocals, though it lacks the over- 
the-top charm of records like the Tape- 
worm or Absentees, bands decidedly 
less serious than the Fingers. What 
makes the Fingers record particularly 
interesting to collectors (aside from the 
fact that all band members and associ- 
ates of the band have been contacted 
and that less than 10 copies are known 
to exist) is that the Fingers were the 
core of what would soon be the FEA- 
TURES. Take the three Fingers mem- 
bers, add the manager, and a wardrobe 
change and you have the Features 
whose "Floozie of the Neighborhood" 
7in. (Paradox '79) is a pop-punk clas- 
sic. That, my friends, is a very, very 

rare classification.. . just this side of punk 
to be great. Modern day punk throw- 
backs, the Stitches, cover "Floozie" in 
fine fashion. 

To conclude this almost-due col- 
umn, I got a special request in the mail 
to cast some light on the mysterious 
FREESTONE. Their legendary 
"Church" b/w "Bummer Bitch" 7in. is 
the subject of many a collector wet 
dream. "Bummer Bitch" was included 
on Killed By Death #2 and is — with- 
out a doubt — an all-time, over-the-top 
blast of punk rock greatness. I still crack 
up every single time I listen to it. The 
band was from a place called, of all 
things, Freestone which is apparently 
an one-and-a-half north of San Fran- 
cisco. When I first heard the name, I 
thought it was a reference to the "Free 
Stoney" campaign which, as I recall, 
was a late 70s incident where a guy got 
put away for a few years for possessing 
some minute amount of marijuana. 
Alas, my hypothesis was wrong. Any- 
way, for all intents and purposes, Free- 
stone was a rock & roll band with rock 
& roll aspirations, though they obvi- 
ously were afraid of offending any- 
body. "Bummer Bitch" was recorded 
in one take with Bobby, the drummer I 
believe, screaming classic lines ("you 
give me zits!") like he really, really 
means it. Rather than relate the band's 
entire history, I find it much more en- 
tertaining to repeat some of their gui- 
tarist's more outlandish claims which I 
collected in conversations over the 
course of a couple years. With nary of 
hint of sarcasm, I was told that: 

1 ) The 7in. sold out in a matter of weeks 
and was instantly a collector's item 
fetching $50 six months after its re- 
lease. I can only speculate this was 
before they changed their name from 
Motley Crue. 

2) One time the band pulled up to a 
club to find a line of people waiting to 
get in, all of them singing "Bummer 
Bitch" in unison. I don't recall where 
this gig was... perhaps the state hospi- 

3) They were "big" in France and Swe- 
den and possibly some other Scandi- 
navian locales. 

4) David Bowie played their record 
when he DJ'd at one of the more fa- 
mous New York dance clubs. 

5) And the most absurd statement of 
them all: I have a copy of our record 

and will send you one. 

I talked to this feller many, many, 
MANY times, going so far as to meet 
him at a vintage guitar show in Arling- 
ton, Texas. There I got to see pictures of 
his new band featuring a female singer 
who was "a rock star from England". I 
assumed that my time, effort, and pa- 
tience would eventually lead to a copy 
of this essential record. Didn't happen. 
I would've had better luck leaving a 
tooth under my pillow. On that note, I 
conclude this month's Peer Pressure. 
Until next time, I remain, undaunted 
and on the hunt for a rare punk record 
near you. Oi! 

Peer Pressure, P.O. Box 49984, 
Austin, TX 78765 

I learned a cardinal rule of class 
warfare when I was 16. I worked at a 
Jack-in-the-Box in Ventura for a mid- 
dle-aged couple named Jim and Fran 
who owned the franchise. Jim was a 
gnarled tattooed ex-Marine, Fran was a 
mother whose children had grown up 
and left home, and the two worked 
alongside their minimum-wage em- 
ployees living out their pathetic delu- 
sion of the American Dream. 

Jim was a particularly nasty son- 
of-a-bitch. I worked the grill on the night 
shift and we were supposed to call him 
if we ever got swamped with business. 
One night two bus loads of black kids 
from Compton came in after a football 
game with one of our local high schools 
so we called Jim for some backup . When 
he arrived he stood beside me at the 
grill, silently watching the boisterous 
black youth filling his fast food restau- 

"I hate those Goddamn coons," he 
said to me,grabbinghisownbutt. "They 
give me a pain in the ass." Then he 
shrugged before getting to work. "But 
their money's still green." 

One night just before closing, a car 
drove in past the clown without stop- 
ping, up to the window where my fel- 
low worker Steve waited. Steve leaned 

out and exchanged a few words with 
those in the car before popping open a 
bag and kneeling down to the safe be- 
neath the cash register, where he start- 
ed to cram all the money from that 
evening's sales into the bag. 

"What's up Steve?" I asked in a 
whisper. "Are we being robbed? Should 
I call the police?" 

"Take a look." Steve smiled and 

I walked around to the window. 
Jim, our boss, was sprawled in the car's 
passenger seat, so drunk he could bare- 
ly keep his head up. A grinning freckle- 
faced gum-cracking blonde teenaged 
girl a third Jim's age drove the car. You 
could have sunk the Titanic in the cleav- 
age her low-cut blouse displayed. I 
ducked back under the counter. 

"We gotta call Fran," I insisted. 
"She'll stop him." 

"No way man." Steve shook his 
head. "Jim's an adult. There's no fool 
like an old fool, but he's got a right to 
play the fool. We don't owe him, or Fran 

Steve gave the girl all the money in 
two bags and I didn't call Fran. Jim's 
binge lasted a week. Fran stalwartly ran 
the business until he came crawling 
back, begging for forgiveness. She filed 
for divorce the day before I gave them 
both notice I was quitting. 

The Rule: Your boss has an abso- 
lute right to be a fucking idiot. 

So long as his or her stupidity 
doesn't affect you or your co-workers 
or the public or the environment, your 
boss can be a complete imbecile. What's 
more, you should let your boss be an 
idiot, even encourage his or her stupid- 
ity. After all, as your manager your boss 
claims the right to run your life when 
you're on the job and sometimes even 
when you're on you're own time. As the 
owner of the means of production, your 
boss steals a minimum of 8 hours a day, 
5 days a week for 40 fucking years of 
your life in exchange for the wages you 
need to survive and consume. Anything 
that makes your boss look like the jack- 
ass he or she is should be fostered, with 
a vengeance. 

At the very least, you deserve the 

I worked as a typesetter some 20 
years ago for a San Diego company that 
did government-contract work. We pro- 
duced military training manuals for the 
C-130 transport airplane and similar 

military hardware. This was before 
desktop publishing even existed, and 
the two main low-end electronic type- 
setting machines around were Varityp- 
er and Compugraphic. We used Com- 
pugraphic. The writers wrote and re- 
wrote the copy in DOS using WordStar 
and WordPerfect, and I typeset their 
finished copy, giving the type to two 
dozen graphic artists who, with stats 
from the photo department, assembled 
manuals, slide shows and audio-visual 
presentations to help train our men in 
uniform. No women back then. It was 
an okay job, though William, the Art 
Director was a pain in the fucking ass. 
He considered himself the company's 
cock-of-the-walk, and he was also an 
arrogant micro-manager of his employ- 
ees' work. He pretended to be knowl- 
edgeable in areas and about subjects on 
which he didn't have a clue, and he was 
very free with his advice. You know the 

Well, William talked to Compu- 
graphic and found out that their type- 
setting machines could translate for- 
matted DOS files converted to ASCII 
text into finished typesetting. With 
Sandy, the word processing manager, 
he pitched the idea to upper manage- 
ment of hiring a temporary, indepen- 
dent consultant to work with me and 
make this possible, contending that the 
company could double or triple their 
contracts by virtually automating the 
typesetting process. At first I thought I 
was going to be reduced to an automa- 
ton myself, merely plugging in the data 
and distributing the type without any 
control or input. Janet, the independent 
consultant they hired, turned out to be 
pretty cool however. When she de- 
scribed how we'd have to assemble a 
series of complex nested translation ta- 
bles with constantly changing vari- 
ables — in fact a proto-program — to ac- 
complish the tasks the company want- 
ed done, I realized that I'd be learning 
one hell of a lot about DOS, ASCII and 
Compugraphic that, if nothing else, 
would look great on my resume. She 
was also tolerant of my punk rock mu- 
sical tastes, which is more than I can say 
for my other co-workers in 1979-80. 

I cranked on that assignment. 

I spent evenings and weekends, 
paid overtime of course, listening to 
Gang of Four and Dead Kennedys at 
full volume, running out reams of ASCII 
text which I taped to all the hall walls so 

that I could precisely catalog the charac- 
ters, symbols and spaces of sample DOS 
files. Janet showed me how to construct 
the basic tables, which we tested as we 
went along. Naturally the process in- 
volved talking to the word processors, 
the artists and the writers. Sandy's word 
processing department handled the ac- 
tual data conversion to ASCII and trans- 
mission to my typesetter. Janet and 
Sandy got along great, often working 
things out between our departments on 
the fly or over lunch. Unfortunately, 
William also insisted upon being inti- 
mately involved in the process. Will- 
iam, who knew zip about computers, 
typesetters or data manipulation. He 
grilled Janet in the morning about what 
she was going to do that day and grilled 
me in the afternoon about what we had 
done. Once a week William met with 
both of us together to review our 
progress, at which time he would make 
his off-the-wall suggestions based on a 
stunning ignorance of our work despite 
all those meetings. 

Being the full-timer, I'd learned 
simply to roll my eyes when dealing 
with my boss's profound day-to-day 
idiocies . Janet had no reason to be defer- 
ential to the bastard. As the indepen- 
dent consultant with the skills my com- 
pany needed and paid dearly for, she 
took ao shit. She called a spade a spade, 
and a stupid idea just that to William's 
astonishment and wounded male pride. 
What's more, she did it with relish at 
every possible opportunity, often in 
front of a roomful of graphic artists 
when William made some inane off- 
the-cuff comment looking over our 
shoulders during the work day. He tried 
turning on the sex appeal. Tried to se- 
duce her. Big mistake. When William 
complimented her about her appear- 
ance one morning in the hall, rumor has 
it she verbally castrated him with such 
elegance and wit he almost didn't get it. 
A couple of passing vice presidents guf- 
fawed at William's dressing down, only 
humiliating our macho Art Director fur- 

Needless to say, William and Janet 
did not get along. 

We'd put together the final tables — 
nesting commands inside of commands 
in complex layers and dynamic feed- 
back loops — and had run a number of 
preliminary tests when Janet and Will- 
iam had their big blowup. He accused 
her of padding her time and claimed 

that the project was "as good as done." 
She told him he was full of shit. He fired 
her, or more precisely, terminated her 

As the person who'd worked clos- 
est with Janet on the translation tables 
project, I knew we needed another cou- 
ple of days, maybe a full work week to 
thoroughly test the tables and fix any 
bugs. Plus Janet had only taught me the 
basics of variable usage in the tables, 
something absolutely essential for run- 
ning the translation tables on files com- 
ing from different computers running 
different programs. I had a private, com- 
pletely off-the-record meeting with 
Sandy in her office the afternoon Will- 
iam fired Janet, during which I told her 
of my assessment and asked her wheth- 
er I should go over William's head to 
upper management with my concerns. 

"What the hell do you owe a prick 
like William?" Sandy snarled, madder 
than I've ever seen her. "Don't worry 
about Janet. She'll get another job, and a 
better paying one, tomorrow. That girl's 
got talent. You ask me, I say William 
made his bed. Now let him sleep in it." 

I never did tell anybody else that 
the translation tables weren't done, and 
the project ground to a complete halt in 
less than a week. True to Sandy's pre- 
diction, Janet had another job and was 
no longer available to work for us. When 
upper management found out that an- 
other consultant would charge as much 
as Janet simply to unpack her work and 
put it back together their own way the 
company canceled the project, firing 
William soon thereafter. 

So, what do you owe the prick 
who's your boss? Your boss is a capital- 
ist asswipe, or at least aspires to be 
bourgeois. As a worker, you have abso- 
lutely nothing in common with the 
scumfuck ruling class or their hacks. 
Your interests are diametrically opposed 
to theirs. All you owe any of them is a 
bullet in the back of the skull. 

Whoa, am I being harsh or what? 

Let me stop being an extremist 
commie hooligan for just one minute. 
Take capitalism at its most progressive. 
In Denmark, Holland, Sweden and oth- 
er western European countries there's a 
healthy worker controlled sector in those 
mixed economies. This economic sector 
comprises producers' cooperatives, 
workers' credit unions, mutual aid as- 
sociations, worker and union owned 
business and industry, etc. Now "Lefty" 

Hooligan would claim that capitalism 
is capitalism, whether it's run by work- 
ers or by capitalists. I'm not speaking as 
"Lefty" however and it's possible to use 
the extent of workers' control in an econ- 
omy as a progressive social measure. 
Not surprisingly, there's very little of 
that in this country, even in such a sup- 
posedly alternative economic arena as 
punk rock. I know of only one or two 
examples in punk, both current, where 
quite substantial enterprises are being 
turned over to their workers by their 
original owners. Most everything else 
in punk as well as the general economy 
is unredeemed "old school" blood-suck- 
ing capitalism pure and simple, wheth- 
er your boss is a "good liberal" or an 
"arch reactionary." I'd be the first to 
admit that it would make a difference to 
me to have liberal guards and a liberal 
warden if I were in prison. Yet I'd still be 
in jail and the prison administration 
wouldstillbemyjailers. Your boss might 
be a liberal and your wage slave envi- 
ronment might be nice and cushy, but 
you're still a wage slave and your boss 
is still a motherfucking capitalist pig. 

So, getting back into the aggro ul- 
traleft Hooligan mode, let's talk about 
so-called "liberal" bosses. Ralph owned 
a cqmmercial graphic arts company I 
worked for in Santa Cruz along with 12 
other workers in 1974. Ralph consid- 
ered himself open-minded and politi- 
cally progressive. He said things like 
"my business and my workers are one 
big happy family. " He encouraged us to 
call him by his first name and "skip the 
sir." He urged us to decorate our work 
areas any way we wanted and to bring 
in anything we wished to read to leave 
in the lunch room. He wanted all of us to 
"feel completely at home" working for 
him. Ralph was a typical paternalistic 
liberal boss. If he'd been a plantation 
owner in the antebellum south he would 
have insisted "I treat my darkies good." 

The first controversy came up 
when one of my male co-workers 
brought in a Penthouse. The women 
workers complained, but Ralph only 
clucked sympathetically, shrugged his 
shoulders and insisted that everybody 
working for him had "their freedom of 
expression." The dispute eventually 
died down when some of the women 
counterattacked with Playgirls in the 
lunch room. I of course kept leaving 
leftist propaganda around — anti-nuke 
and anti-war, pro-civil rights and pro- 

labor — but my literature never lasted 
more than a day or two before it disap- 
peared. I thought at first that my fellow 
workers were responsible for stealing 
my stuff, since one of them was a rabid 
Christian and another a pure southern 
cracker. But when Ralph went on a 
week-long business trip, my propagan- 
da stayed around. Then, when he came 
back my literature once again disap- 
peared. My fucking boss was stealing 
my stuff out of the lunch room! 

In due time Ralph figured out that 
I was the one bringing the subversive 
literature into his business. He called 
me in his office and bluntly informed 
me I was no longer allowed to bring 
reading material to work. 

"But what about my freedom of 
expression?" I asked. 

"There's not going to be any free 
expression of communistic propagan- 
da in my company," he sternly an- 

Ralph rode my ass hard after that 
and collected enough petty mistakes on 
my part to legally fire me. But when 
Ralph tried to deny me unemployment 
insurance I informed the state agency 
that I had been fired in part because I'd 
brought pro-union information to work 
and given it to my fellow workers, which 
was true enough. Sensing that I was 
more than willing to federalize my claim 
by appealing to the NLRB over my fir- 
ing and denial of benefits, the state's 
department of employment overruled 
Ralph's objections and gave me unem- 
ployment insurance. My experience 
with Ralph and "liberal" assholes like 
him is the reason why I claim a boss is a 
boss is a boss. It's also why I paraphrase 
the Pan-African Congress and say one 
capitalist, one bullet. 

Q. : What looks good on a boss? A. : 
A pair of Dobermans! 

I'm not going to debate the fine 
distinctions between orthodox Marx- 
ism's "capitalists" and libertarian Marx- 
ism's "bosses" at this time. Capitalism 
must be overthrown, and the power of 
the capitalist ruling class needs to be 
smashed. Humanity and "Lefty" Hoo- 
ligan will not be satisfied until the last 
capitalist is hung with the guts of the 
last bureaucrat. That said, here's anoth- 
er anecdote about bosses I have known. 

Small community newspapers are 
frequently glorified advertisers for lo- 
cal businesses in which the news con- 
sists of reprinted press releases and fluff 

pieces. I worked for such a newspaper 
in the San Diego area called the Del Mar 
News Press. The paper had a couple of 
ad salesmen who also acted as part- 
time, half-assed reporters. The typeset- 
ting equipment was ancient, held to- 
gether with chewing gum and coat hang- 
ers, and barely functional. A few thor- 
oughly beat-up light tables flickered 
under buzzing fluorescent lights. Pho- 
tochemicals and stacks of old newspa- 
pers littered the run down offices. It was 
a pit, but the owner Sam and his wife 
Emma paid halfway decently. 

Sam in particular was a character. 
He was fat, had coke bottle thick glass- 
es, and suffered from enough allergies 
and other minor ailments to fill a med- 
ical textbook. He was always complain- 
ing of some kind of pain and taking 
some type of medication. Emma con- 
stantly hovered over Sam attending to 
him and the rest of us actually felt sorry 
for the man. One day Sam called the 
employees into his office and announced 
that his various businesses were doing 
so well that we were moving' to brand 
new facilities. The modern Del Mar News 
Press offices were not quite ready yet, so 
he gave us all our paychecks and told us 
to report in three weeks to the new 

I waited a week after cashing my 
check before I drove by the address Sam 
gave us, hoping to get in good with my 
employers by volunteering to help. The 
address was a vacant lot. I freaked and 
called the production manager who was 
absolutely flabbergasted. All the local 
papers carried the story the next day. 
Sam and Emma had been con artists, 
using the Del Mar Nezvs Press as a cover. 
Sam had "sold" a house he didn't own 
a dozen times, collecting a sizable de- 
posit on each "sale." Then Sam and 
Emma had skipped town with several 
hundred thousand fraudulently ob- 
tained dollars in their pockets, never to 
be seen again. 

Every capitalist is a thief. Every 
boss robs you of your time and labor for 
his or her own benefit and profit. You 
owe them nothing except a social revo- 

Kick it all over! 
ON-THE-JOB F.S.U. was the subject of 
this column, though not the title be- 
cause OTJFSU is a feature, not a whole 
column. So, here's the belated disclaim- 
er: CLASS WARNING: The above col- 

umn may contain language, ideas or 
suggestions offensive to bosses and cap- 
italists. Bourgeois sentiment may be 
bruised by its contents, so members of 
the ruling class and their lackeys are 
advised to fuck off and die now... 
LYING WITH LARRY... I wrote a re- 
sponse in Punk Planet #28 to Larry's 
column of PP #27 in which I comment- 
ed that, as majority owner of Lookout 
Records, Larry Livermore ripped off 
Ben Weasel. Boy did that get a response 
from the guilty rich bastard! Larry pro- 
ceeded to employ a bit of faulty logic to 
accuse me of lying. Lookout was dis- 
tributed by Mordam Records; Mordam 
does not work with labels that rip off 
their artists; therefore Larry did not rip 
off Ben Weasel. What Larry convenient- 
ly forgets is that he did his best to fuck 
over Ben just before he left Lookout 
Records, when he was bought out by 
one of his business partners who was 
none too happy with Larry's actions. 
What Larry conveniently forgets is that 
Lookout then promptly apologized for 
Larry's behavior, and renegotiated"their 
deal with Ben Weasel. Alzheimers? Per- 
haps, because what Larry also inconve- 
niently forgets is that I get my informa- 
tion from Lookout Records because of 
where I work... 

be contacted at 
My book, End Time, can be purchased 
from AK Press (POB 40682, SF, CA 
94140-0682) for $10. Keep sending me 
your newsworthy items and interesting 
news clippings c/o MRR. 

It was still dark when I got up to 
pee. My roommate was asleep, and the 
boy responsible for my early rising 
was 2000 miles away in Seattle. I aimed 
carefully for the cup, swished the plas- 
tic stick in it with shaky hands, and sat 
down to wait. I knew already what the 
answer would be. My period was ten 
days late, far later than it had ever 
been, and the boy and I had broken 

more than a statistically significant 
number of condoms during his last 
weeks in town. The inevitable result of 
those broken rubbers didn't surprise 
me, but my reaction to it did. I'd always 
thought that if I ever found myself 
pregnant, deciding whether or not to 
have an abortion would be agonizing. 
Instead, I knew before the test was 
finished exactly what I would do, and 
it didn't involve becoming anyone's 

Somehow, miraculously, I wasn't 
pregnant, but in the clarity of those few 
minutes, I went from being pro-choice 
in a lukewarm, intellectual way to real- 
izing that attacks on abortion rights 
could have a very real impact on my 
body and my life . In the two years since 
then, I've made it a point to learn as 
much as I canabout abortion, its histor- 
ical precedents, legaljustifications, and 
medical techniques, and to share what 
I've learned with other women who 
might find themselves in the same ear- 
ly-morning boat. As depressing as the 
climate surrounding the issue may be, 
especially with recent restrictions on 
certain late-term procedures and the 
lack of new medical school grads 
trained in abortion methods, I've run 
across at least one encouraging devel- 
opment: the availability of an abortion 
pill, for real this time. 

Although RU-486 (the trade name 
for the drug mifepristone) has been 
legal in the United States for some time, 
much controversy, threatened boycotts 
and shady business dealings have pre- 
vented it's widespread distribution 
here. Happily for those of us desiring 
neither to change diapers nor to face 
the vacuum aspirator just because Tro- 
jan can't built the indestructible con- 
dom, a second drug, methotrexate, is 
now available. Tested as an abortion 
pill by an independent physician work- 
ing without funding, the drug has prov- 
en to be nearly as effective as RU-486 
(90-95% vs. 95-97%) and has its own 
unique advantages. Used since the 
1950's to treat cancer, arthritis, and 
psoriasis, as well as more recently to 
end potentially fatal tubal pregnan- 
cies, low doses of the drug have been 
shown to be safe (although high doses, 
such as those used to treat certain tu- 
mors, may cause cancer). Unlike RU- 
486, methotrexate is off-patent (mean- 
ing that any pharmaceutical company 
can manufacture it), which makes it 

very inexpensive and readily available 
in many parts of the world. And be- 
cause it's used to treat a wide variety of 
illnesses, manufacturer boycotts by 
anti-abortion groups are unlikely to be 
effective. Although it's already legal 
for any doctor to prescribe the drug, 
the FDA has recently approved its trial 
use for abortions, and 50 Planned Par- 
enthood clinics in 19 states have begun 
to offer it. 

Methotrexate is an anti-metabo- 
lite; it works by interrupting the divi- 
sion of embryonic cells. Like RU-486, 
it's usually used in tandem with anoth- 
er drug (misoprostol) which causes 
uterine contractions and helps the body 
expel the contents of the uterus. When 
the methotrexate is injected, usually 
into the buttocks, the embryo immedi- 
ately stops growing; a few days later 
the misoprostol is administered (either 
by you or your doctor), usually in the 
vagina. The embryo will usually be 
expelled within 2 to 24 hours of taking 
the second drug (although in 20% or 
more of cases, this may be delayed as 
long as a few weeks, in which case 
additional misoprostol or a clinical 
abortion may be necessary). The result 
is usually very much like a heavy peri- 
od, complete with cramps and clotting, 
which may last from a couple days to a 
couple weeks. 

As much as I like to think methotr- 
exate is a miracle drug, it does have its 
disadvantages. It has to be used within 
the first 8 weeks of pregnancy (mea- 
sured from the first day of your last 
menstrual period) and becomes less 
effective the later it's taken. It causes 
birth defects (no changing your mind 
once you've taken it; that thing's gotta 
come out one way or another), and has 
a slightly higher rate of failure than 
either clinical abortions or RU-486. 
Women with severe anemia, liver or 
kidney disease can't take the drug. And 
it sure ain't cheap; right now it costs 
roughly the same as a first-trimester 
clinical abortion, about $350-400. 

I'm excited anyway. Because the 
drugs themselves are very inexpensive 
(only around $7.00 for both), the cost 
for a methotrexate-induced abortion 
will hopefully decrease as the method 
becomes more common. This means 
private funds for low-income women 
will go further, and both poor women 
and women in rural areas will have 
more access to reproductive choices. 

And meanwhile, I'm looking forward 
to the day that any woman can walk 
into any doctor's office and end her 
pregnancy without the interference of 

politicians or protesters. 


to find the planned parenthood offer- 
ing methotrexate-induced abortions 
nearest you, call their toll-free referral 
line at 1.800.230.7526. the drug is also 
available from many private abortion 
clinics and some doctors, for more info, 
check out the abortion resource hand- 
book, by k. kaufmann, simon and 
schuster, 1997; or the very newest edi- 
tion of our bodies, ourselves, by the 
boston women's health book collec- 
tive, 1997/8. 


most of this column was lifted from a pam- 
phlet i originally wrote to accompany abor- 
tion workshops that my friend lee and i 
gave at fests this summer, which will be 
part of gumption #4 (whenever that's fin- 
ished), if you'd like a copy, send me some 
email, and ill let you know if it's done, by 
the way, despite its great swimming hole 
and fabulous tiki bar, columbus, ohio was 
officially a complete disaster, i'm back in 
ann arbor; the same addresses and rules (no 
zvingnuts...) apply: pob 7564 ann arbor, 
mi 48107 and i 
couldn't have survived the past couple 
months without John g., emily, lisa (dude!) 
and especially texas frank, xoxox 

There was a joke that popped up a 
few years back, I think Jello Biafra made 
it up, about how all of the older punk 
scenesters, like Tim Yohannan and Jeff 
Bale, and such, should start a band to- 
gether and call it Old Youth. It strikes 
me as being even funnier that everyone 
who considers themselves old timers 
in the punk scene nowadays are most- 
ly in their 20's or early 30's! 

7 Seconds penned the posi-core 
anthem "Young Til I Die". I want to 
write an updated anthem that the old 
youth of today can relate to. I think I'll 
call it "Old While I'm Still Young". It 
seems like these days everyone starts 

to join the ranks of the punk elderly 
around the ages of 24 or 25 years old. If 
we want to stay true to our roots, or 
better yet stay "old school", maybe all 
of the hardcore seniors over 25 should 
end it all like the "old" people did in 
"Logan's Run". 

I'm going to be 30 years old very 
soon. My hair has receded a bit and I'm 
slightly more jaded and cynical than 
when I was 15. However, I still like this 
music and this scene for the many of 
the same reasons: the high energy, the 
creativity, the productivity, the ability 
to become an active participant regard- 
less of your beliefs, background or atti- 

For whatever reason, everyone 
loves to speak highly about the "old 
school", mostly people who weren't 
there. By accident, I first started listen- 
ing to punk rock around 1980-81. I 
started getting actively involved in the 
scene around 1984, and I still consider 
myself a latecomer. I seriously enjoyed 
it at the time, but why would I want to 
relive it? Besides some classic bands 
and moments that occasionally stir up 
nostalgic pangs, what was so damn 
great about it? Show after show being 
ruined by fights? Or riots? Or overrun 
with nazis and endless violence? 

Bring back the "old school"? Yeah, 
great idea. Anyone still stuck in the so- 
called salad days of hardcore might as 
well join ranks with the Deadheads 
and hippies that are so often put down 
in the punk scene. Besides the obvious 
differences in music and costume, 
punks who only listen to Discharge 
day after day have a hell of lot more in 
common with Jerry's (Garcia, that is) 
Kids than they'll ever be able to fath- 

So you still really want to be old? 
Okay, I'll help you: #1. Never wear 
earplugs at shows. That way your hear- 
ing will deteriorate faster and, if you're 
lucky, you'll be able to purchase a hear- 
ing aid before you reach 40. Wearing 
patches is the punk fashion statement 
of the 1990's. To be fashionable in the 
next decade, maybe every self-respect- 
ing crusty will not only craddle a 40- 
ouncer, but also don a hearing aid. #2. 
Start more fights. If you fight more, 
you'll get punched in the face more 
and maybe you'll be lucky enough to 
lose some teeth prematurely. Missing 
teeth = dentures. Dentures = old. Old = 
cool. #3. Stop listening to all new bands 

and only listen to the same old records 
for the rest of your life. That way you 
won't have any new musical points of 
reference to detract you in your quest 
for old school domination, and you can 
then focus all available brain cells on 
things that happened "back in the day" . 

I propose we take it even a step 
further. Let's literally open an Old 
School where young punks can go to 
learn how to act old even though their 
voices are still cracking like a prepu- 
bescent Peter Brady. History classes 
can teach about how much better ev- 
erything was "back in the day". Math 
classes can form mathematical equa- 
tions that prove once and for all that 25 
= 90 (or whatever old age you prefer to 
associate yourself with). 

MRR has a surplus of money at 
the end of each year, so maybe we can 
convince them to finance a Punk Rock 
Nursing Home that caters to the elder- 
ly punks who are pushing 26. We could 
petition for separate pits at hardcore 
shows: one for able bodied young 
punks (The Kids, as in "do it for...") 
and one for those over 25 due to the 
extreme fragility of their bones and the 
high density of canes, walkers, and 
wheelchairs they use. Maybe we can 
start record labels that are for the real 
elderly bands, those with members over 
30, and try to get it subsidized by Ger- 
itol (or would it then be considered a 
major label?). 

If I'm still active in the hardcore 
scene when I'm 65, okay, maybe then I 
can strut around like a prize rooster at 
the state fair. Until then, why don't all 
of you wanna-be geezers join your 
AARP buddies, stock up on Depends 
undergarments, listen to your Nega- 
tive Approach records all day and kind- 
ly stay the fuck out of the way. 


§0 «* 







A lot of the companies I write 
about can justify their existence by 
claiming to produce something that 
serves a relevant purpose to society. 

Microsoft, Kraft, Motorola, Mitsubishi, 
Boise Cascade, etc., all use this argu- 
ment. Now, how useful (or necessary) 
their products are is definitely subject 
to debate, but at least it is debatable. 
Such is not the case for this month's 
target — the cosmetics industry. The 
absolute uselessness of make-up (or 
'war-paint' as my father calls it) has 
always disturbed me. But before I get 
into that, let's figure out exactly who it 
is that I'm talking about. 

Revlon is one of the largest play- 
ers in the cosmetics field. They are ac- 
tually controlled by the MacAndrews 
and Forbes Holdings Co., which also 
owns a controlling share of Coleman 
(camping junk), Marvel Entertainment 
(Marvel Comics and Fleer trading 
cards), Meridian Sports (Mastercraft 
boats and O'Brien ski gear) and First 
Nationwide Bank (based in San Fran- 
cisco). Needless to say, this company 
pushes a whole lotta money around, $8 
billion to be exact. At the helm is multi- 
billionaire, CEO Ron Perelman. Perel- 
man is a politically motivated fella. He 
was the 14th largest political donor in 
95/96 and has given about $2 million 
dollars in each of the election cycles 
since. He also has close ties to presiden- 
tial advisor, Vernon Jordan. He is even 
being investigated for his alleged role 
in the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. Ap- 
parently, his role included helping Jor- 
dan find a post- White House job for 
Ms. Lewinsky (at Revlon nonetheless) 
so she'd keep her mouth shut about the 
affair. (Actually, kudos to Perelman 
for trying. It's too bad it didn't work. 
We'd all have been much better off not 
having to hear about it.) So, yeah, any- 
way, Revlon is one of the top dogs in 
the cosmetics world. Even though Per- 
elman sold off its Max Factor line, it's 
reaping the benefits of the new Col- 
orStay products (you know, "it won't 
rub off on him"). 

Proctor & Gamble (shit, not these 
guys again) is another big one. They're 
the ones that bought the Max Factor 
line from Revlon. They are also respon- 
sible for Oil of Olay, Giorgio perfume, 
and the entire line of sleazy, cheesy 
Cover Girl. If you want more info on 
P&G, find my old column about them 
(no, I don' t know the issue #) but, in the 
meantime, I have other companies to 

Another big player is French- 
based L'Oreal. These nazis (and I mean 

that quite literally) are the fine makers 
of Maybelline, Lancome, Redken, and 
various other lines that I know nothing 
about because they don't sell 'em in the 
states (and because I've been spending 
a bit less time at the make-up counters 
lately). Back in '91, Jacques Correze, 
chairman of L'Oreal's Helena-Ruben- 
stein unit, resigned when local papers 
decided to remind consumers that he 
had been convicted in 1 948 for wartime 
crimes. Apparently, L'Oreal has a num- 
ber of old (and current) Nazis on the 
payroll and a history of anti-Semitic 
policies for which they were being in- 
vestigated. An article I was reading 
stated that they used something like 
$1.4 million dollars to 'help' end the 
investigation (and I guess that goes to 
show how well these investigations 
are performed ) . However, PR clean-up 
was done so well that this is probably 
the first time you've heard about it. 

Now, between the three giants I've 
just mentioned, they control 81% of the 
cosmetics industry. (I have to assume 
that percentage refers to the American 
market but I really don't know. Some- 
times my notes leave something to be 
desired.) There are, as you might sus- 
pect, a few more. Estee Launder (ex- 
cuse me, Lauder) is well on it's way to 
buying up its share of the industry. 
They own Aramis, Clinique, Origins, 
Bobbi Brown, and have recently ac- 
quired Aveda, a Minneapolis compa- 
ny that prides itself on selling organic, 
botanical extract-based goods. On the 
international level, there's also Uni- 
lever (Europe's version of Proctor & 
Gamble) and Shesheido (Japan's ver- 
sion of Proctor & Gamble). Then you've 
got the door-to-door companies like 
Avon and Mary Kay. You've also got 
the small start-ups like Hard Candy (a 
$20 million nail polish company that's 
run by a 23-year college girl from Bev- 
erly Hills) and Urban Decay (another 
nail polish company run by a 23-year 
old punk band from Kenosha, Wiscon- 
sin, that makes colors like Uzi and Gash) 
that will no doubt be 'acquired' by the 
major companies in the near future. 
(Actually, Urban Decay somewhat re- 
cently sued Revlon for copyright in- 
fringement because they started their 
own Street Wear line of nail polish 
with colors like Gun Metal and Blood. 
Sounds like they have a case.) 

Yeah, this industry obviously has 

its share of problems. First of all, what 
a monopoly! To demonstrate, let's look 
at hair dye. Figures show that 50% of 
all U.S. women dye their hair (and so 
does 1 of every 8 men). Hair dye is 
incredibly cheap to make, consisting 
of, basically, only three ingredients. 
The companies involved claim to re- 
ceive 70% gross profits. There's a lot of 
money to be made there. Who's mak- 
ing all this money? Well, L'Oreal is 
getting 42% and Clairol is getting 47%, 
while Revlon is trailing behind with 
10%. Add those numbers up and see 
what, you've got. Holy shit, huh? How 
in the hell can something so damn cheap 
to produce and used by so many peo- 
ple be dominated by only three compa- 
nies? The answer, naturally, lies in their 
advertising budgets. 

Do you honestly think that these 
companies producing hair dye just cre- 
ated it, set it on a shelf and, by some 
word-of-mouth miracle, every other 
girl in the United States decided to 
extol the wonders of this product on 
their head? Of course not. They've cre- 
ated a market for their hair dye with 
ads that remind you how boring your 
normal hair color is and how much 
more flair you'd have if you'd just lay 
down your cash for a bottle of their 
'magic potion'. And this is just one 
symptom of a greater disease. 

To these companies, girls are not 
human beings that have been brushed 
aside in a male-dominated society, nor 
are they similar to the rest of society in 
concerning themselves with the world's 
problems. They are targets. Not just a 
certain demographic slice of girls, mind 
you, but every single girl on this plan- 
et! From the day they are born, girls are 
manipulated to become consumers for 
the cosmetics industry. They're taught 
to hate their bodies and worship those 
of celebrities. The celebrities then make 
a fortune from cosmetics companies by 
portraying themselves in ads that sug- 
gest they weren't born with beauty, 
but created it with whatever particular 
product is being sold in the ad. (Though 
my puny mind doesn't remember 
which one it was, there was a zine I got 
when I lived in Colorado that had a 
photocopy of a Maybelline ad, with a 
slight alteration that made it, read, 
"Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's 
society." Very clever, indeed.) Soon 
enough, girls everywhere are fervently 
buying up products that will suppos- 

edly make them sexier, and we all know 
that's all girls are good for. And these 
companies won't stop until every wom- 
an on earth is a real-life painting. Foun- 
dation, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, 
blush, lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish, hair 
dye, whatever, just pile that crap on. It 
can only help, right? 

Wrong. Subjecting girls to an end- 
less barrage of ads reminding them that 
they aren't as beautiful as they should 
be, or that they need to "reverse the 
aging process," isn't harmless... .it's 
scary. How many girls have you, per- 
sonally, heard say one of the following 
things: "I'm too fat." "I wish my hair 
was a lighter color." "If I was only a few 
inches taller..." "My skin's too pale."? 
Quite a few, I'd be willing to bet. Please 
don't assume that they say such things 
because they're stupid or because they 
want attention. Girls aren't born with 
an obsession about exterior beauty, it 
becomes ingrained in them throughout 
childhood and, right around puberty, it 
becomes a full-fledged assault. 

But wait, there is another side to 
this debate. I've been told be a few close 
friends that make-up is fun. Slightly 
altering your features can curb the mo- 
notony of your bland, everyday looks. I 
can't say I entirely disagree (I mean, I've 
had fun whenever I've worn make-up) 
but that misses the point entirely. Giv- 
ing your money to big corporations that, 
in turn, use it to promote an unobtain- 
able standard of beauty just isn't right. 
Ask someone suffering from severe de- 
pression, bulimia or anorexia just how 
"fun" that is. Ask any number of crea- 
tures that Proctor & Gamble tortures in 
the name of "science" how much "fun" 
they're having. Of course, they can't 
talk, so of what concern are they to you? 

So, who exactly do you turn to 
when you 'need' cosmetics? Who can be 
trusted to promote the radical idea that 
women are not objects of beauty, but 
living, breathing, thinking human be- 
ings? Who stands firm in its belief that 
animals are not commodities to be used 
and discarded as needed? What compa- 
ny fills the void left by those uncaring 

Nobody. (But wait... .what about 
The Body Shop?) 

Ah, yes, The Body Shop. The pro- 
gressive company that stands against 
everything the big, bad cosmetics com- 
panies stand for. Or do they? (Read the 

news section of Maximum from two 
months ago.) 'Business Ethics' maga- 
zine printed a well-researched article a 
few years back about how The Body 
Shop isn't exactly as caring and con- 
cerned as they claimed to be. The Body 
Shop took it pretty well, if you consider 
using your lawyers to threaten the mag- 
azine with a lawsuit to be "taking it 
pretty well." Furthermore, Vanity Fair 
tried to run an article about Business 
Ethics' findings and The Body Shop 
lawyers stepped in again, eventually 
getting them to nix the article. Obvious- 
ly, they have troubles living up to the 
standards they set for themselves. Fur- 
thermore, they are a large multi-nation- 
al corporation themselves, so if you're 
interested in supporting locally-based 
business (which I feel is the key to creat- 
ing a just economy), then The Body 
Shop is not for you (although they ARE 
much better than the rest of the lot, so 
keep that in mind if you feel you must 
buy a plethora of useless products to 
improve your looks). Do I sound bitter? 

No, the true revolutionary act 
would be to give 'em up entirely. I mean, 
yeah, soap is rather beneficial (you 
crusty punks should take note of that), 
as are things like shampoo and deodor- 
ant (again, take note crushes), but you 
CAN buy things like this from socially- 
responsible (and sometimes, local) com- 
panies. As for the rest, while it may be 
"fun", it's entirely useless at best. Speak- 
ing to the gals now, breaking the mold 
that advertisers (and now, society) have 
sculpted for women can be no simple 
task. You will frowned upon by many 
other women (and sometimes even your 
own relatives) for not living up to these 
dangerous standards. By giving it up, 
you are (again, quite literally) perform- 
ing an act of revolution. Good luck! 

*I have two comments I need to 
make in relation to this column. 1) I 
often referred to these problems as ones 
that only girls have. That wasn't the 
intent. Obviously, there are many guys 
that have a sick obsession with vanity 
(or penis size or whatever) and there are 
also companies that help feed that men- 
tality for boys (I've heard it said that 
'football is make-up for boys' and I feel 
there is some truth to that). My reason- 
ing for singling out girls was that I was 
writing about cosmetics companies and 
girls are the main target for that indus- 
try. Perhaps someday I'll write a paral- 
lel column about the companies that 

perpetuate the ridiculous standards that 
men are supposed to follow (big mus- 
cles, aggressiveness, machoism, etc.). 2) 
I hardly meant to suggest that ALL girls 
are buying into cosmetics company's 
' car rot on a stick' . There are many, many 
intelligent girls (a lot of them are punk 
rockers even) that have shunned make- 
up's appeal and have thereby led the 
battle against its numerous problems. 
A large 'thumbs up' to them. 


1. Fall is upon us, which means that a 
bunch of my friends are leaving 
Chippewa Falls, never to return (until 
next summer that is) . A big hug goes out 
to Amy in Oregon (when talking about 
girls who have shunned make-up's ap- 
peal, this is who comes to my mind), 
Heather in Japan (sorry about the Body 
Shop stuff, Hev), and Chris in Montana 
(sorry Montana)(just kidding Chris). I 
hope you're all doing well, Heather in 
Japan (sorry about the Body Shop stuff, 
Hev), and Chris in Montana (sorry 
Montana)(just kidding Chris). I hope 
you're all doing well. 

2. Mike Olsen is receiving my vote again 
this year as "Punk Rocker of the Year." 
Mike recently set up a benefit for the 
Dineh resistance at Big Mountain and it 
went over without a hitch (well, rain 
can sometimes be considered a 'hitch'). 
Furthermore, he's had plenty of shows 
in his basement, The Crack Cellar, over 
the summer (much to his landlord's 
dismay, I might add) and if our punk 
scene has any unity whatsoever, I'm 
sure it's because of Mike. 

ad plenty of shows in his basement, The 
Crack Cellar, over the summer (much to 
his landlord's dismay, I might add) and 
if our punk scene has any unity whatso- 
ever, I'm sure it's because of Mike. 

3. If there's any act of consumerism that 
pisses me off more than anything else, 
it's buying shoes. Damn if I can find a 
pair of shoes that meet the following 
criteria: l)free of animal products, 2) 
aren't made with sweatshop labor, 3) 
that I can skate in, if I happen to get the 
urge and 4) cost less than $100 bucks. If 
anyone has any leads, by all means, let 
me know! 

f I happen to get the urge and 4) cost less 
than $100 bucks. If anyone has any leads, 
by all means, let me know! 

4. It's possible that my zine actually 
WILL be done by the time you read this, 
but it's just as possible that it WILL 
NOT be done by the time you read this. 

If you're the sort of person that has a lot 
of patience, you can wait until next 
month to find out. If you have no pa- 
tience to speak of, then send me a dollar 
(and a stamp or two, if you can) at P.O. 
Box 504, Chippewa Falls, WI, 54729 and 
I'll rush you one as soon as it's done. If 
you don't want to read my stupid zine, 
but just have a question, comment or 
criticism about my column, send that to 
the same address (of course, you can 
still send the dollar if you wish) 





Rob Coons 

Well after taking a brief break from 
the magazine, I am back in the saddle 
again. A couple issues ago I reviewed 
the new CD by the band the HOODS. 
In the review I talked about seeing 
them live, and how the guitarist was 
using "faggot" references in his in-be- 
tween song banter. So in response he 
wrote a letter to MRR saying that in no 
way did he mean anything by saying 
that. Well, I actually ended up talking 
to him recently, and he tried to clear up 
any issues we had between us. He said 
that when he is around his friends (in- 
cluding his gay ones), that he uses the 
word faggot. He said that it is just an 
accepted word within his circle of 
friends. And that when he used the 
word from the stage, it was intended to 
be a attention getter. To build the inten- 
sity of the moment, if you will. I ex- 
plained to him that it isn't so much the 
word itself that bothered me, it was the 
way he said it from the stage. There 
was a vehemence tone to it, that sound- 
ed more like an attack than just a way 
to get the crowds attention. He said he 
understood, and was actually quite 
apologetic about the whole situation. 
And he assured me that in no way are 
any members of the HOODS homopho- 
bic. So there you have it, and I am sure 
if you have any further questions, Mike 
from the HOODS will be happy to talk 
to you. 

EP - So have you been introduced to the 
metal stylings of BOULDER. No you 
say? They are a throwback to the days 

of true metal, before glam and cross- 
over were even a word. On this release 
they cover an old Cleveland band called 
BLACK DEATH. The members of 
BLACK DEATH were all black, and 
their lyrics were all about Christ saving 
metal from the grasp of Satan. The 
other side is part of some crazy inter- 
view with THIN LIZZY, where the in- 
terviewer seems to be fucking with the 
band. And there is also a recent live 
track of THIN LIZZY as well. (Boul- 
der, 3515 Nautilus Trail, Aurora, Ohio 

COALESCE - "A Safe Place" & 
"Functioning On Impatience" CD's - If 
you have ever read my column before, 
then you will probably be quite famil- 
iar with how much I like COALESCE. 
Well these are thei/two new releases. 
The "A Safe Place" CD is a reissue of 
the recent 7" under the same name. It 
also includes the three tracks from the 
Earache EP that came out about three 
years ago. It definitely sounds like they 
rerecorded those three tracks. I don't 
like the new versions of the songs as 
much. The texture of the music and the 
vocals are way different. But my dis- 
taste for this release is what happens 
when you have listened to something a 
million times, and then the band goes 
and rerecords it. It just doesn't sit well 
with me. But the bottom line is that 
COALESCE is fucking relentless in 
their attempt create some of the most 
brutal, throat crushing hardcore around 
today. If you have never heard them, 
then you lose. (Second Nature, PO Box 
11543, Kansas City, MO 64138) 

"In Silico" - CD - Egads! Does the 
thought of a double bass delight and 
techno weeenie metal guitar riffs get a 
rise in your drawers? Well this one 
caused me to pitch a tent. This is way 
rad metalcore from Pennsylvania. Be- 
tween the tracks is this weird and de- 
mented electronic noise. They have 
even got a CD- ROM on here for all of 
those whom are computer savvy. In 
ways this reminded me of CONVERGE. 
Check it out. (King Of The Monsters, 
8341 East San Salvador, Scottsdale, AZ 

SLAUGHTER - split EP - Just look at 
the names of these two bands. Can you 
really go wrong? Can you say metal? 
Can you say lyrics about Satan, violent 
death, and beheading God? NUN- 

SLAUGHTER kick down some gnar- 
ley grinding metal, with shredding 
vocals. I really got into DECAPITA- 
TOR. They are a throwback to the days 
of ripping speedmetal. They are really 
good, and that is all I have got to say. So 
bust out that sleeveless blue jean jack- 
et, and your flannel, cut the shit and 
start the pit. (Don Of The Dead, 132 Old 
Village Lane, Bethel Park, PA 15102) 

CD - So do you like it slow? No, I mean 
really slow. If you do then Japan's 
GREEMACHINE is what you need. 
Listening to this is like getting needles 
shoved under your fingernails and lov- 
ing every minute of it. The structure of 
the songs reminds me of EYEHATE- 
GOD at times, but this is a little "clean- 
er" sounding. I have heard there new- 
est release, and I think that this is by far 
a much better record. (Man's Ruin 
Records, 610 22nd Street, #302, San 
Francisco, CA 94107) 

split CD - Are you ready for some 
dogpiling style hardcore. Then this may 
be just your cup of tea. The UK's 
KNUCKLEDUST crank out some in- 
tense straight-up hardcore, with 
enough breakdowns to give the kids a 
chance to catch their breathe. They even 
do a raging cover of CRASS's "What A 
Shame". It was so fucking weird! IN- 
DECISION on the other hand have 
never done much for me. Their new 
school flavored style just doesn't have 
the energy to push me over the edge. I 
know a lot of people are into them, but 
I would recommend this on the 
KNUCKLEDUST tracks alone. (House- 
hold Name Records, PO Box 12286, 
London, SW9 6FE, UK) 

split EP - 1 am not sure were to start on 
this. SUBVERSION are great ripping 
punk that is high on the speed and low 
on the happiness. They have got that 
great mid to late 80's UK crust style. 
Unfortunately this sounds like a live 
recording and at points is basically 
shit. But I like SUBVERSION a lot, so 
I am excited nonetheless. MIND- 
CRACK continue the chaos with a 
mess of speed and noise that are actu- 
ally more crappy sounding than the 
SUBVERSION songs. But I know that 
underneath these weak recordings are 
two great Australian punk bands. Look 
for their other releases and be stoked. 
Trust me. 

(Snapshot, PO Box 175, Georges Hall 

NOISEGATE - "The Towers Are 
Burning" LP I usually don't go for this 
straight noise stuff, but this is an ex- 
ception. This is generally long repeti- 
tive tones and sounds that flow to- 
gether. What sets this apart, is when it 
explodes into a spinning mess of crush- 
ing noise and screamed vocals. It 
sounds like the record is exploding off 
your turntable. I still can't make it 
through one of their live sets. But 
whenever I am sitting at home plan- 
ning my next unholy sacrifice, I pull 
this record out for inspiration. (One 
Hundred Years Of Solitude, PO Box 
112392, Campbell, CA 95011-2392) 

PRAY SILENT - "The Golden 
Flag" CD - This is some heavy duty 
metallic hardcore, with emphasis on 
the word "heavy". The band is from 
Switzerland, and the music alternates 
between slow breakdowns and no frills 
fastcore. Musically they remind me of 
STRIFE. The production is top notch, 
which has been become the norm for 
most of these European hardcore re- 
leases. The only two drawbacks to this 
are the lame band name, and the fact 
that there are only four songs. (Genet 
Records, PO Box 447, 9000 Gent 1, 

LP - This is one red hot fucking record. 
Both bands are pissed as hell and fast- 
er than fuck. Man, SEEIN RED just 
keep getting faster and faster. They 
even use some samples of Tim Yohan- 
nan railing against the modern state of 
punk. MK ULTRA spew off about 
things like Christian hardcore, cops, 
and rejecting the corporate world. I 
am still amazed by the longevity of 
those SEEIN RED guys. They have 
been doing this schtick for so long, 
and are still at the top of their game. 
Hats off to those guys, and needless to 
say this is essential! (Coalition Records, 
PO Box 243, 6500AE, Nijmegen, HOL- 

UNRUH - "Misery Strengthened 
Faith" LP - Fuck, I can'tbelieve I missed 
their Gilman St. show! This LP shreds. 
It is a mix of metal, blastbeat hardcore, 
grind, and just plain old fucking rage. 
With the vocalist spitting out loads of 
venomous angst. I really would like to 
know what the "Salt Lake Of Fire And 
Brimstone" is about. It seems to be a 
rail against the SLC straightedge scene, 


and it really hits the nail on the head. 
This is a killer release. (King Of The 
Monsters, 8341 East San Salvador, 
Scottsdale, AZ 85258) 

TARDS - split EP - 1 am still trying to 
figure this release out. I unfortunately 
can't read this language, so I am not 
sure what these WRETCHED songs 
are from. The WRETCHED were a 
great Italian hardcore from the 80's. 
Powerful thumping bass and amaz- 
ingly fast and choppy vocals are what 
this is all about. The CRIPPLE BAS- 
TARDS follow up with some of their 
most coherent stuff to date. Most of 
the time their stuff is so fast and raw it 
is almost distracting, but this actually 
sounds great. Crusty thrash with gut 
wrenching vocals. But you already 
knew that, didn't you? (No Address) 
V/A - "Animal Truth" CD - Whoa! 
Lyrically, this is one the fiercest com- 
pilations I have seen in a while. Most 
of the lyrics on here are a throwback to 
CRISIS. You know, the violence 
against violence stance in regard to 
animal rights. As you can imagine 
almost every song on here is all about 
big thumping metal riffs, and 
screamed vocals. The problem is, that 
when I see lyrics like this I am clouded 
with doubt. I just imagine a majority 
of these kids being more worried about 
getting the latest Revelation reissue 
on all 14 colors of vinyl, or getting the 
latest in Nike sportswear. Thus this 
type of stuff always looses its impact 
on me, as I am sure it does with many 
others. Regardless, it says that all the 
profits from this release are going to 
animal rights groups. At least some- 
body is finally putting there money 
where their mouth is. (Sobermind 
Records, PO Box 206, 805 Kortrijk, 

1) There is a new up and coming band 
in San Francisco called WHAT 
HAPPENS NEXT? . They are like a mix 
between old school straightedge, skat- 
erock, straight thrash, and some good 
ole' European bandanacore. So keep 
your eyes peeled. 

2) If you want to mail something to 
me, my address is PO Box 31430, Ber- 
keley, CA 94712. Also, my e-mail ad- 
dress is 
Send the goods to me direct. Thanks. 
4)Fuck Art Let's Fart. 

Wrapping Up The Bruce Tour! 

Or, My Name is George, But My 

Friends Call Me Bruce! 

Part 3 

Evan, Michael, and I made our 
way to Nashville the next morning. 
Monica wasn't with us. She'd decided, 
once again, that we were old, and were 
pussies for not going to St. Louis. So 
she rode there with The Migraines. 
And her new boyfriend, Marty, their 
drummer. Who had a tiny little mo- 
hawk. And looked like a chicken. We 
called him Chickenhawk. But then re- 
membered that that caused confusion, 
so we called him Bruce. Like everyone 
else on the tour. 

"You George Tabb?" asks some 
kid at the club we were to play the next 
night. We had gone there because there 
was nothing else to do in Nashville. 
We'd driven around, and decided that 
we'd go to some topless bars, but first 
check out the local music scene. 

"Hi," I said to the kid. 

"Hi, I'm Larry, the promoter of 
tomorrow's show, and this is my pal, 

I shook hands with Larry, and 
Jason. Jason looked to be about fifteen, 
but it turns out he was actually twenty 

"What's there to do in this town?" 
I asked them, kinda bored, and almost 
regretting not going to St. Louis, "I 
mean, we hung out at our hotel all day, 
and it was boring, plus, the people 
there were scary." 

"What hotel?" asked Jason, as we 
stood in front of the club. 

"The Motel Six on Trinity Ave- 
nue," said Evan, almost as bored as me. 

"That's a shit neighborhood and 
hotel," explained Larry, "that's where 
they put up welfare families and stuff. 
Plus, it was on CNN last week, as the 
best place for prostitution and crack in 
the south!" 

"Punk Rock," said Michael, steal- 
ing my line. 

We ended up going next door, to 

an un-named recording studio, where 
we downed a bottle of Jagermeister. 

"This is the studio where Elvis 
recorded 'Heartbreak Hotel'", ex- 
plained Larry, as he poured us shots, 
"but it was never written about on the 
record because Elvis's label didn't want 
it mentioned. Do you guys wanna see 
the coolest echo chamber, ever?" 

We all nodded our heads, and the 
two guys led us further back in the 
studio to an unlit room. Unlit is not the 
right word. Pitch black was more like 
it. We went in, and when we talked, 
our voices bounced around for what 
seemed like eons. 

"This is rad," I said, as "rad" 
bounced around for an eternity. 

Then Evan and Michael cut farts, 
and I gotta tell you, the sound of a fart, 
bouncing off walls, especially where 
Elvis recorded, was one of the best 
things I ever heard. 

Later, we met the owner of the 
studio, who told us the whole Elvis 
story, and showed us pictures. We were 
amazed . I went back into the echo cham- 
ber and farted myself, just for the brag- 
ging rights. 

An hour later, we found ourselves 
at an all nude strip club, with a couple 
of twelve packs of Bud. As the girls put 
their crotches in our faces, we paid 
them with band money we knew we 
should have been saving for the rest of 
the tour. But we were having fun. And 
seeing pussy. Close up. 

Eventually, the beer began to take 
it's toll on my stomach. Well, that, and 
the strobe light, and the naked girls 
with their coconut smelling skin. 

"What's the matter, honey?" asked 
some naked broad with her vagina in 
my face, as I held a one dollar bill 
between my teeth, trying to hold back 
the vomit. 

"I don't feel so good," I said, look- 
ing at the tattoo of a marijuana leaf 
right above her clitoris. 

"You don't look so good," she 
said, as the strobe lights, beer, and odors 
finally got me. 

I ran out of the club, and puked on 
the first thing I saw. A Camero. Red. 
With a white stripe. 

As I cursed, and felt the beer and 
Jagermeister pour out of my mouth 
and nose, I heard someone exit the 
Camero. I looked up, into the face of 
one mean-ass motherfucking redneck. 
He was wearing a Jack Daniel's shirt, 






ENHANCED CD, LP & CASSETTE • New 13-song studio 
CD also available in limited edition yellow vinyl. Enhanced 
portion includes 8 videos 1979-1994. "It's fucking wild. 
This is worth having not only for the music, but you 've got 
to see the interactive video shit, man, it's crazy. " - 

D.O.A. THE LOST TAPES cd, lp & cas 

SETTE • 16 previously unreleased tracks by the original 
D.O.A. guys, 1978-1984. Also available in limited edition 
red vinyl. 


THE TARTANS CD • Brilliant second album from 
these kilt-wearin' madmen. They cement mixer-up punk 
rock with Scottish Traditional. I suspect Robbie Burns 
would heartily endorse it! 


ENHANCED CD • Third album from Surrey, BC's prophets 
of doom. It's a menacing combo of groove, power and 
pain. "I thought about issuing razor blades with each 
CD..." - producer Joey Shithead Keithley. It's also an 
enhanced CD with all the tracks from DED's first two 


FOR REVENGE CD • The third album from this 
unique ground-breaking trio from Victoria, BC. 45 minutes 
of jarring provoking material. 


The third album by North Vancouver's shit-kickin'est 


song introductory EPfrom that hard-edged melodic gang 
from Toronto. 

D.O. A./d.b.S. SPL1T-7" • Featuring one track 
from each band's new studio album and one other not 
available anywhere else. Imported from Germany. Yellow 
vinyl with blood drops. 

THE DAMNED "disco man" b/w 

"PRETTY VACANT" 7" • Limited edition clear 
vinyl from UK legends recorded live in Mulhouse, France, 
1994. With full colour religious art mosaic cover. Part 1 of 
3-part "Live in France" set; full-length CD and 10" are 


GOD ENHANCED CD • 2 mid-'90s albums from blister- 
ing Ohio legends. These guys played punk rock in that 
midwestern cultural desert. They 
absolutely give you a good kick in 
the yarbles. 


FOSTER, the rest ol THE DAMNED 
LIVE SET icd/10-1, SHAM 69 



"'P. SMASH, Nfllt 



UBtmriMI RECORDS ."Slims. 


m Leave Home , 

1 IBSl^JS"'-*^ 11 

IM#'-'^J"1I I 

i I !>-•'!■ BHH' I-BIk'' '■■■;"■■ ^r 

1mm ■MHHBOfcsjl |L 






Chicago, IL'S punk rock masters III 
cover the entire RAMOMFS tQ 
•leave Home- album. CD/Cass/Lp 

Owe a Jollyswngmmi.. 

25 song album 
by Australia's 
biggest and best 
punk people. 


CD $10 LP/CaSS $7 foreign orders add 20% 

PO Box 17746 Anaheim, CA 92817 

Come out and meet the new neighbors! 


w^ , 






ONEFOOT RECORDS P.O. Box 30666, Long Beach, CA 90853 

* The "I'm A Idiot" contest is still going! Please 
continue sending us useless crap. Winners will be 
announced in January. Updates will be posted on 
the website. In the meantime, keep buying these 
swanky new releases from Dummyup! * 


THE DREAD - Collection CD 
"The Dread flat out rock. This is a 
really good CD. It is a collection of all 
their stuff from splits and comps that 
is always so hard to find. 31 songs 
with a lot of anger."- Deadbeat #3 
$8.00 ppd 

Wonderful World' CDEP 
"Great melodic punk songs done in 
that classic California style with a 
street punk edge." Flipside #114 
$6.75 ppd 

The new issue has interviews with 
CHURCH plus articles, home 
improvement, columns, reviews 
and lots more fun stuff. 
64 pgs - newsprint - $2.00 ppd 

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C.I.G.F., and a new free sampler tape. Make funds payable to 
DUMMYUP | PO Box 642634 San Francisco, CA 94164-2634 





THE REZILLOS "Radio Session" 7" 

The original band in it's '77 prime, and you can tell just by 
listening to it. "Top of the Pops." "Good Sculptures." "It Gets 
Me." and "Nol" with all the punch and sheer pogo-crazy 
energy that was missing in all those later incarnations. 

7" $4.65 

"THE TOMB OF GRIND" comp 7" 

An international stench-coreattack with EXPLODING CORPSE 
out the hilarious band names, this is alot of fun. 

r $4.00 

York Groove" 7" 

Ronnie is the singer/guitarist for THE, and she re- 
corded these 2 mighty garage screamers with some friends 
In NYC in October '97, releasing them herself (with help from 
Tina and Russell of THE BOBBYTEENS) on this limited edition 7". 
Snazzy artwork, tool 

7" $4.25 

"Pissed Playground" CD 

The predecessor band to MAN IS THE BASTARD (with the 
Identical lineup). PHC is the roots of powerviolence. with their 
very raw. fast-poced. humor-laden hardcore. All the tracks 
here are about 1 years old. and comprise the entire "Pissed 
Playground" LP. the "Vigilante" 7", both tracks from fheir 
legendary split flexi with INFEST, and their track from the 
"Earth Rapers. Hell Raisers" comp. 

CD $10.10 

"Alien Pubduction" CD 

Brighton, England's most long-lived and unerringly obnoxbus 
punk band lays waste to planet Earth with this 16-song 
domestic release. Tough, anthemlc street punk with more 
than a touch of twisted humor. 

CD $10.70 

THE FORGOTTEN "Veni Vidi Vici" CD 

Another excellent, rockin' album from the exploding street 
punk scene! Picking up where they left off with the "Class 
Separation" 7". with more great, super-punchy punk rock In 
the '82 UK style mixed withtheir own tuff take on '90s working 
class street punk and ol. 

CD $10.70 

All prices are postpaid in the US. 
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limited 1000 






SAMPLER CD!!!!!!! 

17 BANDS/17 S0N6S/S4 

$4 $4 $4 $4 

slang gomnupers.crude.knuckle head.protect end all 

face of change smile isji bollocks. style 

pinball mama thugs plug 30nescratch.dignity for all. 




CD:$10.MCD:S5. 7inch:S5 




V FAX ORDER: 81-11-219-0093 J 




KRABATHOR- 'Lies' (Metal Box) CD 
extra track/lid packaging"$1 3 00 
ANAL CUNT-'Everyono. * Cassette 
Earache roloase/lst album"$6 00 
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home made cover?/sludge doom "'$7 00 
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CROINCHURN-10' Picture Disc 
Awesome S.African grind frenzy"$8 00 
anti-Christ grind+black metal"$5 00 
B-MOVIE RATS- - Killer Woman - LP 
catchy punk like early Misfits"$8 00 
sick+twisted blasphemous grind'$5.00 
REMISSION- '95 98" LP 
all their best shit + on vinyl !!M '$8.00 
BLOOD-'Depraved Godess' CD 
II blasts of anti-christ death"$15 00 
very limited/rare disc $12 00 

(Belguim/Brazil) intense grind'$11.00 
MORE NOISE-Comp 7' w/ 
DISCLOSE-'Tragedy' LP 
repressing / total distructo-crust'$1 00 

smokin' grind explosions $5 00 

Harsh and fast grind craziness"'$5.00 
ROT-'Fatality?' 7' 

live recording from 1995/v good'$5 00 
DISRUPT- 'Millions Die.. - 7* 
finally on vinyl/from 1st demo"$5 00 
ABAZAGORATH-black t shirts "$10 00 
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VARATHRON-'Genesis of Apocryphal - CD 
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EVILUTION-'Shrme of Desecraben - CD 
highly brutal death grind from CT.'$10.00 

metal grind -crust-noize $4 00 

RUPTURE-'Freudstein's House - 7" 
6 songs of Aussie hardcore frenzy'$5 00 
AVULSION-'Oarkness - CD 
Black/doomy/power-death""$8 00 
"EMATOFAOIA VOL 1 "-Comp Cass, 
GORGE-*Pathless and Awkward* 7* 
bludgeoning death noise from Cal '$3 00 
GONKULATOR-'Satan's Burial Ground' CD 
over 40 min-black noise-full color'$10 00 

(marble) blistering (U.S/Ger) $4 00 

ANAL CUNT- - 88 Song Ep - V (gray) 

ltd repress ot their 1st masterpiece'$4 00 

INERTIAKILLS-'Trop Tard - 7 - 
very ltd-6 songs-very cool'"$4.00 
insane grindnoise barrage"""$5.00 
DISARRAY-'Death .''lague' CAss. 
excellent death metal attack'"$5. 00 
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REGURGITATION- - Concieved " Cass. 
ultra gore laced death metal"$5.00 
V/A'BUCKEND - Vol. 2-(dbl CD) 
w/EMPERORABIGOR many more'$18 00 
INVERTED-There can be only one - CD 
excellent death metal Sweden'$1 1.00 
(glow) Satanic grind+nuke black"$4.00 
SABBAT-"American Harmageddon - T 
(grey swirl) Japan-black metal*$5.00 
AGATHOCLES-"Uve ♦ Noisy" 2x7" 
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NASUM-'Inhale/Exhale' CD 
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DESASTRIOUS-'Necro anal* Cassette 
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CORRUPTED-*Paso Inferior CD 
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The New Professionals 

Coming Soon: 

Ean Sicko s new band 

• * 

Drags! killed RnRT 

NelldoradoLP MIX/ Sicko splir 


Distributed By Mordam -jlf ic PO Box 1203 Seattle Wa 98102 | ft E C^ot-* 



DESPFSED N.J. • 1999 (CO) *10. 

Tf\e Deso>sed NJ's first full length gets 
down to the bare essentials of Oil 
inspired Punk Rock. 


Various Artists 

More flavors of East Coast Pop 
and Punk than the law allows. 
Brand new recordings 'rom Anger 
Kid With Man Head. Fiend:, 
undead. Puggle.Fac • Tolds. 
Unknown, oesolsed. Funslze. Plug 
Uglles. Felix Frump. Flatus and 

Juvenile anthems (CD) 


NJ's most feared Punk ensemble 
are back with some of the tight- 
est, socially satirical, unbeliev- 
ably cynical anthems seen since 
the days of the Dead Kennedy's 
"Tight well played funny punk 
with gruff vocals and slngalon; 
choruses. : --MRR 

PO BOX 437; 
River Edge, NJ. 07661-4377 






| Mix a little Halfinan, with some CR, and have your 
I annoying-ass kid brother sing for it and you got the 
I new Upstate NY hardcore kings 


I One part Japanese hardcore, two parts INFEST. . . 
throw it on an 8-track recorder and don't forget the 
I BASTARD cover. 


I New and upcoming SXE, thrashcore, grind and death 
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AVULSION-Crimson Foliage Hit CD 

1 28 songs of blistering math-grindcore. Crazy time 
I changes, 3 singers, and heavy dose of blast beats 
Intakes one hell of a CD 



1 8 songs of mindnumbing erindcore . 


I Killer fastcore for all you who missed out the first time 
I around 

Old School Recipes available through 
Vacuum mailorder. 

-324-Ep (Terrorizor style grind) 

Km bits IR-EP (Swedish fast core) 

-Utter bastard / D.B.E-split ep 

-Excruciating Terror-Live EP 

-Emetic / Corymelanoma-EP 


ordering info 

Wholesale / distros -WRITE 625 

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Revolver : 415-541-2420 

Choke : 773-395-0809 
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|New mid-80's style thrashcore band called WHAT 
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Isend demos for Mosh Of Ass zine! / Watch for new full| 
la new EP by CORNERED. Plus the CH.ARLES 

Harley vest, and had a beard that would 
put ZZ-Top's to shame. 

"What in hell do you think you're 
doing?" he said to me, as I couldn't 
help but upchuck more on the hood of 
his car. 

"I don't feel so good," was all I 
could manage to say. 

"Are you doing Rush?" he asked. 

"What?" I said, and then puked 
some more. I could see bits of the salad 
bar I'd had at Shoney's appearing with 
the alcohol and bile. There were pinto 
beans, peas, corn, and even some let- 

"Rush. Are you doing Rush?" he 

"Urn, no," I eked out, "I'm drunk 
and vomiting. No drugs." 

"Oh," he said, with a look of dis- 
appointment on his face, "I thought 
you were doing Rush. Man, I'd really 
like to have some." 

"Sorry," I said, and then vomited 
up the rest of my stomach lining. 

"It's okay dude," he said, and with 
that, he locked up his Camero, and 
went into the club. Whatever. 

The next night we played Nash- 
ville. More than a bit hungover, we 
managed to get through the set, while 
both Bruce bands laughed at us as a 
sixteen year old girl got up on-stage 
with us, then stripped naked. I guess 
we asked for it because I kept saying 
between songs, "Where's all that Nash- 
ville Pussy" I keep hearing about." 

Later, the same sixteen year old 
got into a fist fight with her boyfriend, 
who had spit at me during the whole 
set. Turns out he wanted to take credit 
for her getting naked, and getting -in 
"good" with Furious George. I love the 

Knoxville Tennessee was hell on 
Earth. The only one who seemed to 
enjoy the place was Monica. 

"Isn't this a great tour?" she kept 
asking us. We all sighed. 

That night we did two sets. Dur- 
ing the second, to a crowd of about five, 
Rob, I mean, Bruce, asked us if we 
wanted to see a trick. 

"We've seen the twist," I yelled to 
him, "and the spitting lizard!" 

"I got a new one," he proudly 
announced, "It's called 'Cockzilla!'" 

We all pulled up chairs to the stage, 
and watched as Bruce did his new trick. 

First, he took out a plastic Godzil- 
la doll. Then, with the strength of ten 

Bruces, he took off the legs and tail. 
Then, he inserted his penis in the tail, 
and pulled it out one of the legs. 

"Yay," said Michael, truly 

"Wait," said Bruce, "I'm not 

He then proceeded to pull his pe- 
nis some more out of the one leg hole, 
wrap it around the entire doll, and 
insert it into the other leg hole. Then he 
stood there, with Cockzilla bouncing 
off his privates. 

We all applauded wildly, and 
Bruce took a big bow. 

Cockzilla ruled. 

We all threw money at him. 

Turns out it was the only money 
any band saw that night. 

Later, Monica made it with the 
guy in the Rehabs, whom she met in 
Green Bay. Turns out he lived in South 
Carolina, and drove all the way up to 
Knockersville, just to see her. And not 
our band . The next day, well, the rest of 
the tour, Monica kept bragging about 
how big his penis was. Rob may have 
had "Cockzilla", but it turns out this 
guy had "King Dong". 

Mansfield, Ohio, was the second 
to last show. The Migraines, Go Go 
Rays, and us played it as fast as we 
could and then left. It seemed as if the 
whole sixth grade of the local public 
school was there. They liked us well 
enough. Well enough to ignore us, not 
buy anything, and then cheer as their 
local "Rage Against The Machine" al- 
terna-band played a swishy set. Fuck 

Erie, Pennsylvania, was our last 
stop on the tour. We'd played there 
many times, and knew what to expect. 
Lots of people turned out, and the bands 
really did have fun. The Bruces, The 
other Bruces, and us, all got drunk, and 
really had a great time. I wore a Swas- 
tika, Rob, I mean Bruce, had sold to me 
for ten bucks. During our entire set, the 
kids "Sieg Heiled" me, and goose- 
stepped around to our tunes like "I 
Gotta Gun", "Prozac Defense" and 
"Monkey In A Man Suit". 

After the show, we found our- 
selves hanging out with all the Bruces, 
and saying our good-byes. We knew 
we'd miss everyone, but glad the whole 
thing was over. 

"Hey Bruce," said Rob; I mean, 
Bruce, to me, as we were loading up 
Evan's Grandfather's trunk. 

"What Bruce?" I said back to him. 

"Ya wanna do this again? I mean, 
tour together?" he asked. 

"You mean," I yelled, "Do I want 
to go out for two weeks, make no mon- 
ey, be insulted and spit on by the kids, 
have our cute merch girl sleep with 
everyone but the band, and have to 
hang out with a bunch of sissy Bruces, 
who don't even know when it's time to 
take showers, let alone stop playing 
with their private parts in public?" 

"Yeah," said Bruce, with a hurt 
look on his face. 

"Okay," I said. 

Our next tour happens sometime 
this fall. 

Take My Life, Please. 

1. is thee- 

2. is the web- 

3. Thanks to The Bruces, all of them, for 
one of the best tours, ever! 

4. We had a legal defense fund benefit 
here in NYC, recently, cause if you can 
believe it, we are still in court against 
Curious George. They are spending 
zillions for us not to use our name. 
Fuck them. We'll fight this all the way 
to The Supreme Court, or Judge Judy, 
or whoever. Anyway, thanks to ALL 
the bands that helped out. You guys 

5. See ya next month! 


The Monicagate controversy has led 
to a strange sexual witch-hunt atmosphere 
in which everybody's private life, no mat- 
ter how irrelevant to their jobs, is subject to 
scrutiny. That's what gave me the idea for 
the following example of what the news 
may look like if this shit goes on: 

Western diplomats have become 
increasingly pessimistic about their ef- 
forts to end the civil war between the 
Yugoslav Government and the Kosovo 
Liberation Army. Moreover, President 
Clinton, who is currently fighting 
charges that he engaged in a two-year 
tryst with a White House intern and 
then lied about it, is in no position to 

focus on the spreading crisis in the 

Late last month, Serbian President 
Slobodan Milosevic, who is rumored 
to have maintained a mistress for near- 
ly a decade, ordered Yugoslavian 
troops to destroy more villages popu- 
lated by ethnic Albanians, making this 
traditionally randy people homeless at 
the beginning of the harsh winter. 
Meanwhile, former Albanian President 
Sali Berisha, who is said to have met his 
sexually-promiscuous wife in a broth- 
el during a drunken bachelor party, 
has been accused by Prime Minister 
Fatos Nano of plotting a coup d'etat 
against the current regime. Allegations 
of bisexuality and bipolarity have 
dogged Nano for some time. 

In an echo of events immediately 
preceding World War I, radical nation- 
alists swept elections in Bosnia, deci- 
mating the moderate, pro-American 
candidates — two of whom use their 
computers to'access Web sites devoted 
to child pornography — put into place 
by the Dayton Peace Accord in 1995. 
"It's a real mess," admitted a senior 
official of the European Union impli- 
cated by a Munich tabloid in a 1957 
Saran Wrap orgy. 

Ethnic tensions long suppressed 
by Enver Hoxha, the irrepressible ho- 
mosexual Albanian leader inspired by 
group-sex aficionado Josef Stalin, and 
Josip Broz Tito, a bisexual who enjoyed 
intimate encounters with women old 
enough to be his grandmother, are now 
exploding throughout the volatile re- 

European Foreign Affairs Com- 
missioner Hans van den Broek laments 
this apparent of triumph of tribalistic 
nationalism over ethnic harmony and 
reconciliation, but as one wag in the EU 
capital commented, "That's pretty rich 
for a guy who spends all day running 
up his phone sex bill." 

Bosnian election results will be- 
come available next week. If ultra-na- 
tionalist S&M-practitioner Nikola Po- 
plasen defeats moderate incumbent ex- 
porn star Biljana Plavsic, the dream of 
a multi-ethnic Bosnia may well vanish 
forever. "It's an infernal triangle," a 
NATO diplomat who has shared his 
wife with a female friend since Febru- 
ary commented. "We need a coordi- 
nated policy for this whole region." 

The Allied SFOR peacekeeping 
operation, the largest in the lost-Cold 

War Era, is currently costing about $5 
billion a year, equal to a dollar for each 
act of coitus occurring on earth in an 
average day, and requires 32,000 heavi- 
ly-armed troops, a number of whom 
are cheating on their husbands and 
wives, or both. Earlier this year, Clin- 
ton, who is currently fighting charges 
that he engaged in a two-year tryst 
with a White House intern and then 
lied about it, renewed the U.S. commit- 
ment to SFOR, an acronym that refers 
to a sex act in the Serbo-Croatian lan- 
guage. In addition, the United States, 
which is led by a president who is 
currently fighting charges that he en- 
gaged in a two-year tryst with a White 
House intern and then lied about it, 
says that it will provide $10 million to 
the United Nations High Commission 
for Refugees to help Albanians affect- 
ed by the Serbian offensive. 

Since the grave crisis began in Ko- 
sovo, the United States, whose Presi- 
dent, Bill Clinton, is currently fighting 
charges that he engaged in a two-year 
tryst with a White House intern and 
then lied about it, has pledged $52 mil- 
lion to U.N. agencies and non-govern- 
mental organizations (NGOs) in Koso- 
vo, where ethnic Albanians outnum- 
ber Serbs by nine to one and rarely, if 
ever, have sex. 
Some Random Shit: 

• Some of youse have written me late- 
ly, complaining that you can't find my 
cartoons in your local weekly rag. Look, 
if you want things to change, do some- 
thing about it: Write them a letter-to- 
the-editor. It's not like I haven't al- 
ready thought of sending my cartoons 

• I'm still looking for that Liliput dou- 
ble CD from 1993 (on Off Course 
Records) and it's fucking driving me 
crazy. If you have it, and wanna sell it 
or trade for it (original cartoon art, 
anyone?), e-mail me: 

• By the time you read this, my brand 
new talk-radio show, the unoriginally- 
named "Ted Rail Show," will be airing 
Sunday nights on KFI-AM 640 Los An- 
geles. This is a very mainstream 50,000- 
watt station that reaches as far north as 
San Francisco and as far east as Arizo- 
na, but they're letting me do whatever 
the hell I want, and one of the things I 
wanna do is feature a new punk song 
that I like during each of my 3 hours 
every week. So if you have a band, and 
a spare CD or tape or vinyl record (CD 

preferred), please send it to: Ted Rail, 
PO Box 2092, Times Square Station, 
New York NY 10108. Caveats: I won't 
return it, and I won't play your stuff 
unless I like it. These days I'm listening 
to a lot of MTX, J Church, old 70's / 80's 
punk, etc., so that's pretty much my 
taste. But if that's cool with you, send it 
with your e-mail address and/or phone 
number; if I like it I'll call you and tell 
you when it's going to be on. You can 
also listen online at 

. After nearly five years and around 
100 shows, Reno's Ryland Street Base- 
ment is no more. We finally got kicked 
out. Thanks to all the bands from 
around the world who came to play, 
and all the kids who rocked out there. 

Basement shows are fun, and 
they're punk as fuck. If you want to put 
on shows, you should consider renting 
yourself a basementhouse. Here's some 
tips based on our experiences with 

First of all, there's liability in- 
volved in having any sort of party in 
this sick, sue-happy country. If some- 
one breaks their head falling down the 
stairs, or if some kid gets drunk & dies 
in a car wreck-you're going to find 
yourself in court. You might say to 
yourself, as I once did, "punks won't 
sue!"-but their parents WILL if they 
have hospital bills to pay. 
So if you've got a lot to lose, don't put 
your name on the house lease or bills. If 
you're a young, broke, punk kid, then 
go for it! 

Obviously the first thing you have 
to do is find the house. We were on the 
corner of a busy street. I've seen great 
potential basement-show houses next 
to the freeway. It sucks to live close to 
auto-hell, but you can make a lot of 
noise if zooming cars are already creat- 
ing a racket. Ideally, you won't have 
any close-by neighbors to deal with, 
but fat chance. Make sure the basement 
is good and large — it's best if it has a 
separate entrance for loading equip- 

merit. Since people insist on driving 
everywhere they go, you gotta have a 
place for everyone to park their stink- 
ing, polluting, piece of shit car as well. 
We lived next to an office building that 
only used their parking lot during the 
day. Perfect. (I always wished that ev- 
eryone would bike to the shows, so we 
could hide all the bikes in the garage 
and no one would be able to tell we 
were having a show. But noooo-o. Lots 
of cars draw attention from neighbors 
& police, and you should count on 
having to deal with them.) 

Ok, you got the house. Now get it 
ready for the rock. Soundproof the base- 
ment. Meet the neighbors. Tell them 
you're going to have parties (not 
shows!) every now and then. Give them 
your phone number and ask them to 
please call you-not the police-if they 
have any problem. Neighbors are 
tricky. One of our neighbors was sym- 
pathetic to what we were doing, but 
sometimes the thumping of the rock 
pushed her over the edge, and she'd 
FREAK the fuck out on us. She'd come 
over screaming all psychotic and prac- 
tically foaming at the mouth. We did 
several things to deal with her. We put 
a sign up in front of her house so people 
would stop parking there. 

We bought her tickets to the mov- 
ies, & gift certificates for dinners, so 
that the night of the show, we could get 
her out of the house. She really appre- 
ciated the things we did, and the costs 
involved were a lot less than what it 
costs to rent a hall! Don't be afraid of 
really old neighbors-they're usually 

Now that you've tamed your 
neighbors, you have to deal with the 
cops. They might not even show up, if 
none of your neighbors call the cops on 
you. But lets just say they happen to 
pop by, like they occasionally did to us. 
It's important to keep your door closed 
so that they can't just come waltzing in. 
Check your local laws, it's illegal in 
most cases for them to enter without a 
warrant-unless you let them in. In the 
beginning, we let them in. We didn't 
allow ANY alcohol for the first year or 
so (not until all the bands had played- 
then we had a beer party). The first 
time they showed up, I walked them 
down into the basement, where KPF 
was playing and 25 kids were standing 
around bobbing their heads. We 
weren't doing anything wrong, I told 

them the show would end before 10pm, 
which is the local noise curfew, so they 
left! And they didn't bother us much 
after that. We had a deal with the neigh- 
bors to be over by 11pm, so the cops 
never knew if we exceeded the noise 
curfew. Try to play their game: show 
the cops compliance with the law and 
a regard for safety (a fire extinguisher, 
marked exits, etc) and they'll stay out 
of your hair. Then you can do whatev- 
er you want! We started getting kegs 
after the cops laid off us. 

Make sure you advertise your 
shows, so that people come and see 
those hard-working touring bands. 
And make sure you collect some mon- 
ey for them!! It's usually not legal to 
have a door charge, and the cops might 
try to get you for that. What I did was 
walk around with a jar & request do- 
nations (don't stamp their hands, just 
remember who's paid) -but I really 
got on peoples case if they didn't pay, 
because the bands need fucking mon- 
ey to keep going! I called it a 'manda- 
tory donation'. Asking for money's a 
dirty job, but it has to be done. When 
the cops showed up for the AVAIL 
show (that was our first, back in '93), I 
locked the jar full of money up in my 
bedroom and told them we were hav- 
ing a party for our friends from Rich- 
mond. There was nothing they could 

Don't advertise or list yourself in 
the newspaper. The cops WILL show 
up to shut you down. Make it clear to 
reporters that you don't want to be 
written about. There's always some 
guy who tries to look cool by writing 
a column about "basement concerts" 
in the fucking newspaper. Just adver- 
tise DIY: put fliers up at record shops, 
or send out e-mails — people will find 

Security won'tbe a problem if you 
get the regulars to agree to help out 
with any disputes. If you don't want 
the cops around, you gotta police your- 
selves! This means walking around 
outside every 15 minutes to stop peo- 
ple from vandalizing the neighbors' 
cars, or even from talking loudly by a 
neighbors house. Remember thatnoise 
from your shows isn't limited to the 
rock-we got more complaints about 
people hanging outside yelling. 

The hardest part about all this is 
dealing with the landlord. The best 
advice I can give here is to keep your 

house clean. We made the mistake of 
leaving beer bottles all over the porch 
a few times, and letting the lawn go to 
shit. If the house looks like shit from 
the outside, the landlord will assume 
the same for the inside, and they'll 
kick you out. That's what happened to 
us. But somehow, I managed to hold 
on for almost five fun-filled years. 
Good luck! 

You can check out an archive of 
photos from Ryland shows on the web 
at -pete® / PO Box 204 / Reno, 
NV 89504 

Some time ago, I wrote a column 
about a particular road in Woodland, 
California, a road which had become 
symbolic to me of the past, present and 
the future. The other day, I came across 
another object that seemed even more 
meaningful in this regard, my old van. 
I had left this vehicle with a mechanic in 
Penngrove, near Santa Rosa, under the 
pretense that it would eventually be 
fixed. Instead, it simply sat under a barn 
roof, gathering dust, becoming a cozy 
home for a multitude of spiders. Due to 
the fact that I'm currently unemployed 
and living off of my credit cards, as 
many Americans do, I had to face the 
unpleasant task of trying to sell the van, 
which means I had to face the van itself, 
and to explore what it represents. To me 
it is not just some clunker which I'm 
being offered $500 for. It is a teacher of 
mine, offering itself as a learning lesson, 
intrinsically linked to a greater story, a 
story around which my life has revolved 
these past few years: the story of the life 
and death of my band, SIREN. 

This story goes back to 1993, a time 
in my life when I thought about leaving 
the punk scene for good. I had grown 
tired of the superficial quality of what 
we had become, instead of what we had 
potential to be. Nonetheless, I chose to 
remain glued to this community. More 
than anything, I based this decision on 
the rise of corporate interest in under- 

ground music and art. Although I may 
have had many problems with the scene, 
its petty politics, its icons, and its liber- 
tarian ethics, I felt that it deserved better 
than to become simply another one of 
capitalism's bank vaults. 

It was my belief that if enough 
people in the scene supported the DIY 
ethic a rift would develop between those 
who wanted money and those who 
wanted something more. In this way, 
those who looked at this community in 
terms of profit margins would have been 
better guided into the social Darwinist 
pool of the marketplace, where they 
would have been quickly eaten alive by 
bigger sharks. At the same time, such a 
division would have also guaranteed 
that only the most superficial elements 
of our movement could be exploited, 
the fake hair, the body piercings, the 
punk music style. 

For one reason or another, I convinced 
myself that such a rift would soon take 
place. I felt that this would insure a 
quick end to corporate punk, as without 
substance it would quickly sputter and 
die, a casualty to the quick fix mentality 
of the modern consumer. This meant 
that there would be little opportunity 
for the capitalists in our midst to make 
their profits. It also meant that there 
would be little opportunity to carry out 
the plan that I envisioned. 

I thought to myself that if the low 
self esteem and gullibility of mainstream 
consumers could be used to sell them 
worthless punk merchandise, why 
couldn't their same weakness be used 
to sell them a premise? Why not encour- 
age the masses themselves to look at 
corporate punk as meaningless and to 
search for something more? For me, I 
decided to try to answer these ques- 
tions by creating a band which promot- 
ed the concept of community over self- 
ish interests. 

Since I didn't know anything about 
music, I had to first find someone who 
did. That person proved to be Adam 
Glidewell, a carefree individual who 
played his guitar on the streets of Santa 
Rosa, singing songs for local youth. He 
worked in a printing shop, and had a 
sharp aesthetic for the creation of visual 
media. Most importantly, not only did 
he have soul, but he possessed some- 
thing else that most modern musicians 
seem to lack: an understanding of the 
power of the stage. 

Like myself, Adam saw the stage 

as not simply a platform but as a device 
encouraging the conceptof hierarchy. It 
didn't create community, but division: 
it highlighted the few over the many. 
We knew that the stage itself was one of 
the biggest problems facing the idea of 
creating communal art. Nonetheless, we 
also recognized that attacking the stage 
as such would prove futile in a world 
where people revered symbols even less 
rational. So instead of attacking the stage 
head on, we decided to use it for con- 
structive purposes. We came to regard 
it as a powerful teaching tool in a dys- 
functional classroom, a tool which could 
be put to either positive or negative 
uses. To reflect this dual nature, we 
chose to name our band with a title that 
had dual meanings, hence, "SIREN." 

From the beginning our goal was 
to use this band as advertising. We 
would combine gimmicks and superfi- 
cial eye candy with subtle messages. 
Besides sticking to obvious DIY princi- 
ples (such as only playing "all ages" 
shows, as well as those priced at or 
below $5), we planned to practice what 
we referred to as a stage based "pot- 
latch," the concept of a band giving 
instead of simply receiving. The more 
we gave away, the less altruistic other 
bands would appear. Hopefully this 
would help audience members to ex- 
pect more from musicians than to be 
used by them as masturbation tools. 

Throughout the summer of 1993, 
Adam and I plotted and planned how 
SIREN would develop . First, we had to 
recruit two more members, in this case, 
we found a bass player by the name of 
Joe Carr, and chose Kevin Mckraken as 
our drummer. By the fall we were ready 
to do shows here in Sonoma county. For 
our ritualized potlatch we gave away 
free peanut butter and jelly sandwich- 
es. We were able to do this in part be- 
cause Alvarado Street Bakeries (a local 
health food company) donated bread to 
our efforts. Besides food, we gave away 
a variety of useless, but symbolic items: 
stuffed animals, trophies, etc. 

By early 1995, the ceremony that 
was SIREN had generated a huge fol- 
lowing here in Sonoma County. For 
Adam and I this ceremony had become 
everything; every thought seemed to 
center around what new idea, song, or 
concept we would use in our plan: we 
had become fanatics. We thought to 
ourselves that if we could replicate on a 
greater scale what we had achieved lo- 

cally then we could really bring about 
change in this world. 

Unfortunately, we lacked the re- 
sources necessary to turn our band into 
a touring operation. None of us came 
from a wealthy family, and all of us 
worked constantly to keep not only our- 
selves but the project going. For band 
transport, Kevin owned a 1966 Chevy 
van, a questionable vehicle with a knack 
for breaking down whenever we had a 
show to play. 

When Kevin had saved up around 
$2000, he decided to take a chance and 
buy another used van for our purposes. 
This gamble failed spectacularly, mate- 
rializing in the form of a 1984 Ford 
Clubwagon, a van which blew a rod on 
our way home from a show in southern 
California. This left us with not only the 
same nagging question regarding trans- 
portation, but it nearly drained Kevin of 
his meager financial resources. This was 
especially difficult for him as he was 
struggling to raise a child with his girl- 

In the early spring of 1995, Kevin 
came up after a show to have a conver- 
sation with me. It seemed that Lawrence 
Livermore had made him some sort of 
offer regarding our band, regarding put- 
ting out an album. I knew that Lookout 
was a label that offered their bands gen- 
erous support, support that we desper- 
ately needed; but I didn't care for them. 
Lawrence had never struck me as the 
most trustworthy of human beings, even 
though Kevin considered him a friend. 
At the very least, Lawrence and his 
label were definitely operating like a 
bigbusiness. They were generating large 
amounts of capital, and little of this 
seemed to be flowing back into the scene. 
Still, we needed a van; we needed mon- 
ey. So, we considered the proposal. For 
me, the most difficult part of working 
with them was their distribution 
through Caroline (a subsidiary of EMI, 
a weapon's contractor). I had written 
about the issue of "punk" labels distrib- 
uting through such a source, citing Look- 
out as a particular example. Even though 
I knew that life demands hypocrisy from 
most of us at some point, the idea of 
going through Caroline after I made it a 
point of contention seemed a bit much. 

We told Lawrence that we would 
put out material through Lookout if 
they would make the exception of not 
going through Caroline for us. This 
seemed entirely possible, considering 

that Lookout went through Mordam, 
which had given labels the choice as to 
whether they would use Caroline or 
not. Lawrence said that he didn't think 
this would be a problem, but that we 
would need to talk further with his part- 
ner Chris about the matter. Of course, I 
knew then and there that it would be a 
problem: Lawrence had employed the 
standard business tactic of passing the 
buck on to someone less amiable. When 
we talked to Chris, he said Lookout 
would not make an exception for any of 
its bands on this issue, and that was 
that: so ended our dealings with Look- 

Since Kevin had already lost so 
much money, the issue of buying a van 
fell to Adam and I. Between the two of 
us we had about $900 to spend in this 
manner. This limited cash supply was 
further hampered by our proclivity for 
superstition: no red vans, no Chevys, 
and no Fords. With these guidelines we 
spent over a month searching through- 
out Sonoma county for prospects. Fi- 
nally, we found one in Petaluma. It was 
a blue and white monstrosity, a 1979, 
fifteen passenger, Plymouth Voyager. 

This beast had no back bumper, 
plenty of war wounds, and a German 
owner named Michael, who wanted 
$1500 for it. We gave him our $900, and 
he was more than happy. He had been 
trying to sell it for months, and must 
have realized that nobody else besides 
an auto dismantler would have wanted 
the thing. 

We proceeded to take our newly 
found prize to a mechanic friend who 
helped us get it road ready. He seemed 
to think that this vehicular equivalent of 
the Millenium Falcon had a solid en- 
gine, and that it would make it around 
the country with no problems. With this 
in mind we excitedly started working 
on setting up a tour for the summer of 

Unfortunately, getting a van 
proved to be the least of our problems. 
First, we had to find a replacement for 
Joe Carr, who wanted to devote himself 
to raising his son. Although a difficult 
situation, Joe had given us ample time 
to prepare. The same can't be said for 
what happened to Kevin. 

From 1994 until the Summer of 
1995, 1 had lived in a house with Kevin, 
his girlfriend, and her daughter. I had 
known these people for years, and to 
me they were like family. Soon after Joe 

quit, Kevin's five year relationship with 
his girlfriend fell apart. Not surprising- 
ly, he didn't handle the situation well. 
He lost his desire to live, and quit the 
band. Although we tried to help Kevin, 
there was not much we could do. A hole 
had opened inside of him and some- 
thing loathsome stepped in to fill it: a 
disease which had been creeping around 
Sonoma County. 

Although we had found a replace- 
ment for Joe, Kevin was far too close to 
the operation of the band for us to do 
likewise. Rather than face the fact that 
SIREN was already dead, Adam and I 
chose to see our band as merely wound- 
ed. For all intensive purposes, our 
project had become our child, and par- 
ents often enter a state of denial when 
their offspring has passed on. For us, 
this state of denial meant leaving Sono- 
ma County, leaving California, and even 

We decided to buy airfare to Eu- 
rope with Adam's credit cards. Before 
we could leave, however, there was one 
minor hurdle left to leap over. I had 
bumped a car with our van, and the 
uninsured behemoth had subsequently 
been impounded by the police. Worse, 
I had to stand trial for the incident. So 
far, Dodge vans didn't seem any luckier 
than their competitors. Fortunately, the 
judge spared me, letting me go with a 
minor fine; and without further ado, 
Adam and I took off to England and an 
uncertain future.. 

Next Time: up from the ashes? 

Brian Zero, PO Box 4842 Santa 
Rosa, California 95402-4842 

E mail: Brizerol3 © 


This month starts out with a bang 
with the presentation of a Longshot 
Music/D.S.S.Records tribute to COCK 
SPARRER. This four band 7" EP fea- 

"We're Coming Back" with authority 
and show that they are a consistent 
street punk force. Keep an eye on 
SHOCK TROOPS from Montreal, Que- 
bec, Canada, in the coming year. 

The next band featured on this 
tribute is the illustrious DROPKICK 
MURPHYS. These guys attack you right 
away with the great COCK SPARRER 
song "Working". Fuck! Al Barr nails 
the vocals on this killer track! Ken, Rick 
and Matt put the hammer down on this 
fine song! Next up you have OXYMO- 
RON doing "A.U." and a fine punked 
out version it is. This band remains the 
toast of German punk rock and this 
song furthers their reputation. Pick up 
MORON split EP on Flat Records for 
another taste of COCK SPARRER with 
"Watch Your Back" 

The final track on this excellent 
Longshot/D.S.S. tribute is "I Got Your 
Number" by Vancouver, B.C., Cana- 
da's DISGUSTEENS. The band does a 
respectable version of one of COCK 
SPARRER's masterpieces. 

You must obtain this record as 
soon as possible. Write to Longshot 
Music, #606-233 Abbott St, Vancouver, 
BC, V6B2K7, Canada. 

While we are talking about the 
DROPKICK MURPHYS - some of you 
lucky boot boys & girls got to see Bos- 
ton's finest on tour recently with the 
PHYS kicked ever- loving ass! No one 
can touch the urgency of Al Barr, Ken 
Casey and the DROPKICK MURPHYS! 
If you caught one of these recent shows, 
you heard some of the songs that will 
be on "The Gangs All Here" LP to be 
released on St. Patrick's Day. With the 
luck of the Irish, you will get a tour of 
the United States next spring with the 
DROPKICK MURPHYS headlining the 
tour and possibly the DUCKY BOYS 
on some dates. We are waiting for the 
LP and the tour with much anticipa- 

The aforementioned US BOMBS 
have a good split out on Beer City 
Records with THE BRISTLES. This split 
has good music and the most elaborate 
packaging that Beer City has ever done: 
It's a color glossy gate fold with good 
artwork by Tom D. Kline. The US 
BOMBS cover an old RADIO BIRD- 
MAN song "Breaks My Heart" and 

they do Mr.s Younger and Tek justice. 

The BRISTLES do "Bottle Rock- 
ets" - a fine punk rock song about go- 
ing out on Saturday night to get drunk, 
smash shit and fight. This Beer City 
release continues to make a mockery 
out of the idiot who called Beer City 
"The Worst Label". This fucker rocks! 
Catch the U.S. BOMBS when they come 
to your town. No one on the planet 
Earth has the moves of Mr. Duane Pe- 
ters. His skating prowess has now trans- 
formed into one of the most unusual 
displays of punk abandon ever wit- 
nessed! Wade, Kerry and Chuck pro- 
vide excellent bass and guitar accom- 
paniment with Chip pounding on the 
drums for all he's worth! The US FUCK- 
ING BOMBS scorch the earth! 

We've got a good split EP coming 
right at your mug from Brooklyn, New 
York's THE DEACONS and Connecti- 
CONS start out with a vengeance with 
their song "What Gives". This fucking 
snarls when the DEACONS sing "What 
gives you the right to put me down?!" 
Flip the record over and you have 
CHELLOVECK 4 singing "Closing 
Time" and "Runaway" . This band sings 
with conviction about the much cele- 
brated topics of drinking and fighting. 

From Pure Impact Records in Bel- 
gium, you have two good CDs this 
month. One is BATTLE CRY from New 
York, with their CD "To Fight and Die"- 
rough and tough street music. The 
stance of these brutes hasn't wavered 
one inch. This CD includes some of the 
Vulture Rock material, some of the 
Punkcore material, plus more. 

The second CD from Pure Impact 
is RED WHITE AND BLUE and their 
new CD "Doing Patriotic Glory". This 
material has songs about - you guessed 
it- drinking and fighting! 

90 Proof Records, who brought 
you that great split with the TEMPLARS 
and 90 PROOF last year, is back with a 
bang! This time out 90 Proof presents a 
split EP with the FAT SKINS from Ar- 
izona and PATRIOT. Check out the 
good cover of COCK SPARRER'S 
"Where Are They Now" by PATRIOT. 
This is hard-as-nails, bare knuckle, 
street oi for you thick- neck drink-fight- 
fuck types. Look for an upcoming split 
with the FATSKINS and the OP- 
PRESSED on Maryland's 90 Proof 

Another band you might recall 

from the Helen of Oi CD compilation is 
MFC from York, Pennsylvania. MFC 
has a new EP out on Black Hole Records, 
Philadelphia, PA. This female/male 
punk outfit has an unorthodox ap- 
proach to the punk/oi sound. There is 
a mixture of songs - some fast punk and 
some slower oi with female/male vo- 
cals. Very interesting! Listen to "D Day" 
- very different from the stereotypical 
oi song! 

For some sophisticated German 
oi, we look to the Scumfuck label and 
their offering: BIERPOBEL "Rebellen- 
lieder". This shit is good! Side one starts 
off with the title cut which has talented 
German language vocals and tasteful 
guitar and drums. "Way of Life" is a 
little more emphatic and has a real 
good guitar chug going through it. 

Turn this fucker over and you get 
the best tune yet: The "Bierpobel" theme 
song is a fucking skinhead anthem and 
it increases the stakes considerably! This 
record begs for beer swilling camara- 
derie down the bar with your friends! 
We could sing along (in German). 

Also available on Scumfuck 
Records this month is the RASCALS 
with their melodic oi/punkEP "Falsche 
Lieder". This record has well-crafted 
songs with competent guitars and good 
singing, complete with harmonies. The 
fastest, most energetic song is the title 
track "Falsche Lieder". Quite good! 

The third and final Scumfuck en- 
try this month is the sing-along-oi of 
EM-OF-KAHL and their EP "Haut 
Drauf". This has jaunty singing with 
happy-go-lucky instrumentation busi- 
ly occupying the background. This is a 
departure from the hard oi of BIERPO- 
BEL and reminds one of folk-ish pub- 
ditties. An intriguing approach, but it 
may present a challenge for the staunch 
street punk contingent. 

Another German band that punks 
out pretty hard is the ANGRY NERDS, 
who sing in English. There are both fast 
and slow tempo songs with snotty vo- 
cals throughout. The momentum in 
"Feel Our Hate" and "Phoney Girls" is 
substantial. The ANGRY NERDS play 
damn respectable punk rock. 

Helen of Oi has some hot new shit 
for you punks. The LP is by THE DICK 
SPIKIE and it is called "Beginning of 
the End". You will recall these wild 
Japanese punks from their split EP ear- 
lier this year. This is crazed, out-of- 
control, leather, bristles and studs punk. 

Gruff singing, good harmonies and top 
flight guitar, drums and bass make this 
LP a complete winner! If you like some 
BOOT BOYS music this will impress 
you! Fucking tough punk rock admin- 
istered here. 

TKO Records has dropped anoth- 
er bomb on your house! THE UPSETS 
from Sacramento, California have a 
fucking strong EP out right now. This 
blast of punk rock insurgency comes 
loaded with hooks that would please 
most any STITCHES fan. There's a hint 
of the DEAD BOYS venom lurking not 
so far below the surface. The whole 
rock n' roll punk extravaganza starts 
out with the title cut "Tommy Gun 
Heart" which has a melodic 1977 punk 
feel to it. Flip the record over and the 
punk just spews forth! "Sonic Reac- 
tion" keeps the adrenaline levelspump- 
ing higher. "Vampires" completes the 
trilogy with another stab in the mid- 
rift. A very good punk record! Write 
TKO Records, 4104 24th St #103, SF, 
CA 94114. 

Radio Records has released an 
American version of the "Just Another 
Teenage Waste" EP by NO ONE'S VIC- 
TIM. This new improved Sonoma's 
style EP is retitled "Just Another Young 
Punk Band". This incarnation substi- 
tutes "Out Tonight", for the acoustic 
"Thin Line" on the Finyl Vinyl EP. 
Excellent! This will tide you over until 
the full length by NO ONE'S VICTIM 
is completed. Go see NO ONE'S VIC- 
TIM if you're lucky enough to get the 
chance. Order your copy of "Just An- 
other Young Punk Band" from Radio 
Records, PO Box 1452, Sonoma, CA 
95476. Write to NO ONE'S VICTIM at: 
PO Box 253, Clovis, CA 93613. 

The world famous Harry May 
Record company has three great re- 
leases from three great old bands. First 
up you have the OPPRESSED "The 
Noise" EP covering three SLADE songs 
including "Cum On Feel The Noise", 
"Mama Weer All Crazee Now" and 
"Gudbuy T' Jane". Quite listenable! 
SLADE has finally gotten the recogni- 
tion they deserved. 

Next, you have the LAST RESORT 
with their EP "Violence In Our Minds", 
which includes, "Violence In Our 
Minds", "Held Hostage", "Soul Boys" 
and "Eight Pounds a Week". Classic oi 

Thirdly, you have the most re- 

spected creators of their very own brand 
of street rock: COCK SPARRER. COCK 
SPARRER's 45 includes "England Be- 
longs to Me" and "Argy Bargy". Great! 
This reissue will help complete some 
missing links in your COCK SPARRER 
record collection. Street rock simply 
does not get better than this! 

For you garage/trash punks 
there's another gritty single available 
from the MUD CITY MANGLERS out 
of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This raw 
rock shit has all the warts and scars 
intact - just like you hoped they'd be. 
The MUD CITY MANGLERS do a dirty 
little original "Gonna Die Tonight" plus 
a fun cover of "Children in Heat" by 
the MISFITS. Order this one immedi- 

When you talk about balls-to-the- 
wall rock and roll you must include 
come rootin' about like a pig in heat 
with their new single "Moronic Plea- 
sures" on Black Lung Records. These 
cretin's know where-of they speak! 
Many a Virginia farmer's daughter has 
been defiled by these bums. After the 
original song "Moronic Pleasures", 
Mr.s May , Odietus and company cov- 
er the song "I'm So Cool" by the PRE V- 
ICATORS. This record is more of the 
outlandish rock that you have come to 
expect from the CANDY SNATCH- 
ERS. Give this one a spin. 

The STITCHES are back from Eu- 
rope, after devastating the young punks 
in the old country. The fans went crazy 
in France, Germany and the especially 
during the finale in Spain with a thou- 
sand kids on board to see the STITCH- 
ES open for the ANGELIC UPSTARTS. 
Many fists were thrown, many beers 
were drunk. Many mistakes were 
made. Ain't it great have the STITCH- 
ES represent the USA overseas? 
Till next month- 
See you around- 
See you in hell 1 

I ^ Renae Bryant's 
5 mil. 
> interview 

So, in October my column was 

about my female roomate who was a 
victim to an assault. After that issue 
went out I received quite a few letters. 
Most of these letters were from women 
who sympathized and empathized 
with my roomates' experience. One 
letter that I received was from a man in 
New York. His position was that my 
column was so "lame", that I was bik- 
er-bashing, that "if my roomate was so 
tough why couldn't she defend her- 
self," my roomate was "a phony", I 
was a "phony", and that he knew wom- 
en who had survived sexual assaults 
and "were like angels who wore their 
experience like a halo." Well, I was 
slightly hurt, insulted, and infuriated 
by his letter. I called Jacqueline and we 
both came to the conclusion that he had 
missed the point of my column and 
was not worth responding to. It was 
the first time since writing the column 
I literally had to "choose my battle." So 
I opted not to respond to him directly, 
but through my column, for one reason 
only. If there is one man out there who 
is denying the experiences of women 
and the violence perpetrated against 
them, there must be more. So, this col- 
umn will be the first time that I have 
recounted, in any 'zine, the sexual as- 
saultthatwas committed againstme. If 
you never knew anyone who has been 
raped, now you do. I hope this will 
start another dialogue between men 
and women regarding violence. For 
the New Yorker, -who seemed to be 
defending the right of a man to hit a 
woman, under the right circumstanc- 
es, I guess this column will give you 
something to jack off to at night. Sep- 
tember 11, 1993 (Debbi Goad once said 
women who have been raped remem- 
ber the date like they do their birth- 
days. She is right.) 

I had just graduated from UCR in 
June of 1993. I was singing for He's 
Dead Jim. I was working as a Cocktail 
Waitress. I was living with my boy- 
friend of two years. [For those of you 
who start to wonder how I remember 
everything so well, I didn't have to 
remember. I had to give a written ac- 
count of the rape to the detective who 
was working the case, because I was 
one of many women raped by this seri- 
al rapist.] 

At 3:00 am I arrived home and parked 
my car on the street directly in front of 
my apartment. I sat in the long enough 
to gather my belongings, which in- 

cluded one book , a wallet and a bottle 
of perfume. I quickly grabbed my things 
and darted up the stairs. I called my 
boyfriend and talked to him for a few 
minutes (he worked from 9:00pm - 
8:00am). I hung up and watched the 
rest of Beavis and Butthead. Once it 
was over I went into the bedroom where 
I changed into a bra and shorts. Once 
changed, I put the cash I made that 
night into a deposit envelope and stuck 
it in my purse. I then ate my leftover 
Chinese food and wa tched more tv. I sat 
the alarm clock for 7:00am, having 
planned to participate in clinic defense 
at 8:00am. After this I decided to make 
some new signs for clinic defense. At 
this point it was close to 5:00am and I 
debated staying awake the whole night. 
I decided to go to bed. Before I laid 
down I checked the front door and 
sliding glass door to make sure they 
were locked. Then I went to sleep. 

I was awoken by a deep aggres- 
sive voice telling me, "don't you fuck- 
ing move bitch or I'll kill you. " Concur- 
rently I saw a knife in front of my face. 
At this moment I was in shock. I 
couldn't believe someone was in my 
house. I thought he was going to kill 
me. I feared for my life. I automatically 
lost all of my bodily fluids-I pissed 
myself. I began to cry. He was strad- 
dling my body. I was lying on my 
stomach. He told my not to look at him 
and to close my eyes. I did what he 
said. I never saw his face. 
"I want your money and your jewel- 
ry," he demanded. 

I gave him the one ring I could get 
off my finger and told him I was trying 
to get the other off. I then, still crying, 
told him about the cash in my wallet 
and the check I had in there for $120. 

Then he told me to shut up and 
take off my clothes. He began 
stripping off my shorts. Then he tied a 
sock around my head to gag me with. 
I unhooked my bra, afraid of the conse- 
quences of not doing what he said. 
Then he took this huge pillow we had 
in our living room, and covered my 
head with it. Then he raped me. As he 
raped me, I was praying for my life. I 
was afraid that in any moment he would 
start stabbing me. He began talking to 
me, giving me some sort of sadistic 
compliment. I finally couldn't breathe 
and had to tell him. He moved the 
pillow so I could breathe. I began to 
sense that maybe he didn't come to kill 

me, only to rape me and take my valu- 
ables. He asked me who I lived with 
and when did they come home. He 
asked me if he fucked me better than 
my boyfriend. He asked me what I did 
for a living. I told him how I wanted to 
be a youth counselor. He raped me in a 
few different positions. 

Now, some of you might wonder 
why didn't I fight him, or why didn't I 
try to get away. All I knew about rape 
was what I learned in my Women's 
Studies classes and the feminist/activ- 
ist group I belonged to called Women 
Enraged, they both said that rape was 
about power. A man's power over a 
woman. I didn't try to fight because I 
thought he would kill me. If he just 
wanted to fuck me, he could take that 
from me, he could take that power. I 
had to way my chances. Let him take 
what he wants and perhaps live. Fight 
and perhaps be stabbed to death. I 
knew he could take the sex, but he 
couldn't take my spirit. He couldn't 
defeat what's inside of me. 

He put a different pillow on my 
face, a softer one. I felt him take his shirt 
off and pressed his body against mine. 
He put my hand on his neck. Finally, he 
raped my until he came inside me. At 
this point he is very still. I was afraid he 
would stab me. 

Then he ordered me around my 
apartment to collect things for him. In 
retrospect this sounds so inane. All I 
can say is that you never know what 
you'll do in order to live. If he would 
have told me to do a back-flip, I would 
have. „ 

Then he said, "You're goin to cash 
this check for me." 

I said, "If I do that , I'll see you and 
you don't want me to see you. Take my 
license and have your sister, your girl- 
friend, or your mom cash it." 

He said, "Get out your license." 

I said, "It's on the table." 

Then he ordered me in the bath- 
room. After a few moments he orders 
me out, telling me I have to go with him 
to cash the check. All I can think of is 
this girl, Lacy Chandler, from my high 
school whose body was discovered in 
the river bottom with sixteen stab 
wounds in it. I didn't want to be her. So 
I plead with him to take what he has 
and go. He orders me back in the bath- 
room. I am standing in the bathroom, 
bracing myself against the door. I have 
a sock around my neck and cum drip- 

ping down my legs. Maybe ten min- 
utes go by. I hear footsteps coming 
towards the door. I am afraid it's him. 
The doorknob turns, I close my eyes, I 
hear my boyfriend's voice calling me. I 
open my eyes and it's my boyfriend. 
The two of these men had missed each 
other by five minutes. I start crying 
again and hyperventilating. I beg him 
not to call the police because I am afraid 
he'll come back and kill us. I call my 
mom and tell her to meet us at Kaiser. 
She start crying and screaming. I call 
my friend Kirsten, from Women En- 
raged, and ask her what to do. She 
calms me down a little and tells me to 
call the police. I do. 

So this is where the rape tale ends. 
I have another story about how I got 
raped by the system. I'll save that one 
for another day. For the ignorant man 
from New York, there's your "phony" 
for you, you heartless piece of shit. For 
anybody else, if you still can't sympa- 
thize or don't feel outraged by the vio- 
lence committed against women (not 
to mention gays, children, and the 
poor), why don't you imagine that it 
wasn't me that this happened to, but it 
happened to your girlfriend, your 
mother, your sister, your aunt, your 
grandmother, or maybe even you. Per- 
haps like Diamanda Galas suggests 
there should be a secret society of dil- 
do-clad women that seek out rapist at 
night and commit against them the 
same act of hatred. 

For everyone who has ordered 
the zine, sorry for the incredible, unex- 
cusable wait. We will include a bunch 
of free stuff to make up for it. If you are 
in a girl-fronted band please send me 
your demo. I received a great new 12" 
from a new girl fronted band from So. 
Ca. called Co-ed. They are on Cool Guy 
Records and sound kinda like old Tilt 
Thee Impossibles also have a new CD 
out that sounds poppy-sugar sweet, 
produced by Joel Reader and Robert 
Shimp. I also had an amazing experi- 
ence this past month. I went to the Ink 
Slingers Ball and was photographed 
by Justice Howard, a very talented su- 
per amazing fetish photographer. I gave 
her a copy of "PutSome Pussy...." comp. 
She liked it and asked to be able to use 
two songs from it. Then she asked if I 
wanted to be in a sequence in her next 
video, "Sluts in High Heels- Part 2." So 
she came to the dungeon that I work at 
and Grace, from X-it, a few guy friends 

of mine willing to be tortured, and 
myself were all in the video. You can 
find out more about ordering this piece 
of alternative-erotica by writing: Jus- 
tice Howard 13400 Saticoy #19 N. Hol- 
lywood, CA 91605. Other than that I 
had report cards and portfolios due 
this week, I moved into a new apart- 
ment with a new roomate, and am 
trying to get caught up in life. Oh, yeah, 
I also have been sober for two months 
and celibate — is there a correlation????? 
Send comments, criticisms, etc. 
to po box 251 norco ca 91760-0251 or 
email at webmistress@www. 


_ NypmothMi ¥/W 

iOtt&l Powmr, Mmrtm 

A m forv9~0*K It 

[Magnetism «*»< r«. w» 

A II T £ 

In case any of the several readers 
of this column are unaware of the fact, 
let it here be known that I am a great fan 
of Vanilla Ice. So it was with great 
excitement that I played the six song 
preview of his forthcoming "Hard to 
Swallow" album (which might even be 
MRR reviewable in that it might be 
independent for all I can recall [or care], 
although as I will explicate hereafter it 
might not be in the proper realm musi- 
cally and might thereby be relegated to 
Punk Planet indie=relevant quasi-emo 

And even though there was much 
that fit into the obvious Vanilla Ice 
continuity, it was somewhat marred 
by a Korn-like (Korny?) sound, hardly 
surprising since Korn's producer pro- 
duced the opus. But still, it was the 
Iceman, and I was as pleased as if I had 
gotten a tape of "Cool As Ice" outtakes 
(or nearly as pleased as I was when 
Mike Jack Saints rendered his prom- 
ised early Vanilla Ice live video to me). 
But this producer is quoted in the pro- 
mo CD booklet as saying something to 
the effect of "What could be more punk 
rock than producing a Vanilla Ice al- 
bum?" and THIS IS, ONCE AGAIN, 

"Punk" as an attitude, political 
ideology, lifestyle, hair color or Hal- 
loween costume is fine, since it's obvi- 
ously become an extremely nebulous 

(nearly meaningless, in fact) word. But 
as I've said before (and am forced to 
say again) "punk rock" is a form of 
rock (and roll) music and must thereby 
abide by certain rules; otherwise, it's 
(for better or worse) something else. 
It's that simple. Don't knock the rock, 
cock spock, Doc. 

Speaking of immutable laws, I find 
that I have insufficient room left to 
discuss other substantive issues (the 
Rip Off (henceforth Rip} records "S" 
curse {remembering that the 
Chinese Millionaires name is to be read 
right to left, and are therefore also 
doomed [the Statics first album pre- 
ceding the curse, are they to be forever 
exempt from this Baskerville-esque 
business? Sorry, no room to ponder 


Askzuhy I don't join you, on the latest 
march. For no nukes or for girls rights... I 
just like to watch. 
— Artless 

I'm madder than a choirboy with 
anal warts. I've been out drinking with 
A. and M. A. is a Canukian Indian 
beauty that I've been boffing for the 
past few years. M. is an Oriental pal 
from the land of Kimonos and Tama- 
gochi. We're at my place. Push is about 
to come to shove. The three of us lie, 
clothed and bare footed, on my bed. 
Two! Count 'em TWO tonight. Yeah. 

Mentally, I click into TWO mode. 
I drape an arm around A. Snuggle up. 
Press against the back in front of me. 
Nothing happens. My sleeping soldier 
forgets there's an important mission to 
accomplish. I stretch my body. My na- 
ked foot touches M.'s naked foot. Pop! 
Boing! That Vienna sausage plumps 
right to well-done. 

A. presses back against me. I press 
ahead harder. I also push my foot hard- 
er behind me, toes against the other 
naked feet. I wait for M. to reach over 
and start doing me from behind. In- 
stead, that foot pulls away, breaking 
the contact. Slump! I droop to no go. 

ipl l droop 


A. and I struggle with each others 
clothes. As I turn, I make sure M. is 
watching us. Better than that, M.'s pants 
snap lies open with a Japanese hand 
reaching down between those Japa- 
nese legs. Whoop! I'm as hard as a 
calculus exam. 

A., naked from the waist down. 
Me, completely bare in my hairiness. I 
begin to nibble on two of my favorite 
nipples. Then, it's time to pay the pip- 
er. To milk the cow. To devenom the 

M. turns over. Away from A. and 
I. Blam! My little friend falls. Plunges. 
More Niagra than Viagra. Limp, use- 
less. That's it for the night. 

"I'm sorry," I whisper to A., "I 
must've had too much to drink." 

The next morning, A. lies next to 
me, dressed. I awake in my usual state. 
I unzip A. and reach in diddle. "Uh, uh, 
oh oh oh, aahhh." That's it. Now A. 
reaches over and strokes my pickled 
tree twig. M. watches. 

Watching M. watching us, my sap- 
ling hardens as the sap runs through 
the trunk. 

"Rainbow!" yells M., when I step 
into the land of milk and honey. 

"No, don't wipe it up!" I whisper. 
"Just let it sit and drip." 

What happened that night and 
morning? Am I such an exhibitionist 
that I NEED a watching third party? I 
don't think so. I certainly do it myself 
often enough. In private, with the cur- 
tains drawn. It's not that. 

The situationists wrote about our 
"society of the spectacle." Here people 
don't participate directly. We appreci- 
ate art, but don't make it. We're enter- 
tained, but don't entertain. We agree, 
but don't form our own opinions. As 
the situationists see it, technology (and 
capitalism) have separated us from our 
own lives. Their analysis says we don't 
live directly, but through a voyeuristic 
taking part in something or someone 

The spectacle lives in the popular- 
ity of internet porno sites, The National 
Enquirer, TV, professional sports, mu- 
seums, and stadium rock shows. You 
could say that people's lives are filled 
with adventures and creativeness that 
come from outside. If that's the 
case, then I'm a situationist poster boy. 

When I go to Mount Rushmore, or 
The Grand Canyon, I'm more interest- 
ed in the postcards, snowglobes, and 

fridge magnets than in the site itself. I 
spent hours in the gift shop, and only a 
few minutes marvelling at the view. 
Even those few minutes, I look through 
a camera lens. 

I'd rather email a friend than speak 
to her over the phone. Sexually, I'm 
more aroused watching my sexcapades 
on a videotape than I am during the sex 

Up to here, the situationists seem 
to be right. But they're missing some- 
thing. That is, the same technology that 
makes the spectacle, lets the spectators 
be part of it. 

I'd rather be on stage than watch- 
ing a band. Spoken-word bores the shit 
out of me, unless it's me speaking. K 
and I used to ball on the roof. M (anoth- 
er M), lets me keep the curtains open 
when we screw. If I have a choice, I'll 
BE the spectacle, it. Later, I love watch- 
ing myself being the spectacle. That the 
spectator spectating his own spectacle. 

The spectacle is a machine. Input 
and output. The situationists focus only 
on one side. Only watching the watch- 
ers. What about the performers? And, 
what if the performers are also the 

S&M fans know about switching. 
Most start as masochs then move across 
the ladder from whippee to whipper. 
The same way a spectator can, if she 
chooses, move into the spectacle. The 
voyeur becomes the exhibitionist. Fuck- 
ing, then jerking off to videos of your- 
self fucking, is no different from paint- 
ing a picture and hanging it in your 
own room. 

It doesn' t stop creativity. It sparks 
it. You watch. You fantasize based on 
what you see. You create those fanta- 
sies while others watch, changing sub- 
tly, improving, creating. Others see. 
They change, Make something new. 
The spiral moves ever upward. 

There's nothing wrong with a so- 
ciety of spectacle, provided the specta- 
tor and spectacle are the same people. 

[Note: because of new MRR length 
rules, I can't include as many endnotes 
as I'd like. You can get the complete 
column from my website http:// 

I was wrong dept: Almost ten years ago, 
before many MRR readers were born, I 
wrote about how great New York was. 
I called it inherent anarchy. Copen- 

hagen and Amsterdam are free, I wrote. 
But they're free only because freedom 
is tolerated. New York is free, I said, 
because no one can control it. 

I was wrong. New York sucks! 
And New Yorkers suck even harder. 
They're wimps. Wussies. Balless yel- 
lowbacks. Just flash a nightstick, add a 
little PR bribery, and they're yours. 

Right now, people gripe about 
Mayor Mussolini supporting cops 
shoving plungers up Haitian asses. Yet 
what are they doing? Is there a Cop- 
watch here? General strikes? A letter 
writing campaign? New York's ethnic 
minorities crumple like a shot squee- 
gee man. 

The Chinese? The mayor bans fire- 
works on Chinese New Year. Bang! 
The Chinese roll over and play dead. 
They shot off fireworks a thousand 
years before New York existed. And 
they give it up with barely a whimper. 
No fireworks? Ah soo! Anything you 
say, Mr. Mayor. 

Cab drivers? Cabbies now have to 
buy new cars every five years. If a 
passenger smokes in your cab, YOU 
have to pay a $150 fine — even if you 
ask the passenger to put it out and she 
refuses. There are other new rules, even 
worse. What do the drivers do? A one 
day strike! One day! You can find the 
cabbies' balls in the lost-not-found de- 
partment at the taxi commission. 

The Italians? Every year, there's a 
street festival, celebrating Saint Gena- 
ro. The mayor says no more games of 
chance. No more throw the hoop or 
spin the wheel. It's gambling, he says. 
That could bring in the mafia. We 
wouldn't want the mafia at an Italian 
festival, would we? Roll over, Itals. 
Just serve your canoli and shut up. 

Homos? Close the clubs, prohibit 
dancing ONLY in gay bars. It's all ok, 
because there's a domestic partnership 
bill. Now homos, too, can live a life of 
dual chains. Whoopie! You won't hear 
a squeal of complaint from them. 

Negroes? Punks? Hispanics? 
Hardly a peep. Just roll over and play 

The only folks with balls are the 
mom of Anthony Baez (killed by a 
cop), Norman Seigel of the NYCLU, 
Rev. Al Sharpton, and Rev. Calvin Butz 
(sometimes). One unknown, a Jew, and 
two Christian ministers. You know a 
city has sunk pretty low when the only 
people fighting are clerics! 

— > Save the ivhales... then eat em dept: 
Dave, an email correspondent sent me 
the following information. I've edited 
it a bit.: 

The local SPCA (San Diego?) is run 
by some militant animal rights people. 
When you go to the pound for a pet cat, you 
have to fill out a detailed questionnaire that 
lets them determine if you are proper enough 
to deserve a pet of theirs. One of the things 
they ask, is whether your house is on a busy 
street, fenced, and if you' re willing to keep 
the cat indoors all the time. They don't 
want to give cats to people loho might let 
them be hit by a passing car. They don't 
seem to care that cats like being outdoors. 
Meaniohile, they have way more cats than 
people who want to adopt them. They kill 
the extra cats all the time. The bottom line 
is that they would rather kill a cat than give 
it to someone who might let the cat be killed 
by a car. Go figure. 

This reminds me of animal right- 
ists who put down countries like Mex- 
ico and Thailand. Those places don't 
kill their strays. They let 'em roam free 
to forage or die. The animists call those 
countries "cruel." Death, of course, is 
more humane. Who asked the animals? 
— > Too bad I missed it dept: Though I'm 
not an atheist, it sure sounds like fun: A 
Rev. Joey Shithead and his DOA band 
of atheists. Two other bands, DOG EAT 
VEHICLE joined in the project. 

The project was to last from Sept 
26 to October 31 . A multi-city pro-athe- 
ist tour. Unfortunately, as soon as the 
bands assembled for the tour, lighten- 
ing struck out of nowhere, killing all 
members. Then came a great earth- 
quake. The ground opened up. All 
equipment, corpses and traces of the 
crew were swallowed in one fell swoop. 
— > Did George mention this already dept: 
Matt, from the NY DICK ARMY writes 
asking for help. He reports that Dawn 
Black, the guitar player from YUM 
YUM TREE, was mugged on her way 
home from work. Someone slashed her 
with a bottle, cut her face open, and 
severed a nerve and artery in her left 
hand. Her left eye was also seriously 
damaged. She's hospitalized at Bell- 
view. I expect the cops, at the time, 
were shooting squeegee men or shov- 
ing plungers up Haitian asses. 

In any case, Dawn has no health 
insurance and no way to pay for all the 
treatment she'll need. 

This is where you come in. Matt wants 
like to hear from anyone out there who 
can help set up benefit shows. Also, let 
him know if your willing to play at the 
shows. \ 

He's also working on a benefit CD. 
The contribution of tracks by anyone 
receiving this message would be ap- 
preciated. Obviously, the bigger the 
bands involved (Ben, Joey, Norb?) the 
quicker they can sell them and the more 
money they can raise. Matt would also 
like to hear from people with labels or 
distros that could help to get rid of the 
thing (VML?/Recess?/MRR?/Bulge?, 
Etc.) Let him know what you can do to 
help You can call him at (718) 832-3989. 

For those of you wanting to send 
flowers or whatever, Dawn is in room 
7N50, Bellview Hospital. NYC, NY. 
— > Time to move to England? dept: The 
British House of Commons voted over- 
whelmingly to lower the age of con- 
sent for homosexuals to 16. 

The motion was supported by 
Prime Minister Tony Blair, William 
Hague, the leader of the opposition 
Conservatives, and Paddy Ashdown, 
the head of Britain's third major party, 
the Liberal Democrats. The Church of 
England opposed the change. 

The only serious dispute centered 
on an amendment to make it an illegal 
for adults in charge of youngsters un- 
der 18 to have sex with them. Parlia- 
ment defeated the amendment. 

Nicholas Winterton, a Conserva- 
tive, was disappointed in the results. 
He said, "If the Lord Almighty had 
meant men to commit sodomy with 
other men, their bodies would have 
been built differently." Anybody got 
any design ideas? 

(Late note, don't move yet: It ap- 
pears the British upper house, the 
House of Lords, has defeated this bill. 
I don't know for sure. Please email 
updates to me at: MykelB@ix. 

— > The same job for 2000 years dept: 
Prostitution has always been called 
"The World's Oldest Profession," but I 
never believed it. What about that guy 
who paid the first prostitute? How'd 
HE get his money? THAT must be the 
world's oldest profession. 

Anyway, a bi-list member emailed 
me this archeological note, taken from 
The Guardian: 

The first home of the world's oldest 
profession could not be better placed. From 

a dank, dark world four feet below the 
ground, Salonika's 2,000-year-old brothel 
faces a wig shop and a bus station, and looks 
on to the biggest and busiest square in 
northern Greece. 

At first nothing gave the ancient sex 
shop away — not even during extensive 
excavation of the exquisite Roman forum 
under which it nestles. Nothing, that is, 
until archaeologists began unearthing all 
manner of sex toys in a find that made the 
most outrageous romp on the most explicit 
classical Greek vase seem tame. 

Among the rich pickings were a clay 
dildo, several erotic figurines and a red 
pitcher with a phallic spout. Innumerable 
offerings to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, 
were also dug up. 

But I say, just 'cause they found 
this, doesn't mean it's "the first home." 
Lotsa prosties take pains not to leave 
artifacts lying around . You never know 
which archaeologists are working un- 

— > It ain't what you got that makes you 
who you are dept: A buncha people wrote 
me about a recent endnote. "There was 
a "guy" who was circumcised "too far." 
He went on to live, in grooved bliss, as 
a woman. The writers said this was not 
correct. Some enclosed articles, includ- 
ing a long one from Rolling Stone! 
(What MRR reader reads Rolling 
Stone?). These reports tell about a too- 
clipped guy who was extremely UN- 
HAPPY to be raised as a girl. 

Was I wrong? Not this time. These 
are TWO different cases. The one I 
wrote about is the second. Scientists 
were extremely interested in it because 
it contradicted the first. Here's my take 
on it: 

Plenty of folks don't like things 
about their body. Some feel they're too 
small, fat, bald, hairy, wrinkly, and 
wrong gendered. Reasons vary, but 
most come from either trying to match 
a social image — or trying to get laid. 

You can find the desire to be a 
man in both biological women and "ac- 
cidental" women. So it's not strange 
that an accidental woman should want 
to be a man. What IS strange (if you 
believe that biology determines gen- 
der), is that another accidental woman 
is perfectly happy as a woman. If bio- 
logical gender were involved, this 
wouldn't happen. 

— > More help needed dept: My pal 
Masayo, singer /guitar player for THE 

needs a green card. In order to get i,t 
she needs fanmail. This won't cost you 
more than a stamp! Just write a letter 
about how good she and her band are. 
Send it to: THE PLUNGERS, PO Box 
205, Canal St. Station, NYC 10013. Or 
via email to: Do it 

You all know when a sitcom is 
going down the tubes, they introduce 
some cute little kid all of a sudden into 
the cast or they get a new dog. No, I'm 
not making cracks on George Tabb's 
column. Anyhow when an actresses ca- 
reer starts going down they pose for 
playboy. What do you do when you're a 
third rate girl band that can only get 
shows because you run the coat check at 
a big NYC club? You do a porno! Yeah, 
the knownonlybelowl4thstreet identi- 
cal twinssterphenomenon SISTERS 
GRIMM have done 2 porn flicks on a 
recent trip to LA. So, now they're fa- 
mous I guess. Yeah yeah I even have the 
titles so you can run to your local video 
store. One is called Fresh Pink (which I 
have no details on other that its pretty 
amateur) and the other is called Dirty 
Debutantes V0I88 which they don't ac- 
tually have sex with a large smelly 
50something but do everything else. 
They go under the assumed names Rock- 
et and Leather in case the box cover 
fools ya. 

Speaking of posing for Playboy, 
Kembra from The VOLUPTUOUS 
also sister of Adam from Jawbreaker) 
posed for Penthouse recently. This ain't 
no big deal since she's pretty much al- 
ways naked anyhow, but you get to see 
how she sewed herself up down there. 

Larry Livermore is doing Coke en- 
dorsements again. 

Nick Fitt got shot down when he 
applied for the job as zine coordinator, 
Hey Nick, no fiftysomething is gonna 
take orders from a little kid with a 
screeching weasel tattoo. The hole has 

been filled however-J. Floyd will begin 
coordinator bootcamp in early Decem- 

Lots of DEAD KENNEDY'S legal 
battle type stuff this month. All the ex- 
members are still pissed that Jello 
wouldn't let them sell Holiday in Cam- 
bodia to be used in a Dockers commer- 
cial so they are now suing Alternative 
Tentacles, Mordam etc for unpaid roy- 
alties. Anyhow, press releases went out 
from their lawyers stating that all pro- 
duction of DK albums will cease and 
the rest of the band will be selling them 
to another label. Then Jello went out to 
say that this is all bull and he's pissed 
that these guys haven't had to work a 
job in the past 15 plus years b/c of him 
and his work and not selling out to 
Levi's isn't a good reason to start suing 
your friends. 

All those who use soap should be 
happy this month, Profane Existence is 
calling it quits. Speaking of MRR rip-off 
zines, there seems to be another one in 
the works. The zine is called Hit List. It 
was originally going to be called Pink 
Slips but Ben Weasel thought it sound- 
ed like a zine for cross dressers (and we 
all know he doesn't do that). Basically 
its everyone who has recently or not so 
recently quit or were forcibly removed 
from MRR. Mel Cheplowitz will be at 
the helm and it will feature columns by 
Jello Biafra, Jeff Bale, Larry Livermore, 
Norb, Metal Mike and Ben Weasel. May- 
be next year Mykel Board and George 
Tabb will be included. It's going to be 
distributed by Mordam and funded by 
all the ex-MRR advertisers. Another 
strong selling point is that it will contain 
no politics, no Nick Fitt and will have a 
full color glossy cover. 

This just camein from a large source 
northofwherel'mat! Recently, en route 
were pulled over and their van was 
searched. The police found their CD and 
many papers on Anarchism they 
planned on passing out at the show and 
arrested them. All three members are 
being charged with conspiracy, treason, 
and resisting arrest (after arguing their 
first amendment right). They are cur- 
rently being held without bail in a state 
penitentiary awaiting trial. Also, in re- 
cent PINKERTON THUGS news, Micah, 
the guitar player and pompadour con- 
noisseur was touring with Boston rocka- 
billy superstars, THE RACKETEERS, 
when they spotted PEARL JAM front man 

Eddie Vedder in a Seattle record store. 
Apparently, he is a big rockabilly fan 
and took a liking to the boys from 
Boston. He invited them to his home 
where he entertained them for the rest 
of the afternoon, showing them things 
so amazing that the boys refused to 
divulge the details. According to sourc- 
es close to Anne R. Key, Micah and 
Eddie instantly bonded and PEARL 
JAM will reportedly be producing the 
next PINKERTON THUGS record. It is 
also rumored that Mr. Vedder has of- 
fered to pay the boys' legal fees from 
the unfortunate Anarchist incident. 

THE BOILS were fined for saying 
the "¥" word onstage when they played 
with RANCID last year. RANCID's 
management, who does not like open- 
ing bands misbehaving, also took away 
their alcohol and gay porn citing the 
bad influences as effecting RANCID's 
performance and tempting them back 
into a sordid lifestyle. THE BOILS must 
pay a fine of $500 per FUCK. 

Jessica formerly of LESS THAN 
JAKE and currently on the cover of 
Probe #7 got married. I don't think 
she's pregnant, and she did not get 
married to Aaron Probe. 

Ok ok, alright already I'll get to 
the Norb thing. I don't know if anyone 
else is gonna spill the beans on what 
happened but you know this is the 
place for accurate and sensitive news 
stories. So here is the OFFICIAL REA- 

1. Started dating a zine coordina- 

2. The slanderous gossip column 
always targeting his sex life. 

3. Became a house husband and 
his wife doesn't approve. 

4. He found out Mike Maker is 
now known as The Artist Formerly 
Known as Mike Maker 

5. Stopped dating a zine coordina- 

6. His boss found that X-chromo- 
some package behind the toilet from 
the day he was thinking that Asian 
women have very pretty eyes. 

7. He finally realized that making 
fag jokes is moot when you come from 
a city with a sports franchise known as 

8. Felt really bad that his lengthy 
tirades left less space for Erich and 
Nick Fitt. 

9. Fear came across him that he 
may end up like Mykel Board if he does 

a MRR column too long. 

Yeah its been short, check back in 
next time. Heart Anne Annerkey 











PART ONE by Adrian Niemetz 

I. THE DRUG WAR. You hear a lot 
in the papers- and on the news how out 
of control drug use is in America, how 
crime is increasing, how we need more 
and more prisons and police. People 
point the blame at various groups "re- 
sponsible" for the "drug epidemic". 
Fingers are pointed at /'thecollapse of 
the family", lack of moral convictions, 
atheism, rock and rap music, the mafia, 
ad infinitum. I heard on the radio Pres- 
ident Clinton blaming the fashion in- 
dustry for the heroin epidemic. Let's 
take a look at the drug war, it's roots, 
it's causes, who profits, who looses and 

ROOTS. Drug and alcohol prohi- 
bition began in 1920. There was a peri- 
od of thirteen years in America when 
alcohol was prohibited, but Marijuana 
was not. As most people know, this 
was an era of lawlessness. The embry- 
onic crime cartels, who where being 
supplanted as the de facto government 
in many parts of Italy by Mussolini's 
Fascists, began immigrating in large 
numbers to America. Not only dealing 
in bootlegging, but they where also 
involved in narcotics, particularly opi- 
um smuggling. There is a wide-spread 
notion, presented in films such as "The 
Godfather" et al, that the Mafioso where 
reluctant to enter into narcotics smug- 
gling. This is largely from antic fiction. 
The Mafioso saw this as a potential 
gold-mine and acted thusly. As with 
any other prohibition, the prices of said 
narcotics skyrocketed, as did crime. In 
1919, drug abuse was rare, and addic- 
tion wasn't considered a major social 
problem. In the 1920's and '30s, crime 
skyrocketed. The number of violent 
crimes committed in 1 935 per 1 000 peo- 
le was higher than the rate in 1997. 



From the 1920's until the late 
1960's, the number of drug users in 
America was minuscule, confined 
mainly to poor immigrants and jazz 
musicians. With the counter culture 
revolution of the late 1960's, drug ex- 
perimentation became fairly common- 
place. It was pervasive mainly in mid- 
dle-class college students, with some 
spill over to the working class. The 
prison population increase was not 
nearly as dramatic as it was during 
Reagan's drug war in the 1980's. The 
amount of drug use increased through 
the 1970's until leveling off and declin- 
ing in 1979. In 1980, Ronald Reagan 
initiated his war on drugs. Since then 
the prison population has tripled, while 
actual drug use has declined. 

CAUSES: The main reason for the 
increase in drug related crime and any 
perceived increase in drug use is sim- 
ple: The Law Of Supply And Demand. 
Any sort of prohibition opens a new 
black market. This initiates a new cy- 
cle. Being that the drug trade is very 
profitable, it gives incentive for drugs 
to be smuggled in. Once the drugs are 
smuggled in, a market is needed. Thus, 
people are literally force -fed drugs, 
through propagandized methods of 
marketed rebellion. Then, of course 
prohibition is practiced and users 
(mainly) are arrested and sent to jail. 

WHO PROFITS: The main profi- 
teers from the drug war are not usually 
the drug cartels or suppliers. Although 
substantial amounts of money can be 
made this way, the profits of the cartels 
are paltry compared to profits earned 
by corporations from prison labor. 
Many prisoners opt for a "work release 
program" to get time taken off their 
sentence. Inmates are paid about $3 a 
day for work for various corporations. 
This is obviously very profitable for 
corporations, because they can bring 
down the wages of non-prison labor. 
Others who make large profits from 
the drug trade are chemical companies 
who send large amounts of the chemi- 
cals needed to produce these drugs to 
the drug producing countries, no ques- 
tions asked. These corporations con- 
trol the media, the military and the 

WHO LOOSES: The losers, by far, 
are the poor and working classes. Mon- 
ey diverted to the drug war degrades 
the educational and social welfare sys- 
tems. Drugs pushed on the populace 

hinder organizing power and remove 
large numbers of people from the work 
force through arrests for possession. 
This is also very equitable. Think about 
if there was 1 00% employment in Amer- 
ica, it wouldn't be very profitable, 
would it? Also, superfluous popula- 
tion is eliminated through drug-relat- 
ed violence and longer in incarceration 

SOLUTION: The solution to end 
this problem is to end prohibition. This 
will result in lower crime rates, less 
drug use and less money being wasted 
on prison which will mean more mon- 
ey for schools. 

Simply Ed Says: 
Better You Than Me 

What's it with all the democrats 
going great guns to be like the GOP? I 
mean, there was a time when Demo- 
crats said they were against the death 
penalty and actually GOT ELECTED. 
Now, if you want to raise the serious 
moolah needed to even compete, you 
gotta be pro-death for killers no matter 
how young, how white, how innocent 
or retarded the poor bastard is. 

I've said it before, I'll say it again: 
If I want to make you dead bad enough, 
the possibility of the death penalty 
would not stop me any more than Ken 
Starr's probe will stop Clinton from 
plugging his pecker in some OTHER 
college girl's Zima hole. 

Yeah, I'm against the death pen- 
alty, but I have a hard time feeling 
sorry for most of the people on death 
row. Sure, I think they got whatever 
they got coming to 'em, but I don't 
think a state has a right to do it. 

For one thing, someone always 
fucks up. There's that big old fat guy 
they were gonna hang, even though he 
only weighed, oh, four hundred 
pounds. They put the guy on the scaf- 
fold, hit the lever, and VIOLA! See the 
fat man's head pop off. See the specta- 
tors scramble like posers at a GG gig. 
See the sob sisters protest the carnage. 

Then there's Albert Fish, one of 
our most accomplished notboys. He 
had this habit of sticking needles in his 
prostate-over 400 times before he got 
juiced. They strap him in, after he pre- 
dicts that "it will be the greatest thrill of 
my life. The only one I haven't tried," 
they flip the switch-ZZZT! 
Waitaminnit! He's still alive! They up 
the voltage and do it again. Finally, 
Albert is off to the great cubscout jam- 
boree in the sky. 

Then, just this year in Florida, a 
killer is about to meet his fate via lethal 
injection. They shoot him up and he 
doesn't die. They have to hit him again. 

Reminds me of a book I read called 
Until You Are Dead. It's a history of 
executions in America. The thing I liked 
was the fact that most hangmen were 
against hangings. They saw so many 
botched jobs, that they wanted to make 
sure the job was done right the first 
time. Interesting, eh? 

The examples make me wonder 
why the hell the guys who cook up the 
lethal injection doses don't pack like 
four or five times the necessary dose? I 
mean, is this some cost-saving mea- 
sure? Is the economy in Florida THAT 
bad? Is it like, if they use just the right 
doesage, does that mean that the pen- 
nies they save'll go to a literacy pro- 

Even though I'm against the death 
penalty, I've always thought it ought to 
be televised. We pay for it, so we should 
be able to see how it works. Right? 
Maybe it would make all the frats boys 
who hang out on execution night, drink- 
ing beer and selling "Bundy Burgers" 
and whatnot think twice about it. Maybe 
it would make anti-death penalty people 
like myself think, "That wasn't so bad 
he didn't suffer enough. Bring back the 
firing squad." 

Naw, they wouldn't do that. Why? 
Well, if the death penalty were gone 
and the elected people riding on the 
backs of the convicted had to actually, I 
GET IN ON TIME, well, they'd lose the 
many many many extra dollars they get 
inper diems when the budget goes into 

Think about it. If Bill Clinton hadn't 
signed off on the execution of that one 
retard in Arkansas back in '92, I seri- 
ously doubt he'd be president right now. 
Imagine, tough-on-crime Clinton say- 
ing during his campaign, "Waitaminnit, 

guys. This fella's not the sharpest knife 
in the drawer. He's like an eight year 
old. We can't kill him," and granted 
clemency. Forget it. His opponents, pro 
or anti-death penalty, would point this 
out ala Willie Horton and we'd miss out 
on Monica's Dress jokes ad nauseum. 
And then where'd we be? 

Send hate mail, tobacco samples 
and midget porn to: Simply Ed, Box 
304 Sacramento, CA 95812 USA. E me 
hate mail to: way2dumb@mail 


For one thousand years, since 1 
a.d., the human population remained 
steady and slowly growing at half a 
billion people on the entire planet, which 
was reasonable. In 1800 a.d. the human 
population reached 1 billion people, 
then 100 years later, it hit 2.5 billion, 
1950 - 3 billion people. 1980 - 5 billion 
people, and in 1998 the sixth billionth 
person will be born. Now, take a wild 
guess what the biggest threat to the 
natural world is right now. Overpopu- 
lation? Good fucking guess. People don't 
fully understand it, mainly because 
human population growth is exponen- 
tial, which means it doesn't just gradu- 
ally increase and add to itself, it doubles. 
That's why it took 1,800 years for the 
population to reach one billion, it took 
only another two hundred years for the 
population to multiply itself by six. Take 
a wild guess at how many people are 
born EACH day? Not 1,000. Not 10,000. 
250,000 people per day. Now.. .the death 
rate: 10,000 people per day!!! That's not 
even 5% of the daily birth rate! The birth 
rate per year is 95,000,000 fucking peo- 
ple! 95,000,000 or so people is the popu- 
lation of Mexico, now imagine a brand 
new Mexico being added to the human 
population every year! Obviously, there 
are way too many people on this planet, 
but just what, exactly are the effects? 

Most of these people are going to 
need cars, food, clothing, shelter and 
all the other materials that humans 

consume. Where are these going to 
come from? These come from the 
ground, we rape the earth for these 
things. But that's not the biggest prob- 
lem, people destroy habitats of other 
animals to build homes and business. 
It's called URBAN SPRAWL, and it 
destroys habitats, forests, wetlands, and 
a million other valuable assets to the 
ecosystem to make way for shopping 
malls, suburban homes, golf courses 
and factories. They call it development, 
but all it is is genocide. 

The only things that usually sur- 
vive habitat destruction are birds, be- 
cause they can fly away, everything 
else dies from loss of shelter or food, or 
simply from shock. People ignorantly 
destroy the ecosystem to build mini- 
malls and suburban homes. Cities are 
sprawling out and becoming bigger 
and the suburbs are growing propor- 
tionally. Do humans really need most 
of these things? NO, not at all, people 
don't need to live in huge houses, and 
malls certainly aren't important to our 
survival. The scariest thought is this: 
The American public only takes up 5% 
of the world population, but because of 
our lifestyle, we consume 33% of the 
world's resources. 

This earth does not have the re- 
sources to provide even the present 
world population with the type of life- 
style that the average middle class cit- 
izen enjoys. Video games, hair dryers, 
personal swimming pools, big houses, 
sports cars, this lifestyle is sadly eco- 
logically self-destructive, and it will 
not last for much longer. In 650 years, 
with the growth rate of today, it is 
estimated that there will actually be 
one person for every square foot on 
this planet. Nature, of course will not 
let that happen, and it will send out a 
disease of immense death and destruc- 
tion to the human population, which 
is, of course very good for the planet. 
We've made our bed, now we have to 
lie in it. 

If you think about it, the reasons 
people want to have children are so 
selfish and ignorant. People want kids 
so that they can have a splitting image 
of themselves, a "little me" that's oh so 
adorable and cute. In China, they've 
fucked themselves over so much that 
the government already had to pass a 
law so that the average citizen can't 
have more than one child, and even 
though the birth rate is only one person 

per family, the population of china is 
still the highest in the world. There are 
already so many people in the US that 
if every family only had 2 or even 1 
child, we would be one of the most 
ecologically destructive countries in the 
world, and this is proven. So, this is 
why there should be a law passed reg- 
ulating child birth, and this is not a 
matter of opinion, this is a matter of 
statistics. People weren't put on this 
planet so that they could be rich, live in 
luxury, have nice cars, have as many 
kids as they want, and live the highest 
quality of life possible. No, this is lie, an 
impossible dream waved in front of 
the faces of the poor and middle class 
to keep them sedated with something 
to strive for. Having kids is not a fuck- 
ing god-given right. 

The impact that the average Amer- 
ican has on the environment is equal to 
the impact that 50 people from a third 
world country have on the environ- 
ment, that is how our culture and life- 
style is more self-destructive than any 
other on the planet. So, even though 
our population is small, our destruc- 
tive lifestyle of luxury and toys ac- 
counts for our small population. If half 
the people on the planet had the things 
that the average middle class Ameri- 
can has, the planet would simply die 
within 10 years or so. There wouldn't 
be any forests left, and there would 
sure as hell not be any habitats for 
animals left. Following the death of the 
ecosystem, a great number of humans 
would die. And yet, somehow, we all 
seem to ignore these terrifying facts, 
sweep them under the rug, and carry 
on with our meaningless lives. No one 
wants to talk about the fact that people 
are going to have to stop having so 
many babies, or else disease and pov- 
erty are sure to grow. In school, we're 
not taught to appreciate and respect 
nature and the very planet we live on 
or all the other organisms that we share 
this planet with, we're certainly not 
taught about any of the things dis- 
cussed in this column about ecology. 
We're only taught and inspired to live 
the destructive middle/upper class 
type of life that is responsible for all of 
these problems. We're taught to like it 

In ecology, there is something 
called the carrying capacity, which is 
this: carrying capacity is the definition 
for the maximum number of individu- 

als that a particular habitat can support 
while still being able to meet the needs 
of all other plant and animal life as 
well. I don't really need to say that the 
human population has gone well be- 
yond it's carrying capacity. Things are 
dying off rapidly, believe it or not, and 
habitats are still being destroyed. It is 
estimated that in 50 years, a fourth of 
all of earth's plant species will be ex- 
tinct. EXTINCT! This means they are 
not coming back. Plants, the lifeblood 
of this planet, are dying due to devel- 
opment and the fact that there are too 
many fucking people on this planet 
that all want big homes and nice luxu- 
ries. You have no idea how fucked 
we're all going to be if habitats keep 
being destroyed for development. 

Something about overpopulation 
must be done if we want to savor the 
natural environment and eventually 
ourselves, because the higher the pop- 
ulation goes, the more diseases we will 
encounter, and eventually, the dooms- 
day virus. This is a known fact. It's 
inevitable. Nature ain't dumb. When 
the species at the top of the food chain 
has an extremely high population and 
no predators to cut it down, nature 
comes in and manufactures a disease. 
AIDS is an example of this. If we seri- 
ously want to do something about this, 
we could kill half the population (which 
is looking mighty worthwhile right 
now), but there's better ways to handle 
this then genocide, that is, if people are 
willing to do so. So what is there left to 
due to stop overpopulation? Simple, 
and most powerful, there is EDUCA- 
TION. Increase overpopulation aware- 
ness, sexual awareness, facts about 
abortion, contraception and anything 
else relating to it. This doesn't mean 
brainwashing, just give the facts. 

Don't be afraid to explain over- 
population and the problems with it. If 
the message is not given, people won't 
know about it, which is a bigger prob- 
lem than the problem itself. We can't be 
indifferent about this. 

Contraception is beautiful, so 
fucking use it and encourage it! The 
purpose of life is not for everybody to 
be able to have kids so that they can 
fuck up this planet as much as possible. 
There are simply way too many people 
on this planet, and the death rate must 
be drastically increased, or the birth 
rate significantly decreased. 

Abortion, despite all the pointless 

bullshit and controversy over it, must 
always be an option, not only for free- 
dom, but for ecological reasons. Hav- 
ing a baby is a big choice that has effects 
of undescribable proportion on a per- 
son's life, and no one has the right to 
make the choice on whether the baby 
should be aborted but the parent, no 
matter how "cute" southern Baptists 
think the thing looks. Things like 
bullshit morals don't exist in nature. 

Animals know that they have to 
stop having babies at a certain point for 
the future of their survival. Animals 
also commit abortions themselves 
when the population is too high or the 
baby cannot survive. Humans, though, 
like to pretend that the problem is not 
there, and the effects will not happen 
until they are already dead anyway. 
"Environmental resistance factors" 
(E.R.F.'s) are nature's ways - of keep- 
ing the population down and under 
control. Some E.R.F.s are disease, pred- 
ators, birth defects, starvation, etc. 
These are all seen as negative facts of 
life in the human world and because of 

the human fear of death and anything 
else we don't understand, humans' 
have obviously found ways to dodge 
many of nature's tools that it uses 
against overpopulation and we have 
ensured the survival of each and every 
one of us. 

We've invented medicines, agri- 
culture, and other things that keep is 
alive as long as possible. Notice how 
the number one human idea is to evade 
death, to be able to fight it, resist it and 
live longer. A lot of people seem too 
chickenshit to deal with the fact that 
death is natural and inevitable. Now 
people are trying to make it so that they 
can live to be 150 which would only 
mean more trouble for the planet and 
everything on it. 

A way to help things is by not 
being a lazy piece of shit, and by put- 
ting a condom on when you're going to 
have sex. And if you really need a 
child, there's always adoption, and if 
you still aren't satisfied, just be ecolog- 
ically responsible and have only one 
kid. And never, ever use the common 

cop-out of saying "well, it ain't much, it 
won't be much of an impact", because 
you'll find out that a little bit goes a lot 
more than long way, and when you say 
it, so do a thousand other people. 

So many people want to have their 
own child, like it's some sort of fucking 
pet that they can be in control of, and 
this can't happen. People don't even 
know about overpopulation, and most 
of those that do, couldn't give a fuck 
anyway. They don't care about the en- 
vironment, they're too caught up in 
their own self centered world to pay 
any attention to the lives of nonhuman 

We can ignore this shit all we want, 
but sooner or later it's going to catch up 
to us, and there is no avoiding it. There's 
too many people on this planet, and 
we're going to run out of space real 
soon. The last thing this planet needs 
is more ignorant, wasteful, self-cen- 
tered, consuming, bitchy people run- 
ning around unknowingly destroy- 
ing it. 



•o»jecard*Ok> www.mywebpaget.oom/* 

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Sftne reports 

Take a look at the scene we've got 
here in Rotterdam, Holland. I tried count- 
ing all the new punk/hardcore bands; 
there's at least 36 of them. Too much to 
write about all of them, so I'll stick to the 
best known ones. 

The OBNOXIOUS released their 
second CD called "Struggle" last year. 
The struggle here was in trying to get this 
CD out on their own label, without any 
influence by Buma/Stemra, our national 
copyrights association, (because they 
really suck! , you must pay loads of money 
to get your shit protected). The OBNOX- 
IOUS play old school hardcore with a lot 
of New York style influences. The OB- 
NOXIOUS are the only well known 
Rotterdam band in Holland as of now, 
yet they still do everything themselves, 
something which can't be said of most 
hardcore bands nowadays, since they 
are all eager to sign shit deals with shit 
companies. You can contact the OB- 
NOXIOUS at "the Obnoxious hardcore 
unltd Van vlooswijkstraat 10-a 3039 TP 
Rotterdam, Holland. 

The OBNOXIOUS were responsible 
for a big wave of cooperation between 
hardcore bands in this area. And they 
did all that by shouting a simple slogan; 
Support your scene! 
And it worked like magic. At the moment 
most bands share gigs, do split releases 
etc. There are new zines in town like 
Sterker door Strijd, which is by far the 
most influential zine. It is run by Rich- 
ard and Marc from UNDEBAT- 
ABLE GROUND an upcoming 
name in hardcore, Contact 
S.D.S. fanzine at Hebriden 19, 
2904 VK Capelle a/d Ijssel, Hol- 

There's the THC Founda- 
tion who organize well attended 
festivals and released a 
Rotterdam hardcore compilation 
CD last September with 1 7 local 
hardcore bands the likes of; 
MEN. This compilation is a registration 
of one of our festivals. The sampler is 
called "Heel erg punk CD vol 1". THC 
paid for the mobile studio with the money 
from the entrance fee (five guilders) and, 

much to our surprise, we found a few 
sponsors to pay for the production of the 
CD . That meant we didn't have to ask the 
participating bands for any money; and 

On top of that, the bands involved didn't 
have to buy any CD's from Tocado 
Records, but if they wanted to, they 
could buy them for cost-price. And some 
bands did and sold quite a lot at gigs etc. 

Furthermore all punks who at- 
tended our release party in Nighttown 
got the CD with their entree fee (six 
bucks) , just to wave the old middle finger 
at the record industry; we make a huge 
party with a free CD for a one third of the 
prices you normally make us pay for a 
gig! Contact Tocado Records at PO Box 
3092 3003 AB Rotterdam Holland 
internet: www/ tocado. com 

FRIEND have released a split CD on 
Eargear Records called "Le Monde est a 
nous". NEW FRIEND plays an old Cali- 
fornia style of melodic, fast hardcore. 
Contact BEAVER FEAVER at: Kerkweg 
129 2935 AH Oudekerk or if you are a 
computer nerd at e-mail: Feaver® Contact NEW FRIEND at 
Beukelseweg 71a 3022 GE Rotterdam. 

B.C.P. , who are definitely the weird- 
est and funniest band around since they 
like to mix their hardcore with.... well 
anything actually; be it polka, salsa, ska 
etc., released an album on their own 
label called "mel frikadel" in January 
1998. For details check the Tocado 
Records internet site. 

DEUCE has released an album on 
Tocado Records called "the Organiza- 
tion". DEUCE play fast, heavy and yet 
quite melodic. Contact DEUCE at Tocado 

Surf-punks WHATEVER have re- 
leased their first album called "Fast Music 
Company", The album is licensed by 
Acupunktuur Records, contact WHAT- 
EVER at Wipperspark 47 3141 RA 

NO-MEN released their much an- 
ticipated "Non Sapiens, Non Sense" CD 
in February 1998. NO-MEN are a kind of 
"all star' band. Most members have been 
active in the hardcore scene for quite a 

while, and have played with illustrious 
names the likes of; DEBIELE EENHEID, 
FUZZBRATS (Okkie, drummer with NO- 
MEN still sings for the FUZZBRATS) . For 
more info write to PO Box 3092 , 3003 AB 
Rotterdam, Holland. Ore-mail LeenSteen 
©tocado. com. 

Another great band are the straight 
edgers CRIVITS who are well known 
nation-wide and abroad (especially in 
Germany). They released four albums 
on the German label Lost and Found, 
but recently signed with Ignition, which 
gave them a much better deal. (Lost and 
Found are a known rip-off label). Con- 
tact CRIVITS at Klaaskater str.7 3119 
LH Schiedam /Holland. 

Another great straight edge band is 
GUIDING LINE who are really straight 
edge fundamentalists, but still cooper- 
ate with the rest of the scene in various 
projects; unity rules! GUIDING LINE are 
on the Tocado sampler but also appear 
on a Dutch-national straight edge sam- 
pler (two 7 inches) called "The return of 
the X-men", which is a very cool project 
that donates their profits to a fund for 
refugees in the Netherlands. Contact 
Commitment Records; Klein muiden 38 
1393 RL Nigtevecht, Holland. E-mail: 

BUDROT consists of ex-members 
from ANARCRUST (sadly missed nowa- 
days) and HARDHEADED SOUL. They 
play a kind of real spaced out hardcore/ 
HAWKWIND-like music. Check them out, 
they just released a 7 inch EP called 
"You're not so Cool" on Stalker Records. 
Contact BUDROT at PO Box 3136 3003 
AC Rotterdam. Fax: 31.10.4660333 

If you ever come to Rotterdam, be 
sure to visit the following clubs and 
stores; the Black Widow is the oldest 
and best known punk store in town. 
Apart from selling hand-made clothing, 
you can find all kinds of great stuff like 
zines and local hardcore releases. The 
address; Nieuwe 

Binnenweg 13-b 3014 GA 
, Rotterdam. 

Slaphanger is another 
| store which specializes in 
punk/hardcore stuff. Not 
so much on clothing, but 
records, comics and any- 
thing else. Slaphanger is a 
true D.I.Y. store running 
on volunteers, definitely the 
coolest in town. You can 
find Slaphanger on 
% Rosenermanzstraat 67 

The best clubs in town 
are; The Vlerk (Westblaak 
80 3012 KM) Rotterdam) 
This club has been relo- 
cated several times before winding up 
here, it's small but has regular punk 
shows by local and international punk/ 
hardcore bands. Next year at the latest 
the club will again be relocated, thistime 


to a new and much bigger building which 
is being built right now. 

Nighttown is the biggest club in 
town. It has got three separate halls, two 
small ones, called "the Basement" and 
"Popular" where there*s room for local 
bands and a big one for international 
"stars" the likes of BAD RELIGION for 
instance. Nighttown is quite commer- 
cial, but we must admit they support our 
local bands pretty well. It's the only club 
in town where we actually get paid, 
bands can set their own prices at the 
door and they collect that money, which 
is a nice system for us. Nighttown is at 
West Kruiskade 28 Rotterdam. 

The Baroeg is on the south side of 
town and is pretty hard to reach. The 
Baroeg does the international under- 
ground. Not only punk, but also things 
like black metal, so check before you go. 
Recently the UK SUBS played there for 
instance, but it's also a stage for festivals 
organized by local zines. If you see such 
a festival on the bill, go there! You'll be 
amazed by the good atmosphere and the 
big crowds. Address: Spinozaweg 300 

Well that's all about Rotterdam right 
now. see you punk-tourists soon! 

Ok here's another scene report from 
Holland, this one from Amsterdam. First 
some bands: 


litical straight edge hardcore with a sound 
like HERESY, free from metal influences. 
They will be releasing their first 7" on 
Commitment Records. Members are ac- 
tive in the International Socialist Party. 
Address: Marko Connely Overtoom 541 
A 1054 LK Amsterdam Holland. Com- 
mitment Records (Robert a.k.a. Dirk 
Diggler) Klein Muiden 38 1393 RL 
Nigtevecht Holland. 

YAWP have already been playing 
for many years. They've changed band 
members and musical styles a lot. Now 
they seem to find their sound in a fast 
have also more political lyrics now. They 
have 3 albums released and some EPs 
and are still on Kangaroo Records. They 
will release something new soon , so watch 
out for them. Address: Rietzangerweg 92 
1 1 1 VN Diemen Netherlands. 

play a mixture of oi and normal hardcore. 
They seem to be heavily influenced by 
Headache Records bands. They also do 
some MOTORHEAD covers with a differ- 
ent guitarist and singer. They've played 
together for less than a year and may 
release something in the near future. 
Phone: 020-6899252 (Rik). 

UIT DE SLOOT play old style Dutch 
punk rock, influenced by old bands like 
FRITES MODERN and other bands from 
the "Als je haar maar goed zit" comp. 
They released a mini CD on their own 
label. You should contact them about it. 
Phone: 020-6160335 (Jack). 

DIE WATCHING play a mixture of 
NY hardcore and oi. It seems that they 
have not found their style yet and they 
also have had a lot of lineup changes. 
They just released a demotape. 

VITAMINE X are a straight edge 
DIY band who play mainly old school, 
but with wider influences than standard 
hardcore bands and with positive en- 
thusiastic lyrics. Until now they have 
released a split demotape with 
SOBERESPONSE and a 7" on Commit- 
ment Records. Address: Marko Korac 
(Dr. Mohawk) Rustenburgerstraat 302 
1073 GM Amsterdam. 

JILL FRISKY. With their mix of old 
punk/oi and crossover hardcore, and 
their guitarist being a big 
SLAYER fan, their sound in not 
easy to explain. You have to see 
them live, I guess. Address: Try 
GOH telephone number. 

BREZHNEV is already 
one of the older Amsterdam 
punk bands. They've been play- 
ing for more than 10 years I 
think. They play a mixture be- 
tween old punk and trashy 
hardcore. They have a lot of 
releases. Their last full length 
release is called "North America 
sucks" and it's out on 
Vitaminepillen Records. They 
have a Canadian singer and do 
a cover of DAYGLOW ABOR- 
TIONS' "Proud to be a Canadian". Ad- 
dress: PO Box 57159 1040 BB 
Amsterdam. Tel: 020 6650824. 

LET'S GET HURT play melodic 
punk/hc with the old singer of UNION 
MORBIDE, 1 think they only have a 
demotape out. Address: Maxim 
Beatrixstraat 35 1947 hr Beverwijk. 

SMARTBOMB have this older punk 
sound and do a lot of benefits in squats 
etc.. They also played during eurotop 
demonstrations on a truck. They have 
some releases out already. Address: 
Fagalstraat 58-3 1052 GE Amsterdam. 
There are a lot more bands who are 
still playing in Amsterdam, like HUMAN 
and there are a lot of these vegan/metal 
straight edge bands around also. But I 
don't know too much about them and 
actually I don't care so much about 

Bands in rest of Holland : In Alkmaar 
we find the band BOYCOT, they play fast 
political hardcore and have 2 singers. 
There lyrics are about DIY, animal rights, 
etc. They have a new 10" coming out 
soon, Contact them for more informa- 
tion. Address: Nieuwpoortslaan 261815 
LN Alkmaar, tel: 072-51 15076. C K N 
is another band from Alkmaar, Pirn from 
BOYCOT is also in this band. They have 
been playing since way back in 1982 and 
play more fast punk rock/hardcore with 
a fuck you attitude. Same address as 

DISTRESS are also from Alkirfaar. 
and as you could guess they play "DIS" 
music. They have a couple releases out. 
Billy just quit this band (he's also the 
singer for BOYCOT) and is now in a new 
band called AZRAEL also, They play fast 
political punk/hardcore. There are some 
young kids in this band. Address: 
AZRAEL/DISTRESS Vondel straat 308 
1814 mc Alkmaar. 

BETERCORE is a relatively new 
band from Alkmaar with some young 
kids. They play a later 80's straight edge 
sound, but they aren't a straight edge 
band, they say. They've planned a split 
7". Taco from BOYCOT plays drums for 
them now. Address: Reinco: 
P.Bergmanstr.14 1764 GX Breezand. 

In Groningen we also find some 
new and older bands, CATWEAZLE is 
still playing with their mixture of fast 
crossover hardcore with mainly political 
lyrics. They sound a bit like old Venice 
hardcore at times. They released a 3" CD 
on Profane Existence (Asia), which is 
really good. Also they have a split 10" 
with SEEIN RED on Wicked Witch/Kan- 
garoo Records. 1 think it's an under- 
rated band. They have a new 7" out on a 
French label. Address: PO Box 752 
9700 AT Groningen. 

RAT PATROL just released a new 
CD, their 3rd full length already. It's 
called "Painkiller" and it's on their own 
label Highly Obscure Records again. 
They've slowed down a little, but it's still 
powerful, melodic hardcore. Address: 
Postbus 2177 9704 CD Groningen. 

More on the crusty side of things, 
we have Y PHOBIA, who play fast crusty 
hardcore. NO ID is fast political hardcore 
with 2 female singers. Theyjust released 
a split 7". PCP is another one with this 
crusty/hardcore sound, with a 7" out on 

sraie reports 

Resuscitate Records from Hoogeveen. 
Address: PO Box 324 7900 AH 
Hoogeveen. NO ID etc. Address: Postbus 
752 9700 ATGroningen. Oh yeah, FLEAS 
AND LICE is also still playing! 

other crusty/hardcore band but they 
are from Hellevoetsluis. They also have 
almost only political lyrics, and play a lot 
of benefits and in squats. Address: 
183 3222 VW Hellevoetsluis. 

In the east of Holland, we find the 
band ROGGEL. They are a punk as 
punk can be band. They played at the 
Punx Picnic last year. Addresses: 
ROGGEL Bonte brug 156 70641p 

In Horst we also find some bands, 
ASO and SLAMSQUAD broke up. Carved 
in Stone Records still has their releases 
available. New bands from Horst are 
MALLORN, emo music with political/ 
personal lyrics and a crazy singer. BARST 
play old style crusty hardcore with po- 
litical lyrics. INSULT play fast hardcore 
like DROPDEAD. Address, label &bands: 
Sander derikx venrayseweg 66 5961 AH 

In Arnhem there's still the mighty 
MAINSTRIKE, with their European re- 
incarnation of later 80's sXe hardcore 
bands. They have a 7" and a CD/LP out 
on Crucial Response Records from Ger- 
many. Address: Postbus 5430 6802 EK 
Arnhem. Johnny, the guitarist from 
MAINSTRIKE is now also singer for 
young kids who are also playing this fast 
old style sXe hardcore. The singer jumps 
around like he has ants in his trousers. 
Their debut 7" will also be out on Com- 
mitment Records. Address: Vorleweg 29 
5451 GC Mill. Talking about Commit- 
ment, OIL from Haarlem also have a 7" 
out on this label. They sound a bit like 
ATARI mixed with Y.O.T. They play 
around a lot at the moment. 

SEEIN RED toured the US again 
this summer. Check them out if you can, 
they're still a great powerful live band. 
Address: Van randwijcklaan 1 15 c 3814 
AH Amersfoort. Some new bands also 
in the Den Haag area include ANTI- 
DOTE (ok the name is not so original). 
Musically they do this early 80 's style of 
English punk/hardcore, not unlike No 
Future/Riot City bands. They play really 
tight and have this "fuck you" attitude, 
especially their second singer, Huib. They 
put out their own 7". Address: le Jan 
steenstraat 75 1072 ND Amsterdam. 

REJECT, have some of the same band 
members. They both play fast hardcore 
UGLY AND PROUD is also punk/ 
hardcore with their own GG ALLIN Jr. on 
drums. It's good to see new bands who 
still play this old punk/hardcore sound. 
Address: Koornmarkt 32 26 1 1 EG Delft. 

UPPERCUT from Zeeland have a 
middle 80's American style of hardcore. 



They have a CD out on their own label. 
Address: Kastanjestraat 55 4462 VB 

Zines: UPS Zine (Underground 
punk support) . This zine only covers DIY 
bands. They also do a tape label. The 
latest issue comes with a 7" from Kanga- 
roo Records. Address: Plasmanstraat 32 1 
3769 HK Soesterberg. 

X Treem zine was already around 
in the 80's. It's now in a really small 
format. In it you'll find lots of politics, 
some bands, reviews and a lot of other 
things. They also do benefits and tapes 
etc. Address: Postbus 6071 3002 AB 

Sickness from Alkmaar has a few 
issues out, It covers mainly politics and 
some DIY band interviews. They have a 
lot of opinions and columns from other 
people. Address: Nieuwpoortslaan 26 
1815 LN Alkmaar. 

Koekrand was already around in 
the end of the seventies, but had been 
gone for the last 8-10 years. They just 
started up again recently. You can tell 
that the writer has been out of the punk/ 
he scene for a fewyears. But it's nice he's 
back again. He also made a book with his 
old punk stories and is gonna do a book 
about old Dutch punk. Address: Lange 
moor 6 2151 VE Nieuw Vennep. Once 
So Close newsletter focuses on the DIY 
sXe/crust/punk scene with a lot of col- 
umns and opinions. Address: Inge 
Hoevestein 239 6708 AK Wageningen. 

Filler is a bit more professional 
looking, with alternative music, but with 
punk roots. Address: Beukelseweg 71a 
3022 GE Rotterdam. 

Reflections is a sXe zine with all 
kinds of sXe styles, from pop and 
hardcore to heavy 

metal, with a Krishna ideology in the 
background (wise up!). They included a 
7" with their last issue. De nijverheid 30 
7681 MD Vroomshoop. 

Speak Our Minds is another sXe 
zine that just released their first issue. 
Only sXe bands are in there (GUIDING 
They are not into the vegan metal thing. 
No address. 

It's a Life: This hardcore/punk/oi 
fanzine has about 5 issues out now. 
Address: Roel Kapelaniestraat 27 6031 
BW Nederweert. 

Knuffelpunk freezine is also a rela- 
tively new zine, but they did a lot of 
issues in a short while. Enthusiastic but 
still messy and a bit too much uninter- 
esting Epitaph shit in there. Address: 
Marcel Etten kievitstraat 31 1761 xa 
Anna Paulowna. 

Monkey is a beer-drinking vegan 
zine from Groningen, mostly focused on 
the sXe scene Address: Heymanslaan 
22a 9714 GL Groningen. 

Amstelveenseweg 134 1075 TX 
AMSTERDAM telephone 020-6717778 
(Edwin) is especially for smaller touring 

punk/hc bands. DIY. Vrankrijk is only 
for benefits. It's a squatters place with a 
bar/ cafe. Spuistraat 216 1012 VT 
Amsterdam tel:020-6253243. Hotel 
Winston is a more commercial place, 
but is also a place for smaller touring 
bands to play on weekdays mostly. Ad- 
dress: Warmoestraat 123 Amsterdam 
Tel: 020-6860565. Punkcafe Tegen 
is also a squatted DIY place, Address: 
Oostelijke handels kade 25 1019 bl 
Amsterdam. Tel: 020 4184152. 
Punkcafe Pits is a cafe that does shows 
now and then! Address: Bosboom 
toussaintstraat 60 1 054 av Amsterdam. 
And of course you have all these big 
commercial places, who also do punk/ 
he shows now and then like Melkweg 
and Paradiso . This is where bigger bands 
play (near the Leidseplein) . 

At last we want to mention some 
interesting labels and mailorders in 
Amsterdam: Kangaroo Records is run 
by Henk (we're sleeping on the bar) Tyson. 
He's already brought out some good fast 
hardcore bands, no la la la shit like TOE 
BIES, YAWP, OUTCOLD, etc. He will 
soon release a new 7" by DESPISED from 
New Jersey. He also just released a com- 
pilation with SEEIN RED, FINAL CON- 
FLICT, BOILS, etc. called "Songs from 
the Gutter". Address: Middenweg 13 1098 
AA Amsterdam. Tel: 020-692646,9. 

Wicked Witch, the label that 
10" also did HELLKRUSHER, DETES- 
and a lot of other hc/crust releases. 
Write them about it. Address: Postbus 
3835 1001 AP Amsterdam. 
Singidunum Records is a label who's 
supporting the former Yugoslavian scene. 
They brought out the UNISON EP. Ad- 
dress: see Marko ofVTTAMINEX (above). 
He made part of this scene report to- 
gether with me. Punk 
Hardcore SE Oi List. This is my own list 
of records etc. I sell lots of cheap new 
records and I have a big selection of 
second hand and collectables, I mainly 
sell within Europe, because outside 
Europe postage is high. People who put 
out recordings or want to sell their old 
punk/hc records can contact me. Also I 
do trades. Address: Marcel Schilpzand 
cilliersstraat 40 1092 VR Amsterdam, 
Tel: 020 69481 13. OK, this was a short 
view on the Dutch punk/hc DIY scene. If 
you think we have forgotten to mention 
things, make your own scene report and 
don't complain. 


Sftne reports 


Hello. My name is Mike. I have 
never seen a Houston scene report in the 
years I have been reading Maximum 
Rock'n Roll, and when I moved down 
here I was expecting to find almost noth- 
ing as far as a punk/hardcore/emo/ 
indie scene. I was so wrong. The scene 
here isn't as big as one would expect 
from the nation's fourth largest city, but 
it's definitely on an upswing, and hope- 
fully, if nothing else, this report will give 
someone who's about to move here the 
realization that they siren 't moving into a 
vast wasteland of mail ordering records 
and driving to Dallas and Austin to see 
shows. Enough of this, on with the re- 

(Disclaimer: This is in no way a full 
Houston scene report. This is the scene 
through my eyes and my perspective. I 
know for a fact I will not cover every- 
thing. Maybe someone else will be able to 
fill in where I left off.) 

BANDS: There's not many active 
bands that regularly play out right now, 
and a few of the active bands have bro- 
ken up. but there's a bunch of new 
bands forming, so be on the lookout. 

THE TIE THAT BINDS has got to 

be one of the best bands in Houston. 
They used to be known as BADGER. 
They have since changed their name and 
still play really strong melodic hardcore 
with highly emotional lyrics and get com- 
pared to SAMIAM a lot. I sort of see it. but 
not really. They have a 7" on Abridged 
Records and a CD on One Foot Records 
still available. In the works is a 7" on Act 
Your Age!, a split 7" with INJURY, a split 
7" with GODS REFLEX, and they will be 
appearing on various comps. 

DIG DUG play really catchy pop- 
punk with similarities to bands like 
emphasis is put on the well written pop- 
hooks, and they are definitely one notch 
above your average pop -punk band .Split 
7" w/ MILLHOUSE on Act Your Age! and 
a 7" on Rebound are available now as 
well as some songs on some comps. A 
split 7" w/ ? is planned for the near 
future (non-flakey band pending). 

is the new creation 
from the ashes of SU- 
meets LIFETIME w/ 
horns. Sound kooky? 
They think so too. CD 
planned for the near 

BEAST are our 
local grind core mys- 
tery men. They're are 
on the new "bleeargh" 
comp on Slap A Ham 
and the new H-G 
FACT "No Fate" comp 
and will soon be releasing a 7" on Dosei 

NO REPLY is a newer band in the 
vein of I HATE MYSELF crossed with 
slow parts that burst into loud powerful 
"screamo" parts. 7" is out now on Street- 
car International Records and they are 
working on a split 7" w/ INDIANA and a 

PONYBOY plays catchy melodic 
hardcore with pop hooks. Two singers 
with a lot of vocal harmonizing. Definite- 
ly one of the up and up bands in Hous- 
ton. Be on the lookout for a song on the 
Houston /Chicago comp. 7" coming out 
on rebound. 

SORE LOSERjust got done record- 
ing their LP/CD for Act Your Age!. Still 
great melodic pop-punk with a little more 
intricate guitar work. The dual vocals 
work great and give this band an even 
more original sound. Also have a 7" on 
Dosei Jidai and a split 7 " w/ NARCISSIS- 
TIC FREDS and a split 7" w/ CEDAR OF 

30FOOTFALL are still doing their 
thing. Touring a lot. They have an LP/ 
CD out on Fearless. RACE CAR RIOT are 
comparable to JIMMY EAT WORLD/MIN- 
ERAL/SDRE etc. etc. and have a 7" out 
on Red Jagwir and also have a track on 
the Emo Diaries Vol. 1 CD on Deep Elm. 


still together (as far as 
I know) doing their 
unique brand of high- 
ly melodic pop, albeit 
much slower than the 
previous stuff. They 
haven't been very ac- 
tive as of late. Hope- 
fully the future will 
bring more activity. 
LP/CD and split 7"s 
available from Abridged records. 

side project for Gilbert from BLUEPRINT. 
People tell me they sound like BUILT TO 
SPILL. They'll probably have stuff out on 
Abridged or 76.2% records. 

Hiding out so far underground that 
most people don't even know he exists, 
RICHARD RAMIREZ is the undisputed 
king of Noise. With a fan base ranging 

STON MOORE, he has tons of stuff out 
under various monikers on his label 
Deadline and stuff on Relapse Records. 

JUNIOR VARSITY has just released 
a new 7" of more of their ultra catchy sing 
along kiddie pop. It also looks like Reme- 
dial records will be doing their third 7". 
They've been playing more shows lately. 

JESSICA SIX has called it quits, 
and so has SCHRASJ. 

CLUBS: This is where Houston is 
lacking. There's Fltzgeralds/ Zeldas, 
2706 White Oak, at the corner of Stude- 
mont; Fitz upstairs, Zeldas down, 713/ 
862.7580. They do almost every touring 
band that comes through town. Shows 
are usually 8:30 pm, $5-$8, all ages. 

The Mausoleum, 411 Wesheimar; 
713/526.4648. is doing shows again. 
These shows are late (as are most of the 
shows in town). They are also usually 
more local-oriented shows, and more 
often than not, garage, pop or hardcore. 

I don't usually go to shows at Emo's 
2700 Albany; 713/523.8503 or Mary 
Janes. 4216 Washington: 713/ 
869.5263. They are bars that usually 
have late shows. Mary Jane's usually 
has garage shows and Emo's has more 
rock oriented shows. The only times I 
have gone to them they were free for over 
2 1 , and there was a cover for ages 18-21. 

sraifc reports 

It looks like more people are trying 
to start stuff up among the community 
center/rented hall scene. This is great 
cuz club shows can only take care of so 
much. There really needs to be more of 
an emphasis here locally of doing things 
ourselves without the guiding hands of 
these clubs. We'll see what the future 

RECORD STORES: There are three 
good records stores in the Houston area 
worth going to. Soundwaves, 713/ 
520.9283, has a great selection of hard- 
core/ emo/punk/indie titles plus the 
whole selection of mainstream stuff if 
you're into that. The pricing on the indie 
stuff is more than fair. Two blocks south 
of Westheimer on Montrose. Sound Ex- 
change at 1718 Westheimer; 713/ 
666.5555 is on Westheimer about 6 
blocks west of Montrose. Main basis is 
on indie stuff (punk, hardcore, emo, 
etc.). Prices are a little higher than Sound- 
waves, but still very fair. Much more of a 
mom and pop atmosphere. Vinyl Edge at 
13171 Veterans Memorial; 281/ 
537.2575 is on the northside just out of 
the city limits. Great selection and a 
strong emphasis on indie vinyl. Similar 
prices to Sound Exchange. It's a little out 
of the way for a lot of people, but it's 
usually worth the drive. Other stores 
have come and gone so I've been told. 

just put out the JESSICA SIX/SCHRASJ 
split 7". They also have out stuff from 
MILLHOUSE and a comp. 7". Dosei Jid- 
ai is working on the BEAST 7" and a 
comp. 7" featuring all Japanese bands. 
They also have stuff out by SORE LOSER 
and CEDAR OF LEBANON. Rebound is 
working on the 
(Chicago) and the 
DIG DUG 7". They 
already have out 
split 7" and ROD- 
FLEX split 7". 
Streetcar Music 
International just 
put out its first re- 
lease, the "First 
Crush" comp. CD 
which contains 
songs by JIMMY 
KNOWN, and many more along with 
stories about their first crushes. Also 
just released was the NO REPLY 7". 

Abridged has out the 
BLUEPRINT LP/CD and acoustic flexi, 
and releases from bands like BLUE- 

the TIE THAT BINDS, along with some 
other stuff that escapes my mind right 
now, Abridged will be releasing a SPAIN 
COLORED ORANGE full length. 

76.2% Records put out the 
CD, the 

7", the 

and CD, the! RuSS8H 
cassette ver- tmm 

sion of the : _ ■■■'VvJ* 
LP/CD, and 
a double 7 
comp. con- 
taining the 
and more. 
Once again, I 
am not too 
sure what 
the future 
holds for 
them. Most of 
these labels also do a mailorder/distro. 
Write each label for a current catalog. 

Act Your Age!: 3244 Locke Ln.; 
Houston, TX; 77019. Dosei Jidai: 5719 
Viking; Houston, TX; 77092. Rebound: 
17019 Evergreen Elm Way; Houston, 
TX; 77059. Streetcar Music Internation- 
al: PO Box 11515; Spring. TX; 77391- 
15 15 Abridged: P.O. Box 57 1221; Hous- 
ton, TX; 77257. 76.2% Records: 2055 
Westheimer; Suite 165; Houston, TX; 

ton, TX 77062 all zines $1) is a indepen- 
dent label that has two zines under it's 
belt. Velvet Comics is an anthology with 
comics from all over, a running theme 
are dreams and slice of life situations. 

ZINES: On the zine scene there are 
a few titles out there worth checking out. 
Ah Lost Taco (PO Box 1 3 1 444 Houston, 
TX 77219-1444 send a $1) by Butch is a 
mostly personal zine that usually has a 
lot of political info for your brain. The 
personal stuff 11 make you sigh, the polit- 
ical stuffll make you think. Cool Bean 
Press (1415 Beachcomber Lane Hous- 

Dance Party is an all out dance explo- 
sion, if you like to dance, you'll like this. 
Paper Suitcase (1 136 Euclid Houston, 
TX 77009 $1) is done by Miss J. and she 
knows where to hit'cha. Inside you'll find 
lots of pro-girl writing and lots of really 
touching personal stuff. She also runs a 
zine distro called Ladybug. support her! 
Fall Into Place (PO Box 10751 Hous- 
ton, TX 77206-0751 $1) is another zine 
of the personal genre, but it tends to lean 
towards more of a political stance with 
the writing. Anthony's pissed off and it 
shows. Next we have Oi-Punk (14107 
O'day Rd. #43 Pearland. TX 77581 $1). 
Don't let the name fool ya, inside you'll 
find...yup, personal writings of the per- 
sonal kind. Finally we have The Toilet 
Papers (PO Box 1 1 1 14 Spring, TX 7739 1 
$1), and yes it's not a personal zine, it's 
a brilliant, funny, offensive comic. Just 
lo piss you off and make you laugh. 

There you have a taste of what 
Houston (and its close surrounding com- 
munities) has to offer, I'm sure there's 
more out there but this is MRR and we 
only have a limited space. I promise you 
one thing, don't take this listing as a final 
word on the Houston scene. Look at it as 
a starting point, a point of reference, a 
kick in the ass to show that we have 
something to work with, but there's a lot 
to be improved upon. 

I want to thank Kevin, Russell, 
Anthony, and everyone else who got 
together to help me compile this, and 
everyone who makes Houston such a 
rad place to live. Feel free to get in touch 
with me at the Rebound address or e- 
mail me at Please 
send all personal, Non-Rebound Records 
related e-mails to Mike's new address at 
keepin_it_real © Thank you. 








Distributed through Ebullition 
BC.59 Kepone "Sweet Irene" 7" 

2-song exclusive 7". First release from Richmond* finest since 
the amazing self-titled album on Ouartarstlck 

BC.58 Fireside "Let Rasputin do it" 7" 

2 songs. Comparable to a less metallic Quicksand, this band 
couW be Europe's best for the late 90* 

BC.55 No More Lies "Seeds of enthusiasm" MCD 

7 track CD. Great melodic parts along with brutal amrep-ish may- 
hem. Don't mess this country kids 

BC.54 Five Missiles in orbit CD 

20 song compilation with Shanty RrJ., Young ones, Three Fingers, 
Slang and Odg. From DC sound to emo to Indie rock to whatever 

BC.45 Aina "Sevens" CD 

12 songs. Melodic stuff between Jawbox and Jawbreaker. Include 
their two first singles plus new and unreleased songs. 

MM.01 Aina "150 Watts b/w Test drive" 7" 

New and first release from Aina's new label Marry me. 
Best songs to date, rocking more than ever. 

BC.60 Schedule "Sentimientos" MCD. 

7 songs. Dark and metallic yet emotional hardcore In the vein of 
Shield, Morning again and Belgium's hardcore bands. 

BC.57 Sowplot "Conciencias" MCD 

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■' 4 V 3 H 4 CANADA 


Murder In The 

Earth First activist Dies 
Trying to Save Ancient 


FORTUNA, CA. (AP) — An Earth 
First! activist was struck in the head and 
killed by a falling tree Thursday while 
trying to block the logging of ancient 
redwoods, the radical environmental 
group said. The group said David Chain 
was standing among redwoods marked 
for logging and trying to dissuade tree 
fellers when he was killed. A fellow 
protester who fled the scene reported 
that the impact cracked open Chain's 
skull, said Earth First! co-founder Daryl 
Cherney, who said sheriff's deputies 
told the group he died at the scene. 

"It's easy to get hit by a tree out 
there," Cherney said. "Even experi- 
enced activists or seasoned people — it 
doesn't matter." 

Pacific Lumber Co. did not return 
telephone messages- seeking comment. 
The Humboldt County Sheriff's depart- 
ment and the California Department of 
Forestry said only that they were 
responding to a logging accident. Earth 
First! had staged a 12-day protest 
against the logging of an ancient red- 
wood stand along Grizzly Creek, in a 
ravine near the mill town of Fortuna, 
about 300 miles up the coast from San 

The protesters say the logging, on 
land adjacent to a "lesser cathedral" of 
centuries-old redwoods purchased under 
the $495 million Headwaters 
Agreement, is destroying the protected 
habitat of the Marbled Murrelet, an 
endangered seabird that nests in the tops 
of the majestic trees. 
Thanks to the Lost Vegans FNB for 
sending this item in. 

A Dead Kennedy Mutiny At Alternative 

San Francisco-October 1, 1998 
Dead Kennedys regretfully announce that as of Oct. 1, 
1998, they are terminating their business relationship with 
Alternative Tentacles Records ( ATR). Three of the four 
members of the band — guitarist East Bay Ray, bassist 
Klaus Flouride and drummer D.H. Peligro — voted on 
Sept. 30, 1998, to sever ties with the the label due to seri- 
ous problems with the accounting to Dead Kennedys and 
the inability of the parties to settle the matter over the past 
nine months. Dead Kennedys created Alternative 
Tentacles in 1983 with explicit aim of treating every artist 
fairly and equally. ATR was an example that a group of 
upstart punk musicians could create and sustain and inde- 
pendent record label different from the majors. Jello 
Biafra took over sole ownership of the label in late 1986. 
Recently, it was discovered that for the past 10 years 
ATR was paying Dead Kennedys (without their knowl- 
edge or consent) less per CD than the other artists on the 
label. Although claims for royalty underpayment have 
been presented to ATR, no satisfactory response has been 
received, thus setting the stage for yesterday's action by 
the partners. 

Although invited to attend the meeting where the fate of 
ATR's distribution relationship was decided, Jello Biafra 
was not present. According to his attorney, he was "out of 
town." After their long association, the decision to leave 
Alternative Tentacles was a very difficult one for the 
Dead Kennedys to make. However, after extensive negoti- 
ations between the parties and their attorneys failed to 
produce tangible results, it was inevitable. Dead 
Kennedys intend to continue to operate as a partnership 
with Jello Biafra. Future distribution for the partnership 
recordings will be established and announced shortly. It is 
hoped that no interruption will occur at the retail level 
with respect to the availabiltiy of Dead Kennedys albums 
due to yesterday's action. 


Alternative Tentacles Records was advised yesterday by 
the lawyer for ex-Dead Kennedys members East Bay Ray, 
Klaus Flouride and D.H. Peligro that they had held a 
meeting and decided to terminate their business relation- 
ship with us. Their lawyer also advised us that as a result 
of this decision, we could not sell Dead Kennedys records 
anymore. This whole action is a sham: Their motive is 
sheer greed. The meeting was deliberately held behind my 
back while I was away on tour. With some very wild 
claims and heavy-handed tactics, the ex-members of Dead 
Kennedys are trying to destroy our label, hurt the other 
artists and our staff. This is an obvious ploy to manipulate 
and use the media to tarnish the good name of an honest 
record label. Now for the boring business part: Since the 
band's active days, Ray, Klaus, Peligro and myself have 
acted as a partnership called Decay Music. All partnership 
decisions have always been by unanimous consent. It was 

a great checks and bn'ances system when everyone acted 
like adults. Alternative Tentacles makes the albums, 
Decay Music collects the artist royalty and makes sure all 
the ex-Dead Kennedys members get paid. There are no 
middlemen, agents, or major label-style "promotional" 
expenses sucking away money that should go straight to 
the artist. East Bay Ray has falsely accused us of deliber- 
ately underpaying Dead Kennedys royalties for the past 
10 years. This, despite a full disclosure to Ray, the pur- 
ported business manager of Dead Kennedys, and his year- 
ly approval of all the royalty accounting procedures used 
by Alternative Tentacles. Ray bases his allegations on the 
fact that from 1989 to 1997, Dead Kennedys royalties 
were based upon a suggested retail list price (SRLP) of 
$10.98 for a Dead Kennedys CD. Ray agreed to this 
SRLP in 1989 and did not ask that it be changed until 
1997 when he demanded that Alternative Tentacles start 
calculating the royalty on a $13.98 SRLP, approximately 
$1 .00 higher than many other independent labels. In 
response we offered to correct the situation and recalcu- 
late the royalty according to the actual changes in the 
SRLP over the last ten years. Beyond that, I offered to 
make the calculation retroactive to 1989 and make up the 
difference from my own royalties. They never responded 
to our offer. We offered to let Ray go over the Alternative 
Tentacles books to make sure they were accurate, but he 
hasn't. Instead he has drawn the other ex-members into a 
no-win situation of extreme ill will. It sickens me. 
Their mean-spirited attack traces back to my refusal to 
allow "Holiday In Cambodia" to be used in a Levis a TV 
commercial (for Dockers Khakis, no less). I respect how 
much Dead Kennedys' music and message means to peo- 
ple. I am very grateful that people care so much about our 
albums after all these years. It means the world to me. I 
can think of no worse way to stab our fans in the back 
than to sell out to Levis. In retaliation for my refusal, 
ex-members of the band are making the baseless 
claims that Alternative Tentacles and myself are 
deliberately ripping them off. Nothing could be fur- 
ther from the truth. Through thick and thin, we 
have made sure that everyone we owe money to is 
paid every dime we own them — even if it meant 
paying them out of my own pocket. Other incidents 
of Ray going behind my back include licensing the 
Dead Kennedys version of "Viva Las Vegas" to the 
"Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas" film and sound- 
track on Geffen Records. They also claim they own 
all the Dead Kennedys songs that I wrote and can 
do whatever they want with them. If that's not 
enough, they are holding hostage my share of the 
royalties that Alternative Tentacles has already paid 
to Decay Music in good faith. 

For the 1 2 years since the band broke up, Ray, 
Klaus and D.H. have earned enough steady royalty 
money while on our label to live comfortably with- 
out having to work day jobs. Very few punk bands 
have been able to do this. But are they satisfied or 
grateful? No! All they can think of is how they 

continued on page two 

Wfc, — . m m*. m 



Seven Arrested at Queen's Park as Activists 
Mark Third Anniversary of Welfare Cuts 

Seven activists were arrested at Queen's Park today in a 
demonstration to mark the third anniversary of the devastating 
cuts to welfare enacted by the Harris government October 1 , 
1995. Pointing out that these cuts have led to deaths on the 
streets from hunger and homelessness, five individuals — 
Matthew Behrens of Toronto, Sue Breeze of Windsor, Mandy 
Hiscocks of Guelph, Don Johnston of Toronto and Sandra Lang 
of Toronto — poured a blood-like substance on one of the his- 
toric arches at Queen's Park. They then sat in a small circle 
and sang with a group of about 40 supporters until extra police 
and Queen's Park security called on all present to leave. 

The five blood pourers refused to leave, insisting that they 
had a right to honour all victims of Harris government policies. 
They were eventually arrested by Metro Police, charged with 
trespassing, handcuffed, and placed in a police wagon. 

Two others-Father Bob Holmes and Deborah Sharpe- 
were arrested simply for standing in the support crowd in a 
clearly public space. Holmes, a Basilian priest, was treated par- 
ticularly brutally. After questioning why he could not stay in the 
public space with a banner that read "United Nations Calls on 
Ontario to Support Human Rights," Holmes was tripped by 
police, thrown face first to the ground, had a knee placed heavi- 
ly on his back, had has glasses broken, and wound up with real 
blood dripping from a skin abrasion. Stating that he was willing 
to walk to the police wagon at that point, an officer replied, "The 
hell you will," and four officers dragged Holmes to the waiting 
van, in handcuffs. 

Some members of the group were handed official ban and 
bar letters from the sergeant at arms, banning them from 
Queen's Park for an indefinite period of time, and for no stated 
reason. Failure to comply with this letter, it reads, will result in 
further arrests. 

All were released about an hour later at 52 division, and 
will appear in court November 4 to set a date for trial. While the 
media asked why the group members felt they had a right to 
"deface" the building, protesters replied that the real damage 
had been caused by the cuts and policies which have dramati- 
cally increased hunger and homelessness, eased environmental 
protection regulations, and cut funding for women's services and 
shelters which might have saved the lives of many women who 
have been murdered by men over the past three years. 

Toronto Action for Social Change is a part of 

IU 670, Industrial Workersof the World. For 

more information on TASC email <SwKCH@wtR.ftET> 

continued from page one 
should have made even more money. Klaus Flouride and D.H. Peligro 
have been two of my dearest friends for 20 years. If all our friendship 
and history as a band means to them is money, that makes me very, very 
sad. What they are doing now suggests to me that they not only hope to 
destroy Alternative Tentacles Records, but also break up the Decay 
Music partnership. Already their lawyer is threatening to sue our distrib- 
utor, Mordam Records, and even our printers and pressing plants, even 
though they have no legal right to the albums. We have been making 
every effort to resolve these issues. All Dead Kennedys titles will con- 
tinue to be available exclusively from Alternative Tentacles, as always. 
And don't ask me about reunion concerts any time soon. 
Jello Biafra 

— nil i ■ i imp i — 

• » I '■■■ :> 

Hay Ahka Axaik:hist HnoKKAiu 

March 27th 1999 


The Hall Of Flowers in Golden Gate Park 

call 415 431 8355 for more info. 

Solidarity Smixi; Festival / 


West coast Knot) Not imimhs Uathkuixi; 

Workshops, art show at the gallery, theatrical play, local gigs, 

films on animal liberation and political prisoners. Zine and DIY 

record convention and much, much more! The last day will be a 

concert at the Ventura theatre. We are still booking bands and 

speakers, camping sites and rich people's garbage cans near by. 

For more information write to: 

FNB POBox 1563, Ventura, CA, 93006 

Youh A\aik:ho/Puxk Kvkxt! 

Send all event listings to one of the address' listed presently in 

this news section. Send them a couple of months in advance, 

and if you think that the event you are putting on is worthy of an 

article or explanation, then DO IT YOURSELF! 


Costing the Earth 

In Negativland's Plus Column 
The Group's Victory Changes the Rules on Sampling 

By Mark Jenkins 

The Washington Post 

Sunday, September 20, 1998 

In its long-running guerrilla campaign against major media corpora- 
tions, the West Coast "experimental music and art collective" 
Negativland has won a small victory. After being refused by five pressing 
plants, the group has managed to issue its latest CD, "Over the Edge 
Volume 3: The Weatherman's Dumb Stupid Come-Out Line." 

And as a result of the group's efforts, the Recording Industry 
Association of America (RIAA), a trade group based in Washington, has 
revised its guidelines for recordings that use "samples" of other record- 

According to Negativland member Mark Hosier, the CD was origi- 
nally supposed to be pressed by Disctronics of Piano, Tex., which has 
manufactured the group's discs for the last four years. The company 
refused to handle the new release, Hosier said, because of RIAA warn- 
ings that pressing plants may face copyright infringement lawsuits for 
manufacturing CDs with material that has not been properly "cleared" - 
that is, approved by the copyright holders. Hosier said that pressing 
plants have interpreted the warning to include "samples," fragments of 
sound usually reproduced from other recordings. Repeated attempts to 
contact Disctronics executives for comment were unsuccessful. RIAA 
President Hilary Rosen says the association encourages pressing plants to 
call it for guidance on copyright issues, but it had no role in any decision 
not to press the Negativland album. 

"We have not gotten a single call from a CD plant about this work," 
she said. "We're certainly not the cause of their problems." The RIAA has 
provided voluntary guidelines to pressing plants, Rosen said, but "our 
program is geared toward preventing privacy, not preventing sampling. 
We have never sued or litigated any action against any pressing plant on 
behalf of member companies for product that was sampled." 

Sampling involves electronically copying a snippet of sound and 
using it to'make a new recording, often by repeating - or "looping" - 
the sound to create a rhythmic motif. Long common in hip-hop and elec- 
tronic dance music, the technique is now used in most other genres of 
contemporary music as well. 

Many prominent performers, including L.L. Cool J, Biz Markie and 
Massive Attack, have been sued for allegedly using uncleared samples. 
In Britain, the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu (also known as the KLF, 
short for Kopyright Liberation Front) were forced to withdraw an album 
because it contained unauthorized Abba samples. Recently, sampling 
controversies have been settled with checks rather than lawsuits: The 
Verve, for example, forfeited the songwriting royalties from its "Bitter 
Sweet Symphony" because it used a snippet from an album of orchestral 
arrangements of Rolling Stones songs. 

Negativland supports the RIAA's anti-piracy actions. Hosier said, 
but believes that the trade group's guidelines intimidated pressing plants. 

"Look who they represent," he said. "They're not just a minor orga- 
nization that said, 'Here are some guidelines you might want to think 
about.' They represent 90 percent of recorded music in the United States. 
So when they issue things like that to pressing plants, it's like telling 
them what to do." 

After an e-mail campaign by Negativland supporters, the RIAA last 
week added a new paragraph to its guidelines. It reads, in part: "Some 
recordings presented for manufacture may contain — as part of an artist's 
work — identifiable 'samples' or small pieces of other artists' well-known 
songs. In some instances this sampling may qualify as 'fair use' under 
copyright law, and in other instances it may constitute copyright infringe- 
ment. There are no hard and fast rules in this area and judgments on both 
'fair use' and indemnification must be made on a case-by-case basis." 

"Fair use" allows artists and commentators to reproduce parts of 
copyrighted works in another work that remarks on the copyrighted mate- 

rial. Hosier noted that PepsiCo has taken no legal action against the 
group's last release, "Dispepsi," even though it includes snatches from, 
he said, "hundreds" of Pepsi commercials. (Curiously, British "big-beat" 
remixer Fatboy Slim used a Negativland sample in a song, "Michael 
Jackson," that was just licensed by Coca-Cola for one of its commer- 

Negativland concedes that its recordings use samples that have not 
been cleared: its new CD includes unauthorized samples from Pink 
Floyd and the Village People. But the quintet's work is "collage," Hosier 
argued, and thus allowed under fair use provisions. "Copyright is a lim- 
ited right," he said. "It's not an exclusive property right." 

Many mainstream musicians use uncleared samples and never run 
afoul of copyright law, Negativland argues. Hosier cited Nine Inch 
Nails, the Beastie Boys and Beck among those performers who clear 
samples only when their source is obvious. "It's just sort of this big 
game that people play," he said. "If you've mutilated it, messed it up, 
altered it enough, you don't clear it." In a recent interview with The 
Washington Post, the Bristol musician Tricky said he didn't credit most 
of the samples on his latest album " 'cause you couldn't recognize them 

But Negativland doesn't have the commercial clout of major-label 
recording artists. The group pressed only 2,000 copies of "Over the 
Edge Volume 3," which was issued last week, three weeks after its origi- 
nal release date. 

This is not Negativland's first clash with the music industry. In 
1991, the group and the label for which it then recorded, SST, were sued 
by Island Records over a song called "U2." Island argued that the record 
was packaged so that consumers might think it was a song called 
"Negativland" by the band U2, rather than the other way around. SST 
agreed to delete the record, but Negativland scored a public relations 
coup when Hosier called U2 guitarist The Edge and asked him to help 
pay the group's legal costs in the suit. (The guitarist expressed his sym- 
pathies, but no check was forthcoming.) 

After that conflict, Negativland founded its own label, Seeland, so 
as to be directly responsible for the work it releases. The threat to its 
ability to press CDs, Hosier said, "scared the living hell out of us. It's 
one thing for us to take the risk ourselves. We will take the risk. We 
think that everything we do is very defensible in a court of law under 
the fair-use guidelines of the copyright act. But we're looking at a situa- 
tion where that could be taken away from us. We don't even have a 
chance to publish our own work." 

After Disctronics declined to press the album, Hosier said, four 
other plants also refused. The group finally submitted the master tape 
anonymously to a smaller, unidentified plant, despite some reluctance to 
do so. "I want to be up front," Hosier said. "We're not pirates. We're not 
illegal. I don't want to act like I'm doing anything illegal." 

Hosier attributes Negativland's dilemma to multinational corpora- 
tions that "want to own and control everything they can. The idea that 
there's a gray area, that there's some instance where somebody should 
not be profiting from someone else's transformative reuse of their work 
is anathema to them." 

Ironically, he notes, Negativland's work frequently addresses "how 
corporations are influencing our culture. If you have a world where your 
culture is all privately owned by these gigantic transnational companies, 
that's a bad thing for art, for science, for creativity." 

Banned In Burnside 


James Convoy 

(Slightly edited for space considerations) 

Halifax hardcore band EQUATION OF STATE ran 
into an unexpected obstacle while preparing for it's 
current tour of eastern North America. The band 
was trying to get it's new compact disc, "Exploded 
View", ready for it's Saturday departure when band 
members were informed by their printer of choice, 
KenMac Print Ltd., of Burnside, that the CD booklet 
would not be printed for content reasons. 

"The first woman who called said they wouldn't be 
printing it because of objectionable material, " says 
EQUATION OF STATE guitarist Phillip dark. "I didn't 
know whether that was language or political notions 
or lyrics." 

Clark says he then had a "fairly calm discussion" 
with the man who made the decision, who first told 
him that they were changing over machinery and 
wouldn't have it ready on time. 

"I don't buy it," Clark says. He says that the man 
went on to reiterate that the booklet had objection- 
able content. 

What makes the situation somewhat mysterious is 
that no one at KenMac will tell either the band or The 
Coast (where this article originally appeared) what 
the objectionable content actually was. The booklet 
contains no pornography or explicitly violent images 
and, true to the band's hardcore aesthetic, there are 
no racist or sexist lyrics or references. Even the 
political references in the text are rather vague and 
general for the most part. There are about five 
instances of the f-word used over the sixteen pages, 
and one song appears to be making a pro-choice 
statement on abortion (although it is elliptical enough 
that the first time I read it, I though it was pro-life). 

When I contacted the man at KenMac who appar- 
ently was responsible for the decision, he began to 
talk about the problem with the machinery, but when 
I asked if he objected to being quoted, he said no 
comment, and hung up before I could find out his 


. r v« ti 1 1 vb f Aral b fc"i i v* u i-j vi tmttv, 

:.«J — L.,fr M j tM l M M.j.,j..£ M fr.».4.. L. j..: — j.^..^.. . L .1.. j~ j~.(—>")- 1. .: ..: ..L.£ I ».^ZL.l . .;.. ^ j. 

Email: Fax: (510) 84S-8816 

Mail: Critical Resistance, PO Box 339 

Berkeley CA 94701 ,Phone: (510) 643-2094 

World Wide Web: 

>»»»»PA6E FOWt««««< 

s n w: ni as ; \ lis : r. ass \ s as; 



0*1 ) ICAI. UrlSISTANCk'tCU): A Step Forward in the Fight Against Prisons 
by Micah Holmquist (slightly edited for space considerations) 

In the mid 1960s the Berkeley campus of the University of California was home to Free Speech 
Movement which set the stage for many of the social movements that would follow. Today it may be the 
epicenter of a new movement against the prison system in the United States. On September 25-27 over 
3,000 people gathered in Berkeley. California to attend a conference focusing on issues surrounding U.S. 
prisons. Titled "Critical Resistance: Beyond the Prison Industrial Complex," the conference brought 
together a wide range of prison activists in an attempt to build a sustained anti-prison movement, 

The last twenty years have seen a dramatic expansion in the size of what is euphemistically called the 
"corrections" system. Presently over 1.7 million people are incarcerated - a threefold increase since 1980 
- in U.S. prisons. On a per capita basis more people are incarcerated in this country than any other and 
the prison population is expected to double again by the year 2005. The increase has hit people of color 
and women the hardest and can be primarily attributed to harsher sentencing of non- violent drug offenses, 
Several studies have shown that the average sentence for a first time non-violent drug offender is longer 
than that for rape or man slaughter. 

While the average citizen might not be aware of these statistics those who attended CR were and believe 
that there is more than enough evidence to show that prisons, at the very least, need to be dramatically 
reformed. Furthermore most of those who participated are of the belief that the continued growth of pris- 
ons will result in the building of a movement against them. They believe this both because more and 
more people will find themselves, their friends, or the loved ones behind bars but also because the growth 
of prisons has been followed by a dramatic increase in the use of prison labor by private companies. 
Corporations such Microsoft and Walt Disney currently use prison labor for some of their products and 
pay the inmates far below the legally mandated minimum wage. 

The growing connection between corporations and prisons is one reason that many activists have begun 
to use the term "prison industrial complex." A spin on the term "military industrial complex," no exact 
meaning exists for prison industrial complex. In a speech given on the first day of the conference organiz- 
er and former political prisoner Angela Davis defined the term as being the growing connection between 
prisons and corporations along with the rapid expansion of prisons, the growing reliance of certain com- 
munities on prisons for economic viability, and the growing political influence of prison guards and 
administrators. Others at the conference went farther than Davis and argued that the prison industrial 
complex is a replacement for the outdated military industrial complex. However this was disputed by 
other conference participants, most notably journalist Christian Parenti, who argued that prisons are not 
presently nearly as big as the military is or has been in the past. Despite these differences' there was 
agreement that the prison system is deeply flawed and needs to be changed. During the panels and work- 
shops which made up the bulk of CR, conference participants were given an opportunity to learn more 
about the misnamed "criminal justice system" from start to beginning. Thus there were events focusing 
on issues such as police brutality and racist police practices, racist/sexist/classist sentencing procedures 
and practices, the conditions of prisons, and even the difficulties which individuals had adjusting to life 
after prison due to parole procedures. 

While these events were important, just about everyone agreed that the ultimate success or failure of CR 
would be determined by what people did after the conference when they returned to their work places and 
communities. The stakes are quite high. In the previously mentioned speech, Angela Davis made the 
point that "either the prison industrial complex will become a way of life ... or we will abolish it all 
together." But what exactly Davis meant when she encouraged abolishing the system was unclear. Many 
of those in attendance would describe themselves as revolutionaries and would argue that nothing short of 
a revolutionary change can solve the problems of the prison system. Others, although perhaps not a clear 
majority, hold a more moderate view and believe that radical changes can be successfully accomplished 
without revolution. But there did seem to be general agreement that the movement would have to be radi- 
cal and work hard to avoid unintentionally reinforcing the strength of the prison system as other prison 
reform movements have done. That this is a very real danger was made clear by Patricia O'Brien, the 
director of the University of California Humanities Research Institute, in a panel titled "Histories of 
Prison Reform.'" O'Brien argued that in the past well meaning prison reformers have added legitimacy to 
the corrections system by removing the system's most unsavory aspects with out changing it fundamen- 
tally. One pitfall that otherwise radical movements have often fallen into is relying on so called liberals to 
enact change. Numerous speakers spoke out against the Democratic Party, saying that it is part of the 
problem and not the solution And it appeared that majority of those attendance agreed with this analysis. 
During the conference a letter from Maxine Waters, a Democratic congresswoman who is one of the most 
liberal in the U.S. House of Representatives, which included many suggested reforms in the criminal jus- 
tice system. While the crowd cheered some of these changes, the end of the letter wasgreeted with chants 
of "Keep Assata free." This being a reference to the fact that Waters recently cast a vote calling for the 
extradition of Assata Shakur, a former political prisoner who. having been liberated from the prisons of 
New Jersey, now resides in Cuba. Along with a distrust of Democrats, the "Keep Assata free" chants also 
reflected the near universal support of attendees for the over 150 political prisoners and prisoners of war 
who are held behind bars by the U.S. This is important as it stresses the connection between the emerging 
movement against prisons and other social movements which fight for political, economic, and social jus- 
tice which the political prisoners and POW s were involved in. Similarly many activists were eager to 
draw the connection between the growth of prisons and attacks on education such as tuition hikes and the 
elimination of remedial programs at the City University of New York and attempts to eliminate affirma- 
tive action in states such as California. Texas, and Michigan. Despite the supposedly booming economy it 
appears to many that very destructive seeds are being sowed. With attacks on educational opportunities 
many arc finding that they are being forced into low paying service jobs while more and more of those 
who would otherwise work in those service jobs are winding up in prison. This gets to the heart of the 
problem that many see with the prison system. Rather than being something removed from everyday life, 
the prison system is simply the most brutal manifestation of the lives faced by most people in the U.S. In 
a session focusing on inmate resistance Frank "Big Black" Smith, a leader in the 1971 rebellion at Attica 
Stale Prison in New York, described prison as "maximum jails" and "free" society as being "minimum 
jails." Smith would go on to say that both prisons and the larger society needed to change and reminded 
the crowd that "none of those things can happen without you." In slightly more exotic language David 
Gaither of The Beat Within . a publication which features the writings of youth who are currently in 
detention centers, said "were asking people to rebel against society " In that statement Gaither reflected 
the hope of those involved v% ith CR. and the broader anti-prison movement as well, that the fight against 
prisons can become a fight to build a just and humane society where people are neither locked up in cells 
or involved in destructive and hurtful activities that presently often lead people to prison. 


^^ mm ^^m mmm m 


cny mrn srvrcely 


Prcrfam Extstenee ■Colleefc'i.Vfe Ta An End 

Oct. 9 - LARAMIE - An openly gay student al the 

ily of Wyoming - a diminutive man who wanted 10 
dedicate his life to the fight lor human rights - was savage- 
ly beaten and left to die lor up to 18 hours on a wooden 
ranch fence outside Laramie. 

Three University of Wyoming students - ages 21. 20 and 
IK - were arrested Thursday in connection with the beat- 
ing. Authorities said they expect mote arrests and are not 
discounting that it was an ami-gay hate crime. Matthew 
Shepard. a 21-year old political science major, was found 
tied to a fence "like a scarecrow" 1 mile east of Laramie on 
Wednesday evening. He was unconscious, and his skull 
hud been smashed with a blunt object; he also appeared to 
have sustained burns on his body and cuts on his head and 
face, his family said 

Shepard almost died of blood loss before passers-by dis- 
covered him. said his uncle, R.W. Eaton of Denver. 
Friends said they last heard from Shepard on Tuesday 
evening when he called from a bar. He was found 
Wednesday evening by two motorcyclists who at first 
thought he was a scarecrow because of the way he was 
positioned on ibe fence, said Albany Co, Sheriff Gary Puis. 

Shepard was transported to Poudre Valley Hospital in 
Ion Collins, where he was in critical condition in the 
intensive-care unit Thursday night. He remained uncon- 
scious and was clinging to iife with the help of a respirator, 
hospital officials and family members said. Neither author- 
ing nor friends and family could immediately confirm that 
the brutal beating was motivated by Shepard's sexual ori- 
entation. However, Shepard had been beaten up twice in 
the recent pasl - his taw was broken last summer - and he 
attributed those attacks to his open homosexuality. 

His small size, open personality and homosexuality com- 
bined lo make him a target lor viciousness. those who 
know Shepard said Puis, who initially characterized the 
allaek as a "bate crime." was laler asked if it was an anti- 
gay attack "At the present time we are not confirming 
Is -aid 
Shocked tticnds and family, keeping vigil al the Fon 
Collins hospital, described Shepard as open, loving and 
slight - 5 feet 2 inches tall, weighing 105 pounds. His boy- 
ishness is highlighted by the braces on his lecih. said his 
aunt. Roxanne Rose of Denver. 

"lies a small person with a big heart, mind and soul that 
someone tried to beat out o\ him." Eaton said. "Right now, 
he's in God's hands " 

His aunt and uncle described Shepard's appearance as 

: with wounds concentrated on his head and face. 
The iiv jsl severe blow was inflicted with a weapon akin to 
a rifle butt or baseball hat and probably caused irreparable 
brain damage, Eaton said 

"He looks like hell." Rose said. "I cani explain it. f don't 
know how to explain n. He is hanging onto life by a 
thread" ■ 

Said Eaton: "Its like something you might see in war" 

The trio awaiting arraignment today arc: Russcl Arthur 

Henderson. 21, of 34-kt Fort Sanders Drive, arrested for 

investigation of attempted first-degree murder. Chastity 

Vera Pasley, 20. of [he same address, arrested lor investiga- 
tion as an accessory to the crime. Kristin Lcann Price, lit, 
of 751 N Fourth St.. arrested for investigation as an acces- 

Ifbl ts 10 pass hale -crime legislation in Wyoming 
have failed repeatedly because critics have said it would 
give homosexuals special rights, Marv Johnson, executive 
director of the American Coil Liberties Union in 

B\ Coleman Cornelius. Kit Minklier and Jim Hughes 
Denver fust Staff Writers 

October V. iWJ 

tarn, mm*** &** 4*^ s>iw 

tta.. m*tevj±< wmn< 

Dear friends and Supporters of the Profane 
Existence Collective, 

On October 11th, the workers/members of the col- 
lective made a decision to cease operations of 
activities under the name Profane Existence. This 
action will go into effect immediately and will result 
in cessation of most collective functions within the 
next six months, including the end of Profane 
Existence Magazine, our wholesale and mail order 
distributions, and all new releases on Profane 
Existence Records. 

This decision has been a long time coming, with 
serious talk of ending Profane Existence going on 
for the past year. Some longtime collective mem- 
bers had already begun phasing out their level of 
commitment earlier this year. By totally ending the 
collective now, we are hoping to do so on a high 
point, not wait until it totally collapses in on itself in 
a huge mess. 

There are numerous reasons behind ending PE 
and we feel that they should be fully explained. This 
letter is not an attempt to lay blame for the demise 
of Profane Existence, but to explain why we made 
this decision for ourselves, and what our immediate 
plans are to wrap up all of the lose ends. 

Profane Existence has always been a very all- 
consuming undertaking for those who have chosen 
to take on the task. Long, stress-filled hours and 
often thankless shitwork have always taken their toll 
on our collective members, our current staff not 
excluded. We have lost several of our most produc- 
tive workers through burnout over the years and it is 
a thing we still face every day at PE. 

Over the past two years we tried to alleviate some 
of this overwhelming work load and stress by scal- 
ing back the activities of the collective. We eliminat- 
ed our screen printing operation, cut back the num- 
ber of records and -books we distribute, and moved 
PE to a smaller space. However, all of this effort did 
little to alleviate the problem because there are 
always new projects, problems and emergencies 
that need our attention. We've tried to scale it back 
to a more manageable level, but there is just so 
small we can make the collective and still call it PE. 

Balancing commitments to PE has also meant 
making huge sacrifices in our personal lives. We 
have missed countless beautiful days outdoors 
because of our commitments to PE kept us working 
inside. We have missed an equal amount of good 
nights' sleep due to overwhelming stress we bring 
home with us at night. We have missed weeks and 
months of our lives that could have been spent with 
friends and loved ones. While we harbor some (per- 
haps foolish) ideas of putting the revolution first, in 
reality it is our families, friends and loved ones 
whom we would rather give the bulk of our attention 
to. While we still want to be active, the level of com- 
mitment needed to maintain the PE collective pretty 
much has excluded having any time or energy for 
anything else at all. 


We would also bo liars to ignore the financial rea- 
sons for ending the collective. We believe in the DIY 
ethic that our products should be self-produced on 
a grassroots level and as cheaply and possible. 
However, we also believe that a fair day's work 
deserves a fair day's wage! Profane Existence has 
a history of just barely being able to keep on going, 
being stuck in an endless cycle of debts and bills 
that has always plagued the DIY punk movement. 
Money to pay collective workers' wages has always 
come secondary to payments for the distribution 
inventory and for PE projects. When wages could 
be paid at all, they were often late, and far less than 
comparable pay in "regular" jobs. In the past it has 
been possible for PE workers to get by with money 
from outside sources (i.e. part time "real" jobs or 
other creative means) or else just barely expect 
enough money for basic necessities. The reality we 
are facing is that two of the current collective mem- 
bers now have children whom they must also sup- 
port. The little wages paid by PE just aren't enough 
and these collective members must move on to bet- 
ter paying jobs. We will not be irresponsible par- 
ents, no matter how important our work. 

In the 10 years that Profane Existence has 
been publishing, distributing, propagandizing and 
agitating, it would be hard to say that we don't all 
feel much more enriched with the experiences and 
knowledge we have gained. By quitting Profane 
Existence, we are not giving up on our politics or 
beliefs in the truly underground DIY punk ethics. 
We are extremely hopeful that we have been able 
to inspire and educate through our efforts and that 
the movement will flourish after PE is gone. All of 
us at Profane Existence will still be actively involved 
within the movement and will probably collaborate 
on similar, but much smaller, projects in the future. 
For all of those who have supported us financially, 
emotionally, or otherwise, we send out our heartfelt 
thanks. We also want to thank all of those who have 
worked with the PE collective in a cooperative fash- 
ion, be they bands, distributors, record labels, mag- 
azines, and other generally outstanding individuals. 
However, the most gratitude of all goes for those 
who have risen above and beyond the call of cool- 
ness for donating their time and money to make the 
prisoner sub fund 

work, as well as help the other benefit projects initi- 
ated by Profane Existence: you are the greatest! If 
there was a way to thank everyone individually, we 
certainly would, but we don't want to make a list 
because of fear we would leave someone out. 

Until we cross our paths again, thank you and 

Profane Existence Collective 
Minneapolis, October 12, 1998 
506th anniversary of the beginning of Native geno- 
cide in the Americas. 

Jinx, New York 

Oh, you have to turn it off (the tape recorder) and give 
me a second... "Little Diane" by Dion and the Belmonts. 

Ivy McClelland, San Francisco 

There was no song cuz we were outdoors 
desecrating a church by my house. 

Sara, San Francisco 

DAS N EFX Tristan Tozer, Sactoe 

Uh, I don't wanna think about it... I think it was 

"Unbelievable" by EMF 'cuz KWOD 1 06 was on 

and we didn't think we were gonna do it and then 

it started happening and DANANAAANAA was terrible. 

Billy, that squat on market in Frisco 

I don't think there was a song, but 
Bad Brains had a lot to do with it. 

Roseberg, Oaktown 

The Tootsie Roll song. 

Caroline Collins, San Francisco 

There was no music playing just a lot of heavy breathing. 
<what would you have liked it to be?> 
Something by Depeche Mode. 

Mila, Sacramento 

I wasn't listening to one, but i had one in my head. But I 

can't think of what it was called... I could hear the springs 

creaking from the slut upstairs. She was like a bunny 

She would fuck all the time the song in my head was 


Billy, Frisco 

There was no music playing... complete and utter silence. 

Simon, San Francisco 

I haven't lost my virginity yet. 

Kris Rockass, San Francisco 

I can't remember, but we were listening to a lot of Septic 
Death, Red Hot Chili Peppers and URG the music war. 
Especially Gang of Four. 



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Distributed By: Carolina .Revolver, Rote, Smash, Sonic Rendevous, Got Hip, C.R. Japan 
Sound Of Calif., Revelation, Victory, Choke, Mean Street, Nail, Outside, Pinnacle, Shock 

'he Real Kids are one of 
those bands. A band I can't 
hear enough; even/time is like 
the first time. I stumbled across 
their reissued LP on Norton 
records-l had never even 
heard of them before-and 
bought the record because it 
looked like it might be kinda 
good. To this day, three years 
later, I consider it to be one of 
the best records I've ever 
heard. Musically, it changed 
my life. The Real Kids were 
around in various forms from 
1976 until about 1983, with a 
few brief interruptions, calling 
Boston home for most of that 
time. Coming out for the first 
time in seven years, The Real 
Kids played two nights at Co- 
ney Island High in New York 
City this past September. Dis- 
regarding all rational financial 
thinking, I flew out for what 
could be my only chance to 
see the original Real Kids. They 
did not disappoint; John (gui- 
tar, vocals), Allen (bass), Billy 
(guitar) and Howie (drums) 
thundered through two sets 
with (more than) the energy 
and urgency of a buncha 18 
year olds. Thanks to Billy and 
Miriam for helping me get this 
interview. Words and photos 
by Mark Murrmann. 

What have you guys been up to lately? 

Allen : I've been playing with Steve Cataldo, 
who was in the Nervous Eaters. And until 
about two months ago, Howie was playing 
with us. We were doing a blues band, play- 
ing mostly blues and doing club work. How- 
ie is not doing that with us anymore, but I've 
been doing it. Kind of continuing the Ner- 
vous Eaters. I live on Cape Cod, so musically 
I'm not as active as I used to be. And I have 
a job and things. 

Billy: I have a band called the Varmits, 
which is some old guys from the Classic 
Ruins and myself. We're playing around 
Boston, you know, small gigs, not really 
making any money but we're playing pret- 
ty regularly. 

Howie: Well, I haven't been doing anything 
for six months, music-wise. Until this. Before 
that, I was playing with Allen. 
John: For the past fewyears I've had a band 
called the Devotions together. We were 
playing around a lot around Boston. That 
band broke up a year ago and I've got 
another band together now. We're doing a 
tour in Spain in November. You 
know. . .Boston 's changed a lot since the last 
time, like when we were together playing. 
The scene's a whole lot different, there's not 
that many clubs. There's no real scene any- 
more. And also, I'm 43 now I don't really feel 
like putting together a band and going out 
playing Monday and Tuesday night audi- 
tions anymore. We're not really sure. ..this 
particular line-up many continue to do 

some work in the future. We need to discuss 
it. So far we haven't. Maybe we'll get togeth- 
erto do some recording. Maybe we'll contin- 
ue to play. We do a lot better playing down 
here (in New York) than we do in Boston. Like 
that crowd last night... that crowd, I was 
shocked at how good that crowd was. In 
Boston, a lot of people.. .it's not that they 
don't like us, the scene is just disassembled. 
It's gone. Everybody's gotten old and drifted 
off to their jobs and their loved ones or what- 
ever. It's not that easy. 
MRR: Any good bands coming out of Boston 
at all these days? 

John: Not that I know of. If there are, they're 

Allen: We don't get out that much, you 
know? I got a job and I work and.. .you know. 
We don't go out to clubs that much any- 

John: Me and Billy and Howie all live right in 
town. I can speak for myself, I don't go out 
that often to see bands. There's not that 
many bands to see. There was a time when 
there was a lot going on and you would want 
to go out to see some band. You'd hear 
about some band that was really good and 
you 'd want to go see them. Now there's just 
not that many clubs, there's not that many 

MRR: What brought about this reunion? How 
did this happen? 

Allen: Somebody wanted us to play. 
John: Yeah, some guy from Boston had orig- 
inally wanted us to have us play for some 

the real kids 

graduation party. It was just some kind of fluke kind of thing. 
That fell through and the girl Kelly, who books this place 
(Coney Island High), had heard about it because she's from 
Boston. She said, "Is that true that you guys are gonna play 
this gig?" I said, well, I don't think it's gonna happen. She 
said, "would you guys consider playing down here?" I said, 
well, we'll consider it I guess. 

Howie: We rehearsed Thursday night, we played last night 
and we're playing tonight, so it's three times we've playea 
in the last, what, 8 years? 5 years? When was the last time we 
John: "91 

MRR: That was the last time you guys played together? 
All: Yeah. 

Howie: 7 years; and just these last three days. That's it. 
MRR: For only rehearsing once in 7 years, you guys sounded 

John: Well, don't forget though, we rehearsed a lot thought 
when we were young. We played a lot, seven nights a week. 
We rehearsed constantly. And we've all been playing. 
Allen: Musically, we've all been active, so it's like when we 
get together, the songs, we played them so... we just played 
them a lot. 

John: It's also easier when you got a crowd like that. 
Allen: The songs are easy. It's rock 'n roll. I was amazea myself 
when I went to rehearsal on Thursday, I was hoping we could 
have gotten more practices in, but I couldn't get into the 
city, because I live about an hour, hour and a half drive from 
the city. We got in on Thursday night, it was like, wow, I 
remember all this stuff. It was like we never stoppea. It was 
amazing . It felt good . It always does when we get together. 
This band has a tendency, this particular.. .all of us., .it really 
does feel good to play together. I think anyway. 
MRR: A little history stuff...when did the Real Kids start, what 
brought it about? 
Allen: We started in,.. 
John: February of 76. 

Allen: That's right. February of 76, Me and Billy just moved 
into the city pretty much from outside the city, North Shore. 
I moved into the city and we were playing in a band and 
we. ..I don't know what happened. It was Jonathan Rich- 

Billy: We were doing a lot of covers, we didn't really have a 
songwriter. Jonathan Richman says, "I know a songwriter." 
Allen: So John came down to the place where we re- 
hearsed, we hit it off. So the three of us really hit it off. Well, 
actually it was called the Nervous Eaters, before the "real" 
Nervous Eaters. It's all incestiual. The Nervous Eaters were 
part of the same hometown and all that. It was the Nervous 
Eaters and like I said, Jonathan Richman says, "I know this 
songwriter, John Felice. " Billy and I had seen Felice in The Kids 
a year earlier or something. And we said, "Yeah, he's cool, 
we like that..." and he came down and we hit it off really 
well. We had heard Howie at a club playing with a band 
called Mickey Queen and the Mez and we approached 
him at that time and he said, "yeah, if you guys get some- 
thing together, if you get something going, give me a call." 

Howie: I didn't say that. 

Allen: Yeah you did. Then what you'd say? 

Howie: I said, get something together... 

Allen: Yeah, you came down and rehearsed with us. 

Howie: I know, but I didn't say that... 

Allen: Yeah you did! You said if we get some original material. That's 

how I took it. You said, if you get some original material, if you get 

something going, you'd be interested. We didn't have anything 


Howie: I don't remember saying that. I just remember listening and 

coming down to the practice space. 

John: Not when I was there. You were there before I ever showea up. 

Allen: That's what I mean. You were down there before Felice. 

Billy: You were down there looking for Felice. We found him on the 

street one day, just walking around downtown. We saw him. We had 

to hang out the window. We knew we could find him if looked hard 

enough. Boston's not that big of city. 

Allen: Yes! Right. That's it! 

Howie: Oh, was that when... 

Allen: Yes! You said, your exact thing was-l remember this because we 

really wanted you in the band. You said, "You guys get something 

together, then I'll think about it." 

John: And when I started playing with them, they kept saying, we got 

this drummer, this guy Howie, you gotta fucking see this guy. 

Allen: Don't you remember...? This I know is true because I remember 

this like it happened yesterday, right? Me and Billy were driving around 

and you were playing with the Mez. I walked right up to the stage and 

said, come down to our rehearsal space. 

Howie: I remember that. 

Allen: And you did. Then you played with us. It was me, Billy and Steve 


Howie: Who was the singer? 

Allen: Probably me. I was the lead singer. And that's when you said-l 

don't know your exact words-if you guys get something together, give 

me a call. That's when we tracked you down and we had Felice and 

you came down and played with Felice. 

Howie: I remember the singer... who ever was singing, singing "Smoke 

On the Water." 

Allen: No. No. No. 

Billy: Wrong. I think you were dreaming. 

Allen: I think you had the wrong space. Billy was there, what'syour take 

on it? 

Billy: We had seen you play. We said, "we like the way he plays, we 

should get him." 

Allen: Before John, he came down to the rehearsal space. He played 

with me and you and Steve Gulliano, we were doing covers. 

Billy: Anyway, we eventually got Howie... 

MRR: How long were you guys playing before the first record came out? 

Allen: Oh what, we started in 76, we recorded it in 77, it came out the 

first day in 78. 

MRR: How did the label in France hear about you guys? 

John: Well, the first thing we ever recorded was the fucking Sponge 

single and that was Philippe Gamuette, he was a journalist for Raw 

Control magazine. He was in the States, he saw us play at Cantone's 

and he wanted to make a record with us. He took his own money and 

paid for us to go into the studio to record "Common" and "All Kindsa 

Girls, " put his own label called Sponge together and I think they made 

a few thousand copies of that record. That came out in France. 
Because of his writing for Raw Control we had an outlet for people to 
know about us over in France. He was like our champion over there. 
Now. the Red Star record didn't come out in the U.S.; it was only 
available as an import, but everybody knew about us. So when Willy 
Loco and those guys, who was always playing over there, he went on 
tour with New Rose. The guy who ran New Rose got in contact, tried to 
get a hold of us. And that's how we became popular in France. Through 
pretty much Philippe Guarnette, his articles in Raw Control. There was 
nothing...! mean, that single, there wasn't that many of them maae, 
there was only a few thousand of them made, a lot of them were in the 
States. I don't know how many were released in France. 
MRR: Did you guys ever get to play in France? 
John: Yeah. We toured over there in '83, but it wasn't this bana. 
MRR: What line-up was that? 

John: That was Bobby Gullioni, Allen was on Bass, Peter Cole was on 
guitar and me. This band broke up and there was the Taxi Boys in 
between and then we got together, the second version of the Real Kids 
and we did Outfa Place and Hit You Hard, that was those two records. 
MRR: Allen mentioned you toured the States some... 
John: Oh yeah, we used to jump in a van and we'd go west. We'd play 
Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago. 

MRR: Any good bands you ever play with or amazing shows? 
John: I remember playing with X at the Hong Kong in L.A. They were 
pretty good. We played with Roy Lonely's band, the Phantom Movers, 
that was also a really good show; that was also at the Hong Kong. They 
wouldn 't let us play at Madame Wong 's because we got in a fight with 
this guy in the audience one night. He was doing the bizarre fucking 
kickbox dancing, and he was in front of Allen. He just came a little too 
close to the stage. Allen threw his bass down. The whole band jumped 
off the stage. Madam Wong's is a restaurant, with people eating and 
stuff and the band playing. They wouldn't let us play there anymore 
because we knocked all the tables over, so we had to play the Hong 
Kong. She hated us. 
Howie: I would've too. 

John: This guy came out of the kitchen with a fucking clever. He wanted 
to kill us. 

Allen: We got into a fight. A big fight. 

John: So anyway, that's why we got to play the Hong Kong with Roy 
Lonely and the Phantom Movers. 

Allen: Oh, that was a great show, playing with Roy Lonely. Great. They 
were backing us up; we were like, "what the fuck's going on here???" 
X backea us up too. I couldn 't believe that-X opening for us? They were 
good. Let's see, what other incredible bands. ..the Ramones wouldn't 
let us open for them anymore. 
MRR: Why? 

Allen: Because we blew them off the stage one time too many-no, I 
wouldn't say that, but we did do a pretty good job. 
John: No, the Paradise, the last time at the Paradise they wouldn't let us 
play with them anymore. 

Allen: Well yeah, that's because that was a Boston crowd. Boston really 
liked us. 

John: But they were really popular up there too. 
Allen: I don't know.. .the Ramones are great, they're like an establish- 

John: Even then they were. 
Allen: And the thing with us was we would have a real melody. Our songs 

the real kids 

are better than the Ramones, I don't give a shit what 
anybody says. Someone might wanna beat me up for 
saying that, but they are. There's more to it, you know? 
There's more for the crowd to grasp. 
John: But anyway, we got like two encores for the show, 
playing before the Ramones. Later on I workea for the 
Ramones and I know what they're like. They don't like any 
band upstaging them at all. To the point where they got to 
where they didn't like to have any band open for them at 
all anymore because they wanted to be. ..I mean, that's all 
right, I understand that. There's nothing wrong with that. But 
when we played with them at the Paradise, we were 
friends with them, they knew us, that's how I got to work for 
them, because we played with them. 
Allen: They liked the Real Kids. 

John: Yeah they liked the Real Kids. They just didn't want us 
opening for them. Mostly it was a good business move on 
their part, it wasn't a good business thing to have us open 
for them. You don't want to goon after a band fucking has 
two encores. I saw Iggy go on after Jesus Jones once at a 
show in Boston. Jesus Jones, they're nothing to write home 
about at all, but the fucking crowd loved Jesus Jones. They 
got a good encore. Iggy was incredible, but it was anti- 
climatic. I can see the point. If a band delivers and gets the 
good encores and shit like that, the next guy's gotta go up 
and come on right from the start, hit that level. That ain't 
easy to do, come out right from the first song and just kick 
ass like that. So I can understand why people wouldn't 
want to have that kind of band playing before them. 
Howie: It was almost like that when we opened for the 
Runaways. That was pretty cool. Yeah, that was what, 76? 
John: And the Talking Heads. 

Howie: I don't think our record was out when we opened 
for the Runaways. 
Allen: Who'd we open up for? 
John: The Talking Heads. 

Allen: We did? Wow. I don't remember that one. 
MRR: Did you open for the Runaways out here or out there? 
Howie: Up in Boston. 

John: The first time we played in New York, we played with 
the Dead Boys down here. 
Allen: At CBGB's. 

John; It was their first night in New York and it was our first 
night in New York. 

Allen: Here's a story... John, what's his name, Stiv Bators, 
master Bators came up to me because they didn't have a 
bass player. He really dug us ana he was cool. He said to 
me, "Man, do you wanna join the Deaa Boys? You can be 
the bass player for the Dead Boys." I told him I'd rather be 
a Real Kid than a Dead Boy. He was a really nice guy. They 
were funny as hell. Jimmy Zero, nice fucking guy. Cheetah 
was totally outta control, totally outta his mind. 
John: He moved up to Boston for 4 or 5 months. That was a 
good summer. 

Allen: I remember the Dead Boys used to do Psychotic 
Reaction, which I thought was a great song. And they did 
Sonic Reducer. . .that kinda reminded me of that DMZ song. 

"I'd Rather Be a 

Real Kid than a 

Dead Boy" 

-Allen Paulino, bass 

the real kids 

That was a good band we used to play a lot with in Boston. 
MRR: It's almost like there was something magic there in 
Boston then. 

Allen: Yeah, it was a great city, a really cool scene. I think 
there were a lot of bands like the Stooges and the Dolls are 
what spawned a lot of that. Because all the guys I was 
hanging out with, the record collections were all like: Velvet 
Underground, Stooges, New York Dolls, I mean, you know, 
that stuff. The MC5, that was the stuff that was really feeding 

John: In our case, we just added a little rockabilly stuff 
Allen: Girl groups, Shangri-Las, we used to listen to that a lot. 
I don 't know how that influenced us, maybe in the songwrit- 
ing, that kind of stuff. 

John: Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers... 
Allen: A lot of rockabilly. We did "Rave On" by Eddie Co- 

John: We had a huge repertoire at one time because 
sometimes in Boston you had to play three sets a night, or 
two sets a night. 

Allen: You had to play cover songs. 
John: I was writing originals, but I didn't have 60 original 
songs. So we learned a lot of our favorite songs. We listened 
to records and picked songs that we liked, like the Brood, our 
first record has the Eddie Cochrane song; later on, stuff like 
the Everly Brothers. There was a lot of shit that we did that we 
liked; besides like the obvious ones, like the Stooges, the New 
York Dolls, all those obvious things that were influences, as 
we matured and actually became a band ourselves it was 
a lot of cool old groups. We were always into that stuff. It's 
kinda neat playing them yourself, with your own interpreta- 
tion. But everything sounded like the Real Kids, no matter 
what we played. We couldn't help ourselves. We just 
weren't that good musicians. 

Allen: We weren't good at copying riffs; we could get the 
chords together, then we would have to wing it on our own. 
It was never like we'd sit there and listen to records and copy 
the riffs. 

John: It was too hard to. 

Allen: And we didn't want to. We just never could anyway. 
MRR: What caused the first break-up of the Real Kids? 
Allen: Well, we were in LA and there was nothing going on; 
it was really just a down time. 
MRR: What year was that? 
Allen: 79. 

John: I actually think it's not so bad in retrospect. It could 
have been a lot worse. We actually had some record 
companies coming to see us. For a band that went out there 
with absolutely no gigs, we didn't know anybody, we just 
decided this is where we wanted to go, we're gonna go out 
to the west coast at the end of winter. We get out to the west 
coast, we stayed over at a friend's house. Our road manag- 
er got us a gig like the first night we were there. And we 
started getting gigs, we were able to get gigs. We were only 
there for 6 months. We started making an impression on 
people out there. Howard went back to Boston. We got this 
other kid to fill in on drums for a little while 

Allen : Billy wasn 't there anymore, the original Billy wasn 't there, we had 
another Billy. We traded Billies. Billy went to the Classic Ruins and we 
took the Classic Ruins' guitar player. That was dumb. Then when we 
broke up and I went and played with the Nervous Eaters. No, we broke 
up and came back to Boston and we started the Taxi Boys. I was in the 
Taxi Boys. I left them in a lurch. We just had recorded an EP, and 
everything was getting ready to be put out and I split. I got an offer 
playing for the Nervous Eaters for money. I gotta say I split for the 
money, and plus the fact I liked those guys. But the Taxi Boys weren't 
doing anything, not that much . So I split and went to the Nervous Eaters 
because they had gigs and were playing a lot. So those guys, who put 
the record out without me. And after that, I played with the Eaters for 
about nine months, that drove me fucking completely crazy. Then 
Felice and Billy were both out with the Ramones. Working for the 

MRR: What were you doing for the Ramones? 
John: Road crew. 

Allen: I was on the North Shore and I was playing with this friend of mine, 
Tony Cagnillia, blues guy, basically jerking off, doing nothing. Getting 
fucked up, having fun and everything. Then Felice called me and told 
me about the French thing. Is that how that happened? You go with 
it, I don't remember it. 

John: Well, what we did was we put together another band with Billy 
Cole on guitar, Allen on bass and Bobby Moore on drums. We re- 
hearsed a lot because we had to make this record. 
Allen: We had to fulfill an obligation to make a record is what hap- 
pened. So we got back together. 

John: We rehearsed a lot and made the Oufta Place album. That was 

Billy: The Ramones approached me and said, hey, you're in between 
bands, you're a guitarist, do you wanna go on our world tour? I said 
sure, I'll go with you. 
Allen: Howie was in the Lyres. 
Howie: From l 80-'83. 
MRR: What did you do after the Lyres? 
Howie: Barrence Whitfield and the Savages. 
Allen: You were in that band for how long? You were in there for a 
while, weren't you? 
Howie: Three years. 

Allen: That was a great band; you were good in that band! You ever 
heard that band, Barrence Whitfield and the Savages? 
MRR: I've never heard them. 

Allen: Man! Peter Greenberg from DMZ, the guitar player; that band 
was fun. 

John: Then we went to Europe, after Outta Place came out for a 
month, two months? 

MRR: How did the reissue of the first album come about? 
John: Well Miriam (from Norton Records) used to work for Marty Thau 
at Red Star when we were first together. And they just wanted to put 
it out. I mean, they've always been big fans. They asked us and we said, 
why not? It definitely breathed new life into that record. If you can find 
a copy of the Red Star version, it'll cost you $35-$40. If you can find it. 

Write Norton Records (Box 646 • Cooper Sta • NYC, NY • 10003) for 
more information and the absolutely essential reissue of the first Real 
Kids LP. 

Men in dresses, a blonde girl 
with a dolled up guitar singing vocals 
and yelling sarcastic remarks at the 
crowd, a machine gun shaped guitar, 
big red gum and Mallo cups. No, this 
is not another twisted David lynch 
plot for a Lost Highway sequel. 
Welcome to the world of the 
Heroines. A sordid affair that would 
leave the most diehard punks won- 
dering what the hell the world was 
coming to. 

How do they sound you may ask? 
"Trailer rock, pure trailer rock", is 
how Kurt the guitar player describes 
it. I tend to agree. For reasons that I 
do not yet understand, it just seems 
to fit their image — an image that is 
a cross between a drag queen con- 
vention and a bad halloween night- 

I was able to spend a day with 
the band before one of their local 
shows out here in Vegas. I learned 
that the bass player, Boyde, cites 
Quiet Riot as teaching him that you 
should never use your fingers when 
playing bass, always use a pick. He 
dreams of having Quiet Riot play a 
set with them one day. I learned that 
Clay, the drummer, has a fond- 
ness of long flower print 
dresses and 
hopes some- 
one in the 
crowd that 
night is able to 
hit him in the 
head with some 
of the candy 

they plan on throwing out. I 
learned that Debbie, the lead 
vocalist and one of the gui- 
tarists, has a problem with 
13 year old girls coming up 
to her and telling her she is 
their idol. I learned that 
Kurt, the machine gun 
shaped guitar player, 
can't get enough 
Jones soda. I ife' -« 

learned that I was ■ *. : 
in for a long and / ™ 
strange journey S 

when I decided to 
embark on tour with 
this band as there 
roadie and all 
around whipping 

If you have the 
chance, I highly rec 
ommend catching 
the Heroines 
show if they 
pass through 
your town. And 
remember, aim 
your candy at the 
drummer, he likes it 
that way. With two 
7 inches on the 
way, one a solo 
project and one a 
split with the Blacks, 
your plate will soon 
be filled with trailer 
rock goodness! 

After numerous 

warnings fro Boyde to make sure 
that the tape in my recorder did not 
run out, for they had a lot to tell me, 
we were underway. Interview by 
Frank DeFrancesco. 
D= Debbie 
K= Kurt 
B= Boyde 
R= Crystal 

MRR: How long have the Heroines 
been together as a band? 
B: What is together? 
MRR: Well when did it start? 
K: Clay and Debbie will have to field this 

C: Debbie can answer that one. She likes to 
say its because of her. 

B: That is too historic of a question. We don't 
think that far back. 

D: I know its been too long, about five 

C: No, about three months. 
B: Next question, that is way too serious to 

C Naa, three months, with these songs. We 
don't have any songs that are over three 
months old. 

D: The real Heroines for three months. 
MRR: So then are you 
saying this is the first 
Heroines? (referring 
to the numerous line 
up changes the 
band has encoun- 
tered through out 
their time as a band). 
K: Yea, so now if one of us leaves the 

band it ends' One of us would have to die for 
the band to break up. 

D: This is it. we aint starting over with new 
members again. 
B: (begins to 

micro recorder asking if it is turned on) 
MRR: OK with three guys in the band 
and only one girl why the name the 
Heroines still? 

B: It's the Heroines, (accentuating the hero 

K: So people will see it on a flyer for a show 
and say, "oh it's the Heroines, they sucked. I 
though they broke up years ago. " 
B: Exactly! 

MRR: So you just use the name to 
get people to come to the shows to 
tell you that you suck? 
B: Yup. 

K. Well they still come. So fuck em. (laugh- 

D: The name of the band is the Heroines, 
because I like that name. 
C: No one was willing to change it to Free 

K: Or the Greazy Shit Fucks, and that's 
greazy with a "z". 
MRR: So why the dresses? 
C: Cause we thought it would be a good 

B: Its all about glam rock! 
K: No, Boyde yells at us and makes us feel 
bad if we don't wear them. 
D: Because Boyde likes wearing dresses, 
and he needed an excuse to do so. 
B: It's all about glam rock! 
MRR: So, Boyde, if you could wear 
dress outside of the shows 

Oh, constant- 

Actually I do, 
-jpbut I wear it under my 

' C: I just wear a bra and panties under my 
street clothes. 

MRR: Kurt. What is the story behind 
your machine gun guitar? 
jga K: I was old friends with Sylvester Stallone, 
ft, )and it was actually a prop on the movie 
» ■ f Rambo. 

B: We have connections with some movie 
people out in Hollywood. Wait until they get 
the Heroines rockumentary to come out. 

MRR: Seriously though, how 
id you come about getting 
the guitar? 
K: OK, we were at a studio, we 

For the Heroines 
C: There is a lot of 
fucking lightning outside, 
(commenting on the 
weather that is beginning 
k to become increasingly 
\worse outside the van) 
IK: Anyway, after we 
ere done mixing, oh 
lord there was this beau- 
tiful guitar, it was in the 
shape of a machine gun. 
This heshin guy who was 
smoking pot the whole 
me we were mixing kept 
asking me if I liked it, and I 
kept saying yes I liked it, 
and he would come 
back to me every 5 
minutes asking me if 

I liked it and I would say yes I like it, I like it, I 
like it. So finally when his boss got there he 
asked his boss how much he would sell it to 
me for and he said "two bills will get it for ya 
big guy" so I went and got the money. 
B: Tell them where you got the money from. 
K: I got it from Clay. 
B: From Clay's where? 
C: Kurt had to sneak into my bedroom while 
Debbie was sleeping and get it. 
B: Get it out of what? Was it a cut out bible? 
(everyone starts laughing) That's where Clay 
keeps his money, in a cut out bible. If you 
ever break into his house, you go into the 
closet and get into the cut out bible. That's 
where Clay keeps his stash. 
C: I'm gonna have to get a new place now 
cause Debbie knows. 

B: Oh, that's where you hide it from Debbie? 

MRR: OK, Boyde, so now that both 
Kurt and Debbie both have interest- 
ing looking guitars, do you plan on 
doing anything to your bass? 
B: Yea, that is a secret I'm going to debut on 
the first out of town show.. 
C: We don't even know 
what it's going to be, 
just Boyde knows. 
B: Everyone is being 
all secretive about 
their shit so I'm 
going to be all secre- 
tive, fuck em! 



ing for 


to on 



C: We 

are a 



to pussy! 

K: I'm 


forward to 



B: Mallo cups 

K: Mallo cups! 

MRR: Okay, 

what's the 



Mallo cups? 

K: (towards 

Clay) I was won 

dering why you 

didn't mention 

Mallo cups yet. 

Where is the one you 


C: I brought a Mallo cup tonight to wipe on 
you Boyde, but I lost it. 
D: I have been wondering where the fuck is 
the Mallo cups? 

C: I bought the fucking Mallo cup, and it was 
all melted, and I thought this is going to fuckin 
rule, cause I can wipe it all over Boyde in the 
middle of the set. 

D: You could have done it when we were 
playing "All the Kids Want To", cause Boyde 
is all serious during that song. 
C: Well, I would have had to have done it at a 
point when we weren't playing. 
B: It's all about Mallo cups. 
(Clay hits the horn by accident) 
C: Wow, the horn only works when the car 
isn't on. (begins to honk it attracting the 
attention of some young punk rockers who 
are probably wondering what four guys and 
one girl are doing in an a dark alley in the 
back of a van) 

D: Just tell him the story behind the Mallo 

C: This has no fucking story! 
K: I got the story! 

C: Ok, ok, Clay is always trying to buy me 
food that I wont eat, so one day he finds 
Mallo cups. Kurt can tell the rest of the 

K: OK, so we buy Mallo cups one day, and it 
looks like two recess peanut butter cups, but 
it's a yellow pack instead of an orange pack. 
But they are still cups, and they come in the 
brown paper that are indented with the cup 
shape. (Kurt likes to give his stories good 

C: (spots a girl walking towards the van) Here 
comes Crystal, (starts talking into the 
recorder) You know anyone who wants to go 
out with her, hook her up. (Crystal is Clay and 
.Debbies' room- 
K: OK anyway, Clay 
buys the Mallo cups and 
Boyde eats it, and ohh dear 
does he love the Mallo cups. 
Then all of a sudden they start 
throwin' the Mallo cups at each 
other! And then Boyde says, "oh Clay aint 
gonna like this" and starts mashin the Mallo 
cups on the windows of 
Clay's van and all over the 
sides of it. 

(Crystal stands next to the 
now open door of the van 
but does not say anything 

C: Yea, he got mad so he 
started mashing them on the 
car, cause I hit him in the 
back of the head with one. 

B: Yeah, and then I put 

some on the van's door 

handle and waited for 

Clay to get in. 

K: So from now on our 
new joke is "Mallo cups. 
Mallo cups. I have to get me 
a Mallo cups." 
B: That's our new song too. 
C: Its called ma double I o 
double u. 

B: And you sing it just like 
the Mickey Mouse 
song. (they begin to get into 
an impromptu session of 
singing the Mickey mouse 
club theme song, only with 
Mallo cups used instead) 

MRR: Do you plan on bringing Mallo 
cups out on the tour? 

C: I think we might do what the Automatics 
did with the bananas, except use the Mallo 
cups, (referring to the Automatics latest tour 
antics that had to deal with the use of 



MRR: OK you guys have been on 
tour before you had Boyde in the 
band. Any stories from that tour? 
B: This is a very serious question. I don't like 

C: I can sum up the last tour with Kurt yelling 
corn. He yelled com throughout the whole 
mid west. 

D: And yo mama, we kept yelling yo mama. It 
was the yo mama tour. 
C: Kurt didn't eat for about two weeks and 
lost a lot of weight. 

K: By the time I got back home, I lost about 
60 pounds. I don't know how I did it, but I 
was 60 pounds lighter. 
MRR: So who is the roadie on the 
next tour? (this was before I found 
out that I would be the roadie, 
replacing Geoff, who is unable to go 
on tour due to financial difficulties) 
C: Ummm Geoff. 

B: And we can't remember what band he is 

C: That's right the first time he mentions his 
band on tour to other people, we are going to 
hit him. (Geoff has a problem with talking 
about his band all the time) (everyone starts 

MRR: Does he have a chance of get- 
ting laid? 
KCDB: Yeah! 

K: And he will always say how much he does- 
n't get laid in his home town, cause girls hate 
him, so the girls on the road will love him and 
have sex with him 

B: Or the guys will have sex with him. (laugh- 
D: Ask Crystal what she thinks about the 


MRR: Crystal what do you think about the 
R: (silence) 

C: Ask Crystal what she thinks about mutes? 
(referring to how silent she has been this 
whole time) 

MRR: What do you think about 

(everybody laughing, Crystal just shakes her 
head and says nothing.) 
MRR: So does that mean you don't 
like then or yes or.. .is that a mute 
yes, or an I'm against the mute? 
K: Is that how the mutes would say yes? 
(everyone begins laughing more) 
D: Ohh everyone leave her alone. 
MRR: OK so I take it you guys dont 
want any serious questions in this 

B: Fuck serious questions! 
K: Oh you can ask a serious question, but 
you're just gonna get a ridicules answer. 
MRR: So then you wouldn't want me 
to ask you some questions about the 
recent killing of Spit? (An anti-racists 
skin who was recently killed in 
Vegas. Speculation has it that he was 
murdered by local nazis. His killers 
have not been found yet.) 
D: We loved Spit and it was very sad, and we 
really dont want to talk about it. 
B: It has made the awareness of racists prob- 
lems in our valley noticed by many more peo- 
ple and hopefully it will help bring people 
together to stop this from ever happening 

(Everyone gets silent for a second and the air 
is a little tense, we are slowly able to get 
back into talking about more light hearted 

MRR: What silly shit do you plan on 
doing on the tour? 
C: My main goal is to find a Wall Drugs, (a 
drug store that Clay found on their last tour) 
MRR: A Wall Drugs? 
B: Clay hasn't stopped talking about Wall 
Drugs for the last year. (Debbie begins to 
notice the smell coming from Boydes arm pit) 
D: Any one else smell Boydes arm pits? 
(everyone begins to laugh at Boyde and make 
fun of his smell) 
B: All I have to say is that I am the best at 

brewin' up some foot and ass smell! I'll take 
off my shoes right now and give you a good 
pre wif? (I decline the offer) 
MRR: Will there be shitting in the van 
on the tour? (Boyde kept mentioning 
before the show that night how he 
planned on shitting in the van on 

B: Yes there will be shitting in the van. 
K: And there will be female deodorant spray. 
B: And Mallo wars! 

K: This is gonna be the Mallo war tour! 
D: Anyways, back to the 7' inch, it is gonna 
be called big red. 

MRR: So your last 7' inch was called 
big pink, now this one is big red? 
B: Fuck that, that's a serious question! (a 
small wind storm has been blowin' around 
through out the interview, but now it is begin- 
ning to become increasingly more violent and 
barrels, the type that look like they could con- 
tain toxic waste, go blowing by the van. We 
start to watch the lightning and flying barrels 
like a bunch of little kids and forget we are 
doing an interview for a while) 
MRR: Oh, Okay, so who do you think 
will get laid the most on tour? 
C: Kurt or Geoff. 
D: Yea Kurt or Geoff, (the toxic 

waste drums begin to bash 
into the side of the van 
and Clay goes to open his 

door to see if they are 

damaging the van. The 

wind pulls the door from 

his hand and almost rips 

it off its hinges. We all 

being to laugh hysterically 

as even more barrels begin 

to bang into the van) 

D: Oh my God, we were 

just in a tornado! 

(somehow we start 

talking about taking 

off Clays shirt) 

B: If we take it off) 

we can see his 


MRR: You have 

a tumor Clay? 

C: No! 

B: He has one on 

his belly! 

MRR: Does 

anyone else 

have any- 
thing weird 

growing on 

there bod- 

K: I have a 

small penis 


on my 

body.. I 



how it 

got there 

but there it is 

I plan on get- 
ting a pump 

before we go 

on tour: 

B: Hey, do you 

wanna know how 

got into the 


MRR: OK how? 

B: Ummm, what was the name of the show 
you made me watch, Clay? 
C: I don't know? 

B: Umm, oh, I had to like Happy Gilmore to 
be in the Heroines, they told me that if I didn't 
like Happy Gilmore I couldn't be in the 

MRR: What happened to your old 
bass player? 
B: Fucking exploded. 
K: (laughing) We are like Spinal Tap... our 
bass players just burn-up. 
B: Actually what happened was, it was 
around the time the Heroines were going for 
the metal sounds and... 
K: We were trying to play a frequency so 
high, heads would just explode! 
K: Look it's raining, (we all scream as another 
gust of wind knocks a barrel into the side of 
the van, shaking the van. Clay jumps out of 
the van and begins to throw around the bar- 
rels while lightning is all around us) 
K: Look, he is picking up metal toxic waste 
drums in the middle of a storm, he is gonna 
be electrocuted, (we all start laughing at the 
thought. Clay wanders off to where we can't 
see him and then returns about a minute 

C: I was just in someone's motorhome. but it 
was dark in there so I couldn't see any- 
' thing. 
MRR: Anyways, do you guys enjoy 
having Boyde in the band now? 
D: Boyde has brought the metal and the 
Dody odor. 

3: That's right, this band didn't have 
enough funk so they brought me in. 
and I don't mean the type of music! 
MRR: OK, any last words you 
guys wanna say? 
K: I still have not had a blow job yet. 
..j^C: Man. that sucks. 
\K: Get it? It's a joke. 

C: I didn't get it until after I said it. 
B: Umm. That's to serious a 

MRR: I think that's it. 
C: I can't believe I broke my 
van door! 


D: I would like to say 
that this is by far the fun- 
niest line up we have had in 
this band, evervone clicks real 

B: And it is really fun when we 
are not hanging out together. 
D: Yea, like right now we hate 
each other, but when we are 
all in our separate places we 
miss each other. 
K: When I'm at home, I love 
these guys. 

B: I sit at home and some- 
times get lonely, so I just 
think about these guys. 
Then I pull down my 
pants and jerk off. And 
that is what the 
Heroines is all about. 

Third Party are from New 
Hampshire and are not a 
street punk band. This in- 
terview was conducted by 

MRR: So, first off, intro- 
duce yourselves and what 
you do for the band. 
Jason: I am Jason and I play 
guitar and sing. 
Pete: I'm Pete. I play drums. 
Andy: Andy, I play bass 
MRR: How long have you 
been together, and in that 
time, have there been 
many line up changes? Did 
the music style change 
with new members? 
Jason: We started November 
25th 1 995 and we were pretty 
much playing poppy punk stuff. 
Then Aaron, our first bass play- 
er, quit, then we got Andy and 
we went more hardcore till we 
were doing blast beats and 
crossing more over into grind, 
but Andy wasn't into that, and he 
was flaking out on us, so we 
kicked him out in august of 97. 
Then we basically turned into a 
grind co re 
band but, 

we did like our old stuff, so we split 
into two bands. Pete and I are now 
a grind band called Id, and Pete, 
Andy and I are Third Party, two 
bands playing completely different 
music. Andy's been in another 
band. Yellow #5 for longer than he's 
been in Third Party. 
MRR: How did you guys meet 
up, and why did you decide to 
form Third Party? 
Jason: We actually met through the 
MRR classifieds back in the sum- 
mer of 95 when I still lived in Florida, but I knew I was 
moving up to New Hampshire. I put an ad in the 
classifieds, the typical "moving to this area, looking for 
someone to be my friend and want to start a band" and 
Pete was the only person who wrote. 
Pete: Me and Aaron were sick of our bassist and he left 
anyway, so we were pretty much waiting to find some- 
one else. Bassists were hard to come by in our circle of 
friends. Then Aaron started get- 
ting into bass and Jason came 
along and we clicked really well. 
There wasn't much deciding to 
do; we all were good together and 
we knew it, so we just started the 

MRR: What are 
your releases 
to this date, 
and what do 
plan on doing 
later on? 
Jason: So far we 
have a 7" that's 
out of print called "greatest hits" andwe 
have a 49 song CD recorded that should 
be out soon, all on our label, Crackpipe 


MRR: Have you guys been accepted well in the 
punk scene in your area? 

Pete: No. 

Jason: By some, you see, we're not down with the 
whole in crowd of Boston punk, we don't sound anything 
like them. I mean, you could definitely cite influences in 
our music, but we are completely devoid of regional 
ones, so since we're not all trying to sound like the five 
big Boston punk/Oi! bands, a lot of people aren't into us, 
and sadly the kids that are into us are largelyl 2-year-old 
Screeching Weasel fans, but there are a lot of cool kids 
that come to our shows who don't give a fuck about 
fitting into the scene. I'm not dissing 1 2 year olds that go 
to shows, I think that's great. I wish kids got into it at a 
younger age so by the time they're older, they'll know 
more about it, instead of all these kids that get into punk 
then a year later they think they're all big and bad and 
have been there and done that, when they haven't done 
shit, and they start calling everyone posers and talking 
mad shit about everybody. You find that only posers 
usually call people posers, but yea, we do have a small 
group of hardcore fans that come to our shows even if 
they're two hours away and shit, it's rad. I think it might 
have something to do with us not sounding like every- 
body else around here. In Boston, if you play crappy Oil 
music and know the right people, you can be packing 
two hundred kids into your shows and have a split 7" out 
when you've only been around for three months, it's 

fucked up. 
Then you 
have great 
bands like Fat 
Day who've 
been around 
a long time, 
and have 
gone on tours 
and shit and 
have two 
LP's and like 

four 7"! 
they gf 
play an 
Andy: I 
you it 
any b: 
but wf 
yea, A 
inal. I 
I want 
Andy: I 
Gang < 
Pete: \ 
off any 
ed thi 
space show. 

Pete: I still like Aaron's last ! 
anniversary at Cafe Savoie 
MIT 24-Hour Coffeehaus t< 
four chess players on Halli 
corpse paint. My friend Mic 
and died earlier that eveninc 
that much. 

Andy: I think mine was probi 
Aaron, because I sat in Pete 
was asked to replace Aaror 
MRR: Who got you gu> 
Jason: Two kids in juniorhigl 
Jason Boemer and Bob Me 
Pete: Me. My sister listens 
like The Smiths , Ride and III' 
other Manchester alternate 
eighth grade I stopped listei 
and started listening to the 
Nirvana. Then Dookie came 
of its sort that I'd ever heard 
these bands get popular, so 
mise their sound and the ki 
further into the scene from w 
other stuff, too. So from tKi 
Flipper, Crimpshrine, Mine 

3 and out of print stuff, and 
;t thirty people when they 
Dund here. 

he best bands around here 
raw much of a crowd, I find, 
vlost people are into shitty 

When you started, did 
lodel yourselves after 
and, or did you want to 
; "new ground"? 

We fully ripped off F.Y.P., 
've gotten away from that, 
ke got burnt out on that, but 
s always wanted to be orig- 
think we sound a lot more 
I now than we ever did and 
to go with that, 
think there was a little early 
3reen influence as well. 
Ve've never intended to rip 
one, but there was a point 
we said "hey, we sound 
[ like old F.Y.P." and decid- 
at it was about time to 
3, butitwas OK because old 

What was your most 
>rable show? 
There's a lot. Playing with 
k was awesome. Many 
Savoie shows. The art 

show with us, on our 1 -year 
And when we played the 
> seven of our friends and 
Dween night. We were in 
hele had gotten hit by a car 
L It created a mood, I'll say 

ably also the last show with 
's bass drum and then later 
i on bass. 
s into punk? 

l thatdidn't mean to, named 

id to quasi-subversive stuff 
:ra Vivid Scene and all these 
e blowout bands, so about 
ling to much popular music 
it. Then I got wicked into 
out and it was the first stuff 
I don't think it's all bad that 
long as they don't compro- 
ds who get into them look 
hich they came, and get into 
sre I got into Operation Ivy, 
r Threat and the ueers . 

pretty much by buying records that looked cool. I was 
pretty lucky. After a while, I met Jason and he got me 
into F.Y.P and the rest just followed. 
Andy: Probably Minor Threat or Operation Ivy, like half 
the other readers of this interview. 
MRR: All three of you are in different bands, 
aside from Third Party; can you give us some 
information on those? 

Jason: Id is me and Pete playing ultra fast crushing 
grindcore, then I also do Voltron which is my one-man 
grind band where I use a drum machine: Andy is in 
Yellow #5. 

Andy: Yeah, we play emo-ish type stuff, but it's good. 
We also have a female vocalist, Leigh. 
Pete: And I played everything for The Janessa Leigh 
Hoyt Band for about a week. 

MRR: Do you have any long-term plans to tour, 
and where do you see yourselves in five 
years? Still in Third Party, or pursuing alter- 
native things? 

Jason: We want to tour, it's just a pain in the ass to get 
all the shows booked and take the time off work and then 
half the time the people cancel on you, orsince nobody's 
heard of us, if we do play a show, we'd better hope we're 
playing with a bigger band so somebody will be there to 
see it, you know? I think we're going to wait until our CD 
has been out a while and see how that does before we 
go out. In five years, I hope to have lots more records out 
and have my label going strong and be touring regularly 
and maybe be able to quit my job, but I'll probably still be 
saying that our CD is supposed to come out. 
Pete: It's tough to tour right now. I'm in school and 
Jason's working full time, so it's hard to coordinate a 
time. And in five years I hope we' re a lot better musically. 
I don't think we could play the same thing for 5 years 
straight, it'd get boring. 

Andy: In five years if we are not still playing as Third 
Party, I hope to still have something going with Pete and 
Jason, because I think we all have a lot of talent, and it 
would be a shame (and stupid) if we just gave up playing 
music. As for touring, I'd like to more than anything, but 
in a month I've got to go to high school again cuz' I fucked 
around too much, and now I'm on the five year plan. 
MRR: What do your lyrics mainly focus on? 
Jason: Stupid shit. There's some serious stuff about 
people not being idiots and stuff, and some kind of sXe 
lyrics, but mostly it's just shit about soda and bands we 
don't like and people I don't like and people that steal our 
stuff. And personal 
songs that were writ- 
ten a long time ago. 
MRR: Do you think 
the fast-pop-hard- 
core-punk under- 
ground is weaken- 
ing with the media 
exposure of some 
of the major label 
punk bands? 

Pete: No, fuck that. I think the fast-pop-hardcore- 
punk underground scenester sluts would like noth- 
ing better than to be able to bitch at the new Blink 
1 82 being on the radio or some shit. There's way 
too much bullshit like this 
in the punk scene. 
Jason: No, I think it's 
weakening with the mass 
stupidity of people in the 
"underground" who 
think they're better than 
the mainstream culture 
they talk shit about, but 
are really just a mirror image 
of it. Look around, if you 
don't dress cool then you're 
going to get made fun of at 
the shows, if you're not into 
the most underground bands 
there are, then you are la- 
beled a trendy. It's all to 
make people involved in the 
subculture feel like shit about themselves and try to 
impress people by sporting the hippest punk band 
shirts, and talk about the bands that everybody likes in 
the underground. Fuck all that. The trendy kids I've met 
that are into bands like Green Day are some of the 
coolest kids I've met in the scene, 'cos they haven't 
been corrupted by the whole "cooler than you" mental- 
ity and usually feel somewhat intimidated by the bullshit 

Pete: True dat. They're still ex- 
cited about the whole thing, in- 
stead of just climbing on the 
Internet and complaining about 
this band or that band and how 
bad they suck now that they got 
signed, and naming all the un- 
known bands they can to try to 
get a shred of credibility. 
They're not yet jaded from the 
stupid scene assholes making 
fun of them all the time. 
Jason: I mean, they talk shit 
about trends in the mainstream, 
visor hats for instance which I 
agree look stupid, but then they v • 
have their whole set of stupid ™™ 
fashion staples, like putting those lighter clips on their 
black hooded sweatshirts and covering themselves 
head to toe in patches and wearing those over the 
shoulder mail man bags and shit. It's just another stupid 
trend. Granted it's a trend that's been around a long 
time and has changed, but it's 
still just as trendy as main- 
stream culture. 

MRR: Anything else 
you'd like to add? 
Pete: Jolt and sushi is the 
breakfast of champions. 
Jason: Don't be afraid to listen 
to '80s thrash met- 
al. Kreator rules. 
Andy: "Death 
comes to us all, 
OrokoSaki, but for 
you something 
much worse, for 
when you die it will 
be without honor!" 
Contact third 



Spider Cunts were interviewed by Adri- 
enne Droogas (1/98). Spider Cunts are: Amyl 
Nitrate - vocals, Sara Brownell - guitar, Sandy 
Skelaney - bass, Sandy Glover - drums. 
MRR: Why are each of you in this band? What 
are your inspirations or motivations for doing 

Sandy G: I'm in this band because I've always 
wantedtobeadrummer, ever since I was young. 
It's a great way to start playing music because 
you can be like, "We suck, fuck you!", and you 
can kind of get better from there. 
Amyl: I had this horrible habit of stealing all 
the singers microphones at every show that I 
ever went to. People always said I should get 
my own. Now I have one and I don't steal any- 
body else's anymore. 

Sara: I wanted to start playing music. I played 
guitar with my brother growing up and stuff, 
but just little bits at a time. So... I don't know, 
playing punk rock is cool because I have a real- 
ly short attention span and if we weren't play- 
ing fast and mean, I'd be so outta there. 
Sandy S: It's a good release to play punk music. 
What can I say, it's therapeutic. I like playing 
music, I'm good at it... I think. It's something 
that feels pretty natural. 
MRR: How did you guys all come 
together? Were you all friends 
first? Brief band history. 
Amyl: Me and Sandy (bassist) 
knew each other. We met in Alba- 
ny 7 or 8 years ago. 
Sara: I met these guys through Si- 
mon (Distraught), I think. For 
some odd reason, one night at 
Sweet Water Tavern, Amyl was 

playing pool, and she remembered my name. I 
was asking how the band was, and she's like, 
"We don't even have a fucking guitar player 
right now! Do you know any girl guitar players 
that rock?!?" and I'm like, "Yeah, I know how 
to play guitar!" So she said, "Okay, here's our 
number, give us a call and we'll go jam." 
MRR: So when you went to the first practice, did 
you tell them that you didn't know how to play? 
Sara: The thing is that I had listened to a tape, 
and knew how to play what they were playing, 
but I just hadn't really put it together. I never 
really plugged in a guitar before. 
Sandy G: She didn't even have a guitar. 
Amyl: She had to borrow her roommate's and 
play when he wasn't around. 
Sandy G: The first time we had played, you 
were playing a left handed guitar with your 
right hand. You said, "Urn, I think I can kind of 
do the songs on this one." 
Sara: I had really bad luck. 
Sandy G: It was only this big, it was like a uku- 

Sara: It was! My cord was sticking out of the 
top, and I had to wrap it around my arm to get 
it out of the way. I think that's the night they 

asked me to join, and all I can remember 
thinking was, "Are these girls fucking crazy?" I 
couldn't even believe it. 

Sandy G: I met Amyl through Jimmy Foul 
(Public Nuisance/Maggot), her boyfriend, be- 
cause we worked together at the Knitting Fac- 
tory. He found out that I was a drummer and 
so he said, "Oh, my girlfriend Amyl and her 
band is looking for a drummer and they want a 
girl. Then Amyl came in and shouted "Yeah, 
but can you play?! Can you really play?" I was 
like, "Urn, no, maybe." I had jammed with peo- 
ple, but I really wanted to play with girls you 
know, cause there's a different kind of vibe 

MRR: So you've played with men before? 
Sandy G: Yeah, not in an official band, just sort 
of jamming with guys. We never actually wrote 
anything with a beginning, middle and end. 
Everything had an extended middle, and it 
never really went anywhere. Every time we 
tried to practice we had already forgotten what 
we did. I was looking forward to playing with 
some girls who had songs and so I showed up. 
There was a huge snowstorm. I was 15 minutes 
late, and I was the first person there. Then 
Kelly showed up. Kelly was our old 
guitarist. She was like, "Urn, the 
songs kind of go like this..." and 
then she'd play a couple of chords 
and go, "Urn, I forget". So we had to 
wait for the rest of the band to get 
there. I was thinking, "Alright, I can 
stop being nervous right now cause 
they don't know what they're do- 
Amyl: We totally didn't know what 

we were doing. We were just pretending. 
Sara: I got insta-band. They already had con- 
nections and friends. 

MM: So what are some of the politics behind the 
Spider Cunts? 

Sandy S: We get out there and we rock and we 
have an awesome time. 

Sandy G: But it's also a release in a certain way 
for some different issues. Like the song "Losing 
You" which is about a friend of yours who was 
getting beaten by her boyfriend. Things that 
are frustrating in our lives that we can turn 
into music and get rid of them. Like Sandy was 
saying, it's kind of a therapy. 
MRR: So it's not just about having a good time, 
party type thing? Do you feel Bke you're trying to 
challenge people and make people think? 
Sandy S: I think that just who we are is a chal- 
lenge to people in that we are, I would consider 
us, a powerful female band. And that alone is 
an accomplishment in the music world where 
there aren't very many powerful female bands. 
But I like to have a balance. I like to have the 
songs about the abuse and the crap in the 
world and also have our fun songs, because 
you know, we can't spend our whole lives just... 
Amyl: Brooding. 

Sandy G: And we definitely do have the fun, 
drinking songs. We do both. 
Amyl: Basically, I don't like "they" songs. I hate 
that kind of stuff, always looking for whatever 
is causing all these problems that we have. I 
just think that you can always solve things by 
making a change in your own life or within 
yourself or your environment. So, when I write 
a song, it's really just about stuff that I'm see- 
ing, not about how I'm being oppressed or 
something. We don't want to whine. 
Sandy S: I don't like to whine about things. I 
think that just the fact that we're up there, 
we're doing something, we're ambitious, we 
get out there and play our shows and we play 

them with feeling. I think that's inspiration 
enough for the girls that are watching us. 
MRR: But what would you consider whining? 
Amyl: Mainly the idea that there's "nothing I 
can do", that things suck and that it's some- 
body else's fault. It's that whole "they owe us a 
living" type thing.. .(laughter).. .well, not to 
quote anything. You know, that everybody 
owes you something. I don't think anybody 
owes me anything. I don't think that there's a 
big "they" person. I don't blame all my prob- 
lems on the government. Like, Oh boo boo, my 
government's so oppressive. You can do other 
things. The government being oppressive 
doesn't affect the fact that girls are being beat 
up by their boyfriends. You know, President 
Clinton has nothing to do with that. That's 
personal, and I think it's more important to af- 
fect things on a personal level than to go whin- 
ing about the government. 
Sandy S: It's more effective, too, to make a per- 
sonal change. 

MRR: I have noticed that about you guys, that 
when you're on stage you don't put across your 
politics, personal or how you see things. The 
time I've seen you do that is about the song that's 
about abusive relationships, and then I've seen 
you guys get really really angry. 
Amyl: Yeah, that s pretty touchy. All of us have 
been affected. I can't think of any woman who 
hasn't been touched in part of her life by that, 
either by knowing a friend or herself or her 
mom or anybody. I think every woman has 
known somebody who's been abused. 
MRR: And I remember at one of the shows I saw 
you guys play at C-Squat, you actually named 
somebody in the crowd who was at the show. So 
do you feel like that's a good forum to address 
issues like that? 

Sandy S: It was really cool, it was drawing it 
out. Nobody wanted to talk about it. Every- 
body wanted to ignore the situation and just 
pretend like this person either wasn't there or 
that he didn't do anything wrong. That's how 

they never end, because the tolerance level is 
too high. You have to have a certain amount of 
tolerance to get along with people in the world, 
but you can't have tolerance for people like 
that. So by Amyl coming out and telling pretty 
much everybody what the hell was up... 
Amyl: I don't think people should use punk 
rock as a shelter. People come in and they're 
like, "Oh, well here I can be accepted." We're 
not supposed to accept all society's outcasts. 
You need to have some guidelines for our com- 
munities as well. 

Sandy G: I know who they both are. I've met 
them both, but they're not close friends of 
mine. We talked about it a lot because they 
knew that he was getting out of prison, and so 
we had a couple of conversations about what 
to do if he ever showed up at one of our shows. 
I remember saying, "We should just say 'so 
and so did that'", and you guys said "We don't 
even want to give him that kind of energy be- 
cause he's nothing. He's nothing." And as soon 
as we walked into that show, and they saw his 
face, you could just see it growing, they were 
angry. I felt great about it. I felt like we played 
that song with more power than we have ever 
played it - ever. Before or after. Ever. I felt like 
that was really a high point for me, also. I felt, 
in a certain way, we were doing a good thing, 
speaking out, saying something. That song and 
what it was about came to life at that moment. 
MRR: How many bands do you know sing about 
physically abusive relationships? 
Amyl: Well, we all have a song about hypocri- 
sy. Almost every band in New York has a song 
about that or called that, but not about abuse. 
MRR: And the thing is that it's not just women 
that are suffering. It's something that men are a 
part of too. 

Amyl: Yeah, I know, I had a friend who was 
stabbed in the neck by a woman who he was 
living with. I dedicated that song to him the 
next weekend in Boston, because yeah, it does 
go both ways. It involves everyone. 
MRR: So I think that's good to talk about it and 
address it. Do you guys feel that there's a certain 
empowerment from being in an all woman 

Sandy S: Definitely. It makes the van ride a lot 

Amyl: Somebody always has a tampon. 
Sandy S: We get along great, and I definitely 
think that there's a certain bonding that goes 
on more than there would be in a mixed band. 
I've heard the same thing from all guy bands, 
too, when they talk about it. 
Sandy G: It also is the total difference between 
being the girlfriend who rides in the van or be- 
ing the band. That in itself makes all the differ- 
ence in the world to me. We're the four girls, 
and we're not the four girlfriends driving up. 
We're the band. 

Amyl: I think we get other women empowered 
with that too. Other women get really excited. 
It feels really good. I used to love to go to 
shows where there were women playing. It just 
meant more to me. I was like, "this show's for 
me, about me, by people like me." 

Sandy S: Yeah. I feel more intensity when I see 
a female band play. I see anger that I have felt 
before, stuff that I can relate to. 
Sara: It totally stems from a long power strug- 
gle that we all grew up with. When I was grow- 
ing up I'd ask my parents for Thrasher maga- 
zine for Christmas, and they gave it to my 
brother. And then when I wanted an electric 
guitar, they also gave it to my brother. I had 
good parents and all, but it was very boy/girl 
structured. I don't think I could play nearly 
what I do if I was in the band with a bunch of 
guys, because I wouldn't feel as empowered. 
MRR: What emphasis do you think other peo- 
ple place on the fact that you're all women? Do 
you have people freaking out about it? 
Amyl: They think we're just going to be a 
bunch of cute girls who can't play real well. 
MRR: Have you actually had someone come up 
to you and say something? 
Sandy G: Absolutely. 
MRR: Like what? 

Amyl: "We thought you were a bunch of cute 
girls who couldn't play." 
Sandy G: We had one woman in Binghamp- 
ton, NY, say, "You know, I see a bunch of girl 
bands come through this place but they all 
sucked. You guys, actually, I liked you alright." 
Sandy S: People are really amazed at the fact 
that we can play music. Like, when you have a 
guy band up there, people are like "they're 
good" or "they're not good". But when you're a 
girl band that can play, people are like, "Holy 
shit they can actually play!" 
Amyl: No one ever says that to the guy bands. 
No one ever walks up to them and says, "Oh 
wow! I was shocked!" We get that from people 
who are surprised that we can play, that we're 

MRR: The criticism that you're under, almost 
like the microscope you're under as women play- 
ing music is so different from men. You know, 
it's like, a band gets up, a band gets down, a band 
gets up, and the second it's women it's like, "Oh 
it's women, can they play or do they suck?" 
Sandy S: Exactly, and "Do they look good?" 
Sandy G: I had a guy at work ask me when I 
told him that I was in an all girl band, "Are you 
any good?" And I told him, "You know, you 
would never ask me that if I was a guy." 
MRR: Do you know what else is really sad? Every 
single review, it will be so rare if this doesn't 
happen, refers you to another woman band. The 
fact that you're all women just instantly puts you 
in a category with other women whether they 
sound like you or not. "They sound like Babes in 
Toyland or Bikini Kill." Instead of, "Well they 
have this Discharge sound mixed with early 
Buzzcocks". You won't get referenced to those 
bands because as women, you have nothing to 
do with them. 

Amyl: Yeah I know, that sucks. 
MRR: Seriously, I'll be really sad if that happens. 
Amyl: That's an interesting point, now that I 
see it I'm going to be like, "Aw man, they com- 
pared us to Spitboy." (laughter) 
MRR: I was excited when we got compared to 
Fugazi just because it was somebody willing to 

compare us to an all male band. 

Sandy S: It's like two different worlds. You 
compete in the girl band world. 
Amyl: There's punk rock and there's girl 

MRR: Do you guys feel weird about the fact that 
a, lot of people might support you only because 
you're an all women band? 
Sandy G: Absolutely. After that, I think people 
pay attention to you think, "Alright, girls, 
yeah. Let's see what's going on." And they 
watch you, but that only goes so far, after that 
you have to be good. You have to be good 
enough to keep people's attention. You have to 
write music that people like, that's powerful or 

Sandy S: I think that there are young women 
out there who will be into us because we're an 
all female band. I don't necessarily see that as 
bad, either. I don't think we're the worst influ- 
ence that somebody could have. 
MRR: Do you guys play ABC No Rio? 
Amyl: We played there last year. 
Amyl: Some people liked it. 
Sandy S: It was very entertaining. 
MRR: Okay, what happened? 
Amyl: My skirt fell off. 

Sandy G: And she was looking down, and her 
skirt was down, and she was like, "WHAT!!" 
Sandy S: And her eyeliner was all over her face. 
Amyl: Steve Distraught came up and whis- 
pered, "Amyl, you're skirt's down". 
Sandy S: It was all the way down around her 

Sandy G: She was like, "AT LEAST I'M NOT 
Sandy G: Yeah, they definitely weren't listen- 
ing to the music that day. 
Amyl: People liked that show, though. 
MRR: I just want to know how each of you got 

into punk rock in the first place? Amyl's like, 
"No, I refuse to answer this on the basis that it 
might incriminate me." (laughter) 
Sandy S: I come from this really small hick 
town called Walton,NY, so I used to go party 
in Oneonta on the weekends. You know how 
the group of freaks is so small that you're hang- 
ing out with Led Zeppelin heads and hippies 
and skinheads and everybody. So that's what it 
was. I was never allowed to leave that city to go 
anywhere, but everybody else was going off to 
the Eagle's Lodge in Albany to see Agnostic 
Front shows and I got really jealous. So I ended 
up sneaking out and going to the Chance in 
Poughkeepsie to see Murphy's Law and that 
was my first show. It was awesome. I loved it, it 
was cool. 

Sara: Oh, my story's so boring. Midwest, you 
know, total redneck town. Someone builds a 
skate ramp. We get this one kid in town who's 
like "hey, there's this crazy band coming 
through town let's open up a ramp and have 
shows there". Then all of a sudden boom all 
these people from out of town started coming 
through. It blew us away, we had no idea what 
hit us. We're all a bunch of hippie / skater 
kids. Skater kids wearing Ocean Pacific T- 
shirts and Birkenstocks. So confused, (laugh- 
ter) It was pretty sad in Nebraska. The funniest 
thing to me, being 16, was watching some kid 
go into a grocery store and steal a bunch of as- 
sorted pork chop stickers and then totally de- 
face the whole entire town. The whole town 
didn't know where all these pork chop stickers 
came from. It was just too insanely small there. 
Colorado was just the wrong place to go be- 
cause it was all hippies, hardly any punks. 
When I moved here I didn't know anyone be- 
cause it was my escape, like I said. So I got a 
dorm room, and threw all my shit in there. I 
went on a hike or something. I came back and I 

could smell smoke all the way down the hall. I 
thought, "Wow, I knew my roommate said she 
smoked, but that's a lot of smoke." I opened up 
the door. I haven't even met her yet, all I know 
is her name, Bobbie Romaro. I opened the 


door and there's this guy with a 
huge rucking mohawk, a girl with a 
huge fucking mohawk, and a guy 
sitting on my bed with my nice 
new sheets from mom, and he's 
tattooing this guy who turns out to 
be my roommate's boyfriend. The 
first thing this guy says to me is "How's it go- 
ing hippie? I'm your new roommate." I was 
like, "You're my new roommate?" and the girl 
said, "No, it's me, Bobbie. Sorry about the 
smell I put a towel on your pillow so it 
wouldn't smell." I didn't know what to say, 
there was this crazy punk rocker and I was just 
like, "You guys are so funny". I had to deal 
with all these tattooed people all the time until 
they got kicked out because of noise violations. 
Bobbie Romaro, she got me turned on to a lot 
of stuff. She wouldn't put up with anything 1 
wanted to listen to. 

MRR: How about you Amyl? You're the one 
putting your hands over your face so it must be 

Amyl: No, it's just silly, man. I went to London 
when I was 9, which was 1980. There were 
punks everywhere and I was just sold. I was 
like, "WOW!" I saw a girl with a big yellow mo- 
hawk and thought, "I want to be her." She was 
so beautiful. Then years later, somebody 
showed up with a Dead Kennedy's record and 
a bottle of whiskey and my life was born, 
(laughter) That was it, man. It just happened. 
Sandy G: It happened was when I was 15. 
Something came over me, and one day I went 
into the hairdresser and got all my hair cut off. 
Half an inch long, all over. 
MRR: Just out of nowhere? 
Sandy G: I just decided to do it, I don't know 
where it came from. I remember I went to 
school the next day. We were in gym and I 
wore a hat, I was thinking, "I can't believe I did 
that." I had really long blond hair. So I took my 
hat off and my friend said, "I can't believe you 
did that, you look like a fucking boy!" and 
turned and walked away from me. I was like, 
"Oh no! I look like a boy!" Then I was sitting in 
study hall and this girl came up and sat down 
next to me and said, "Hi, my name's Karen. 
This is my friend Hannah". We got talking, 
and she just picked me out of the crowd and 
thought, "Look at her, she has no hair. She's a 
freak. She's going to be a punk rocker if it kills 
me." They invited me to go see Public Image 
Limited. This was their first tour, I guess. It 
was 1985 or something. I went to the show and 
I have never seen anything like that in my 
whole life. It was the first show I ever went to. 
And directly after that, I went to see Wrecking 
Crew in an old church in Auburn, Massachu- 
setts. It was fantastic. I got really drunk and 
was like, "THIS RULES!" My friend threw me 
into the pit, and I was dancing. I had a fabu- 
lous time. 

MRR: How was your tour last summer? 
All: Our tour was great. 

Sandy G: Let me just tell you, I was prepared 
for the worst. Because I have known so many 
people who have gone on tour and were like, 

"Everybody screwed us over, the van broke 
down, we got to this place and the show didn't 
happen." Everything went so great for us. 
When shows got cancelled, people worked 
their butts off to get us other shows, and play- 
ing houses and stuff like that when we couldn't 
play a club. It was pretty cool. I really felt like 
people were helping us out. 
Amyl: Yeah, like in Minneapolis when the 
Bomb Shelter got shut down the week before 
we were supposed to play. There was a riot and 
a bunch of our friends got arrested. We went 
there and we were supposed to play there, so 
then Talon and Bucky (Stray Bullets) tried to 
set up a show in the basement and the cops 
shut that down, too. It was my birthday, so we 
all just hung out and had a really great time. 
Amyl: A lot of people showed up. There were 
people from all over, from Montreal and stuff. 
MRR: What does punk mean to you today, now, 
in your life? 

Amyl: It's really about doing what I want to do. 
It's not about needing to go out to all the shows. 
It's about my friends that I've been hanging out 
with and who've been there for me. I know who 
my friends are now. 

Sandy G: I think when you first get into punk 
rock, you spend a lot of years trying to impress 
people, trying to prove that you've been 
around for years that you know all the bands. 
You've seen this band, you've seen that band. 
Blah blah blah. Then you get to the point 
where you think, "Okay, I've been in the scene 
for more than 10 years now, and punk rock is a 
certain way of life for me in which I can take 
certain distances away from things that are un- 
healthy and embrace it in other ways which are 
really fun and cool. It's fun to play it, but I 
think later on you learn to become yourself 
more inside of the scene. So, in a lot of ways, I 
think it's harder to relate to other people who 
are in the scene. You see kids who are a lot 
younger and it's like, "Man, I remember what 
that's like. I know where they are. 
Sandy S: I feel like, right now I'm older and a 
lot wiser. I guess it's just a part of growing up. 
Punk was really important in my life. It was a 
way to resist 
this little box 
that most 
people want 
to put you in. 
You resist 
that, and you 
step outside 
of that and it 
kind of gives 
you a space 
to find out 
who you real- 
ly are. 

Sara: I like people who do what they 
want to do. I like people to say what 
they want to say when they want to 
say it. I don't really feel like, when I 
was growing up, that I met as many 
people as I have recently who are 
sticking up for what they believe 
rather than trying to stick up for what they 
think is cool. 

MRR: I think that if I had 16 or 17 year old 
punks sitting here and was asking them the 
same question, "what does punk rock mean to 
you now?" They'd say, "Anarchy, dude, it 
means fuck parents! fuck the government!..." 
There would be all these slogans and words 
and craziness. I think there's a certain point 
where you get past that and it becomes some- 
thing that is your experience that you've lived 
through, and it's changed you and affected you 
and made you into the person that you are. It's 
become a part of you. 

Sandy G: I don't believe in anarchy. I've gone 
back and tried to salvage my relationship with 
my parents after all those bad years. I've gone 
back to school. You know, life gets to that 
point where all those things, all those slogans, 
you realize that they're a bunch of fucking lies, 
rhetoric, and it's not going to mean anything. 
Some of it does have validity, but it's about be- 
ing young. It was the first time in my life that I 
was feeling accepted and welcomed and part of 
a whole group of people who didn't give a fuck 
where I came from, and when it really came 
down to it, weren't that worried about how I 
looked. I think that it helped me grow out of 
something, helped me learn how to relate to 
other people. It brought me out of a shell in a 
certain way. 

Sandy S: There's a lot of pain in being a teenag- 
er and especially being a young punk. There's 
just a lot of pain in that time of your life. So, 
you band together and that's the unity. 
MRR: Think of it as one big dysfunctional family. 
Out now: Spider Cunts/Creeps 7" split NY's 
Greatest Tits/Pittsburgh's Biggest Dicks, Spi- 
der Cunts Passed Our/Dregs 7" split. Both 
available for $3 ppd (add $1 for international 
delivery) on Receptacle Records: POB 20259, 
NYC, NY 10009. 

Also out: Where's My Shoe? the Sweet Water 
Tavern compilation, and look for the ABC No 
Rio benefit compilation coming soon. 
Contact the Spider Cunts at: POB 20336, NYC, 
NY 10009. E-mail: 


Keri Mac interviewed Scalezy (tall 
ugly shorter), Chrissie (drummer), 
Johnny (owns a guitar) and Dickie 
(short ugly shouter). Absent members 
were Ash (guitar) because he is always 
late and Tom (bass) because he comes 
from Norway and that was where he 
was for the interview. The rest of 
Sawn Off live and work (except Scalezy 
who celebrates his fourteenth year ac- 
tively avoiding work) in and around 
Newcastle Upon Tyne. 
MRR: Why haven't we heard much 
from Sawn Off so far this year? 
Johnny: Because we have had problems 
getting a bass player after Andy Stick 
(Ebola) and Sawn Off went our sepa- 
rate ways. But Tom joined sometime in 
March and we've got our shit together 
now, practicing every week, with a 
whole load of new stuff which we are 
recording the end of September. 
Chrissie: And we are faster than before. 
MRR: Why did Andy leave Sawn Off? 
Dickie: You'll have to ask Chrissie, see- 
ing he used to drum for Ebola. 
Chrissie: Basically, on Ebola's Europe- 
an tour in September 97 every one 
brought their girlfriends with them, I 
was single and Vodka was only about 
£1 a litre. So what was I supposed to 
do, get off with myself? 

MRR: Are you happy with the pigeon 
holes people put you in, like Power Vio- 

Scalezy: We're not really bothered 
what people want to label us as, I mean 

Off is basically a band that I was in 
with Andy, Chrissie and Johnny called 
Needlestick. We had one 7" out on 
Andy's label and we were fucking aw- 
ful. One day we decided to totally 

Johnny: So what did you do with the 
bottle when it was empty? 
Chrissie: I'm not telling you. Basically, 
Andy left Sawn Off and my services 
were no longer required by Ebola. 
Dickie: Aye, your vodka binge is leg- 
endary. What was it, no food only vod- 
ka for three whole days? 
Chrissie: I don't remember, but I did 
have a sandwich at some point because 
I found the wrapper in my pocket. 


we don't classify ourselves, as long as 

people enjoy our music and come to 

our gigs they can call us what they 


Chrissie: Basically, we play a lot of 

blast beats and play fast. We get a lot 

of ideas from all sorts of places. If your 

going to rip somebody off, rip someone 

good off. 

Dickie: I mean like, all the band have 

different backgrounds musically. Sawn 

change pace and got in Ash on second 
guitar who used to be in Embitered, 
and Scalezy on second vocals to keep 
me in time. We went the whole hog 
and changed our name. Scalezy has 
been around the punk scene longer 
than any one else here, like he began in 
1982 in the park with a bottle of cider 
and is still going strong and daft as a 
MRR: And what's wrong with that? 

Johnny: Nowt, its fucking great! 
MRR: So what else affects the way you 
sound like, you know, like the way you 
progress as a band? 
Dickie: How pissed 
Chrissie is. 

Johnny: Buying our 
own amps. 

Chrissie: I can still 
play when I'm pissed, 
I give people a 
chance to keep up. 
Johnny: Bollocks, 
you keep dropping 
your sticks. 
Chrissie: Aye, and 
how many times have 
you turned up pissed 
and Ash has to show 
you songs we've 
played for over two 

MRR: What about the change of gov- 
ernment as regards to what you write 

Dickie: What change of government? 
Tony Blair is almost an anagram for 
Tory plan B. Did you know that they 
are planning to change the data protec- 
tion act, so that information stored 
about you on computer is freely avail- 
able, like your medical records are go- 
ing to be available to the police. 
Scalezy: Aye, and look what they're do- 
ing to the benefit system, cutting bene- 
fits to single mothers and the disabled. 
Hardly what you'd come to expect from 
the Labour party. 

Chrissie: One bastard goes in, another 
goes out. 

MRR: What difference, if any, do you 
think this has made to the punk scene 
in this country? 

Scalezy: Nowt. I think people have be- 
come apathetic to being pushed around 
and told what to do. People have aban- 
doned hope 'cos nothing seems to have 
changed over the years. In fact it's got 

Johnny: I think if you are involved in 
the punk scene, then you've got a fuck- 
ing clue about what's going on. We've 
met so many sussed people over the 
years, it's a pity they are more or less 
almost exclusive to the punk scene. 
Chrissie: Aye, I work in a supermarket 
and people around me live to consume. 
It's as if as long as there is money in 
their pockets and places to spend it. 
They are never going to complain or 
even notice what's going on around 

Dickie: Yeah, but there is nothing 
wrong with working for a living, as long 
as the money you earn doesn't make 
you lie down for society to step all over 
MRR: So Sawn Off say shopping's 

good! Shopping's fucking great! I 

shop for power tools. 

Johnny: Have you got a floor sander I 









what's the biggest tour disaster? 
Johnny: Going on tour in the 

MRR: When was that? 
Dickie: Last year with State Of 
No tours since, as trying to get time off 
work is always a pain. Even though we 
enjoyed it, there was a few hairy mo- 

Scalezy: Aye, like in Leven. 
Chrissie: It was the driver of the van, 
who shall remain nameless, who was 
partial to a bottle of wine or two before 
driving anywhere. 

Dickie: Aye it was an experience al- 
right. Our next tour we'll have a say in 
who drives, and make sure the van has 
a spare tyre, hahaha, but that's another 

MRR: What's it like in Newcastle for 
gigs and stuff compared to other plac- 
es you've been? 

Dickie: It has its ups and downs. There 
seems to be the same old faces turn up 
to gigs, but there's a lot of younger 
people getting involved, which is good. 
The past three months have been fun, 
there's been loads of good gigs. There 
seems to be a few people who are actu- 
ally bothered about putting on gigs. 
Scalezy: I put on a few benefit gigs and 
do gigs for touring bands, so if anyone 
wants to play in Newcastle get in 
touch. It's a good stop off point be- 

tween Bradford and Edinburgh. 
Chrissie: I think having The Cumber- 
land Arms as a permanent venue for 
punk gigs has helped. 
Also, they do the best 
pint of Guinness in 

MRR: Who's ever 
nicked porn from a Ger- 
man service station? 
Johnny: Never been to 

Chrissie: I've looked at 
it, 'cos it's on the bot- 
tom shelf, all the brainy 
papers are on the top 
shelf, so I just read 
what I could reach. 
Dickie: I've seen Ger- 
man porn but not in 

MRR: What has been 
your best gig? 

Dickie: We tend to play one night 
here and there, but I think our fa- 
vorite place to play is the legend- 
ary 1 in 12 at Bradford. 
Johnny: Aye, Uncle Sned's house, 
where the beer is cheap, the peo- 
ple are sound and the music's 
fucking mental. 

Chrissie: Have you seen Sned late- 

Johnny: Aye, he looks like Black- 
adder from the first series only fatter. 
Dickie: Sned was up Newcastle the oth- 
er week with his new band John Holm- 
es and they were fucking brilliant. 
MRR: So what's on the cards for Sawn 
Off now? 

Scalezy: Like Johnny said earlier, we're 
in the studio at the end of September 
to record the new stuff and re-record 
some of the older stuff with Tom on 

Dickie: We're planning to do a split 
with State of Filth from Preston later 
this year, but we're doing it ourselves. 
It's the first time we've actually got in- 
volved with the pressing of records and 
distribution directly, so it's a learn as 
you go along affair. 

Chrissie: There are still copies of our 
split with Health Hazard, which you can 
get from Sned at: Flat Earth Recs, 
Bradford Music?, P.O. Box 169, Brad- 
ford BD7 1YS, UK. 

Dickie: If any one can help with the dis- 
tribution of coming records you can 
get in touch with us at: Sawn Off, 35 
Bolingbroke Street, Heaton, Newcastle 
Upon Tyne, NE6 5HR, UK. Or if you're 
on the internet drop us an email at: 
Johnny: I think I'd like to travel the 
world and work with children towards a 
better tomorrow. 
Chrissie: Fuck Off. 

The Cretins originate from Boston and are lead- 
ers of the 'Tardcore scene. Founded by x-Queers 
guitarist Metal Murf about 4 years ago, the band is 
now a solid three piece unit, writing punchy melodic 
punk tunes about school, girls and broken relation- 
ships. Spending the majority of the past year on the 
road, in a broken van, drinking plenty of beer, eating 
buckets of fastfood, the Cretins seemed to find 
some time in their busy schedule to record a brand 
new 23 song CD "We're Gonna Get So Laid" for 
Melted Records. X-Queer and now Ghoulie, B-Face 
lends his bass talents as special guest on 2 songs. 
The Cretins are 
Metal Murf -Gui- 
tars, Lead Vo- 
cals, A. J. Cre- 
tin-Drums, Vo- 
cals, Gregg 
"GO" Queef- 
Bass, Vocals. 
MRR: So how'd 
you hook up 
with Melted? 
You're not from 
New York, and 
you don't have 
that straight-up 
rock 'it* roll 
sound like the 
Heartdrops or 
Magnatone, so 
it's somewhat 
of a strange fit. 
MM: Well, original- 
ly, Melted was considering doing some work with the Gotohells. 
We played in New York, and we were friends, so when they 
came up, Malibu Lou fell in love with us. 
MRR: The CD's been out a little while now. What are 
you up to? Are you touring, hitting the studio again, 
or what? 

MM: We want to do both, actually. We're picking up the van this 
week, I just traded in my car. We've got a tour beginning in May, 
and we're talking with the Nobodys about a full U.S. tour. We've 
got 20 new songs done. 

MRR: Did you really record those bonus tracks on 
the CD while drunk? 

MM: Oh yeah! The way they're listed on the CD is the actual 
order we recorded them. Kraut went out and bought a couple of 
cases of beer, and we ripped right through "Summer of 69." 
There was a piano there and I sat down and started playing the 
only song I know. 

MRR: What's the Cretins' booze of 

MM: Budweiser. I'm the biggest boozer. 
It's like water for me. A.J.'s not allowed to 
drink anymore. We played a show and he 
was drunk and he couldn't keep a beat. He 
kept singing and trying to take over the 
show. So now we won't let him drink. 
MRR: Why 'd you cover "Summer of 

MM: 'Cause I love Brian Adams. We both 
play three chord songs and sing about 
girls. If you play Brian Adams fast with a lot 
of beer it sounds like the Cretins. 
MRR: Were you touring with the 
Queers before you formed the Cre- 

MM: No. I've been doing the Cretins for 
two and a half years. I'm the only original 
member left. [Joe] helped us get shows 

and then just asked us to play. 

MRR: Do the constant Queers comparisons annoy 


MM: No. We do have some songs that are Queersy. But I don't 

really thinnk we sound like the Queers. A lot of our new songs 

remind me of the Descendents. I don't even hear the Queers in 

our stuff. If anything, I hear the Mr. T Experience. But the 

comparisons don't bother me. I don't like being called a 

"Queers rip off," though. 

MRR: Why is it that so many punk bands like Taco 

Bell so much? 

MM: 'Cause not too many punks can afford real food. $5 forfive 

tacos, you can't go wrong. 

ever been caught 
reference to the 
Cheating on My 

MRR: Have any of the Cretins 
cheating on their S.A.T.s? (In 
Cretins' song "I Got Caught 

MM: No. But we have this kid who sells our merchandise. We 
call him "Dave, the Cretin Jew." He actually did cheat on the 
S.A.T.s. He's from Pennsylvania, too. We convinced him to go 
to school up in Boston. 

MRR: Have any of the Cretins ever taken the 

MM: I did. So did D.B., the bass player. He went to college, too. 
It's hard to remember that stuff. 

MRR: Is there any story behind "12 Hours?" Lyrical- 
ly that song's incredible. 

MM: It's all true. Almost all of the songs are about the same girl. 
MRR: Are any of the Cretins vegetarians? It'd be a 
little odd considering you're a cannibal. [Reference 

to the song "Soup's On."] 

MM: (laughter) No, we all eat meat. I love steak. There's times 

where I get that craving and I've just gotta have steak. Of 

course, there's no meat in Taco Bell. 

MRR: Do you have anything new slated for release 


MM: We have-a song on a new comp on Which Records. You 

can find the address in the new MRR. It's a TV show theme song 

comp. We did the Saved by the Bell theme. We would've loved 

to do Laverne & Shirley, but it was taken. 

MRR: Are you a fan of the show? 

MM: You mean Saved by the Bell? Oh yeah. Kelly kicks ass. 

Now that she's Valerie on 9021 I don't like her as much. 

MRR: How are you guys received at home? It seems 

like nobody in Boston likes anything but hardcore. 

MM: Boston's big hardcore. We have a weird following. The 

white hats and the girls love us. We played the Rat on Friday the 

1 9th and there were five fights. I hate bar shows. We have a nice 

all ages following, and I wanna keep building it up. Kid's are a lot 

more enthusiastic at shows. 

MRR: Any really disgusting tour stories? 

MM: Oh yeah. We drove to NY to open for Less than Jake. We 

played for like 500 people. New York is like three and a half 

hours from Boston. Anyway, I'm driving and Kraut's lying down 

in the back. Me and A.J. are the only ones awake. I turn around 

and see A.J. facing the back. I ask him what he's doing and he 

starts fooling with his pants. I yell, "You were beating off!" Kraut 

woke up and got all pissed 'cause A.J. was gonna do it right by 

his head. He was gonna shoot it into the bass drum 'cause he's 

got a cloth in there. 

MRR: Have you ever seen Malibu Lou in a bad mood? 

I don't think it's possible. 

MM: No way. Lou's the happiest man in the world. Some girl 

was going to a show, and she wanted to know who Lou was, so 

I told her to just look for the happiest man in the world, and she 

found him. He's always plugging us and the Heartdrops. He's 

absolutely incredible. The kind of guy you want your team. 

MRR: Do you get along with the rest of the Melted 


MM: I know the Heartdrops. We get along really well. They're 

the only Melted band I really know. 

MRR: Are you a hockey fan? The Bruins suck this 

year, you know. 

MM: Oh, I'm a huge hockey fan! We're actually from Medford, 

which is outside of Boston, and everyone in Medford follows the 

Bruins. I actually want them to lose so they fire [coach Steve] 

Kasper and [G.M. Harry] Sinden. 

MRR: What do you like better, the 
punkier stuff like "Shut Up" or the 
poppier shit like "Groovy?" 

MM: I'm actually more of a poppy fag. But 
anything I've written that we record I like. I 
love playing "Shut Up" live, though. It's 

MRR: Will A.J. sing anymore songs 
of yours? 

MM: Oh yeah. I just wrote a new one called 
"I Hate You" and I gave it to A.J. 'cause he's 
a better punk rock singer. He screams bet- 

MRR: So will you go back to Melted 
for the next record? 
MM: I really hope so. Right now they want to 
wait on things and we can't wait forever, and 
we've talked about that. They want us to tour 
and get more support of the current album, 
and I can totally understand that. So I don't 
know what'll happen. I'd really like to work 
with them again, though, 'cause they're the 
nicest people in the world to work with. They 
did a great job with the CD, and I'd love to 
work with them again. We'll see. 
MRR: Well, that's all I got. Thanks. 
MM: Thank you. Give me a ring and we'll do it again sometime. 

MLTCD008- We're Gonna Get So Laid-Apr. 98' 
VA-Joe King Presents. ..More Bounce To The Ounce-Lookout! 
MLTCDEP005-I Feel Better Already-Oct.96' 
VA-Show & Tell TV Theme Song Comp-Which? Records 

Please contact Melted Records 21-41 34th AVE Suite 
10A Astoria NY 1 1 106 E-mail or for the 
lastest Cretins info 

Boston - Caught a show last August at Jacque's, an infamous South 
End queen bar. The Skabs from New York played downstairs (sing- 
ing ladies upstairs) with local boys the August Spies. The Skabs 
shade of punk was as refreshing as my Cape Codder- punk with a 
twist of keyboard, delivered with a punch. Not your average juice in 
a glass. After the show we all drank more beers and shot the shit. 
As you read the transcription, imagine the awesome mix of Polish, 
Long Island and Columbian accents and lots of laughs throughout 
the whole fucking thing. Check out the Skabs new 7", 'Timeless 
Classics." It's not to be missed. Interview by Erika J. 
MRR: OK, I hope this fucking thing still works.... My name is Erika. 
Skabs: Hi Erika! 
Remi: Hello Erika. 
MRR: Hello. 
Remi: I'm an alcoholic. 

MRR: So pass it around, say your name, what you do? 
Remi: I'm Remi and I play bass. 
Kuba: I'm Kuma.. 

Skabs: You can't even say your name! 
Kuba: I'm Kuba and I play drums. -*...-..''. 

MRR: How do you spell that? 
Kuba: Q-b-a. Or C-u-b-a, Or K-u-b-a.. 
Ana: Come on Christian! 
Christian: I'm Christian 
and I play guitar. 

•■' '•« 

Ana: Polish. 
Christian: Columbia. 
Qba: Poland. 
Remi: Eastern bloc. 

MRR: How did you guys get together? 

Remi: Well, Eddy was playing in this shitty band with Christian and my 
high school was actually inside of the college he goes to, and he was like 
a long-haired freak, and so somehow we met... 
Eddy: Remember, you were a long haired freak, too! 
Remi: No... 
All: Yeah! 

Remi: ... and then we need a bass player, and then we need a singer, and 
then we need a drummer, so that's how we met. 
Eddy: Remi was like, "what do you need?" And we were like, "we need a 
bass player." He was like, "I play keyboards." And we were like, "no!" 
Anyway, we were all long hairs, Remi was a New Waver with long hair, 
and I thought the Ramones were cool and that I was a musician with long 

MRR: How did you get started with the keyboard action? 
Qba: We said, "you play keyboard!!" 

Ana: They wanted a different instrument, a saxophone, an accordion, 
something, a trombone, some horn... (commotion) 

Eddy: . . .and Remi's mom was supposed to play something... 

Remi: ...and I wear white pants today! 

Eddy: ...back from the eighties! 

Ana: I'm Mischief and I play keyboards. 

Eddy: I'm Eddy Demented and I get drunk. No, I play guitar. 

Helen: I'm Helen Ghastly and I'm the enchanting chantwez of the Skabs. 

Qba: She is very ghastly.. 

MRR: So where are you guys from? 

Remi: From New York City but we come from different countries. 

MRR: Such as? 

Remi: Where am I from? I'm from Poland. 

Helen: Can you repeat the question? 

Qba: Helen is from Long Island. 

Helen: Correction, my friend. I am actually Greek. 

Eddy: Columbia. 

Ana: anyway 
they said they 

f could have everything 

J and a keyboard, and 
I they asked me if I knew 
how to play, and I said, 

"yeah," but I actually # 

didn't know how to play. 

It sort of developed, with & 

the band. Put it that way. J 

Remi: She sucked. y 

Ana: Yeah, I sucked. Ev- 
erybody sucked. 

Remi: Her first show was 

playing with Bikini Kill. 

Ana: Yeah, I played my first 
show with Bikini Kill and the 
Skabs, with a tambourine the whole set. 
MRR: So how long have you been together? 
Helen: Five years. 

Eddy: Christian was the drummer. Burmie was learning how to play bass. 
I was the guitarist and Dominic, the singer, thought he was Sid Vicious 
and would sometimes cut himself, and burn himself and us with ciga- 
rettes, and was always drunk and would repeat the lyrics. But Helen came 
up with the name Skabs. 

MRR: So five years. That's kind of awhile to be in a band. What's 
the good that keeps you together and going? What's the awesome 
part of being in the band? 

Remi: We love each other. We just get along. We just all have fun when 
we get together making fun of everybody. 
Eddy: I thought it was our sexual encounters. 

Qba: Yeah, I think it's that our practices are really a lot of fun. We don't 
stress each other or anything. 
MRR: What did you say? Stretch each other? 
Qba: Except Remi, we stretch at a lot of the practices. No, I have to 
change sticks every practice now.. 
Eddy: ...because he gets them dirty.. 
Qba: ...Remi's butt. 

Christian: I guess, it's the friendship. $' 

Everyone: Aww! 

Ana: It's definitely the adventures we get into when we go and play dif-, 
ferent shows, and the whole fun of it, and enjoying playing music, and 
getting your frustrations out and whatever. You just do whatever the hell 
you want to do, with music and that's what keeps it going. 
Eddy: It's definitely a balance. A balance of having a normal life|..No! It's 
true, and then the Skabs- it's Just really nice and makes youf eel really 
good and friendship is a big part of it, too. 

Helen: 'Cause these are the only few sorry asses that I know wjio will put 
up with me. 

Everyone: Awww! 1 

Eddy: The friendship! The friendship! 

MRR: OK, I have three more questions left. This one's for you. What 
do you like to sing about? What are your lyrics about? 
Helen: Mostly they're about myself because I am a very complex person, 
and there is always something about me that I can sing about. 
Qba: Aw.. c 

Helen: No, it's not sentimental. It's not sentimental. I'm very exciting. 
MRR: You seem to sing very angry. Do you sing about things that 
piss you off or just anything? 
Helen: Eh, kill everyone and let God sort them out. 
Eddy: I'll say the thing about Helen's lyrics is that they relate so much to 
everything going on. She sings about everything. She might relate to her- 
self, but anyone that reads them can relate to them r from being op- 
pressed through a religion, sexism, fa mHy, anything you can think about, 
or even feeling good, and she*ll sing about it and anyone can relate to it. 
Helen: But you see, if they weren't about myself they wouldn't be genu- 
ine. I'm not going to talk about something that doesn't relate to me. For 
example, something mat happens in a far away land that I've never been 
to, and that I have no experience wftiii, I'm not going to sing about that 
If I can relate to it; arid M I deal with it, I'll sing about it and it will be 
genuine. If not, I'll leave itakme and let it to somebody who will do It. 
Ana: I'm not going to talk about Helen's lyrics! 
MRR: Easy question, what kind of records and stuff do you guys 
have out? 

Eddy: (takes the mic) We have a 7" called "The Greatest Hits** What is it 
called? "The Timeless. Classics of the Skabs." 

Anyway, and a song pJifPunk Uprisings IP and we ; have :'■» split IP with a 
band from Philadelphia called Anal Sausage, Which are really awesome^ 
Ana: Oh yeah, and we have two songs on a compilation called "lunik" 

MRR: Awesome! OK, this is the last question. It's pretty open. 
What is your message to the world, or fucking what's the deal with 
the Skabs? 

Helen: Drop the bomb. . 

Eddy: For melt's like, for me the Skabs are a continuation of my idea of 
punk, which was a mode through which political and social change could 
be possible, an* that's what I'm trying to transmit through our music, 
you know, that feeling and the 
freedom of ex- 
pressing yourself 
any kind of way you 

Everyone: Aww! 
Eddy: No, it's true! It's ** 
true because in this world of 
generic punk, we're definitely 
like an eyesore. It's true. 
Helen: That's why you gotta kill every- 
body and let God sort them out. 
Qba: I don't believe in that. 
Ana: Let's see, what's the deal with the Skabs? It's, I don't knb' 

it's something definitely to enjoy yourself, to be yourself, don't put down 
anybody for any reason*; and so ahead and do whatever you really want 
to with youFflrfe:Ind,dpn't let anyone step in your way because there is 
always someone in your way. So just fuck them over, and go your own 

MRR: Yeah! 

Helen; I think we ail have certain political views we agree^ith, and some 
we can disagree on at certain times. They could be collectiveior individual 
at the same time. We can dash, but we could also agree with each other 
and I think that makes us very unique and we're genuine about it... 
We're very sincere, unfwea lot of people. 

Christian: For thejSkabs, the meaning for me, it's like I guess it%like a 
getaway, a gateway, it's like an escape basically. It's basically Iforget 
about everything, all my problems, whatever happens. I just concef Irate 
on what I'm doing here and now and I don't really worry about you 
know, my normal life or anything about it. It's just like a gatewly. It 
takes you away to somewhere else. That's what it is. The other question 
was "message to the world?" Well, the message to the world would b>, to 
use that as an example, so many people live so frustrated, find tjiem- 
selves trapped or! whatever. There is always a time when you hjve to 
make time for your own Interests, your own feelings. Find that|»ay to 
just forget about frustrations and calm your stress. 
Qba: I fee! very strongly about racism and it really pisses me off, like in 
the punk scene, how divided it is. iike Straight Edge and Hardjtore and 
Punk and everything. About the Skabs shows. A lot of different people 
come to our shows, and they find a way to have fun together, dance and 
everything., jjiffis lK&Mm| 
:emi: West's like we go to a show and we don't pjay generic punk, so 

y°^§iH£ ow « ver yh° d y tnat yjp^"'* nave t0 p |ay like 

^'™^WS^ffl§Pii pur *' !u5t be y our ° wn and vou can be punk 

doing wha^S:3^|^^ , %thing goes, it doesn't have to sound like 
Exploited': ^m&*^ 

Qba: We don't want to limit our series. 

Eddy: Especially what Christian and Qba said, you go through your life, 
ami you have your dreams when you're a little kid. Then you get through 
college and you fofiow what your parents want you to do, what society 
tells you to do. You want to be an actor, yo^want to be a musician, you 
want to be a writer. You'll be a lawyer, or this and that because your 
family told you this or that. Seriously, and you'll never really find fulfill- 
ment in your life because you never found what|pu really wanted to do, 
and then you're 40 years old and you're looking for that vacation, so you 
can get away ' from yoursett Not so you can get away from the job, so you 
can get away from yourself and what you have become. So you go a week 
away to Jamaica or Bermuda, and go 'yeah! I feet good!" just because 
you're trying to get away from the person you have hecome. And I think 
me Skabs; what we*re trying to show, is just that "thinking for yourself 
thing," Think for 'yourself. Follow j«mat you want tofdo. And that even 
goes into Issues of racism, sexism, and any kind of hatred is like society 
says, "gays are wrong' or "hate this person* or "hate that person. Hate 
Jews. Hate those countries from Africa." All those things, told through 
education and everything, and actually think, for yourself. Do you have a 
reason to hate? Do you have a reason not to foliOv* your dreams? You 
know, just question everything. Do you have a reason to play generic 
punk? Poppy punk? Do you have a reason to sing in English if you're from 
Argentina, or from Poland or Russia or Columbia, arid you just want to be 
commercial punk? It's like, do what you feel happy about what you are 

doing? Ifs about being happy with your- 
self. It sounds kind of hip- 
ipie, but that's the truth. I 
" Jnthink that's what original 
punk was about, too. 
MRR: All right, thank you 
, very much! 
Qba: Thank you Erika! 
Drop the Skabs a line, send them 
bloody bandages, love notes, etc. c/o: 
Edward Skabs, 48-02 59 ,h Street, Apart- 
ment #3, Woodside, Queens, NY 11377. For the 
7" direct from WACP, write Matt,12 Wyatt Circle, 
Somerville, MA 02143. 

MRR: Who's in the 
band and how old are 
you all? 

Josh: Vocals and gui- 
tar.. .20-and-a-half. 
Beef: Drums and back- 
up vocals. .29. 
Jeff: Fill-in-bassist-until- 
we-move-to-San Di- 

Alex: Soon-to-be-bass- 

MRR: Where's every- 
one from? 

Josh: I'm from Rome, 

Beef: Gaithersburg, 

Jeff: Gaithersburg, 

Alex: San Diego, Cali- 

MRR: Any of you got 

Josh: Corky, I got that 
nickname because my 
ears are un- 
even. One 
sticks out 
more than 
the other, so a couple of 
"good friends" in mid- 
dle school started call- 
ing me Corky because 
they said I was retarded 
looking like the guy 
from Life Goes On. 
Beef: Yeah, this is my 
real name. It's a stupid 
story, so just make 
something up. 
Alex: Yeah, Beanpole, 
because I'm skinny. 
MRR: How did you all 

Josh: I met Beef while 
he was living in Rome, 
with this other band 
Eesch. Then we moved 
up back up to Maryland 
and we met Jeff be- 
cause he's Beefs broth- 
er. Our old bassist left 
because we weren't 
getting along. Jeff was 
good enough to fill in 
for us until we found a 
replacement. He was 
on our 7" and CD re- 
cording and he went on 
tour with us this sum- 
mer. He was also the 
guy who recorded all of 
our junk. He's a good 
guy, until he starts talk- 
ing! I met Alex because 
I was boning his girl- 

friend with some mad cyber loving. 
Alex: Haha! Let's just let Josh think it was her. 
Don't burst his bubble. 

Jeff: I met Josh because he kept coming up to 
Maryland. I'd get home from work and he'd be 
sprawled on my sofa watching my TV, or in my 
room logged into AOL on my computer, leaving his 
half-filled glasses of Coke all over the place. By the 
time he left there'd be four or five of them stagnat- 
ing in various places. Then I'd find his gross pink 
hair all over my bathroom floor after he cut it. 
MRR: Who do people compare you to? 
Josh: MRR said AFI. Punk Planet says FYP and 
Flipside says Final Conflict.. .but I'd have to say that 
we're the most original and ground-breaking band 
there is! Haha.. .actually we're about as ground- 
breaking as the Spice Girls and as orginal as Puff 

MRR: What do you think about all the "cores" out 

Josh: I like what I like.. .and you like what you 
like.. .and as long as we follow that simple equation 
we'll all get along a lot better...cuz no matter how 
noble you think you're cause is, there's always 
gonna be someone around to disagree with you. 
MRR: What music did you listen to when you were 
a kid? 

Josh: Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly.. .then I 
moved on to more meaningful music when I was in 
sixth grade, like Motley Crue and Skid Row. It was 
all about the hair then and it's all about the hair 


Alex: Early rock n* roll, my dad's old records that I 
still listen to every day, and a little Billy Idol, Stray 
Cats, Devo, some other terrible 80's stuff. Kiss, 
Beatles, then later on Duran Duran and all those 
new wave bands (you have to remember I'm old 

and was 13+ during the 80's). 
Jeff: The first record I ever got was 
the "Safety Dance single," b/w "Liv- 
ing in China" in sixth grade. The first 
CD I bought was Samiam's first one. 
The most recent one was Tilt. 
MRR: What was your first record 
bought and your latest one? 
Josh: My first memory of actually 
going out and buying a tape was Guns 
V Roses "Appetite for Destruc- 
tion." I was too cool 'cuz I was in sixth 
grade and my mom let me buy a tape 
with a parental advisory sticker on it! 
The Punk Rock started early with 
me!!! The latest ones would be the 
new Unwritten Law, Strung Out, 
MxPx, are my faves. 
Beef: First record was, I think, Kiss' 
"Rock 'n' Roll Over." My last was 
Strung Out's "Suburban Teenage..." 
An awesome album! 
Alex: My first one was Billy Idol's 
"Rebel Yell." That album still amaz- 
es me! 

Jeff: Descendents "Enjoy" was the 
first record that got me into punk, 
and Green Day's "39/smooth" was 
the record that got me started play- 
ing. I saw that my brother (Beef) 
could play every song on it with the 
same bar-chord, and for the first 
time I realized how easy guitar was. 
MRR: What record or song has 
changed your life? 

Josh: "La Bamba" by Ritchie Valens 
made we wanna play 

music. .seriously! 

flaws that 

Alex: Probably the country-western record 
that my dad put out when I was five. 
Beef: None really. ..hearing the Ramones for 
the first time made me think that anyone 
could play music. Basically it made me go 
out and buy a drum set, even though I 
couldn't play! 

MRR: Who do you look up to? 
Josh: Craig Kilborn and Zack Morris 'cuz 
they both have cool hair. 
Alex: Buddy Holly! Look how much he 
accomplished in 22 years. 
Jeff: No one, really. I respect or admire 
different things about different people, but 
everyone has enough 
they're brought back 
down to earth. 
MRR: Who writes the 

Josh: I make them up and 
everything...then the oth- 
er guys make it good. 
MRR: What do you think 
about riot girls? 
Josh: As long as they're 
not as hairy as me, I have 
no problem with them. 
Jeff: I'm not a big fan of 
people who willingly at- 
tach a silly label to 
themselves in an at- 
tempt to have some 
kind of identity. I 
guess "Riot grrl" is 
better than "straight- 
edger," although I 
never under- 
stood why 

whatever... I just think it sucks. 
Beef: I only like the punk/ska junk like 
Less Than Jake and Suicide Machines. 
Alex: The real ska is good, I don't like 
all of these new bands. 
Jeff: I don't like horns in general, and I 
don't like that "chinka-chinka-chin- 
ka" guitar thing, but I like the happy 
jumpy energy thing. 
MRR: What do you think about swing? 
Josh: Umm I like the movie 
Swingers. that close enough of an 

Alex: Sucks! Rockabilly is more rock- 

Beef: I don't mind it.. .it's kinda funny 
bringing back music your grand- 
parents liked 

characteristic to 
be the fact that they 
don't do drugs. I'm also 
not impressed by people who 
draw on themselves with markers, be it an 
"X" on the hand or "rape" or something on 
their stomach. 

MRR: What girl bands, or girl- fronted bands 
do you like? 
Josh: Hanson. 
Beef: I like the Go-Go's. 
Alex: My friend's band Ten:Til. 
Jeff: The Muffs, The Go-Go's, The Pretend- 
ers, Red Aunts, Tilt, The Primitives. 
MRR: What do you think about ska? 
Josh: I don't like it.. .not cuz it's all popular or 

in the 40's. 

Jeff: Swing's not bad in and of itself, 
but as the latest lame trend it sucks, 
and as far as swing as a lifestyle 
rather than just a type of music - it's 
really lame! Why anyone would 
want to try and emulate so-called 
"cool" people from the past is be- 
yond me. Everyone should emulate 
cool people of the present, like me. 
MRR: How did your recent tour go? 
Josh: Good, until we broke down in 
LA and had to cancel the rest of the 

Beef: And shell out over six hundred 
bucks each! 

Jeff: In retrospect it was great, aside 
from the fact that we only played half 
the shows we planned on and lost a 
lot of money on the van. I've never 
been so glad to be home, though. 
MRR: Did you play with any local 
bands on your tour dates? If so, 

which one was your favor- 
ite? What band was your 
least favorite that you 
played with? 

Josh: Good bands: 30 Deep, 
Jon Cougar Concentration 
Camp, Guttermouth, Justi- 
fied Anger, Elshermo... Bad 
bands: sorry but I don't kiss 
and tell! 

Jeff: 30 Deep was an amaz- 
ing pop-punk/emo band in 
Greensboro, North Caroli- 
na. Why they aren't big and 
eight thousand Fat Wreck 
Chords clones are is a mys- 
tery. Kottin K's from Massa- 
chusetts were also cool; 
that basi- 
cally just 
made noise 
and tried to 
destroy their 
drum kit with 
their pound- 

MRR: What's 
your new split 
CD like? 
Josh: It's 

good. go 
buy it. 

Beef: It's really 
good. ..though I 
hate my drum- 
ming on it. 
MRR: How 
come you did a 
split with the 
band you did it 
Josh: 'Cuz The 
Tone Deaf Pig 
Dogs are a really great band 
and we have a lot of respect 
for those guys. They were 
playing together before I 
knew what punk was. 
Beef: I didn't know who they 
were until after we played 
with them. ..I was playing 
punk when Josh was 10. 
MRR: What's your favorite 
song on your new split? 
Josh: I like them all. 
Beef: "Getting Old." 
MRR: How can these lovely 
readers get their hands on 

Josh: Send eight bucks to No 
Class, PO Box 6165, Rome, 
GA 30162. For you cyber 
punx - 

The Dead Kennedys, contro- 
versial by design, continue to 
make friends and enemies on 
both sides of the punk rock line 
drawn in the sand. There are 
those who write them off as "sell 
out rock stars", and others that 
hold the Dead Kennedys sacred. 
Somewhere between it all, is a 
band with a unique style and sev- 
eral great singles and three great 
albums. There are many resourc- 
es out there depicting Jello and DK, 
and all the stigma that surrounds 
them, but as usual, I like to take a 
more personal and music oriented 
slant. While there is something to 
be said about the man who ran for 
mayor, fought for freedom in the 
courtroom, and got his leg broke 
at Gilman, I want to talk about mu- 

Jello Biafra (born Eric Bouch- 
er) went to see the Ramones play 
in Denver, January, 1977. Like 
so many others, Biafra was in- 
spired by the Ramones raw pow- 
er and energy. Following the Ra- 
mones show, he spent some time 
in England, at a point of time 
where the British Punk Rock 
scene was really evolving. Biafra 1 
had a chance to check out some \ 
bands, continuing the intrigue that 
the Ramones started. Biafra , who 
had a background in method act- 
ing, started thinking of playing mu 
sic himself, he left England and 
went to California, where on week- 
ends he would go watch bands play 
in San Francisco. Very impressed 
with watching bands learn how to 
play in public, Biafra musical ambi- 
tions were confirmed. Once decid- 
ing to be in a band, the natural 
progression is to quit school, which 
Biafra did. After quitting school 
he went to live with his parents 

in Colorado, while working in a nursing home 
he saved enough money to move back to San 
Francisco, the place where he wanted to start 
the band. While in San Francisco, he an- 
swered an ad, "Guitarist want to form punk 
band". The ad was placed by East Bay Ray. 
Biafra and Ray started working on songs, 
Biafra did not play an instrument, but was 
able to relay song ideas. The two picked up 
I Klaus Flouride to play bass and Bruce 
Slessinger (Ted) to play drums, and 6025 
to play second guitar. This was 
July, 1978, a year and a half from 
the Ramones show, one week later 
Dead Kennedys played their first 

Punk Rock shows in 1978 were not 
very large. While in England Punk 
Rock was making headlines, it was 
still underground in America. The 
Dead Kennedys' moniker caused some 
alarm. Curiosity seekers would turn 
up at shows just to see what they were 
like. The Dead Kennedys offered some- 
thing different than most bands. Ray's 
guitar playing was unique, he played 
basically clean and used a lot of melo- 
dies, Biafra's lyrics were sarcastic, witty and 
very funny. Despite the obvious shock tac- 
tics, legitimate targets were attacked. Bi- 
afra's voice was unique as well, I always 
thought he sounded like a surfer on speed 
grabbing at his throat, it worked. Clearly 
the Dead Kennedys were finding their 
place. With musical abilities, and an unique 
sound they wanted to piss off as many 
people as possible. Right wing political/ 
religious leaders took offense to the Dead 
-^ Kennedys, putting them and punk rock 
/ "UOtppfy,) in the media attention, just like England. 
J Dead Kennedys gigs were high profile 
' bringing the attention of the media and 
the police. Controversy! Just as planned. 
Incidentally 6025 left the band after six 

Bob Last from Fast Records in En- 
gland was visiting a friend in New York 
and by chance heard a recording of DK. He 

was very impressed and in Oct, 1979 he 
put out the DK first single "California 
liber Alles" b/w " Man with the Dogs" (I 
like the single version better than the 
album). The DK was becoming punk 
rock's favorite son. Punks were hastily 
adorning their leathers with the painted 
DK logo, right next to Chron Gen, Ex- 
ploited, and the Pistols. "Holiday in Cam- 
bodia" b/w "Kill the Poor" was their sec- 
ond single, this time Cherry Red Records 
put it out, again a British label. DK went 
with Cherry Red, because they were will- 
ing to put out a full length as well as 
other singles. "Fresh Fruit for Rotting 
Vegetables" was the DK debut album ,and 
by far their best. When the album first 
came out in 1 980 as an import on Cher- 
ry Red, the DK popularity began to rise 
rapidly. Incidentally I seen the DK at this 
time in a club in Staten Island. It was 
the DK, DOA, SS Decontrol, and Kraut 
for $4.00!! I noticed an odd transition 
there after. Punks were now breaking 
out the nail polish remover to erase 
the DK logo in disgrace. It 
seems as their popularity 
grew, they were now consid- 
ered "Sell Outs", and this is 
back in 1.981-1982. I never 
did understand this because at 
this point all their records were 
great. "Fresh Fruit" might have 
suffered a little in production 
but still plays great. If you ever 
noticed there are several covers 
for "Fresh Fruit", the first one I 
got was orange, on Cherry Red, 
had the pull out poster, and the 
picture of the old folks sitting around. 
I believe the story goes that a rela- 
tive of one of the old ladies, noticed 
the picture and sued the DK to re- 
move it. Later versions had the 
heads cut off and then the Alter 
native Tentacles logo. In 1981 Ted 
left the band and was replaced 
by Peligro. DK went on to release 
several more singles and albums. 
I like everything up until (and in- 
cluding) "Plastic Surgery Disasters" 
It is too obvious to talk about DK 
side projects, spoken word etc. I 
personally feel that DK should 
have broken up after "Plastic Sur- 
gery" somewhere after that, they 
lost it. Their songs lacked what 
once made them great. All in all, 
DK has earned a spot on the leath- 










• "California Uber Alles" b/w "The 

Man With the Dogs" (Fast, 1979) 

• "Holiday in Cambodia" b/w "Police 

Truck" (Cherry Red, 1980) (7" 
and later 12") 


• "Fresh Fruit for Rottin Vegetables" LP (Cher 
ry Red, 1980) 
• "Kill the Poor" b/w "Insight" (Cherry Red, 

• "Too Drunk to Fuck" b/w "The Prey" (Cher 
ry Red, 1981) (7" and later 12") 

• "In God We Trust" EP (Alternative Tenta 
cles, 1981) 

• "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" b/w "Moral Major 
ity" (Alternative Tentacles, 1981) 

• "Bleed for Me" b/w "Life Sentence" (Alter- 
native Tentacles, 1982) (7" and later 


• "Plastic Surgery Disasters" LP 

(Alternative Tentacles, 1982) 
• "Halloween" b/w "Saturday Night 
Holocust" (Alternative Tentacles, 
• "A Skateboard Party" live LP (Starv- 
ing Missle, 1 984) 
• "Frankenchrist" LP (Alternative Ten 
tacles, 1985) 

• "Bedtime for Democracy" LP (Alterna 
tive Tentacles, 1986) 

• "Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death" 
(Alternative Tentacles, 1987) 

In case you are wondering, most of 
the Cherry Red Records were also re- 
leased in the United States on Alterna- 
tive Tentacles. There are many, many 
compilations that include Dead 
Kennedys, most notable "Punk and 
Disorderly" and "Rat Music for Rat 
People". There are lots of videos and 
bootlegs as well, DK are not hard to 




NEWCD... !! 





Contacts : 

USA - phone (201)939-3417 
54 Jackson Ave. #33 
Rutherford - Mew Jersey 
NJ 07070 

Brazil - phone (011)3104 
Rua Frei caneca 250 , 
Consolacao - Sao 
SP 01307000 

Rebound RbcohI* MdlordWDfitrlbutlon 
17019 E«ew«cn Elm Way 
Houston, TX 77059 USA 


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AYA01 - Act Your Age! 7" w/ Sore Loser, Jill, Jessica 6, Dig Dug 
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| Braid - First Day Back 7" $3 
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I Braid/Conn split 7" $3 

Braid/Pohgoh split 7" $3 
I Clairmel/Cease split 7" w/ ADD Zine $4 

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Text by Lance and Tiger Lily (My letter 



Ha ha ha....Laugh at me. you cynical 
bastards! But I did go to the third Holidays In 
the Sun punkas-fuck festival and while I 
can't say I had a great time, it was an in- 
teresting experience. Sorta. 

Why did we go? Lily is a lot more punk 
than I am. She was up for it. But I'm not 
totally sure why I thought this would be a 
good idea. Half of the bands I hadn't thought 
about in years. The other half I never liked in 
the first place. I guess I thought that if worse 
came to worse I could explore the seaside resort of 
Morecambe. So despite an endless barrage of jokes 
at my expense via Sean and everyone at the Rough 
Trade shop on Portobello Road. I forged on. ( Actu- 
ally, I was quite happy to stay at the pub in Gypsy Hill. 
But Lily forced me to go. ) 

So. we arrive at Morecambe on the first day and 
I'm already in a bad mood. Morecambe is a pile of 
shit floating on the coast. "A seaside town they forgot 
to bomb.'' No kidding! Mohawks and skinheads litter the boardwalk 
and as a representative of the pop community. I'm prepared to get 
my ass kicked. Needless to say. Lily already knows people here. On 
to the gig.... 

With a little finagling. I sort out two passes for 
( much thanx to Ian Armstrong ) and we get insi 
the hall where it already stinks of 2.000 
spunks, skins, and herberts (whatever the 
fuck an "herbert" is (from all corners of 
the world. 


LANCE'S COMMENTS: I don't really follow this 

kind of music. But I used to love 'em and they 

did the hits. Surprisingly less metal than other 

times I'd seen them. 4 

LILY'S COMMENTS: I probably would've enjoyed 

this more 10 years ago, back when I was hard. 4 


SONGS PLAYED: "Crucified," "Victim In Pain," 

"Blind Justice" 


LANCE'S COMMENTS: I was not prepared for this. Not this early in the day. 
Singer Nick Cash looked like Bob Hoskins. Time for lunch. 1.5 
LILY'S COMMENTS: Not being a huge fan, I was content to take a few 
pictures, indulge in local cuisine, and return for "I'm Alive." 3 
SONGS PLAYED: "I'm Alive" 

to the World line) — Photos by Tiger Lily 


Being young and impression- 
able, I was absolutely thrilled that 
my trip to the UK coincided with the 
three-day. third annual Holidays in 
the Sun punk festival. 

Unfortunately. I'm not that young 
and certainly less impressionable 
than others my age. I've seen prob- 
ably more than my share of both 
reformed bands in various stages of 
resurrection and bands that never 
quit. Despite occasional stellar per- 
formances. I understand that disap- 
pointment is an integral part of the 
package. Looking at the schedule 
for this year's shindig. I realized that I had already seen about half of 
the bands in various incarnations: as probability dictates, some had 
been amazing while others, well, weren't. But knowing that a grim 
outcome loomed ahead, however, didn't bridle my enthusiasm. 

With this in mind. Lance and I rode the rails to the English 
seaside town of Morecambe, population 38,500. Upon arrival. Lance 
was immediately overly paranoid about the army of bondage 
trousers and flight jackets roaming the promenade, certain that a 
brawl of outrageous proportions would go down at any moment, on 
any corner, and that we'd get sucked into its vortex. I. on the other 
hand, was quite amused by the idea of at least 1.000 punks 
and skins from all over the world, decked in their 
deadliest duds and dos. converging in this small 
burb. which seemed to rely on senior citizen 
groups and families with at least three chil- 
dren and a dog for business. I could only 
imagine with self-contained mirth what 
first-time, non-punk visitors thought. That 
Morecambe was the hideout for all the 
punks and skins of yore? 


LANCE'S COMMENTS: The singer was still wear- 
ing the same ill-fitting punk gear he had in the 
late 70s. They look like the Beach Boys did on their 
last tour. I think they played for about 6 hours. 2 
LILY'S COMMENTS: They're much better in a smaller 
setting, which this was not. Guitarist Gus wore a some- 
what frightening psychedelic sun shirt; bassist Marc (from V2) 
looked really gothic. 3.5 
SONGS PLAYED: "Be My Baby," "Persecution Complex," "Sad So Sad" 

**ln the comments section, bands were rated on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best. 


LANCE'S COMMENTS: Hey, I was a peace punk! We weren't really "al- 
lowed" to listen to bands like this. Back then, their fans would kick my ass. 
But now that I hear them, they're probably my favorite band of the whole 
festival. 4.5 

LILY'S COMMENTS: Absolutely fabulous with a marvelous set! Mensi, who 
looked like a tough Italian mobster (minus the garb, gold, and gat), still cuts 
an imposing figure. I was stunned to learn: 1) Max Splodge can drum, and 
2) has been the drummer for some time! 5 
SONGS PLAYED: "Never 'ad Nothing," "Upstart," "Teenage Warning" 

LANCE'S COMMENTS: What a pile of shit! I think they were all playing 
different songs at one point. The band consisted of Max Splodge and three 
people who seemed to have just learned how to play their instruments. 
LILY'S COMMENTS: Sloppy performance but probably highly entertaining 
had we stayed for their entire set. I kinda want to know whether or not they 
played "Poochie Woo." 2 
SONGS PLAYED: "Two Pints of Lager" 


LANCE'S COMMENTS: Unlike most of the crowd, I have a hard time getting 

excited about men wearing make-up. I don't understand psychobilly at all. 

I guess they're pretty good musicians. Whatever.... 2 

LILY'S COMMENTS: Great psychobilly band. Festival included, they seem to 

play with lots of punk bands. 4.5 


SONGS PLAYED: "Zombie Stalk" 

LANCE'S COMMENTS: What the hell is going 
on?!? They played loads of shit off of their 
horrendous newalbum. Knox looked like an 
emaciated Kevin Dubrow. 1 
LILY'S COMMENTS: Boring. Played too 
many new songs in a row, and slowly. 

"Baby Baby Baby" was their hit? 3 


SONGS PLAYED: "Wrecked on You," "Into 

the Future," "Baby Baby Baby" 


LANCE'S COMMENTS: Charlie Harper 
looks like a cross between Spitting Image 
and a Fraggle. It's the Subs, y'know? 3 
LILY'S COMMENTS: Saw them once with 
two original members and thus felt no 
need to stay for the entire set. 3 
SONGS PLAYED: "Warhead," "CID" 


LANCE'S COMMENTS: Again, I was into 
Crass and Flux and was therefore 
not allowed to listen to much of this 
stuff. They're kinda dumb and I prob- 
ably wouldn't go see them in normal 

circumstances. But after hours of ear torture, they were like a breath 
of fresh air. I kinda wanna check out their records now. 3.5 
LILY'S COMMENTS: Whoa! Drummer AD drummed at out-of-control 
speeds — and the band kept up! Crazy! 4 
SONGS PLAYED: "Transvestite," "Banned from the Pubs," "Maniac" 


LANCE'S COMMENTS: Ladies and Gentlemen, the biggest disappoint- 
ment of the festival! Who knows who's in this line-up? The singer has 
pulled a Richie Manics and who knows what happened to the guitarist. 
So it was a couple of studio guys playing up the wimpiest rendition of 
"GLC" possible. And they had the nerve to play it at the beginning and end of 
the set. 2 

LILY'S COMMENTS: I so looked forward to seeing these guys all year and 
wound up running out on Peter & the Test Tube Babies to do so. It took me 
seconds to realize that the singer was not the original (rumor had it he had 
OD'd and died/got lost) but this was only one of the disappointments: "I'm 
Civilized" was excruciatingly slow, the singer couldn't hit the notes in the 
chorus to "Last Year's Youth," and they did "GLC" — twice! And the guitarist 
wasn't original either so Menace sounded more like an arena rock band! I was 
crushed. 1.5 

SONGS PLAYED: Everything they ever wrote, then "GLC" twice. 



Hey, I was shocked 
how together Red 
Alert were. Every 
tight and the singer 
looked like he was 
therface on bass! 4 
that these guys are 
excellent live. Gui- 
tarist Tony is such a 
ham; couldn't under- 
stand singer Steve's 
northern England 
accent one whit, 
though. 4.5 


SONGS PLAYED: "SPG," "In Britain," "Bad Man" (Cockney Rejects) 


fi »V^ Vi 


LANCE'S COMMENTS: I don't understand the I 
appeal of this kind of music. Totally generic | 
GBH-style hardcore. Totally tuneless and pain- 
fully long-winded. Fuck! They definitely win the I 
bad tattoo award. I think the singer had | 
"FUCK OFF" across his stomach. 2 
LILY'S COMMENTS: They sounded like New I 
York-style hardcore — nothing at all like I 
expected from the few OWS songs I've heard. 
Seemed like they played the same song over | 
and over.... 1.5 
SONGS PLAYED: "Jerusalem," "Stab the | 
Judge," "Give Us a Future" 


LANCE'S COMMENTS: Wow. I was almost looking forward to this. No, not in a 

pervy way. I kinda have fond memories for "Last Rockers" and "Rock-N-Roll 

Massacre." But, y'know... those songs kinda suck. Beki Bondage looked really 

great. But I felt like I was watching Lita Ford. 2 

LILY'S COMMENTS: As time goes on, I sadly realize I like Vice Squad less and 

less. Don't know what it is. Oh wait, yes I do. The music is basically rock...with 

not enough punk or roll. Where the heck did she pick up the back-up band? 3 


SONGS PLAYED: "Young Blood," "Last Rockers," "Rock 'n' Roll Massacre" 


LANCE'S COMMENTS: Hey, one of the few bands (ever!) to have gotten back 

together and been good. They, along with the Subhumans, are the exception 

to the rule as far as their reunion being more than just nostalgia. A little 

sloppier than previous times I'd seen them. But still lots of fun and they almost 

made this trip worthwhile. 4 

LILY'S COMMENTS: I enjoy watching Micky Fitz rouse the crowd, and I can 

understand him, to boot! 4 


SONGS PLAYED: "Suburban Rebels," "Do They Owe Us a Living?" (Crass), 

"Blind Justice" 


fectly happy to leave before they 
started. But Lily insisted on hang- 
ing around and taking some pho- 
tos. Same old shit. The Exploited 
have been nostalgic since they be- 
gan. People say they created the 
punk "revival" of the early '80s. 
"Revival" makes me think of Sha Na Na. Wattie is the Bowser of punk! 1 
LILY'S COMMENTS: I've never been a fan of theirs, but then again, I've never 
been a foe. Felt compelled to take pictures for friends back home and thus 
witnessed the beer-flinging frenzy. Left during "Barmy Army," which I truly 
thought was 30 seconds long (due to technical difficulties) until I heard the 
entire thing back home. 3 
SONGS PLAYED: "Let's Start a War," "Barmy Army" 


The residents apparently didn't mind the return of this 
motley crew, and it turned out that Lance's paranoia was un- 
founded. No fights broke out. Odd. too. considering the turbulent 
reputation of Agnostic Front. Angelic Upstarts. Business, and Ex- 
ploited gigs. I don't know if violence is still a problem at AF, AU. 
or Exploited shows, but the fact that the Business didn't have 
trouble at Holidays in the Sun struck me as surreal. What's going 
on here?! As for the streets of Morecambe. I'll just assume that the 
absence of wailing police sirens meant that they. too. were 

As for the bands and the music itself? Let me say first off: 
Bands, if you're going to have a reunion show, at the very least 
include the singer and guitarist - they truly matter. As usual, there 
were both stellar and not-quite-stellar performances, attributed 
not to the age of the band, believe it or not, but mainly to the 
bands' energy level and my fluctuating mood. Though I may have 
been heard muttering something about never having to see 
another show for at least a year. I had a blast and look forward 
to Holidays in the Sun 1999. to be held in Morecambe and 
Amsterdam at two different times. 




Now that I look back I can't help but think. "What an ordeal!" 
But band reviews don't really capture the feel of the festival. I 
mean. 2.000 wasted punks and skins and whatever and no 
fights? Onceyou get over the initial terror, there is a certain charm 
to seeing a little town over-run by punks. The old town folk have 
developed a symbiotic relationship with the punters. I can't 
explain how it happens. It's a joyful aberration of nature. Plus, it's 
nice to go see a punk band and be one of the younger people in 
the crowd for a change. 

Anyway, would I go back next year? I dunno. It was much 
more entertaining than I could have possibly expected. And 
sometimes I think I enjoy complaining about bands more than 
liking them. Get the Newtown Neurotics or the Partisans and I'd 
be there in a second. Whatever. 

For more information about Holidays in the Sun. check out or contact Darren Russell ( PO 
Box 101. Lancaster LAI 2GL. UK). 


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attitude in leopard-skin, wraps! 

Way supercharged Rn R from these 

San Franciscans, fast 'n' Sleazy, just like we like 'em around these parts. The 

delivery would have to be best described as blistering Punk Rock, the 

longest cut clocking in at a mere two minutes, forty-five seconds, after all. 

However, the songs are extremely well crafted and lo-fHy executed, showing 

a wide and Smelly heap o' influences (good ol' garage and Surf among them, 

and as always, always the lingering stain of eighties Southern California 

Punk) that serve to separate this outfit from your typical Under thxee- 

minute guitar-scorchers. The duel, beer -fueled ax-tion attack 

is manic, backed by solid, growlin' bass and drum; and git-mistress Dulcinea's 
w ail in ' packs a brass-knuckled ear-thump, supporte/i by, backing vox. Funny 
songs about S6X, Roller Derby full, drinKip , and a righteous ode 
to Her Go-Go Highness Tura Satana. Basically, ObnOXlOUS fcTSLS Li the 
type that got this cynical old creep into Punk Rawk so many rekkids ago.' 


Come on. y° u know you want it 

r — Brock. S] 


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This section also puts forth the frightening thought that the Earth could 
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The second chapter focuses on how easily alien species can be 
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The third chapter of Concrete Jungle focuses on Cats and Dogs. 
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Hosting Others is the title of Chapter 5 and it opens with the tale 
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Chapter 7 is another one for the queasy to avoid. Beginning with a 
study of the roadkill photography of Bob Braine and then moving onto a 
handful of roadkill recipes which range from Bambi in Guinness to Squat- 
ter Pilaf, which includes 50-100 roaches (an acquired taste I am sure). 

The final chapter is entitled "Zoos, Museums C Other Fictions" and 
it focuses on just that. Opening with a zoo timeline which runs from 2800 
BC through modern times, this chapter also details what few think about: 
that zoos are the last place where many "wild" animals still roam or will 
roam in the future, a very scary thought. 

As with most publications that utilize a variety of authors, Concrete 
Jungle could have used a somewhat heavier editorial hand in a (very) few 
spots. The opening two pieces of the book would not have been my choice 
as to how to set the tone for the entire book, and the imagined interview 
in the future also seemed out of context for the rest of the book. As far as 
aesthetics are concerned, as with all Juno Books, you could not ask for a 
more visually pleasing publication. Concrete Jungle contains many clear 
and arresting photographs, as well as a large number of informative side- 
bars to the stories. Taken in its entirety, this is a great look at humanity. A 
look at how "we invade, colonize and occupy, exploiting resources for our 
own benefit, when an area becomes too degraded, we move on. often 
without picking up behind ourselves," as stated by Shireen R.K. Patell in 
her piece "The Language of Pests." Concrete Jungle will make the reader 
see that the roaches, the rats, the vermin and parasites that we see as 
pests are not really the ones destroying the ecosystem— we are. The hu- 
mans are the pests, and sooner or later, the Earth will shake us off like a 
bad case of fleas. —Trent Reinsmith 

Extremities • Kathe Koja 

200 pgs • $22 

Four Walls Eight Windows • 39 West 14th Street • New York • New 

York • 1001 1 

^" rT ~"""'^| The book jacket of Extremities, Kathe Koja's new 
l^fe. Ih volume of short stories ' proposes that Koja is "our 
V ^LjE I Poe for the twenty-first century." This is ambitious 

BpJHS marketing considering we're still a couple years 
away from the next hundred, but it is also 
inaccurate. Not because Koja's writing isn't creepy 
and unique, but there is none of Poe's 
hyperventilating, high-drama gothic sensibility in 
her writing. Yes, bizarre things occur in her stories, 
but they happen in the context of her characters' 
humdrum contemporary lives, which adds a 
welcome layer of gritty, ironic humor. In "Bird 
Superior," a man survives a plane accident and is suddenly graced with 
the ability to fly. His newfound affinity with winged creatures prompts 
him to consider getting a birdfeeder-but then he thinks better of it, not 
wanting bird shit staining the side of his suburban house And when Drew, 
the main character in "Reckoning," encounters his wife, shockingly returned 
from the dead, his initial eloquent words are, "Fuck a duck" 

Most of the stories in Extremities succeed in being pretty damn tweaky 
in a Twilight Zone-y sort of way. Koja's the kind of person whom you 
assume that as a small child when her teacher told her to draw a cat, drew 
not a cute, fluffy kitty but a stiff, bloody dead one which would rise from 
the road with supernatural powers. Her imagination is the fertile landscape 
which gives birth to grotesque plot twists, lush descriptive language, and 
earthy humor. 

CgOtfO OQ&O 

«COO 6^0 © O 

Extremities contains mostly hits, peppered with a few misses. 
Sometimes the stories just don't totally make sense. Something ominous is 
hinted at but never quite materializes, or the rules of this world-turned- 
upside-down are not adequately explained. In one story a woman who has 
been kicked out of her boyfriend's house crucifies herself on the backyard 
fence and, still alive, slowly transforms into a kind of vicious plant. Neighbors 
come over and complain indignantly about the sight, yet she remains there 
for days. This just seems unrealistic— wouldn't some cop with a notebook 
show up at the door? "Sir, we've received complaints of some sort of pod 
person in your backyard." 

One of the stories, "Lady Lazarus," is creepy but for the wrong 
reasons. In this piece Koja recreates the hours leading to Sylvia Plath's 
suicide. The story itself is well rendered, it's just that to me there's something 
unseemly about imagining and recreating an actual person's final thoughts 
before sticking her head in an oven. 

If you don't get off on the eerie horror of Koja's stories, there's 
always the sex. Supernatural occurrences, like psych meds, apparently have 
unpredictable sexual side effects. In "Jubilee," a woman who "had not 
wept or experienced an orgasm for three months" is relieved of the latter 
condition when a mysterious— and amorous— voice begins visiting her. In 
"The Disquieting Muse", an art therapist starts getting embarrassing boners 
for one of his loony clients despite her stinkiness, dirty hair and refusal to 
wear underwear. No, he hasn't developed a sudden sexual taste for crusty 
punks, it turns out she's his art therapy muse— she's guided him all this 
time, she's horny and now it's payback time, baby. 

In "Arrangement for Invisible Voices" a neighborhood barbecue takes 
on the horror of a Sue Coe painting come to life as the partygoers are 
suddenly transfixed by noises from the spitted bodies of the pigs, the 
"unbearable tender wail of their murdered cries, scaling like the scream of 
high opera." Well, now it's several months later and one of the neighbors 
can't stop hearing the poor piggies cry out in pain. The sound sneaks up 
on him right at that crucial sexual moment, which is frustrating the hell 
out of his wife. Sterner stuff than Babe and Charlotte's Web, this But as 
strange as these situations may sound, Koja actually carries them off with 
dogged dignity. So read up kids, and don't go to any weenie roasts or you 
might end up being a candidate for Viagra earlier than you think. -Melissa 

Daniel Guerin • No Gods, No Masters: An Anthology of Anarchism, 

Book Two 

276 pgs • $16.95 Ppd- 

AK Press • PO Box 40682 • San Francisco, CA 94140-0682 

After Eugene Chadbourne's old column, 1 suspect 
that the book review section of Maximum RockN- 
Roll is probably one of the least read and least ap- 
preciated sections of this magazine. This is the age 
of Attention Deficit Disorder, when too much com- 
petition for people's free time has left little room 
for language or ideas. When the book in question 
concerns itself with politics, the sex appeal ante 
doesn't go up much. Perhaps if AK, in addition to 
using porno to underwrite the rest of their catalog, 
combined theoretical and demonstrative text with 
images of a carnal nature, some people would at 
least get suckered into buying Emma Goldman for the nasty bits if nothing 
else. Take punk rockers. Punks try to be more political than your average 
mullet-haired individual, but these days, less and less people are really 
genuinely interested in the second-oldest profession, including guys and 
girls who still manage to shout "Anarchy" once in a while. This is because 
politics is like drinking salt water for Americans, and it's been that way 
since the seventies. So why does AK put out so many political books? Not 
for popularity. Accurately put, Ramsey and co. are real, honest-to-gosh 
Anarchists, the sort that used to spook the bejesus out of Ellis Island immi- 
gration authorities before the Wars and before they were mostly all killed. 
For such, Anarchism is not some job taken up by hairpiece male cellulite 

and bored lawyers, but an elevated means of living for the common peo- 
ple. It is politics beyond politics. A politics about living radically. Living. 
Not watching other people sort of do it on TV. 

To this day, the principles associated with "Anarchy" and "Anarchism" 
are greatly misunderstood as an excuse for unlimited license, chaos, vio- 
lence, and assholishness among disturbed malcontents who just can't man- 
age to grow up and live like adults, fools whose unwillingness to recognize 
the needs for authority leads to their own undoing and, if they were to 
have their way, untold suffering for others not similarly infected. One of 
the essays in this volume, reprinted from the early part of this century, by 
seminal Anarchist Errico Malatesta, argues that Anarchism is not based on 
lack of organization but lack of government. Malatesta deals with many of 
the arguments against Anarchism and explains the differences between 
Anarcho-syndicalism and the popular conceptions of the terminology. What 
an Anarchist society is, according to Malatesta, is a "society of friends." 
Technology is allowed, people get work done, the gas flows through the 
pipes and the electric bulb burns, doctors heal the sick but people do what 
they need to do and want to do not because they are coerced to by laws or 
cops but because they identify and support their communities. Organiza- 
tion is based on communal discipline, not power structures, and technolo- 
gy isn't based on profit but on whether or not it actually benefits people, 
this is a far cryjrom the confused Anarchism of the Unabomber. 

Many of the other essays, recollections and manifestos in No Gods, 
No Masters deal with some of the actual successes of Anarchism as prac- 
ticed in the briefly lived Anarchist collectives of Spain during the Civil 
War and in the Soviet Union shortly after the Russian Revolution. That 
they failed wasn't necessarily due to any truth that such experiments 
are inherently doomed to fail; aside from the ever-present "capitalist 
swine" and bourgeoisie oppressors, the villains of this work are the 
Russian-style Communists who turned against their Anarchist comrades 
in the early twenties (and had a great number of their leaders executed) 
in order to eliminate an unpredictable element and consolidate state 
power under themselves and who again undermined the anarchists' 
militias during the Spanish Civil War by not allowing them any of Sta- 
lin's guns. Anarchists and Communists, both "leftist" in outlook, theo- 
retically want the same goal: a classless, libertarian and communal soci- 
ety. Where they differ is how to achieve that society. The anarchists 
believe that all that needs to happen is that the workers need to over- 
throw their bosses and just take over while the Communists hold to the 
idea of a "dictatorship of the proletariat" being established first, orches- 
trated by the Communist Party. Subsequently, the Communists have 
taken over whole countries while anarchists, with their community- 
first ethos, have never done so. 

Dealing, with a certain bitterness on this subject, are the excerpts 
from the memoirs of Emma Goldman (who witnessed the Bolsheviks 
destroy the Kronstadt sailors on grounds of "counter revolution ") and 
Voline who found himself in a Russian prison cell, placed there by his 
supposed allies. Editor Daniel Guerin, himself a lifelong Anarchist, is 
somewhat non-judgmental towards Trotsky and Lenin, however. 

Other documents chronicle Makhno and the anarchists of the 
Ukraine, writings by and about the legendary Buenaventura Durruti and 
much more. 

Did the book make me a convert? Spiritually I love the idea of 
Anarchism (although spiritually I also love ladies in latex, nice clothing 
and guns) there's just one thing that holds me back: Anarchism is found- 
ed on the principle, common to the core of the left, that people are 
basically good. There's much which may dispute that. Also, Anarchism, 
like Communism (which has seen some better days), is a revolutionary 
belief system with its foundation in the Industrial Revolution A revo- 
lutionary belief system to fight oppression (or boredom) in the Informa- 
tion Age, in which many people earn their living doing useless tasks for 
people who express evil in subtler ways, hasn't been codified yet. I 
don't think our cyber-exploited world has found its Marx or Bakunin. 
Instead of observing the past, I'm interested in the future and hope AK 
can keep up with the insights. —Joe Donahue 


Hi and welcome back to the new MRR film column where I get to 
spout off about some of the films I've seen in the last month. By no means 
do I want to encourage you to see any of these, I just thought you'd like to 
know what I think. 

Pecker. I just like to say it. Pecker. Pecker. Pecker. You don't 
hear people saying pecker that much any more. That's one of the things I 
like most about John Waters. He uses great words. I ran into a friend on 
the street after seeing the movie. He asked what I had seen and when I 
said, "Pecker. 1 ' He just stood staring at me for a minute. "The new John 
Water's film," 1 added. "Oh, 1 thought it was a porn." 

Pecker is pretty tame by John Waters' standards. Though I like 
that cos you can't be grossing everyone out all the time. It gets too predict- 
able. The story is about a teenage photographer who gets "discovered" by 
a New York photography gallery owner and the chaos that ensues. It gets 
a bit moralistic on the evils of selling out, which we all know is bad 

Pecker has great characters. Pecker, his laundry-mat owning girl- 
friend, his mom that runs a thrift store and helps the homeless look 
fashionable, his dad who runs a bar, his sister who works as the announc- 
er at a gay bar, his grandmother who has a ventriloquist Virgin Mary and 
the list goes on. It is the attention to detail, the interesting people and the 
great style of it all that make it so enjoyable. I laughed out loud, cringed a 
few times and left the theater smiling. 

If I hear someone mention the Titanic one more time, I'm going to 
have kill them. So 1 have no explanation as to why I went to see The 
Chambermaid, but I did. The story is centered around a French man 
who goes to see England to see the Titanic sail and meets a woman who is 
to be a chambermaid on the Titanic. When he returns to France, he 
thinks his wife has had an affair with their boss and he makes up some 
stories about the affair he had with the chambermaid. 

The story is enjoyable enough until he decides he has a huge moral 
ditemma about lying. I am against lying as a general rule, but everyone in 
the movie knows he is lying. He has admitted it. People come to hear him 
tell his stories in a theater. They must know he's lying or at least perform- 
ing. What's the problem with it? Maybe, it's my cynical 20th century views 
that make me unable to grasp the mental anguish he is going through. I 
don't know. That definitely ruined what otherwise could have been a nice 

I'm definitely a sucker for romance films. Make that a romance set 
in Boston and you've got me. Off I go to see Wonderland. I have one 
friend who says it's fantastic 1 don't agree with him that often on films. 
Another friend tells me itis horrible. She lives in Somerville where Won- 
derland takes place. I like the concept. The idea of destined true love? 
Sure. Who wouldn't want that to be true? My problem is that I don't 
believe it. And to two completely boring people, such as these? They don't 
deserve it, though I guess they deserve each other. It's one of those missed 
encounter films that goes on through the whole movie. She hates dating. 
He hates dating. They go on dates anyway. They never do anything fun 
or remotely interesting. Worst of all, there is no romance. 

I watched a documentary on Steve McQueen and immediately felt 
the need to watch every film he ever made. I'm like that. Instead, 1 settled 
on renting love With The Proper Stranger. Filmed in 1963, 1 can't 
believe I've never seen it.. It also stars Natalie Wood as Angie. The film 
starts Angie is pregnant from a one night stand with Rocky (Steve Mc- 
Queen). She tries to get him to help her get a doctor for an abortion, but he 
acts like a typical guy and she gets pissed off. He, eventually, convinces her 
that he wants to help and she decides to let him. He fucks up again and she 
decides to move out of her mother's house and have the baby on her own. 

The characters are great. They're very likable. Angie's indepen- 
dent. Rocky ends up having a soft side. Of course, there's a happy ending. 
It's the way I'd like my life to be. Don't worry though, I know it's only a 
movie. (Carolyn Keddy) 

Got any recommendations? 

COLD FEVER (A Dvidum Klaka) 
[ICELAND, 19941 

"How do you like Iceland?" * 

"Very strange country," replies Japanese salaryman Asashi Hirata 
(Masatoshi "The Most Terrible Time in My Life" Nagase). At his grand- 
father's request (actually, closer to emotional blackmail), Hirata has been 
forced to sacrifice a golf vacation in sun-drenched Hawaii to perform 
funeral rites for his parents in a country obinously named after ice, 
where he seems almost doomed to failure. 

He wanders onto a German tour bus; buys a clunky car from a 
middle-aged woman who claims to have a psychic connection with him; 
finds a flat and stays the night with a cordial family who feeds him the 
national dish, calf s head; and meets a cheerful lady "funeral collector" 
fascinated by ceremonies for the deceased, after which his car obedient- 
ly dies. The next morning, he has a curious brush with a little girl whose 
shriek can explode icebergs (and, coincidentally, bring cars back from 
the dead), endures long hours of Icelandic pop music on his broken car 
radio, and then loses his car to a disagreeable American couple who talk 
to each other with hand-puppets (Lili Taylor and Fisher Stevens). The 
audience doesn't need convincing: this is one hell of a strange country. 

Thankfully for local hospitality, the remainder of this journey is 
less traumatic. Frostbitten and on the edge of hypothermia, he wanders 
into Kanterbaes, the home of Icelandic cowboys, and splits a few bottles 
of Brennerin (aka the White Death, the moonshine of the great white 
north whose mere vapors cause cirrhosis) with Siggi (Gmsli Halldrsson- 
try not to pronounce that), a friendly old man (no doubt pickled in the 
stuff), who offers to help his new friend to his destination, where Hira- 
ta's mother and father's plane had crashed. But this leg of the trip he 
must take alone. 

Road movies are high-concept and low-plot by nature, so a good 
one must be (1) funny, and (2) pass through some interesting places. I'd 
be hard-pressed to name a road movie that accomplishes both objectives 
as proficiently as Cold Fever. Nagase is just about perfect as the deter- 
mined Asian wanderer in a world of white, a stranger in a land not 
really meant for living things. And the Icelandic landscapes are nonpa- 
reil for starkness and their suggestion of mystery; Ingmar Bergman in 
his most suicidal Scandinavian mood would find it difficult to capture 
the ghostly loneliness here. But in both the land and people, there's also 
a willingness to accommodate the most extreme and desperate souls, 
whether they're natives on the edge of sanity, robbers on the lam, or 
simple seekers like Hirata. 

It's a strange, funny, and Sad film about death and and its myster- 
ies, backed by awe-inspiring Icelandic landscapes (in widescreen) and 
superior filmcraft. It makes you wonder whether other films from this 
country are as good. (Judging from the director Fridrick Thor Fridricks- 
son's next flick, a depressive paeon to Icelandic drunkenness, the an- 
swer seems to be no.) 

Almost all of it is in English-and watch for a guest appearance 
from Japan's famous director Seijun Suzuki. (Steve Spinali) 

MOEBIUS • 3 headbangs 
[ARGENTINA, 1996] 

I'll wager that Lars von Trier (Zentropa, Breaking the Waves, 
The Kingdom) would have bartered his soul to make a movie like this; 
but the only way he could have is if he'd attended Universidad de Cine, 
an Argentinian film school that's been turning out working profession- 
als for a few years now. This university takes a hands-on approach to 
training young filmmakers, teaching theory by having them contribute 
their labors in real-life, in-house feature films. 

Moebius is their first. 

Strange things have been happening in the Buenos Aires subway 
system: a train has disappeared along with its passengers, brake lights go 
on and off without explanation, and some have claimed that a ghost 


train— invisible and untrackable— has been rumbling through the system 
at night. Topologist Daniel Pratt (Guiliermo Angenelli) is saddled with 
the job of solving the mystery, which doesn't seem to have rational 
explanations. His imagination taxed to the limit, he eventually these 
anomalous events to a "node"— a power surge he feels has shunted the 
train into another dimension by virtue of the track's Moebius design. 
Though it's barely suggested in the film itself, any Argentinian will quickly 
catch onto its subtext— of the mysterious disappearance of citizens thought 
to be hostile to the state, and how their stories are forced underground, 
out of public awareness. 

The X-Files-type plot may be tenuous, but its mounting intrigue 
helps overcome the groan-factor. The special effects certainly help; many 
of the more complicated visuals were recorded with a modified 1926 
35mm camera that holds only 100 feet of film. It had to be taped onto 
the train, shooting one frame at a time in order to create the celebrated 
"ghost train" effect. Whatever the technical challenges, the film students 
probably had the worst of it, having to paint and re-paint the same 
subway station (on the graveyard shift) so it would look different for 
every scene change. The audience fave was Borges station, which appro- 
priately doesn't exist in real life. 

Filmmaker Gustavo Mosquero functioned as both director as film 
professor, and the result is a fast-paced, low-budget sci-fi parable, a movie 
that has a Zentropa-like fascination with trains and hidden political histo- 
ry. Argentinian films typically have a higWbudget production gloss, and 
that Moebius was made for so little (and did so well at the box office) 
puts it in a unique position in their national cinema. Copies of Moebius 
may be as hard to locate as one of those ghost-trains, but its indie attitude 
and political wariness make it of particular interest. (Steve Spinali) 

THE SALTMEN OF TIBET • S 1/2 headbangi 
[GERMANY, 1997] 

You might wonder why anyone would bother watching a docu- 
mentary on an isolated tribe of Tibetans who rake salt, but a near-sellout 
audience at my screening demonstrated the continuing interest in this 
corner of the world. But while most of the current crop of documenta- 
ries on Tibet has focused on Chinese colonization and civil rights abuses, 
this is a sternly ethnographic film, dry but full of detaib of a tribe that 
couldn't be more obscure to western eyes. 

The Saltmen's tightly organized patriarchal society relegates women 
to the hut as men make yearly treks to remote salt lakes for their tribal 
livelihood; nobody's quite sure where the rule prohibiting women from 
the annual journeys came from, but all attribute an almost magical im- 
portance to it. Gathering together 160 yaks for the long voyage, the 
Saltmen travel long stretches of desert, careful to speak only the Salt 
Language, to pray, and of course avoid all contact with women, who are 
said to be a bad omen. They finally reach their destination after six 
weeks, at which time they patiently sculpt the salt into cones, allow it to 
dry, and cram 320 bags of the white stuff into densely packed sacks. 
Due to seasonal limitations, the harvest must take no more than nine 

The competition for salt doesn't come from China but rather 
Russia. While there's plenty of the resource to go around, the image of 
huge Russian container trucks pulling in metric tons of salt (while the 
Saltmen quietly leave with their yaks) is one of the film's striking iro- 

Though tribal doctrine should have seen her presence as a bad 
omen, Director Ulrike Koch was allowed to accompany the Saltmen on 
their journey. Despite her presence, the Saltmen celebrated their biggest 
salt harvest in recent memory- though Koch did admit to feeling un- 
easy early on when a yak fell ill to "a twisting of the intestines." Both 
Saltmen and filmmaker were so pleased by the collaboration that Koch 
plans to visit again. 

One of the most amazing accomplishments of this film is techni- 

cal. Chinese authorities would not allow Koch to cross the Tibetan bor- 
der with 35mm film equipment, so she smuggled in a hand-held digital 
video recorder. Transferred to Pana vision and projected on a huge screen, 
it looked like real film— no ghosting, no blurs. (Steve Spinali) 

URE aka KYAA • 1 1/2 hcadbangs 
[JAPAN, 1997] 

Self-possessed, tough-minded cop Kenichi Takabe (Koji Yakusha, 
the shy salaryman from Shall We Dance?) has been saddled with the 
case of his career, and no one else has been able to put a dent in it. It 
turns out that corpses are turning up all over Japan with X's cut into 
their torsos. The killers, when found, are businessmen, housewives, 
professionals...and are either unaware they're committed the crimes, or 
if they are, seem strangely at peace with themselves about it 

Takabe, led by insights for his own wife's schizophrenia, notices a 
pattern no one- not even the psychiatrists- seem to to nave caught. He's 
not sure yet, but strange, repeated comments by each of the murderers 
suggest they've been acting under the influence of hypnosis, victims of a 
serial Manchurian Candidate. In other words, the cops shouldn't be 
looking for a killer anymore, but the man holding the strings. 

The violence escalates, and the loop of suspicion slowly closes. 
Takabe visits an enigmatic psychiatrist whose specialty is deprogram- 
ming, and it becomes clear the killer is a former client. When a cop 
shoots his partner dead for no reason (then goes back to reading his 
newspaper), and a female doctor kills a supposed rival (then carves off 
the face), the trail of suspicion (and blood, lots of blood) leads to a 
former psychology student and textbook psychotic (Hagiwara Masato) 
who himself seems unsure of his identity and actions, a laconic man 
with a hollowed-out soul who programmatically induces others to kilL 
But hanging around this killer is dangerous, even in a locked- 
down security cell. In cross-examination, the prisoner has a genius using 
subtle cues to make people think they really want to do something they 
ordinarily wouldn't (usually murder)-a Hannibal Lector by proxy. These 
hypnosis scenes are truly creepy, and mainly because writer/director 
Kiyoshi Kurosawa has done his homework. He shows the hypnotic 
process with chilling accuracy, not to mention the psychotronic effect of 
altered states. The killings are filmed with the disassodation of hypnot- 
ically induced action, and the killer's interleaved suggestions (based on 
real-life, cutting-edge hypnotic technique) are rendered with a subtlety 
that's almost subversive. 

When the demented killer is eventually found and jailed, the 
game's just begun; once there's a dialog, he's already begun screwing 
with your mind. The most chilling sequence is a battle of wills between 
the cop and killer in a dark jail cell: as the killer talks to Takabe, our 
protagonist discovers too late that, as if falling into a dream, he's already 
begun to see haunting images-he can actually see the twinkling night- 
time sky in a puddle of spilled water, a result of the killer's deft hypno- 
sis. Takabe somehow breaks from the murderer's influence, but it's too 
late. His obsessive search for a cure for his wife (and a way out from the 
weight of personal problems) has sealed his fate. 

Not unlike Silence of the Lambs (but with more brain-power be- 
hind it), psychological thrillers don't get much better than this Shokiku 
production. The problem for most people is going to be with the film's 
demands, some unfair. At my sold-out screening, two rows of viewers 
stuck around for a quarter hour to hear my (no doubt) confusing expla- 
nation of hypnotic technique, all of it germane, and all of it only implied 
in the film. For some, this sketchiness was much more a problem than its 
violence. Whatever its cosmetic flaws, Kurosawa's film tackles tough 
material-the link between the psychotic state of remorseless criminals 
and the disassociations we feel every day, often without knowing it. You 
don't need a degree in psychology to be queasy about that. (Steve Spinali) 



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^j£@ Route 44 
@ TBA 
@ The Po' nt 

iiv**t MHf '•r, @siugg» s 

^C^.& @D UieX.vern 

8 iX«fe&' $& @ The Bates Motel 

XI Koustoa, «pk 


14 DanVe*, 00 


@ TBA 
Sand Bar 
, @ TBA 

X8 Off 

15th St. Tavern 
Lions Lair 

Still Avaii^ui.k: 

Tin: mkrvrn litis- Kmuu Wkian U»A1> 

The lUMovni lUiv Thovm-i: Ouiasv 7" 


Distribution: Get Hip. Revolver, Ron, CR 
Japan and Green Hell (Germany) 












LP/ 10" 








PO Box 283 

Los Angeles, CA 90078 

Ph/Fx.#(213) 962-3065 
Deadbeatrx @ 

wive Livf uvf i»vf li vi uvp iivg 

if ExHiftf W MAi»t- It" 


s*^* 5 ^ ;«SHtp S0Mf jJtiN" ** 


* TWHi«! 

M_»/ A&NMrUie© 


- 'WW**!*. 

_ Th« Alkaline Trio - "Goddamnrt" 
" Th« Blue Meanws - "Live" 

Slew Gherkin - "Shad Soma Skin" 
4J Slow Gherkin - "Double Happineu" 
Johnny Socko - "Full Trucker Effect' 
£ Lefi Go Bowling - "Freeway Unn" 

The Chinkeo - "Are Coming" 
A The Broadway* - "Broken Star" 
Tuesday • "Free Wheelin" 
Potihot - "Pots aV Shot «" 
V Unsteady - "Double or Nothing 1 ' 
MU130 - "Crab Rangoon" 




PO BOX 35585 SB T jS, 

95030-5585 .« *»»T MAi|jm& 

CttfcfCout ^-THJ®! 

tHE AsiAn » 
MA* SlBner brucelee@pacbel I . net 

MASSACRECORE 7 EP ( noisy bone crunching thrash!!! ) 


HAWAII 7EP ( real cool sound with intelligence !!! ) 

(a blaze of anger !!! ) 

INTHEWORKS; *A? ¥?U? IAf fAfflfAfEf 
Awesome Available; Quadlliacha 7", Judas Iscarlot 7", Kathode 7" 

No Checks No Cheques 
lOnly Well Hidden U.S. Cash 

U.S.A. and CANADA; 
$4 ppd ( SEA ) or $5 ppd ( AIR ) 

$5 ppd ( SEA ) or $6 ppd ( AIR ) 

Everywhere else; 
$6 ppd ( SEA ) or $7 ppd ( AIR ) 

;K/K m<tiAM-+n (»«&) 

T?i*L.<*J*^L*-f» Comeover 


Bad labia are eaty to get, and hard lo gel rid of 

c/o Yoshiyuki Takahashi 

3-5-12-106 Hashigadai 

Narita-SHI Chiba 286-0037 Japan 

i elfly old coon, and give me a klaa Custom ad. #14 




New CD Out Now! 

14 songs in 17 minutes of hyper fast punk rock! 

'Please retrain from purchasing this item if Mommy or Daddy will become upset. 
Distributed by: Subterranean, Rhetnric, Lumberjack & Ebullition. 

Send MRR your release for review. Don't send wimpy, arty, metal, MTV corporate rock shit here. Don't have your label give us follow-up calls as 

to whether we received and are reviewing a record. We want punk, garage, hardcore, and will review all those that fall within our area of 

coverage. Include ppd price when mailing. If possible, send 2 copies of vinyl records (1 for MRR, 1 for the reviewer). If on vinyl and CD format, 

send us the vinyl. We are reviewing cassettes again, so send high quality cassette-only releases directly to: Jason Beck, PO Box 2584, Conroe, TX 

77305 No reviews of test pressings or CD-Rs. Specific criticisms aside, it should be understood any independent release deserves credit for all the 

work and money that goes into it. Staff: (PA) Peter Avery, (JB) John Backstrom, (PB) Paul Barger, (EC) Enrico Cadena, (RC) Rob Coons, 

(AC) Arwen Curry (DD) Dr Dante, (JF) Jonathan Floyd, (BG) Brian Gathy, (TG) Todd Gullion, (LH) Lance Hahn, (JR) Jeff Heermann, (TH) 

Tom Hopkins, (TJ) Tobia Jean, (KK) Kenny Kaos, (CK) Carolyn Keddy, (MK) Mick Krash, (DL) Dulcinea Loudmouth, (RL) Ray Lujan, BM) 

Bobby Manic, (HM) Hal MacLean, (TM) Timojhen Mark, (AM) Allan McNaughton, (MM) Mike Millett, (RM) Raymundo Murguia (IM) Icki 

Murrmann, (JN) Jah Nell, (DP) Donna Poole, (BR) Bruce Roehrs, (TS) Ty Smith, (SS) Steve Spinali, (JV) Jason Valdez, (MW) Max Ward, 

(RW) Ryan Wells, (SW) Shane White, (CW) Charles Wolski, (JY) Jeff Yih, (RY) Rema Young. 





"Convent" EP 

If these guys lived in my 
town, I'd probably go see them 
every fifth or sixth time they played. 
I'd get a drink at the bar during the 
first and second songs. I'd watch 
the next three songs, and then wan- 
der off to find someone to play 
pool with. I might even watch some 
other people play pool for a while. 
Then I'd go watch the last two 
songs and tap my foot a bit, because they understand that hook- 
riddled goof-punk thing pretty well. Then I'd go home and forget 
where I went the night before for the first half of the next day. In 
one or two months, I'd go see them again. (AC) 
(Diaphragm, 1972 N 4th St, Columbus, OH 43201) 

ACREDINE - "Indifferente Nome" CD 

This is a release guaranteed to be of interest to those who 
like their hardcore fast and furious but with some time changes 
and quirks as well. The use of the latter aspects of ACREDINE's 
sound doesn't soften up the former part of their sound at all. It's 
not like these guys are SCHLONG with the way they mix things 
up, but they put just enough in to keep things fresh. (TH) 
(Vacation House, Via San Michele, 56-13856, Vigliano Bi., 

AMEN 81 - "Stadfeind" 10" 

Germany's AMEN 81 come at us twice this month, once 
with this 10",andasplitLPwithBURNED OUT. These 12songs 
are pretty standard European fare, something usually taken for 
granted here in the United States. Healthy doses of BGK, DIS- 
GUST and maybe even a little early BORN AGAINST/ 
CITIZENS ARREST. There is no English translation for me to 
reference what they are screaming about, but the music is tight 
and full of hooky tempo changes. Recommended if you looking 
into discovering what's happening on the other side of that big 
bucket of water called the Atlantic Ocean. (PB) 
(Bilharziose c/o Norbert Sawall, Goerdelingerstr. 8-9, 38100 
Braunschweig, GERMANY) 

AMEN 81/BURNED OUT - split LP 

Blistering German thrash is the order of the day on this 
split. AMEN 8 1 failed to inspire on their tracks: could be that the 
live recording sapped something out. BURNED OUT on the 
other hand throw down some meaty metallic BLACK FLAG 
riffs at SEPTIC DEATH speed, complete with spastic leads. 
Cool. (AM) 
(Gero Grams, Egestorffstr. 5, 30449 Hannover, GERMANY) 

Girls" EP 

This is medium-fast punk 
rock with strong vocals, shouted 
harmonies and driving guitarparts. 
The record has some quieter me- 
lodic bits that build in momentum 
to a stranglehold of punk propor- 
tions. The songs owe more to MI- 
FLAG. It' s well-played punk with 
intelligent lyrics. There's a quan- 
tity of enthusiasm present. Per- 
haps the next release will go even further. (BR) 
(Joker, c/o Kroll, Postbox 1105, 56155, Bendorf, GERMANY) 

APOCALYPSE HOBOKEN - "House Of The Rising Son Of 
a Bitch" CD 

This is the first of many silly CDs I had to review this 
month. APOCALYPSE HOBOKEN delivers 15 cuts of WALL 
OF VOODOO-meets-YOUR MOTHER-meets- Jello Biafra spo- 
ken word, and it's not that bad taken in small doses. The CD front 
cover is so different from the back cover that at first I thought it 
was a split release, and a look inside just confused the situation 
further, and that is very much like the music APOCALYPSE 
HOBOKEN plays. One moment you're thinking you've found 
their groove (for lack of a better term), then all of sudden you're 
clapping offbeat. Similar to the reaction people had to early (and 
later) FISHBONE. You'll probably either like it or hate it with a 
vengeance! (JV) 
(Kung Fu, PO Box 3061, Seal Beach, CA 90740) 

ASIDE/NO I.D. - split LP 

The first side of this split EP 
comes from the Dutch band NO 
I.D. It's political HC similar to fel- 
low Groningen residents FLEAS 
& LICE, fast and furious with fe- 
male vocals. The flip comes from 
ASIDE, who hail from France, and 
play a faster blast beat driven HC 
with screaming male and female 
vocals. Both bands have a lot of 
intelligent things to say things to 
say in the enclosed booklet. A def- 
inite must for the spiky-punk/ dreadlocked croud, like me! (TS) 
(No I.D., PO Box 41 105, 9701CC, Groningen, HOLLAND) 

ASSERT - "More Than a Witness" CD 

British political punk with street smarts coming at you at 
breakneck speed. Some '80s rock breakdowns thrown in when 
you least expect it. Very British, very punk. (TJ) 
(Household Name, PO Box 12286, London, SW9 6FE, UK) 

ASSORTED JELLY BEANS - "What's Really Going On?" 

I'm not going to even bother getting into the Kung Fu/major 
label issue. These guys are another reason why I can't take 
anything from SoCal seriously!! These are the fucks who make 
ska punk boring!! It's so fuckin' apparent these guys are in love 
with the BEASTEE BOYS (just listen to any of the vocals). It 
sounds like they're not sure if they want to be the BEASTIES or 
the VOODOO GLOW SKULLS, either way, they're still awful 
at it. Kung Fu should change their slogan from "Punk Rock That 
Hurts" to "Punk Rock That Sucks"!! (BM) 
(Kung Fu Records, PO Box 3061, Seal Beach, CA 90740) 

AUS ROTTEN - "Not One Single Fucking Hit" CD 

At last a comprehensive collection of (I think) every song 
this legendary anarcho-punk band from Pittsburgh ever recorded. 
This contains their LP, 2 EPs, split EP, comp tracks and live tracks 
(some of which are UK punk covers). The CD comes in a huge 
foldout LP sleeve with all the lyrics, flyers, graphics and a poster 
to piss your parents off with. Oh yeah, the music is anthemic, 
angry-as-fuck punk rock attacking all the evils of this world, 
essential. (TS) 
(Tribal War, 1951 W. Burnside, #1945, Portland OR 97209) 


The AUTOMATICS are just up my alley: fast, trashy, and 
fun. It's a shame that they only put one original on this, but the 
LIZARDS and The SEA PIGS covers almost make up for it. 
These guys rock so fuckin' hard that I wont even hold the fact 
they're from Portland against them. As for the STINKING 
POLECATS... well, they rocked too!! It's not often that both 
bands on a split kick equally as much hiney. They're from Italy so 
their grammar' s even worse than mine, but their energy and hooks 
had me dancing in my little swivel chair!! Definitely worth 
picking up! (BM) 

(Saucer Rex c/o Greg Bellone V.Roma 88-15040 Castelletto 
Monf.[AL] ITALY) 


AVULSION - "The Crimson Foliage Hit" CD 

Non stop thrash, triple vocals, crazy shit... I've been waiting 
to hear them for a long time, just never got around to picking up 
any recorded material until now-hefty amounts of influence of 
SKITE and this is what is produced. Definitely far more entertain- 
ing than the millions of moshy bullshit that floods Maximum on 
a daily basis. (PB) 
(625, PO Box 423413, San Francisco, CA 94142) 


AXIOM - "Establishing a Cul- 
ture Of Resistance" EP 

Heirs to the throne of the awe- 
some Portland political punk HC 
scene, AXIOM totally rip it up with 
a blend of raging thrash and duel 
male vocals and sincere, intelligent 
lyrics. There's a thick booklet in- 
cluded too with tons of info on 
prisons, capitalism, etc... I recently 
saw them live too and they blew me 
away. Get this and be on the lookout 
for their split LP with EPAJARESTYS from Finland. (TS) 
(Catchphraze, PO Box 533, Waddell, AZ 85355) 

THE B-SIDES - "Party With..." 

This is fucking dyn-o-mite! 
Frenzied, over-the-top, fast RA- 
MONES-style punk tunes. Simple 
songs, played tight, the way things 
were meant to be. Reminds me a bit 
To Samoa" album-a high honor to 
bestow upon any band, but especial- 
ly a group full of freshly-sprung 
spring chickens. Extra bonus points 
for squeezing ten quality tunes on one economically-sound EP and 
for sending a shout-out to Happy Donuts. Hella good, go get it. (JN) 
(Pat Riot, 1575 166th Ave, San Leandro, CA 94578) 

BATMAN PUKE - "Living In Fear" EP 

Good five-song EP of basic slow to mid-tempo political 
punk with male and female vocals sung in English from this 
German band. There's one anti-war song and four criticizing 
punks conforming to the scene or society. (MM) 
(Plastic Bomb, Gustav-Freytag-str. 1 8, 47057 Duisburg, GERMANY) 

BEACHBUGGY - "Unsafe... At Any Speed" CD 

Alright, this starts off with a track called "Radio Ad" which 
annoys the shit out of me. If someone has bought this, they don't 
need to hear an ad for the band. Obviously, they were interested, 
right? Maybe, it was meant for reviewers like me? Well, that's 
stupid too. Each song starts with a bit about car racing, the booklet 
is filled with pictures of cars, and there are songs about cars. Cars 
just don't turn me on much, so I'm bored already. Ok, so what 
about the music? Well, each song has the potential to be a cool 
garage song, but something seems to go wrong. It's monotonous, 
the songs are too long, the vocals just kind of sit there and the 
whole thing starts to sound too much like indie rock. (CK) 
(Sympathy For The Record Industry) 


BETTY'S LOVE CHILD - "Love and Other Tragedies" CD 

BLC deliver tight, energetic, hook-laden tunes that con- 
stantly remind me of SAMIAM with GREEN DAY vocals. With 
songs like "Dio" and "Hickey", I was hoping for goofy lyrics. 
Instead BLC opt to seriously explore their regrets, hard lessons 
learned and to yearn for that lost something. I'm too shallow to 
relate. (HM) 
(17th Street, 797 East St. John St, San Jose. CA 95112) 

BIERPOBEL - "Rebellenlieder" EP 

I was so ready to write this German three piece off after 
hearing the a-side of this. The two songs that kick this off are 
lifeless, mid-tempo oi that sounds like a more melodic CON- 
DEMNED 84. Uhh man. Then came the b-side. They kick things 
up a notch on this tune, and it makes a world a difference. Sort of 
like the RAZORS, but not as snotty, or OXYMORON only a bit 
more snotty. Worth it for the b-side. (RM) 
(Scumfuck Mucke, PSF 100 709, 46527 Dinslaken, GERMA- 

drix Was Not' The Only Musician" - LP 

From the the people who come out with a record every 
week, here comes another great record. These songs are just 
simply walloping and demand your allegiance through shaking 
your pathetic ass all over the dance floor, YOU GARAGE ROCK 

I BITESIZE- "More Songs About 
Cars and Body Parts" EP 

Boy, I'm sure surprised this 
made it into the review bin, con- 
sidering it's so pop. Sure it has 
some punk leanings, but not much. 
Luckily, I like pop, especially with 
catchy female vocals. Still this 
record is best to be played when 
looking for something that will 
sound good at half volume be- 
cause you can't wake your sleep- 
ing roommates. (JF) 
(Packing Heat Music, PO Box 13883, Berkeley, CA 94712) 



BLACKLISTED - "Bringing On 
a Revolution" EP 

Fuck yeah! The two origi- 
nals rock with BLACK FLAG in- 
tensity and a willingness to exper- 
iment with unconventional 
rhythms. They even cover "Ner- 
vous Breakdown." Now I'm look- 
ing forward to their upcoming LP. 

($3: King Fetus, 406 Caple Ave, 
Fairdale, KY40118) 

BLEW - "Your Not The Only One Blew" CD 

Call me ignorant, but I think this band has broken up (the 
last song on the CD is from their last show), and it's really too 
bad. Not unlike many other Japanese bands, there is a heavy 
SNUFF influence along with lighter J CHURCH and JAW- 
BREAKER influences, but god they do it so well. I'd heard the 
name a lot, but this was my first real listen, and I love the guys 
voice. I'd pick it up if I didn't already have it. Oh yea, this little 
piece of paper tells me that only the first eleven songs are on the 
import version. Too bad being that #12 is the best one on there. 

(Broken Rekids, POBox 460402, San Francisco, CA 94146- 


I think that records with 
semi-decipherable lyrics-due to 
gargled vocals or alcoholism, but 
in this case gargled vocals-should 
automatically come with lyric 
sheets, especially for reviewers! ' 
deliberate brand of hardcore that 
is somewhat reminiscent of 
NOOTHGRUSH. That is, a bit 
slower but with the same intensi- 
ty you' d expect when going to a hardcore show. Not bad, but I ' ve 
seen better recently, and reviewed better in the last couple of 
months. BLOODY MUTANTS play a mix of hardcore and oi 
that at times reminded me of a pretty kick-ass band I reviewed a 
couple of months ago called STEAM PIG. Good shit, but please 
in the future consider sharing your lyrics with everyone else 
(NOISE POLLUTION), or just tell me to fuck off. (JV) 
(Rejected, 9 Woodlands Ave, dun Laoghaire Co Dublin, IRE- 

Circumstance" EP 

digs a decent '80s melodic SoCal 
groove, and the DAWGS obvi- 
ously put a little effort into their 
lyrics. Unfortunately, this ghastly 
beast named ska rears its ugly 
sound in four of their six songs. 
Others may dance with glee at this 
happy ska/punk phenomenon. I 
cringe. This comes with a couple 
neat stickers tho. (HM) 
($4: Tightwad, PO Box 5218, Concord, CA 94524) 

BOVVER 96 - "96 Bottles Of Beer" CD 

This band, like so many others within the oi genre these 
days, is trying way too hard to relive the late '70s and early '80s. 
The songs, which mix hardcore and traditional oi stylings, sound 
forced and have no style to speak of. Put simply, this is a musical 
collage of bad cliches that leaves one wondering why this CD 
exists at all. The chicken squawk vocals don't help things either. 
(Walzwerk, Postfach 1341, 74643 Kuhnzelsau, GERMANY) 




BOY KICKS GIRL - "Public Display Of Aggression" CD 

Mid tempo melodic singalong punk rock a la NOFX. All 1 4 
songs are about meeting girls, having sex, then getting dumped. 
Maybe you guys should write one about why you keep getting 
dumped, oh I mean why they keep "cheating" on you. (MM) 
(B.K.G., PO Box 18914, San Jose, CA 95158) 


This live radio recording actually sounds better than this 
macho NYC HC bands last full length. Not the the recording per 
say, but I can stomach this easierin araw form. Well, if you're not 
familiar with BREAKDOWN, they are into street fights and Big 
Macs and play rough-and-tough HC. (TJ) 
(Special Forces, 10 Garvey Dr, Jamesburg, NJ 08831) 

BROKEN TOYS -"Burn Holes" 

Hey, anyone who throws out 
a couch for a few burn holes ain't 
punk. Neither is somebody who 
does a lame cover of "Rhinestone 
Cowboy". "Chameleon" is alright, 
but it doesn't make up for the suck- 
iness of the rest of this disc. (DP) 
(Eerie, 2408 Peach Street, Erie, PA 

BROTHERHOOD OF DEATH - "Champions of Retarded- 
ness" CD 

This sounds like GOOD RIDDANCE or FURY 66, with 
less of a conscience. Christ, is this really necessary? Testoster- 
one-driven Southern-Californian teenage boys, lacking anything 
to sing about, steal licks from their mentors on large indie labels 
and write songs called "Stupid Fat People Should Be Killed," 
"Bitch-ass Ho" and "Chode." Occasionally they complain about 
high school and rival bands in their town. They have one of those 
drummers that sounds like a machine turned up too high, who 
does super-fast rolls after the three-per-song break-downs. Here's 
your press, boys, now forget about this whole punk thing, and go 
do something useful, like throwing beer bottles at cars. Duh. (AC) 
(Weenie, 14009 Light St, Whittier, CA 90605) 

THE BROTHERS WAT - "All That Glitters Is Not Gold" 7" 

A one sided anonymous 7" from perhaps (this is a guess) 
WAT TYLER. A minute-and-a-half punk rant about Gary Glit- 
ter's pedophile charges in the UK. (MM) 
(no address) 

BUCK - "Hex Me" EP 

This three-songer features the two Lisas from the Canadian 
band CUB in a convincing recording with instrumentals that 
recall the SIMPLETONES, combined with rude vocals and sev- 
eral upbeat tunes. Two of three songs work well, but "You Fuck 
Me Up" captures their style of three-chord pop-punk best: it's 
simple, bright, aggresive. and very catchy. Recommended. (SS) 
(What Else?, PO Box 341 1, Dayton OH, 45401) 

THE BULLYS - "Stomposition" CD 

The disciplinarian in me says straight to rock n' roll 
detention with NYC's the BULLYS who need to learn to tough- 
en up on that Mama's boy sound. The nerdy pinhead vocals and 
class clown lyrics grade a straight "D" in my book-barely 
passing Punk 1 1 by the skin of their teeth. With veteran drop out 
Marky Ramone producing these 10 lack-lusters, it's no coinci- 
dence the BULLYS' cheat-sheet may have been directly passed 
down from the INTRUDERS, and latter day RAMONES, but 
these boys are in dire need of some extra credit if you catch my 
drift. Hey BULLYS, you want my lunch money? Come and get 
it motherfuckers. (DL) 
(PO Box 580, New York, NY 10018) 

THE BURDENS - "Step On Me/Lost Boy" 

Thought I reviewed these guys a couple of months 
ago.. .maybe I did, maybe Ididn't! I'm not gonna say, you'll hafta 
find out yerself, bucko. Oh yeah, the vinyl!! This little smidgen 
of wax sure did get my toe a tappin'. The CLASH, SWINGIN' 
UTTERS, US BOMBS (did you hear US BOMBS have their 
own TV show? Wild baby, wild!!), and other stuff I'm too lazy 
to list. Might they have some Grey Poupon? Why, I think they 
(Red Star, PO Box 1204, Glen Ellen, CA 95442) 

"Moronic Pleasures/I'm So 

Just what you ' d expect from 
these fellows: straightforward, 
catchy, driving punk rock with 
"scary" vocals. These guys have 
always reminded me of the MIS- 
FITS (particularly the vocals), now I 
they're starting to remind me of 
the LAZY COWGIRLS (If I were 
in a band I'd absolutely love these 
sorts of comparisons). Both cuts rock-highly recommended. It 
does scare me that in so many of the photos you see of this band 
at least one band member is bleeding from the head area. (KK) 
(Black Lung, PO Box 7854, Norfolk, VA 23509) 


Remember a couple months back when I reviewed the boot 
LP of this and said this was one of my favorite punk LPs of all 
time? Well here it is on CD with four demo tracks from the LP 
tacked on. Finally! My enthusiasm still stands. (RL) 
(Captain Oi, PO BOX 50 1 , High Wycombe, Bucks, HP 1 80A, 

CHELSEA - "Evacuate" CD 

The second full length from this 1st wave Brit punk band, 
not counting the singles comp. A completely different line-up not 
counting Gene October from the first LP. Not nearly as good as 
their debut but still strong by today's standards. Include the hits 
"Evacuate" and "War Across The Nation" as well as 7 bonus 
tracks from interim singles like "Freemans" and "Rockin' Horse". 
As a whole a great release. (RL) 
(Captain Oi) 


CHESTERFIELD KINGS "Wrong From Right/So What" 

New 7", I believe from a band truly lost in time. Still doing 
their homage to the CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND, 
SHADOWS OF KNIGHT, etc. etc. The a-side is a very cool tune 
in the WATCHBAND vein, with Mr. Craig Prevost doing an 
amazing impersonation of the WATCHBAND's Greg Agular 
and some nice fuzz guitar and farfisa organ touches. The flip side 
is more of a ROLLING STONES type harmonica-driven R&B 
number. (JY) 
(Living Eye/Sundazed, PO Box 85, Coxsackle, NY 12051) 


These two bands play each others songs. Both bands have 
been playing shows together for over 20 years. These killer 
garage bands deliver the quality you would expect. The LYRES 
rendition of "She Told Me Lies" wins out here since I'm a sucker 
for the tear jerker.(TG) 
(Living Eye, PO Box 12956, Rochester, NY 14612) 

CHICKS - "Criminates Coches Pistolas y Chicas" EP 

Female pop strictly from cutesy- ville, a place I don ' t care to 
visit that often (though, admittedly, plenty of people do). "Let Me 
Go" is catchy enough to work, but I had trouble sitting through the 
other three songs. If the notion of a less-polished and less- weird 
SHONEN KNIFE appeals to you, this might be your cup of tea. 
(Supremo Recordings, 40 Manor Place, Dublin 7, IRELAND) 

COCKSPARRER - "England Belongs To Me/Argy Bargy" 

The members of COCK SPARRER grew up together in 
London's East End. In 1972, they began by playing SMALL 
FACES covers. COCK SPARRER formed in 1975. In July 1977 
the debut single "Running Riot" was released and the face of 
street rock was changed forever. The band's influence cuts across 
many genres of punk and Oi! The rerelease of "England Belongs 
To Me/Argy Bargy" is a welcome chance to be reminded that 
COCK SPARRER was, is, and always will be the greatest street 
rock band of all! (BR) 
(Harry May Company) 

COCKSPARRER - "Live and Loud" CD 

This is a 14-track recorded live in '87 and is one of the best 
live streetpunk records I've ever heard! Like a live greatest hits, 
this puppy is tight and powerful. I'll be taking this one home with 
me, thank you. Ifyou don't aet this, you're... well, you're an idiot! 


Death Squad Leader?" EP 

This EP continues at 100 mph in the same wonderful 
direction that their first EP did (cool packaging again . also). What 
you've got here is an amazing mix of CROSSED OUTjazziness, 
CHARLES BRONSON hecticness, and lyrics from the later 
BORN AGAINST camp (cynical but not hopeless). Delightfully 
ugly from start to finish. (TH) 
(Schematic, PO Box 898, Largo, Florida 33779) 



CONSERVATIVES - "This Album Is a Sovereign Nation" 

Let me just say, without knowing a thing about this thing, 
I put it on and it instantly rocked my world all the way now (at 
this present moment) to the seventh tune. This DOES NOT happen 
to me often. Strident, loud yet structured shit sorta like Amphet- 
amine Reptile shit meets midwest punk rock. At times reminding 
me of NAKED RAYGUN a their best but faster in a sort of 
ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT way with a touch of JEHU or 
even SCRATCH ACID. Relentless guitars here that pummel and 
crackle nonstop 'til you have to scream. Even their blatant 
GANG OF FOUR rip in "Sex Mad" is cool, the tunes are cool. 
These guys are cool. Pretty fucking amazing! (JY) 
(Sonic Swirl, PO Box #770303, Lakewood OH, 44107) 


CORROSIONE play pretty standard four-four hardcore 
that's not very original or over the top. As for CREPA, they 
sound exactly like CORROSIONE (shrug shoulders, roll eyes 
and sigh here). I think there were about a million bands in the UK 
doing this sound in '82 or so. If you're into that type of stuff, I say 
pass on this and pick up a copy of "Troops of Tomorrow" by the 
EXPLOITED instead. (RM) 
(Agipunk, Gianpiero, Milani, C.P. 63 27100, Pavia, ITALY) 

COYOTE MEN - "Call Of The 
Coyote Man!" 2xEP 

Six songs stretched out over 
two 45 rpm records, housed in a 
cover that boasts artwork by Jaime 
"Love & Rockets" Hernandez. 
Musically they're in the GIRL 
CRAMPS mode-nothing remark- 
able, though it could be an okay 
start if you' ve just now decided to 
tiptoe into the garage-rock kiddie 
pool. (JH) 
(Estrus, PO Box 2125, Bellingham, WA 98227) 

ill i < 




m^ is 

split EP 

My friend Ross goes on and 
on about how great the LAST 
never heard them so last week I 
bought the "Teenage Trash" EP to 
check them and out. You know 
what? Ross was right. These guys 
are great. Now I get a record of 
theirs to review. Life is great. 
They ' ve got a great trashy guitar sound and piercing, yet muffled 
vocals. Five songs in about five minutes. Yeah, just what I like. 
From what I can decipher from the insert, (the record credits all 
were the guys from LSOK's firsthand, so it is technically a split. 
They were 16 at the time, and they sounded this cool? Wow. 
($3: Kryptonite, 827 Lincoln Blvd, Manitowoc, WI 54220) 


/. item mm on mi 
t csYwe. amm 


THE CRIME KAISERS - "Music To Join The Wild World 
Of The Crime Kaisers" EP 

Kids, don't fall victim to the CRIME KAISERS. Remem- 
ber, we're out for the cheap thrills. We like it hard and fast. 
Although these guys disguise themselves as allies in white-patent 
leather like GLUECIFER, we know that this is a plethora of 
disposable euro-trash bullshit. We are not new wave hookers. We 
know the difference, so I say stop serving us this repetitive, 
watered-down rock 'n' roll crap. It's like TWISTED SISTER 
always said, "We're not gonna take it!" Amen, Dee. (DL) 
(Intensive Scare, PO Box 338, San lose, CA 95164-0338) 

"Truth" EP 

Man, first I get to review the 
Japanese "Chaos of Destruction" 
comp, now this! ! It's agood month 
for foreign hardcore. CRUSTY 
HI CHARGE is great '80s-style 
Japanese hardcore. It's got all the 
necessities: metal-driven hardcore 
riffs, strained vocals, and barked 
choruses for all of us to shake our 
fists in the air to. Fuck, shit doesn't 

get better than this. Fans of FORWARD or JUDGEMENT will 

dig. (MW) 



I was not expecting to like this very much, because I have 
become leery of CD-only releases. There's just something about 
records: they're big and round and smell good, they develop their 
own distinct sound from scratches and dust, and seven inches fit 
perfectly in a Lucky Lager twelve-pack box. I think that when a 
band puts out only CDs, they're ignoring a huge chunk of the 
music-loving population. Sorry CURBSIDE for using your re- 
view space as a soapbox, I'll get down now. This disc is good. 
Melodic hardcore with some surprising solo-ey lead guitar parts 
that kick ass, especially on "All Alone". I also like "Downtown"- 
it's catchy as fuck, I listened to it several times and found myself 
singing along. Actually most all the songs on here are catchy. I 
know that's a description usually used to describe pop punk, and 
this is definitely not that. These guys just know how to arrange 
chords to make people tap their feet and bob their heads. If only 
they put this out on vinyl. (DP) 

(Skrewed Productions, PO Box 1 1 1085, Campbell, CA 9501 1- 

CYCLONES - "Via La Sardina Local" CD 

Well, they're a five-piece band incorporating saxophone, 
twangy surf leads, and a singer that bears more than a passing 
resemblance to Brian Setzer in the vocals department. It' s upbeat, 
bar-band barbecue music, good for some, too mainstream for my 
tastes. Now, the buffet table was in which direction? (JH) 
(Tiki Bar Productions, 7 Beachhead Ave, Revere, MA 02151) 


THE DAMNED - "Disco Man/Pretty Vacant" 

A punk rock bedroom collaged in DAMNED paraphenelia 
packages this vinyl subordinate which includes two live out- 
takes, one of which is available on the album, Molten Lager. You 
will hear Dave Vanian break character and crack a giggle in the 
middle of "Disco Man". On the flip, you'll rattle through a 
throwaway version of "Pretty Vacant", and that's about it. For 
the rest of you hungry punks with taste, do yourself a favor and 
steer clear, cos you're better off remembering the DAMNED for 
their prime cuts. Smash it up! (DL) 

(Sudden Death, Moscrop PO BOX 43001, Burnaby, BC, V5G 

DAS KLOWN - "Antidote" CD 

This is '88 in '98. Upbeat punk with fast vocals. Reminds 
me of the AUTHORITIES. Lyrics about being a kiss-ass, and 
about being robots. They put they're own touch on the American 
hymn "This Land is Your Land." A "punker" production would 
strengthen the overall effect. Cool. (TG) 
(Long Beach, 203 Argonne Ave #103, Long Beach, CA 90803) 

Again" EP 

I always laugh when grown 
men still have "punk" names. 
Musically, they sound like they 
are highly influenced by bands 
that are highly influenced by 
GREEN DAY. Poorly-produced, 
over-played music. (PA) 
($3.50: Formula 47, 8165 Glen- 
mill Ct, Cincinnati, OH 45249) 



OVECK 4 - "Rats Get Fat While 
Brave Men Die" EP 

This split EPhas some blood 
curdling tough oi ! The DEACONS 
from Brooklyn, New York come 
out of the chute with a full head of 
steam and kick your ass immedi- 
ately with "What Gives (You The 
Right To Put Me Down)", then 
you have a slower melodic punk 
song that doesn't have the teeth of 
"What Gives". Flip this over and CHELLOVECK 4 play two 
rough-and-tumble street punk numbers. The lads from Meriden, 
Connecticut start a brawl with their tune "Closing Time"-"You 
tell us you're the one, well I've got news for you... There were 
never more. Don't let the working week shut you out." CHELL- 
OVECK finishes out with a stomper "Runaway". This is some 
ballsy shit for the stout-hearted. Get it! (BR) 
( Rich/DEACONS, 1005 Foster Ave, 3rd fl, Brooklyn, NY 





True-to-your-boots boys, the DESPISED strong on street- 
sound and message. As oi as the best of them. Tough and smart, 
good example for the little bald, strapped rats at your local high 
school. The guys voice is a cross between MARK LIND of 
DUCKY BOYS and Joey Vindictive, a bit of an annoyance to me, 
but still good. (RY) 
(Black Pumpkin, PO Box 4377, River Edge, NJ 07661-4377) 

THE DICK SPIKIE - "Beginning Of The End" LP 

This band wins the weirdest name in punk rock hands down. 
They're a three piece from Japan,, and like many of the bands 
from that country, they're really rocking. I'd describe their sound 
TURE. The recording on this is really raw and grating, which 
might offend some listeners' ears, but I like it. (RM) 
(Helen of Oi, 354 Becton Lane, Barton On Sea, New Milton, 
Hampshire, BH25 7AB, UK) 

DISGUSTEENS - "Nothing Per- 
sonal" EP 

God, they fooled me with 
the "Oi!" label mates and the 
pop punk from our neighbors in 
the north, eh! Sorry that was bad. 
Not the band though. It's kind of 
making me think of the PARA- |j 
SITES. The best part being that 
unlike most pop punk bands, the 
lyrics aren't completely idiotic. 
After the second listen, I really 
like, this: (PA) 

(Longshot, #233-606 Abbott, Vancouver, BC, V6B 2K7, CAN- 

DICKIES - "My Pop The Cop" EP 

Dear God: Even though you gave us disease and war and 
Bruce Willis and other evil things, you were really onto some- 
thing when you brought us the DICKIES. You must've been 
trying out a new formula for lightning or something and made a 
punk band by mistake. And, God, even though this record is 
slightly slippin' from time to time with that big rockarena sound, 
the DICKIES are still right up there with orgasms and roller 
coasters and comic books and Halloween. Thank you for making 
something so right-on. Amen, over and out. (JN) 
(Fat Wreck Chords, PO Box 193690, San Francisco, CA. 941 19) 

THE DIRTBOMBS - "Stuck Under My Shoe/Noise In This 

GREAT SCOTT!!!!!!! When I first heard the 

BLACKTOP LP some time ago, I thought it sucked second 

listen, it was growing on me third listen and I was fucking to 

it. then came the DIRTBOMBS LP same thing I 

couldn't get with the "noise" numbers but then there were 

these tracks that stood out stuck in my head and I ended up 

taking the album home and playing over and over again the 

handful of catchy cuts and skipping over the "noise" cuts very 

good song structure and I'm a sucker fer Mick Collins voice 

so now this single comes along both songs got me by my balls 

and got me cumming in my own mouth even the 

ENGLISH BEAT cover does a little something fer my flag 

pole all I can say kids is that there is some good rocking 

coming from Mr. Collins and company these days enough 

good rocking to even penetrate this thick jaded skull of mine 

also, check out the "All Geeked Up" single on In The 

Red beautiful! !!!!!!!!!!!! (SW) 

(Some Assembly Required, PO Box 71266, Los Angeles, Ca 

DISENCHANTED - "How Can We Lose?" CD 

Their name gave me reason for a couple double takes-so 
many DIS- bands around, it can be difficult to keep them all 
straight! Straightforward hardcore spoken here-vocalist has a 
great harsh sound that helps them rise above, several guitar 
flourishes stand out as well. I'm not huge on the melodies with 
dual vocalists, but that's my thing, and it's not so common it really 
bothered me. Solid stuff- looks great as well! (TM) 
(Mother Box, 60 Denton Avenue, East Rockaway, NY 11518) 

Out With You Tonight" EP 

. HEY!! It's a pop punk band 
And, they don't sound like every- 
one else (are you as shocked and 
amazed as I am?)!! That alone is 
worth going all the way down to 
(insert record store of your choice 
here)andpickingitup. Threeorig- 
inal tunes that are guaranteed to 
have you pogoing so fast and furi- 
ous your neighbors will hate you 
and your cat will freak out!! Buy this record!! (BM) 
(Baby Doll, 2160 Mineral Springs Ave #7C, N Providence, RI 

EBS/WAZOO - split EP 

EBS do the pop punk in the 
BLINK 1 82 vein decently, but it' s 
nothing ground-breaking. WA- 
ZOO is throaty under-produced 
melodic hardcore. Not much else 
to say about this so-so split. (RL) 
(Town Hall, PO Box 974, Harri- 
man, NY 10926) 

EL DIABLO - "Texas" CD 

Again with the arse-kicking from Texas, I reviewed their 
vinyl EP in August's issue. This is also an EP with four songs, 
they can charge more for on this format, and I don ' t dig it as much 
either. The boys have got some serious problems with the ladies 
in their lives, the lyrics are just a big misogyny-fest, which forme 
to point out has got to be borderline vomit-inducing girl-bashing. 
Try again, next time after you' ve had a few good lays, cause I'm 
not saying you don't rock. (RY) 
(Coldfront, PO Box 8345, Berkeley, CA 94707) 

- "Up From The Streets/Razor 
Blade Touch" 

opts for a hard rockin' punk ap- 
proach to on this green vinyl ear- 
scourer. Alas, this may be the main 
problem; the lyrics might have been 
lifted from your average HM tune, 
and while I didn't mind their taste- 
ful lead breaks one bit, the whole 
package radiates an affection for 
early '70s power-rock (though this has more balls). To be fair, it 
does have strong production, good power, and great throaty 
vocals-just not my cup o' Java. (SS) 
(Coldfront, PO Box 8345, Berkeley, CA 94707) 

EM OI! KAHL - "Haut Drauf EP 

This German release has some difficult "quirky" instru- 
ments accompanying pretty decent sing-along pub oi. The guitars 
are emphasized and the singing is hectic. The slower songs are 
brooding and dark. This record presents a quizzical bit of punk 
music for you to attempt to digest. (BR) 
(Scum Fuck, PSF 100709 46527 Dinslaken,GERMANY) 

THE ENKINDELS - "Buzzclip 2000" LP 

These guys come on like ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT' s 
little punk cousin. All stylish clothes and dumb/funny lyrics. The 
music is a bastard child of old style high-energy rock and heavy 
chugging punk, with occassional SAMIAM-like leads. It's well 
executed and the layout is nice. I'm still not convinced that the 
joke is worth pursuing, though. I don't know, it is a cut above most 
things I get to review, and I'm sure their live shows are a blast. It' s 
worth hearing. (BG) 
(Initial, PO Box 17131, Loiusville, KY 40217) 




THE EXPLOITED - "Live At The White House" CD 

Oh good golly fuck! The production on this live recording 
really blows! Must've been trie same guy who recorded the 
BUSINESS live. Recorded in April '85 in DC. I know this was 
probably a great show, but you'd never know from the recording. 
Features the drum parts to all your favorite songs. (JB) 

Roll Baby/Bad Attitude" 

I am an absolute sucker for 
chicks playing punk rock. I think 
I could masturbate to just the 
thought of it. Sort of a punk-lite 
version here. This is nice, easy, 
catchy, '50s-influenced punk with 
an occasional growl just to keep 
you on your toes. I like it, but take 
away the female vocals and I 
would probably be writing these 
guys off. (KK) 

F C D N TORMENTOR - "Falsified Spirit" EP 

This is a very long overdue review, because this has 
been out for a loooong time. It's Los Angeles thrash (and when 
I say thrash, I mean circa 1 983 a la SHOW NO MERCY). Some 
songs are stronger than others, but some people may be turned off 
by their "true" thrash approach (which I fucking love). If you 
can't stomach BLOODCUM or early SLAYER you might not 
dig, but shit, it's Raul (drummer from NO COMMENT) kicking 
blast beats over killer guitar solos. Bang your head dude. (MW) 
(Deep Six, PO Box 69 1 1 , Burbank, CA 9 1 5 1 0-69 1 1 ) 


Seems like three songs from each on this Finnish mini-CD. 
I'm really into the first band, who played catchy, upbeat hardcore 
with plenty of verve. Energetic, sweeping stuff that stood up to 
repeated listens. Good stuff. The flip wasn't my thing, as anyone 
who knows me would guess. Sung in Finnish, which doesn't 
bother me, it's more melodic and takes a much softer approach. 
The female vocals are quite prominent, which would be great for 
some, bad for others. I'm in the latter group. Great stuff from 
Endstand though! (TM) 
(Halla, PO Box 139, 00131 Helsinki, FINLAND) 

E-TOWN CONCRETE - "Fuck The World" EP 

The gentleman from the label said that he hoped whoever 
reviewed this wouldn't make the comparison to BIOHAZARD. 
Sorry, east coast hardcore that sounds like BIOHAZARD, and 
also BLOOD FOR BLOOD. The heavy parts are ruff and heavy 
as hell but then it goes into these hip-hop departures that sound 
awkward in the arrangement. It would probably work better if 
they did a HC song and then a hip-hop song. If you dig this style 
this has a great production. (TG) 

(Cartel, Topeliuksenkatu 21 A 24, Fin-00250, Helsinki, FIN- 

FASTBREAK - "Fast Cars, Fast Women" LP 

It looked like this slab of vinyl had been to hell and back by 
the time it got to me. Dust and crap all over the surface, a three- 
song warp and strange, probably intentional dead-air spaces 
between songs. Other than that, the recording was very sharp, 
doing justice to this positive, punchy "new-school" HC sound. If 
you live near Salad Days recording studio, note that they seem to 
know what they're doing. On certain songs, FASTBREAK 
sound like RITES OF SPRING'S bastard child, which can only 
be a good thing. (AC) 
(Underestimated, PO Box 13274, Chicago, IL 60613) 

LOS FASTIDOS - "Contaimo Su Di Voi!" CD 

Apparently this oi/street punk band is big in Italy. Well, if 
this is the best that place has to offer, I can understand why all 
those Italian soccer hooligans are so pissed off. This CD is 
overproduced, boring, play-by-numbers and just plain sucks. 
Ciao baby. (RM) 

(Kontro Ogni Barriera, Via Nicola Mazza, 65/B-37 1 29, Verona, 

Only Chance We Get" EP 

Very decent. "I'm a Loser" 
sounds like a harder rocking PAR- 
ASITES tune, as does the rest of 
the 7" except for "In Rage" which 
sounds like it should be on one of 
the Punk-O-Rama comps. It acute- 
ly had me bobbing my head at 
times, too and, aside from the hid- 
eous and confusing layout and art- 
work, it's a fairly good listen. (BM) 
(Scum Fuck, PSF 100709, 46527 Dinslaken, GERMANY) 

Nights" CD 

The FRUMPIES are 3/4 of 
BIKINI KILL with Molly from the 
PEE-CHEES. These songs are pret- 
ty lo-fi, but it's a good release for 
fans of any of these musicians oth- 
er bands. Cobbled together from 
various sessions recorded in "the 
garages, stairwells and bathrooms 
of Olympia.WA". Punk Rock. 
(Kill Rock Stars, 120 NE State #418, Olympia, WA 98501) 

F.T. - "Here's Ten Reasons Why" CD 

Once again, nothing new in the Fat/Dr. Strange vein but a 
solid catchy full length none the less. Cool riffs, tight everything, 
and strong tunes. Think RHYTHM COLLISION and early 
WESTON. A pop punk release worth recommending. (RL) 
($12: Crack, PO Box 29045, Eatons Place, Winnepeg, Manitoba, 

FUN SIZE - "Glad To See You're Not Dead" CD 

A very good effort from these Virginia natives. Kinda emo/ 
melodic (somewhere between JAWBREAKER and MXPX), a 
little dry and boring. Nothing ground breaking, but probably a lot 
better live. (BM) 
(Fueled By Ramen, PO Box 12563, Gainesville, Fl 32604) 

GRUMPIES/F.Y.P - split EP 

TheGRUMPIES continue 
their noisy pop raucous attacks by 
personally defaming Robert De- 
Niro then cranking out a decent 
cover of LITA FORD's "Kiss Me 
Deadly". F.Y.P dedicate their side 
to the late Joe "Stoots" with an 
infectious tune "Untamed & Use- 
less" which is followed by Stoots' 
brilliant hip-hop ditty "Oink Joint". 
Decent HI' 7". (HM) 


HEAL - "Shaman Get It" CD 

A lot of people waste time trying to figure out what 
direction punk is (and should) go in, in terms of sound, fashion, 
and all the rest. For those people who still believe that punk is 
simply a matter of being different and doing what you want and 
spreading the word by any means necessary, all that self serving 
pseudo-hippie rubbish, then here is a release for you! Tribal 
graphics, guys in CAT IN HAT headgear posing next to Tibetan 
art, singing obvious PC-preachy lyrics, and backed by former 
members of ODIN (not really). What action do you take to get 
liquid from one end of a straw into your mouth? And so does this 
CD. (JV) 

(HEAL!, PO Box 20243 Tompkins Sq Sta., NY, NY 10009- 


This here is a single from 
their LP "Payin' the Dues" with a 
cover of "Strut" (a BOB SEGER 
song for all you youngsters who 
weren't around in the seventies). 
Basic three-chord punk rock with 
hooks galore and the kind of lead 
guitar-solo thang that doesn't suck. 
I would think this band was from 
Detroit or something 'cause I wan- 
nabe toolin' around in a big-ass 
Mopar muscle car with this playin' full blast. And the B side, 
what can I say? I've always hated that song, mostly because the 
thought of BOB SEGER drooling over some chick kinda made 
me wanna puke. But, hey, they do a way better version of it than 
he could ever hope to, so they can ogle me walking down the 
street any day. I'm also a sucker for colored vinyl, so this blood- 
tinged urine colored record made my day. (DP) 
(Psychout, Box 255, 1 14 79 Stockholm, SWEDEN) 

HELLRIDE - "Headin' For 
Hell" EP 

With four-on-the-floor, 
HELLRIDE import Oslo's 
counter-culture with motorhead 
vengeance. Challenging velocity- 
cousins, the GRINNERS and 
PUFFBALL with hard-edged sti- 
letto-like guitar shreds and ten- 
sion high vocs, these four tracks 
circulate and whip like an awe- 
some roller coaster ride. You'll 
flush pink with a cool adrenaline rush that'll leave you fully 
satisfied. Only try to ignore (and I know it's hard) the euro-goof/ 
overkill cover art that falls into the gearhead trappings of a bad 
flame-job. (DL) 

(Dim Discoveries, Cylinder Recordings, Scwiegaardsgt. 77, N- 
0656 Oslo, NORWAY) 

HEROINES - "Big Red" EP 

Sloppy, three-chord, punk rock. Boy vocals on one side, 
girl vocals on the other side. Funny lyrics, including the first El 
Duce memorial song that I've heard. Not the best record ever, in 
terms of production or good vocals or catchiness, but kind-of 
endearing, anyway. (JN) 
(Bucky, PO Box 72671, Las Vegas, NV 89170) 


(Big Mama, PO Box 1161 

"How The West Was One" EP 

Old-fashioned HC here with 
intelligent, poignant lyrics, deal- 
ing mostly with women's issues. 
The music is not my usual style, 
but I can appreciate the energy and 
sincerity. Four songs in all. Ag- 
gressive and shouty. I could do 
without the stupid, hateful inner- 
scene shit talking in the thanks 
section. (BG) 
Berkely, CA 94701) 

HONEY 5 - "Jimi The Rider" - 

Akin to much of the music 
coming out of the Bay Area in the 
earlier part of the '90s, the record- 
ing of this sounds as if it were 
carefully kept at the low end of the 
fidelity scale. But where SF sound 
tended to be tinny, this is-to its 
credit-loud and fuzzed out. Unfor- 
tunately, most of the songs lack the 
lose your guts craziness that make 

this stuff stand above the crop of crap. In addition to three 

competent originals, this includes a better than okay cover of "I 

Gotta Right". (IM) 

(Answer, Hase Bid #2 Bl, 5-49, Osu 3 Naka-Ku Nagoya City, 

Aichi 460, JAPAN) 

IMBALANCE- "March Of The 
Yes Man" EP 

Hailing from the UK, IM- 
BALANCE seem to come right 
out of the late '80s/early '90s hard- 
core scene. They have some straight 
edge elements (I mean they have 
pictures with x'ed up sing-along- 
ers) with really melodic hardcore. 
Kind of reminds me of the first 
it's got high-energy parts, but in- 
cludes a lot of melodic sing alongs and rockish guitar leads. Not 
really my cup of tea, but its not bad either. Let's see what they do 
next. (MW) 
(Household Name, PO Box 12286, London, SW9 6FE, UK) 

INDECISION - "Most Precious Blood" CD 

Musically speaking, this shit drives me insane. More crunch 
ridden mosh metal-hardcore post PANTERA rock. I dunno, if 
I've gotta sit through another heavy metal CD with slow breaks, 
typically slick and overdone metal production, and goofy guitar 
leads, I swear I'm gonna... (PB) 
(Exit, PO Box 263, New York City, NY 10012) 

THE INFECTED - "Tolerance For Failure" CD 

Hey, we want to be FACE TO FACE. The INFECTED 
don't suck, but I'm not a fan. (JF) 
(Morphius, PO Box 13474, Baltimore, MD 21203) 

INTENSITY - "Wash Off The Lies" 10" 

My first exposure to INTENSITY was on a comp a few 
months back where they played a totally GORILLA BISCUITS, 
fun-filled song. This 10" is in a bit of a similar vein but somewhat 
less melodic. Good crunching guitars with a lot of great hooks 
and a pretty thick bass sound. Personal and political lyrics, some 
of which I'm not fully behind (like aspects of their views 
regarding pornography) but all delivered with conviction and 
driven home with some strong choruses. Another quality release 
from Sweden. (TH) 

(Putrid Filth Conspiracy, Trollebergsv 16 B, 222 29 Lund, 

J CHURCH - "Altamont '99" CD 

The 3rd J CHURCH singles comp here. This one on an 
Aussie label.Their thickest sounding comp yet. 28 tracks that run 
the gamut from punk rock to indie rock. As usual, pretty strong 
stuff. Also, some of these tracks are re-recordings of recent 
singles. Well worth it if you can find it. (RL) 
(AuGoGo, PO Box 5420, Melbourne,3001, AUSTRALIA) 

JOBBYKRUST - "The Descent Of Man" LP 

Hmm, as a general rule of thumb, any band with the word 
"krust" in their name is probably going to sound crusty. Well 
there are no surprises here. JOBBYKRUST has that mid-tempo 
dark and moody style, similar to bands like AMEBIX. Unfortu- 
nately, this style of music never had enough fire in it to get my 
juices going. But I know a ton of kids out there are into this stuff, 
and for what it is worth, this is actually pretty good. And on top 
of it all, this is a benefit LP for animals that have been "rescued 
from pain, cruelty, and suffering". (RC) 
(Funai c/o Wagenplatz,, Buchenhofenerstr. 63 42329, Wupper- 

Whore" EP 

A garage outfit from Detroit rock city, who borrow from 
the likes of the LAZY COWGIRLS and the DIRTYS, but rock 
out in their own right. I don't know exactly how long they've 
been around, but they sound a bit wet behind the ears, otherwise 
succeeding at breaking a sweat with some smokin' little tunes. 
Keep those gnads pumped, guys, and I'll keep an eye out for yer 
future spews! (RY) 
($3: Transparent, 6759 Transparent Dr, Clarkston, MI 48346) 

nile" EP 

I fucking love this band. If it 
weren't for bands like this and all 
the Peek-a-Boo stuff, I would have 
given up on the music scene here. 
Great girl singer with fun girl ga- 
rage pop. Who else rhymes "You 
can win the lotto and you can get 
blotto!"? Totally fun stuff. (LH) 
(Remedial, PO Box 6848 1 1. Aus- 
tin, TX 78768) 



2331, Land O' Lakes, FL 34639-2331) 

son Vankila" EP 

I'm blessed with some Finn- 
ish crustcore madness on this do- 
mestic release. Eight songs of DIS- 
CHARGE-influenced mayhem 
with growling vocals, exactly what 
it takes to put a smile on my face 
any day of the week. Well anyway 
enough said, go out and obtain 
yours if this style gives you a boner 
as well... (TS) 
(Vicious Interference, PO Box 

Hi ft at low tide 


Surfer" EP 

As stated on the sleeve, ' 'pure 
pop." I'm not certain that I buy Mr. 
Chandler's assertion that the K.F. 
MONKEYS represent "pop 
genius," however (although they 
still seem to have the highest voic- 
es in the Mutant Pop stable). Be 
that as it may, this isn't my "bag" 
but should appeal to fans of cute 
pop. (DD) 
(Mutant Pop, 5010 NW Shasta Ave, Corvallis, OR 97330) 

KURT - "Schesaplana" LP 

It's the early '90s all over again. This reminds me of a lot of 
the bands that were big on the emo scene then. You know, your 
school of punk. It's mostly fast, choppy, and hoarse voiced. Just 
a bit angry and desperate sounding, just a bit obtuse (to appear 
deeper than it probaly is). They are really tight, and the music has 
it's moments, I just can't get over how obvious it is. Maybe I'm 
just in a cranky mood tonight. You should be able to figure out if 
this would apeal to you. (BG) 
(X Mist, Leonhardstr 18 A, 72202 Nagold, GERMANY) 

THE LAST RESORT - "Violence In Our Minds" EP 

This is a limited release of four songs by this classic oi! 
band. You already have these on various comps. So unless you're 
some kind of record collector prick, you really don't need this. 
Someone is gonna make alot of money off this, and something 
tells me it's not the LAST RESORT. It's not worth it. (JB) 
(World Famous Harry May Record Company) 


This is a really rocking CD. If I actually owned a vehicle and 
played it on the the car stereo, I'd probaly get into a wreck from 
driving too fast and excited. This is great modern, melodic punk, 
played with obvious enthusiasm. The vocals are a little underpro- 
duced, yet still mange to come through in a cool agressively sung 
(not shouted) style, and the music takes enough tasteful twists and 
turns to keep it fresh and interesting. Very upbeat in a transcen- 
dant, not a poppy, way. Good top of the morning music. (BG) 
(Onefoot, PO Box 30666, Long Beach, CA 90853) 


LEFT IN RUINS - "Fertilizing 
The Soil" EP 

1 1 songs of blistering Swed- 
ish thrashcore, that reminds me of 
DISMACHINE or Finland's 
times it's sloppy, but that just adds 
to the overall chaos of it all. The 
lyrics are sung in Swedish and the 
amount of words this guy throws 
out just makes it crazier. Watch 
out for future vinyl projects from 
these guys (which means get this 

before you're desperately searching for it in 5 years). (MW) 
($6: Putrid Filth Conspiracy c/o Alfaro, Sodraparksgatan 35, 2 14 
22 Malmo, SWEDEN) 

LIBERATE - "The Proof of Survival, Here It Is... " LP 

The onslaught of great Japanese HC continues on this LP. 
It's truly amazing that such a conservative culture can create so 
many great bands, or perhaps the oppressive culture is what 
makes these kids so angry and seek out punk rock in the first 
place. This band has a more melodic feel to it than their country- 
men as they mix in some slower toe-tapping songs to go a long 
with the blazing thrash, either way they pull it off flawlessly 
withsome tight execution and barking vocals. I'm sold, I just 
wish their was an address included so we (I) could find this LP, 
good hunting! (TS) 
(No Address) 

OF 'EMS - "Apartment Wrestling Rock And Roll" LP 

this dude is CRAZY ! ! ! ! ! fuck yeah a friend of 

mine named Rudi in Germany hipped me to this nut about five 
years ago by sending me a LIGHTNING BEAT-MAN movie, 

shot on lacation in the BEAT-MAN's living room gads, it 

was a hoot.... indeed some crazy ass motherfucker dressed up 

in a Mexican wrestler outfit and singing into a tape recorder and 

jumping about madly it was like Monty Python meets MR. 

ADKINS and had kids in Germany.... yes, that's it that's 

what you have here.... that is what this record is and there is 

a perfect blend of drugs to help this along but so far most of 

the people I know have been withholding that info from me.... 

dad yes, this record is fab... even down to the incredible LP 

jacket but that's a surprise! ! !!!!!! (SW) 

(VooDoo Rhythm, C/O Zeller, Langasstr. 57, 301 2 Bern, SWIT- 

LOPEZ - "The Kids Aren't Bad" 

Let's lay down one simple 
fact, LOPEZ just fucking rocks! 
LOPEZ play straight ahead, alco- 
hol-inspired punk rock from Wash- 
ington state that is just so fun and 
crazy. Sure they may never get 
huge or anything, but they will 
bring you a great time, live or on 
record. (JF) 

(Bucky, PO Box 72671, Las Ve- 
gas, NV 89 1 1 70) 

« &>j U fc 

LOXIRAN - "Falsches Lacheln" CD 

LOXIRAN from Germany reminds me a lot of REFUSED. 
They have got a mid-paced technical style, with vocals that 
alternate between spoken and screamed. Their lyrics deal with 
subjects like consumerism, saving the earth and animal rights. 
The packaging and layout is top notch, with English translations 
of all the songs. Not bad. (RC) 
(Per Koro, Fehrfeld 26, D-28203 Bremen, GERMANY) 

ton, We Have A Problem" EP 

The title track is a fine up- 
beat pop tune along the lines of a 
raw version of PEGBOY. The fa- 
side slows down with one original 
and a cover of "Time's Up" by the 
BUZZCOCKS, both somewhat 
disappointing. Despite your basic 
pop "love gone bad" lyrics the a- 
side is well worth checking out. 
(Harmless, 1437 Hood, Chicago, IL 60660) 

Lyftyrd's fttnards 

n» " i 


MACH FIVE OVERDRIVE - "Quickee Mart/Coming After 

From San Diego, these guys play punk rock that is heavily 
influenced by classic rock 'n' roll and blues. Sounds like it could 
have been released on the Chiswick label in Britain in the late 
'70s. Mid-tempo, pretty catchy and well played, it's good overall, 
but lacks that extra zip to put it over the edge. The kind of band 
that needs to be seen in a small club that has sawdust on the floors. 
Harmonicas, even when used only sparingly, have no place in 
punk rock. Besides, they make me nervous. (KK) 
(Pennimann, PO Box 32142, 08080 BCN, SPAIN) 

MARS MOLES - "Punk Religion" LP 

The first side of this LP is a cover of the BAD RELIGION 
"Into The Unknown" LP done pop punk/melodic hardcore style 
the other side is original material. A German band that goes for 
the Fat/Epitaph sound with so-so results. Mostly worth it for fans 
of the BAD RELIGION LP as a novelty. (RL) 
(Plastic Bomb, Gustav-Freytag-Str. 18, 47057 Duisburg, GER- 


THE MFC - "One Day" EP 

Chunky working class hard- 
core, with slight oi stylings but 
with a more traditional punk feel. 
Three songs, including one catchy 
pop song about growing up and 
getting a job. (AM) 
(Black Hole, 12 W Willow Grove 
Ave Box 130, Philadelphia, PA 




MONDO TOPLESS - "Get Ready For Action!" LP 

MONDO TOPLESS write better songs than most bands in 
the Sixties garage bag and play them well enough, but their latest 
LP finds them still plagued by inadequate production (although 
some of the specifics are different from the problems of their 
"Fifty Thousand Dollar Hand Job" LP) which makes the whole 
thing sound especially mannered and artificial. Much as I like 
organs (no pun intended !), there' s too much of it mixed too high, 
the drums are gutless, and both of them drown out the guitar. 
Next time, let's get gone. (DD) 
(Dionysus, PO Box 1975, Burbank, CA 91507) 

THE MONSIGNORS - "Are Youu There God? It's Us, The 
Monsignors" CD 

The first two songs should always be able to "hook" the 
listener ...yeah "should" just like someone should give that 
message to these guys. It's the Epi-Fat sound with dork punk 
packaging (it's a shame that the whole Judy Blume novel/ 
puberty joke idea was wasted by these guys, a band like the 
HUXTABLES could have done so much more with it). And what 
the fuck's up with all the double kick drumming and those 
annoying horn lines!?! You're not a ska band!! It's the same 
boring melodic punk shit that half a zillion bands have already 
done and done it better cuz their songs only last two minutes 
instead of droning on and on. A huge miss in my book. Co- 
produced by Lumley from SQUIRT GUN, the MOPES and 
($9: Harmless, 1437 W Hood Chicago, IL 60660) 

MORTICIA'S LOVERS "Take a Ride With Us" LP 

Italian retro-rockers with what sounds to me, equal preoc- 
cupations with BILLY CHILDISH, obscuro bonehead 
"Killed By Death" punk and "Surfing Bird". Mind you, all this 
is cranked through some ungodly reverb/echo and a recording 
sound that's either brilliant or totally fucked up depending on 
your viewpoint. After some listening, I would have to classify 
this as a "retro" record as opposed to "Rip Off Records-like 
punk". And I say that cause' the guitars are twangy as opposed 
to fuzzed out, there's many overt CHUCK BERRY 12-bar type 
structures and they do surf tunes. At time it sounds more like 
BILLY CHILDISH fronting "Train out of it"-era 
SWELL MAPS or something. Or just a really sloppy band with 
mud for a recording sound. Decide for yourself (JY) 
(Violator Recordz, c/o Angelo Carvaggi, Via Cisiaga 3 29028 
Pondedell'olio (Piacenza) ITALY) 


Kinda pointless single here, feels like this band has it's 
energy elsewnere. Ambling A-side, deep vocals over a meander- 
ing whatsis, then a MOTORHEAD cover done with pole in 
rectum. Jeff, place this in the microwave. Now that's entertain- 
ment! (RW) 
(LiF Plastic Klub, PO Box 21 1, 33201 Tampere, FINLAND) 

MR. ZERO - "Voodoo's Eros" CD 

French '60s-styled garage rock with compact production, 
lots of maraca-shaking and choppy guitar riffs, lyrics jogging 
through GUN CLUB backwoods voodoo country. I appreciate 
this sound and I like this band's overall gestalt, but this provokes 
indifference in me more than anything else. C'est dommage. 
(Get Hip, PO Box 666, Canonsburg, PA 15317) 

MURDOCK - "Pissing Rocks" 

Let's see, the record label 
for MURDOCK or the band them- 
selves only sent one copy for re- 
view, which sucks. It was warped, 
or at least that was the condition it 
was in when I received it. From 
what I did hear of this record, they 
weren't bad and kind of reminded 
me of a more varied PRETEN- 
TIOUS ASSHOLES. It's too bad 
the record was so fucked up, be- 
cause the packaging that accompanied it was some quality shit. 
Hooray for art schools! (JV) 
($3: Goldtooth, PO Box 621, New Paltz, NY 12561-0621) 

MUD CITY MANGLERS - "Gonna Die Tonight" EP 

I've got a typical beef with the cover of this single, which 
has a W WI fighter plane nose first in a field. Ooookaaaay , that has 
nothing to do with what' s in the grooves, which is modern revved- 
up garage-punk banged out with energy to spare. MISFITS cover 
is a toss-off on the flip, but the A-side has definite use. If you liked 
their first single, dig in- (RW) 
(007 Records, 534 14th St, New York, NY, 10009) 

THE NEIGHBORS - "The More Money One Has, The More 
Important Is One's Life" CD 

Brutal fast hardcore akin to early D.R.I., RAW POWER & 
C.O.C.!!! Crazy shit, so fast, you can't even keep up with them 
while trying to read the lyric sheet. Lyrics confronting territorial 
borders, suicide, working for an asshole boss, etc. Nothing 
musically or lyrically groundbreaking, but deli vered in a whirlwind 
equally as destructive as anything NO COMMENT was able to 
pull off. (PB) 
(Muck, 6282 Stewart St, San Diego, CA 921 15) 

NEW WAVE HOOKERS - "Making Your Own Pornogra- 
phy" EP 

This German band puts out another strong punk/new wave 
record here. These folks records always sound like they came out 
in 1980. "What You're Proposing" is pretty right on. For all the 
bands that have the look down, these guys have the sound down. 
Coulda been on Stiff. (RL) 
(G-Punkt, PO Box 1612, D-96306, Kronach, GERMANY) 

NO ONE'S VICTIM - "Just An- 
other Young Punk Band" EP 

You punks are in luck! Ra- 
dio Records has elected to release 
three of the songs off the ridicu- 
lously hard to find "Just Another- 
Teenage Waste" EP that Finyl 
Vinyl put out in Germany a couple 
months back. You have a bonus 
track "Out Tonight" which is an 
immediate hit for NO ONE' S VIC- 
TIM. This band is near the top of 
their game early in their career. 

These songs are consistently good punk anthems that would 
make Joe Strummer smile. Included is a good cover of "Emer- 
gency" by INFA RIOT. Order this fine record right now! (BR) 
(Radio, PO Box 1452, Sonoma, CA 95476) 

Noise" EP 

Are the OPPRESSED still a 
band? A skinhead tribute to 
SLADE who some would call pro- 
to-oi... For fuck's sake! "Cum On 
Feel The Noize" sounds like 
the BUSINESS! Pretty fun single 
from these anti-fascist zealots. 

(The World Famous Harry May 
Record Company) 

TERS - "The Bald and The Boo- 
tyfull" EP 

If TOM WAITS and the 
RUNAWAYS spawned a rocka- 
billy band in NYC, it might come 
close to this. Confused? Okay, in- 
cidentally bald guy in suit with 
gravelly voice, three cute chicks 
who play mid tempo '50s/' 70s 
punk rock and roll. Better? I was 
amused by some of the lyrics, but 
not overwhelmed with the music 
in general. (RY) 
(Vital Music, PO Box 210, New York, NY 10276) 


800 - split EP 

FLIGHT 800 crank out some 
noisy blurcore with angry-ass dual 
vocals. NOISOME FAUGH rip 
shit up with some rad thrashing 
grind. I really liked all the tempo 
changes in their music. It is all 
good, especially the jackhammer 
drumming on the fast stuff. Unfor- 
tunately, there are no band address- 
es, so I don't know were either 

band is from. But, you can still get the record from (RC) 

(Records... Not Excuses, PO Box 806, Seattle. WA981 1 1-0806) 


OVERTHROW - "Empower- 
ment Cover-up" EP 

Let's keep this simple, shall 
we. This is straight up East Coast 
hardcore. Slow moshable break- 
downs, with choruses like "Stand 

up, unite, and fight the war!" 

All I can think is "played out and 

boring". (RC) 

(Race Productions, 161 Blyden- 

burgh Ave, Smithtown, NY 


OUTLAST ■ "Positive Hardcore Positive Youth" 10" 

If you are into sXe HC you are doing yourself a great 
injustice if you do not find this record, buy this record and listen 
daily. This is straight up positive HC. Swedish HC seems to be 
very '88 NY bound not going the way of metal as many US bands 
have. Keeping it real, OUTLAST kicks ass. (TJ) 
(Bridge, Box 1903, SE-581 18, Linkoping, SWEDEN) 

PAINDRIVER - "This Has No End" LP 

I know these guys are into avoiding the pitfalls of being 
described a certain way. In other words they don't want to be 
known as a "hardcore" band, or a "punk" band, they just want to 
be a band that plays music. But this is a review, and I have to 
describe the music so... They have got a great thrashy hardcore 
style that reminds bit of that East Coast old school resurgence of 
bands like 97A. The music is super fast, with powerful and pained 
vocals. This is a throwback to the '80s, heck even their opening 
track is titled "Intro". This is fast and furious and a big step above 
their 7" that came out about a year ago. (RC) 
(Takeover, 8 Beta Court, North Providence, RI 0291 1) 


Imagine if the RAMONES covered the other greatest rock 
V roll band (the BEATLES). Well imagine no longer, Skippy, 
cuz the PUNKELS have made it a reality! Covering thirteen 
BEATLES songs (with two in German!) in a very pop punk way, 
these guys leave those RAMONES cover albums to shame!' 

(Wolverine, Benrather Schlobfer 63, 40593 Dusseldorf, GER- 

PLAN ORANGE - "The Individuals Have Arrived" CD 

Mid paced angry emo, in the neighborhood of GAUGE or 
even early SOULSIDE. Some songs work really well, others not 
as much. Still, it's good at conveying a mood and exploring the 
gray space between emotions. I like it. (BG) 
(Red Factor, 335 Moyne Dr, West Vancouver, BC, CANADA) 


From the school of work hard/play hard, these upwardly 
mobile workin' class Jersey boys called POLYABUSE put their 
nose to the grind stone and come up with 14 sparks. For all of us 
attention deficients, these fast-get-up-and-go's clock in short and 
sweet leaving you. with likes of the best of em': NOT A 
WRETCHED ONES, and G.B.H. Stock up kids, energy like this 
money can't buy. (DL) 
(Black Pumpkin, PO Box 4377, River Edge, NJ 07661-4377) 

POLYTHENE - "Pet Hates" EP 

How cool, a band from northern England that actually 
features an ex-FALL member. Well, the drummer. Four tracks 
that bring up memories of the early Lookout-style girl/boy chant 
chaos ala S KINNED TEEN or BLATZ or maybe HUGGY BEAR. 
It's got that "fuck it" quality that leads to great live shows but 
indifferent records. Like this one. Sheesh, if they write a really 
good song that would help. I'm not against them, alright? (RW) 
(Guided Missile, PO Box 1 1413, London, N19 4AM, UK) 

POLYTHENE - "Pet Hates" EP 

Yeah, go! This 7" slab o' wax has all the ingredients to 
work me into a pogo frenzy!! Lovin' that dual vocal, lo-fi 
madness! Fans of CUPID CAR CLUB take note! (JP) 
(Guided Missile, PO Box 1 1413, London, N19 4AM, UK) 

POOPY PANTS - "Anal Devastation" CD 

Out of all the CDs I reviewed this month, this was the only 
one that really fit into our area of coverage - it's PuNk. The back 
cover is a picture of a guy with a flare ("TNT' is written on it) 
fully lit and up his ass. Inside the members of POOPY PANTS 
all pose in that non-threatening way that goofy ska bands, and 
most Lookout ! bands, do. POOPY PANTS are a AGAINST ALL 
AUTHORITY meets JASON LEE played at the proficiency 
level of say, the B-SIDES. There, and relative to most of the CDs 
reviewed this month, they ain't bad. (JV) 
(Fiddler, PO Box 330667, Miami, FL 33233) 

POP TARTS - "Censored - Try Me" EP 

This spunky quartet combines thick, growly powerchord 
guitars, farfisa organ, and melodic female vocals in a powerful 
pop-punk package-the kind of thing Rough Trade used to be 
famous for. Extremely distinctive and catchy, just about every- 
thing here is a winner-including a rippin' cover of 
the RAMONES' "I Love You So." Strongly recommended, and 
appealing enough to rekindle your interest in your favorite 
toaster treat. (SS) 


Yeow! Do you like your punk fast and raw? How about 
chaotic drumming and buzzing guitars? What about a vocalist 
that sounds so pissed, you begin to think he would probably just 
whip you across the noggin' if you crossed his path? If so, then 
inquire below. Only 500 pressed, so hurry. (RC) 
($3US/$5world: Bobby Becerra, 1643 Leroy Bouse, El Paso, TX 


Well played, generic, instrumental surf-style music. Need 
to get a little coastal sand in your shoes and stop taking things so 
seriously. Have fun. Please. (CK) 
($8: Beeshu, 1421 N 69th St, Wauwatosa, WI 53213) 

THE PRICKS - "Mmm! This Is Good Stuff!" EP 

1 lOmphhardcoreflailingfromSweden.Burningallorific- 
es wide open, this could compare to how you might feel an hour 
or two after sucking down a pint of tequila and ajar of jalapenos. 
What cracks me up is the vocals. This big ole Swede screaming 
his guts out sounds like my kid sister. It's great, but bizarre, like 
he's got a few hundred needles in his nuts or something. An '80s 
SoCal guitar thing and wicked-quick drums set it off. Snap this 
up, though, kids, I think this could appeal to all walks of punk life. 
(Hard-on, Box 8158, 104 20 Stockholm, SWEDEN) 


A band that's new to me but apparently has been around a 
while. Power pop punk that reminds me of the YUMS YUMS 
and BUM. Some songs are really strong and others so so. But if 
you dig the power pop, check these guys out. (RL) 
(Wolverine, Benrather Schlossufer 73, 40593, Dusseldorf, GER- 

RABIA POSITIVA - "Tiempo Al Tiempo" CD 

Powerful, melodic hardcore, with enough catchy quirks to 
set it apart from the pack, including what sound like electric 
violins and snake-charmer's pipes. Definitely listenable, with 
strong vocals and a crisp guitar sound, echoing PENNYWISE at 
times. Wish I could follow the Spanish lyrics. (AM) 
(Tralla, Apt. Correos 37, 1 19 08080 Barcelona, SPAIN) 

RADIOACTIVE TOYS - "Kings Of The Rhumba Beat" LP 

This is somewhere between POISON IDEA and fast street- 
punk. Pretty generic, kinda disappointing seeing as how I'm 
mostly a sap when it comes to POISON IDEA-influenced hard- 
core. Quite a few songs about drinking sung in a heavy German 
accent. Not really my thang. (PB) 

(Revolution Inside c/o Le Sabot, Breite Str.76, 53111 Bonn 

RADIOBAGHDAD - "665: Neighbor Of The Beast" CD 

At the start, I would like to state that I will not comment on 
the title (too late, but it's brilliant anyway-ed.). As for the music, 
it starts with a bad attempt at some kind of metal song. It 
progresses into your basic SoCal punk, not bad but getting old. 
Lyrically, I had to laugh. "It's about real life, man". I found an old 
comp with a song of theirs that I like, making this that much more 
depressing. (PA) 
(Onefoot, PO Box 30666, Long Beach, CA 90853) 



RECEIVERS - "Drop Out" EP 

Pop-punk with power pi 
leanings. "You Got It Good" 
hooks and pretty background 
cals that reminds me of the RU- 
BINOOS while "Everything That 
Glitter" is more in the anthemic 
pop-punk mode. A pretty exact- 
faithful rendition of the 
BUZZCOCKS "Boredom" is also 
included. Probably worth your 
clams to go see live. I would. (JY) 
(Cheetah, PO Box 4442, Berke- 
ley, CA 94704) 


Here we have a dose of old school UK punk on both sides, 
the RESTARTS rock out with some catchy two fingers in the air 
punk rock, yes to my ears they sound just like CHAOS UK. 
Drunk and punk as fuck with humorous lyrics about drinking, the 
UK monarchy, subway fare evasion, etc. all in typical sarcastic 
English fashion. The flip from ZERO TOLERANCE is similar, 
though with a more oi-ish, snotty, dub-rock feel to it. It takes me 
back to the day of the ADICTS, BLITZ, VICE SQUAD, etc. 
Good for a dose of nostalgia as these guys (and gal) pull it off 
pretty authentically. (TS) 

(Rejected, 9 Woodlands Ave, Dun Laoghaire Co.Dublin, IRE- 



THE RASCALS - "Falsche Lied- 
er" EP 

Sooo ? The first thing I 

noticed was that everything here 
was pretty much in German. So 
being the proud American that I 
am, I don't speak any other lan- 
guages but my native American, 
and like most of my red, white, and 
blue brothers and sisters, I just end 
up guessing about the things I don' t 
understand. Let me give you an 
example-the title of this record has something to do with how 
well your "leder" hosen fits... chafing a little I would assume. It 
also looks from the photo on the back, that these guys were 
recently vacationing at that EuroDisney place. "But what about 
the music?" you ask. Well, knowing what I do about Germans, I 
would have to guess the lyrics were saying something about at 
least one of these three things: Beer, Bratwurst, or, of course, 
World Domination. Musically, they sound like they're from 
Jersey. And there you have it! (JB) 

(Trevor Schafer, Siegsstrasse 152, 42287 Wuppertal, GERMA- 

REVILLOS - "Re-Animated!" video 

A good quality black and white video of a REVILLOS 
reunion show from 1996. Grainy and basic production give this 
that punk feel. The musical highlights are certainly when they do 
the 6 or so REZELLOS songs. I've never been real big on the 
REVILLOS stuff although Eugene and Faye keep up the pace on 
the enthusiasm and the camp front here. I wish I had a live show 
from the REZILLOS heyday, but I guess I'll have to settle for 
this. (RL) 
(Damaged Goods, PO Box 671, London, E17 6NF, UK) 

RONNIE FUJIYAMA - "Coney Island/ New York Groove" 

Andy and Steve from the DEVIL DOGS team up with 
Yoshiko from the 5,6,7,8's to create one cool record. "Coney 
Island" is the definite stand-out for its fast pace and catchiness. 
The great DEVIL DOGS sound is there which I could just listen 
to forever. Yochiko has a bit more force in her voice, so it's not 
just that ear-piercing screeching. "New York Groove" is a bit 
more of a ballad, but it rocks in a nice DICTATORS style. This 
is great. (CK) 


I've been hearing great things about this band and they 
definitely didn't disappoint me one bit. I'd say they were the 
Japanese equivalent of SPAZZ, totally brutal HC powerviolence 
played at warp speed with great production. Twelve amazing 
songs in 18 minutes and not one boring song in the bunch. 
Probably the best Japanese band I've heard in a while and not to 
be missed by fans of this style. You'll love it! P.S., there are pot 
leaves on the front and back covers so that tells you what fuels 
their creativity! (TS) 
(M.C.R., 157 Kamiagu, Maizuru, Kyoto,624-0913, JAPAN) 

ROZZ & NEGATIVE TREND - "The Pop Sessions" CD 

NEGATIVE TREND being one of those "Ur" bands that 
formed in the early SF punk scene that splintered off people into 
other bands (FLIPPER, TOILING MIDGETS). The early single 
is great, and these tracks, recorded in 1978, continue with the 
same nasty spirit. It's only nineteen minutes long, a little note 
says the vinyl was fucked at the plant... oh well. It is totally worth 
the while of anyone trying to fill in the picture of late '70s punk 
on the West Coast. The cover looks like some cheapo cut-out 
label, but don't be deterred. (RW) 
($9.75: White Noise, PO Box 777, Sonoita, AZ, 85637) 

lion Sellers" LP 

Wow, a totally unexpected burst of spaced-out noise rip- 
ping from speaker to speaker... now that's a fine how-do-you-do! 
I'm almost always down on Euro "roots" attempts. Slavish 
imitations of the BIG aspects of American culture always leave 
this native cold, but the songs hold up on this fabulous screened 
fold-out. For once, the fucking Euros got good sounding produc- 
tion as well, not tight-assed as per the norm. Hey OBLIVIANS 
fan, this take does not suck, so throw down for this one. The 
quality of this effort will probably get me through the next twenty 
shitty turds from the continent. All hail ROY & THE DEVIL'S 
MOTORCYCLE! I am beaten! (RW) 
(Voodoo Rhythm, Langastr. 57, 3012 Bern, SWITZERLAND) 

SAIBON - "In Your Face" EP 

Amped up, intense, energet- 
ic hardcore from Sweden that is 
still very much connected to punk 
rock. Imagine across topped DBS, 
or GUTTERMOUTH with the 
drummer from CAPITALIST 
CASUALTIES. Forget that new 
basketball jersey, and buy this 
record. Realistically, buy both be- 
cause we know you can afford it. 
Kjellingatan 10, 692 38 Kumla, SWE- 

(Hard-On c/o Elfsten, 

SAX9 - "My Dumb Cousin" EP 

Perhaps I like this better the first time I listened to it because 
it wasn't ska. I mean with the name SAX9 what can you expect. 
But the second time around I realized that this was just boring 
female fronted melodic punk, sort of like PEZZ except PEZZ 
doesn't have the girl.(JF) 

(Second Harvest, PO Box 5907, Long Island City, NY 1 1 105- 


Dutch posi-core thrash, with a distinct New York flavor, but 
not in a metallic or macho way. Kind of one-dimensional, but as 
they say on the inner sleeve, "Old School Rules!" (AM) 
(Suezsingel 69, 2622 CX Delft, HOLLAND) 


Two Finnish bands play a couple of songs apiece on this 
record. SHARPEVILLE plays heavy, trudging-through-the-snow 
hardcore with idealistic, community-centered lyrics (in English.) 
Samples and a moody instrumental give an unexpected sucker- 
punch to a musical battle that could otherwise peter out in the 
second round. Still sounds better on 45, though. KIROUS has 
more thrash and more kick, with a kind of spooky echo on the 
vocals (in Finnish with English translation). The lyrics are a 
decent, but really, really broad condemnation of everything the 
"converted" know to be fucked-up in society. Another country 
heard from, indeed. (AC) 
(Halla, PO Box 139, 00131 Helsinki, FINLAND) 

— § i ^^^ ^^» 

SHIKABANE - "Title In Japanese" LP 

This is the kind of record that I'm guaranteed to catch flak 
for assigning to myself. Not that I can blame another reviewer for 
wanting to be the one to search for the proper words to describe 
the amazingly fast, but structured, songs which melt one into 
another. This band draws pretty well on all of the bands of the 
'80s (from Japan and elsewhere) that sought to make their 
hardcore as evil sounding as possible. The marching of the bass 
and the rip of the guitars are perfect mood music for any 
butchering you may have to attend to. (TH) 
(MCR, 157 Kamiagu Maizuru, Kyoto, 624-0913 JAPAN) 

SIDE CAR - "Take a Loss" CDEP 

A feel good EP that runs as long as a full length and sounds 
like J CHURCH. Nothing new, but nothing bad. They're pretty 
good at what everyone else is doing and even threw in a 
HUSKER DU cover. (BM) 
(What Else?, PO Box 341 1, Dayton, OH 45401) 

QUAKERS - split EP 

Brutally heavy and blister- 
ingly fast, this EP shreds. Two 
Texas powerviolence bands that 
will rip ya apart. A must. (TJ) 
(Open Wound, 10367 SW 4th St, 
Miami, FL 33174) 

SKINT - "In The Firing Line" CD 

Hmmmn...very interesting! This is streetpunk in the most 
narrow of senses. Fortunately for SKINT, my tastes aren't so 
narrow that I can't appreciate this. Kinda like a straight-edge/oi ! 
hybrid, musically. Lyrically, a mix of personal 'n' political. This 
is good shit. I dedicate this review to all the ladies in the audience ! 

(Walzerk, PO Box 1341, 74643 Kunzelsau, GERMANY or 
Ballinclogher, Lixnaw, Co. Kerry, IRELAND) 

split EP 

So the first thing I notice 
about SLAIN is that they have got 
a double underline under their 
name like INFEST does. But that 
is where that comparison ends. 
SLAIN has a style that alternates 
between doom-filled grind and 
blasting beats. But it just seemed 
to be lacking something, because 
I could not get into it. STATE OF I 
FILTH have got their side covered with poorly mixed grindcore. 
Didn't like the vocals, screeching guitar, or the double bass 
drumming. Sorry. (RC) 

(Enslaved, POBox 169, Forster Court, Bradford, West Yorshire, 
BD1 2UJ, UK) 

SONNY VINCENT - "Lucky Seven Inch Record" EP 

there's this fellow at the place where I work whom we 

call simply "J.W." who once said; "All-star bands always 
suck!!!!".... oh brother was J.W. ever right!!!!!!!!... this little 
seven incher here, containing 6 songs, is fer sure an "ALL- 
STAR" record!!!!!!!... with the likes of Wayne Kramer, Scott 

Asheton, Captain Sensible and what have you god knows 

when this was recorded but.... sorry folks this 

sucks!!!!!!!!!!.... it's up beat, loud guitars, tuff vocals.... but it's 

just not catchy no matter how many listens maybe if Mike 

Lucas was playing on this it might just give it the kick in the ass 

it needs maybe (SW) 

(Icognito, Senefelder Str. 37 A, 70176 Stuttgart, GERMANY) 

SORE LOSER - "Is Out To Save The World" CD 

Another strong release from these Texas folk. Straight outta 
the SAMIAMand GAMEFACE school of emo pop punk. Quite 
a strong batch of tunes with some good vocal play. A few straight 
emo tunes mixed in too. A good full length from this trio. (RL) 
(Act Your Age, 3244 Locke Ln, Houston, TX 77019) 

SOTTOPRESSIONE - "Cosi' Distante" CD 

Well, SOTTOPRESSIONE have stuck around long enough 
to offer up another full length which is distinctly Italian with its 
energy, speed, and drive but has a nice touch of late '80s East 
Coast hardcore. The vocals are a bit different on this release, with 
the singer exploring a bit with his voice but not fucking up a good 
thing. Also the guitars throw in some tweaks that work great. The 
translation from Italian show these guys to be a bit more poetic 
then one might expect. (TH) 

(Vacation House, Via San Michele, 56-13856, Vigliano Bi., 

SPACE JUNIORS - "Juniorville 20" CD 

A reissue package of this Australian bands only two EPs 
from 1989. Pretty uneven and generally so-so Aussie old school 
punkish rock here. Generally can't hear anything here to recom- 
mend it. Lots of loud power chords, fast songs, but generally no 
tunes to distinguish them from the pack. Vaguely remember 
hearing this when it first came out and having much the same 
opinion. Maybe certain things don't get better with time. (JY) 
(Mess Age Medium, PO Box 130421, Chinatown, NY 10013) 


This is one for those of you who are the most open-minded 
out there. Also fans of early CHUMBAWUMBA, CRASS, and 
BLAGGERS I.T.A. should find this one rockin', However, I 
wouldn't put this in the same class for the former two, in the 
lyrical sense or in the feel. There is a saxophone throughout. Like 
I said, for the adventurous among you, only. Great anti-fascist 
lyrics as well. Male/female vocals. Yep, it won't be long before 
the major labels snatch-up all the anarcho bands to put them on 
the "Home Alone 4" soundtrack. It's coming. I'm serious! (JB) 
(Semephore, Andernacher Str., 9041 1 Nurnberg, GERMANY) 

FU MONKEYS - split EP 

Wow ! Goofy pop bands. Sad- 
ly , only the KUNG FU MONKEYS 
pull it off (and quite well) with a 
nerdy Mutant Pop style sound. 
Cleverly, all their songs are about 
Hawaii, home of the STICKLERS 
who could have used some help in 
the studio. Although I'm not sure if 
a better recording would have even 
helped. Out of tune, off key vocals 
over sloppy QUEERS-style pop 
punk. (PA) 
($3: Wet Noodle, PO Box 235789 Honolulu 


HI 96823-3513) 

Power" EP 

I saw this record staring at 
me, and I have to admit. ..I was 
afraid. Now, that the record is 
over, I'm relaxed. It's hardcore. 
It's punk. It's got weird faux jazz 
breaks. Songs about politics, for- 
tune cookies and why "they" 
shouldn't have tried to fuck with 
Orson Welles. Pretty kicking shit 
that feels like it's barely contained 
on this little record. (LH) 

($3.50: Ch-Chings c/o Matthew Crawford, 634 Monmouth Ave, 
Port Monmouth, NJ 07758) 

SOUL COMPOST - "Virtual Holocaust" EP 

I have high expectations for a band that has a name like 
SOUL COMPOST and comes out of Akron, Ohio. I wouldn't 
say that I was let down, but they haven't yet developed that 
DISRUPT influenced crust noise into an original sound. The 
song "Unknown" did however, rock the headset right off of my 
head. But bear in mind that ASSUCK's debut EP was severely 
lacking as well, so hopefully they will grow above and beyond 
the obvious comparisons. (PB) 
(Nonsense, PO Box 381 143, Clinton TWP., MI 48038-0077) 



Italy's STRANGE CORNER play with plenty of fierce and 
straight-forward metal-tinged chunka crunch, often times throw- 
ing in double bass drum action and youth crew choir-type sing 
alongs. Usually I don't go for this sorta stuff, and a lot of this is 
nearly too typical to listen to, but their lyrics are an entertaining 
look at the frustrations of life (in broken English, mind you). 
Vocals are very deep and testosterone soaked, and they manage 
to use the word "fuckin"' in every song but one! (PB) 
(Vacation House, Via S. Michele 56, 13069 Vigliano Biellese 

SWINDLE - "Right Now!" CD 

This Dutch band varies between raucous mid-paced melod- 
ic punk in a STIFF LITTLE FINGERS vein and faster, hooky 
punk a la SCREECHING WEASEL. Pretty good at times, with 
some cool vocal action. The influences don't stop there though: 
they slow it down to a sub-STOOGES rockfest on "I Don't 
Wanna Be Your Dog," and borrow the chorus of the UK SUBS' 
"Born a Rocker, Die a Rocker" for "Daddy Is a Punkrocker," 
where they sing about thirtysomethings still pogoing the night 
away. Cool. (AM) 
(Trisomic, 69 Rue du Puits Juillet, 03600 Commentry , FRANCE) 

TETRA VINYL - "Kein Weg Zuruck" LP 

Very gritty melodic old-school (SHAM 69, more specifi- 
cally, minus the accent) British-sounding punk, just shy of "Oi Oi 
Oi." They also remind me a lot of PANKRTI, a great old X- 
Yugoslav band that inspired a lot of kids out thataway. Guileless 
guitars, raspy dull vocals, and anthems anthems anthems. No 
lyrics in English or German are provided, but the little cartoon 
mohawked-guy in the corner studiously destroying a swastika 
with a mean-looking black hammer should give you some insight 
into their politics. (AC) 
(PSF 100709, 46527 Dinslaken, GERMANY) 

THE 3DS - "Your Heart Is Black" EP 

This record came with 3-D glasses, I guess so you'll look 
cool while you're go-go dancing in your room. The cover's not in 
3-D, so I decided to wear them while I type this review. The 
computer looks great. Frantic surf tunes with vocals recorded so 
low that the singer has to scream to have himself heard. The result 
being a really great vocal sound. The fast pace and vocals make 
this a great record, in a world overrun with run-of-the mill surf 
music. (CK) 
(Arkam, 201 A Grove Ave, Huntsville, AL 35801) 

Bad Behavior" EP 

Guapo punk indeed! A lot 
tighter than their "Play Hard to 
Like" EP, and generally much bet- 
ter songs. The rock guitar break in 
"Eight" is a little too smoothly 
executed for my taste, but is more 
than made up for by the psychotic 
break out of nowhere in "Toro 
Enojado." This gets a big Ed Mc- 
Mahon "Hey-o" from me. (DD) . 
(Mortville, PO Box 4263, Austin, TX 78765) 

THE 'TONE - "One For The 
Money..." EP 

Here's the second great 
7"EPfromthe 'TONE. Their mu- 
sic is a high energy take on the 
CLASH or JAM with a touch of 
ska a la the SPECIALS without 
being retro at all. Three very ex- 
citing ska- tinged punk cuts and 
one long reggae/punk number 
that's "Police and Thieves"-like. 
Featuring Ben from THATCHER 
NEGER on guitar. Get it now. (MM) 
(Rugger Bugger, PO Box 357, London, SE19 IAD, UK) 


TFFL play upbeat, poppy hardcore, lent a certain charm by 
its rough production. SEVERNA PARK are more polished. Fans 
of early SAMIAM will get into their syrupy melodies and 
crunchy guitars. I did. The record benefits the Home Alive 
organization. (AM) 
($4: Crash, 6729 Ralston Rd, Bainbridge Island, WA 981 10) 

TOTALITAR - "Vansinnets 
Historia" EP 

In my opinion (for whatever 
its worth) TOTALITAR has al- 
ways stood out from the rest of the 
Swedish punk/crust bands. They 
have all the hooks and song struc- 
tures that their compadres have, 
but for some reason, their brand 
of early '80s Swedish hardcore/ 
thrash is memorable and sincere. 
This EP is no exception, they do 
what they ' ve been doing for years, 
kick-ass political hardcore. (MW) 
(Crust, PO Box 1001, Providence, RI 02901) 



TRUENTS- "Don't Look Back" 

This is melodic punk that 
kinda flirts with being oi. They 
have all the prerequisites: oi! is in 
the lyrics (but not Oi! Oi! Oi!), 
there is a fist on the cover along 
with a girl wearing a pleated plaid 
miniskirt and fishnets, and the sing- 
er sometimes has that British ac- 
cent ( it comes and goes). The 
songs are about drinking, hanging 

out with the guys and, of course, girls. Nothin' too original here. 


(TKO, 4104 24th Street #103, San Francisco, CA 941 14) 

TURPENTINES - "American Music For American People" 

Kinda like watching reruns of "The Golden Girls" dubbed 
into French, a.certain special something gets lost in the transla- 
tion. The TURPENTINES cover artwork features a pic of the 
singer decked out in his battered MERLE HAGGARD cowboy 
hat against a backdrop of the stars and stripes, but these boys most 
definitely ain't from around these parts (try Sweden, not Fresno). 
They're too skinny to be Americans, anyway (at least most of 'em 
are). Lucky enough for the TURPENTINES, this LP speaks for 
itself-equal parts DWARVES in their "Toolin' For a Warm 
Teabag" era, the TURKS or non-sucking early SUPERSUCK- 
ERS, the kinda rough-and-mean "hardcore" (if you want to call 
it that) that I can really get behind. Classy and tough, with lots of 
flash and style. I'm actually pretty fond of this record, now that 
I've got past the cover and the Marlboro Man posturing. (JH) 
(White Jazz, Box 2140, 103 14, SWEDEN) 

TWO BY FOUR - "Ain'ts Ta Be Fucked With" EP 

Ex and current members of HATEBREED pound out slow, 
heavy East Coast HC. I guess HATEBREED was too fast, metal 
and positive so these members had to form 2X4 to get out their 
real anger and hatred. (TJ) 

(Cartel, Topeliuksenkatu 21 A24, Fin-00250 Helsinki, FIN- 

UK SUBS - "Punk Rock Rarities" CD 

A good collection of early singles, b-sides, and unreleased 
tracks from that era. Although a few tracks from the 1 995 or so 
reunion are here as well. Being a fan of the early SUBS but never 
big on gathering every odd and end, this is a good substitute. A 
strong comp too. I've you've given up on tracking down every 
early single you'll dig this. (RL) 

THE UPSETS ■ "Tommygunheart" EP 

Here comes some California, greasy hair, tattooed, iron 
cross wearing, beer drinking, dirty shirt wearing, sunglasses at 
night punk. The double guitar sound is mean and rock 'n' roll. 
The hooks could be a tad more solid. Sounds like a great night out 
on vinyl. (TG) 
(TKO, PO Box 103, SF, CA 941 14) 


Has anyone seen the BOMBS 
on Comedy Central? I saw that for 
the first time the other night and 
boy was it a shocker. I think it's 
cool, but weird. So, when are they 
going to let a bunch of punkers on 
the set to start a pit and beat up the 
actors a la FEAR when they were 
on Saturday Night Live? In other 
US BOMBS related news, they do 
a RADIO BIRDMAN cover on 

this split and while good, it's nothing special. As for the BRIS- 
TLES, they do a lazy pogo punk original called "Saturday Night" 
with the same results. This band's early releases had so much 
energy, what happened? (RM) 
(Beer City, PO Box 26035, Milwaukee, WI 53226-0035) 

The Vageenas" EP 

Fans will be excited that the 
VAGEENAS haven't lost their 
general disrespect and vulgarity 
towards their fellow human be- 
ings and actually gotten more ag- 
gressive musically! These feisty 
Germans kick ass in the truest of 
true punk spirit. This awesome 
package includes individual lyric 
scraps and VAGEENA chewing 
gum! (HM) 
(Plastic Bomb c/o Michael Will, Forststr. 71 

47055 Duisburg 

VOORHEES - "What You See 
is What You Get" EP 

Six song blast from these 
UK hardcore standouts-think this 
is an old release available again, 
but not sure about that (the materi- 
al is from 1995, and I swear I've 
seen this before). Regardless, it's 
frenzied manic thrash as you'd 
expect from this outfit. Personal/ 
political lyrics that leave little un- 
explained-and a great cover of 
"Hinkley" from the perennial CRUCIFUCKS. A keeper! (TM) 
(Crust, PO Box 1001, Providence RI 02901) 

WATERCLOSET - "Time Is Cool" CD 

This is a new Japanese band featuring Shimo who was in 
SPROCKET WHEEL and Asuka from HUSKING BEE. In the 
tradition of those bands this is fast almost out of control pop punk 
that does not suck. Clever songs full of hooks you can sink your 
teeth into and good fun feelings with impassioned vocals that 
shine through. (MM) 

(Takashi Shimo Kama, 1 62 7 Fukujuso 103, Yamatocho, Na- 
kano-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN) 

WHO KILLED BAMBI ? - "The Voice of Reason" CD 

Okay, I don't know who's playin' tricks on me or what, but 
this is nowhere even close to what I usually review. I mean, these 
guy ' s sound like the GOO GOO DOLLS fer christ sakes (I'm sure 
they will take that as a compliment, whatever... )!!! How the 
major labels missed these guys is a mystery to me. Anyway, I'm 
sure this is good for what it is and their parents and girlfriends are 
proud as fuck, but that does not a good album make. Thanks for 
wasting my time. (JB) 
(WKB?, PO Box 656531, Fresh Meadows, NY 1 1365) 

YUME FUDA - "Block Head" EP 

Taking a page from the "Women's Liberation" comp of 
years ago, this all female Japanese hardcore band does what those 
did so well-dispel any myths about HC being a exclusive "boy's 
club". First song I listened to was a dud, and had me somewhat 
trepedacious. Pulled out the stops on the following tracks though, 
much to my relief. Staccato drum blasts dominate the production- 
accented by the multiple chorus/singer vocals. Good stuff, only 
wish the guitars were more prominent. (TM) 
(Cut-Up, 166-0002 Maison, Star-202, 2-25-4 Koenji, Kita Sug- 
inami-Ku, Tokyo, JAPAN) 

V/A - "A Tribute to Our Favou- 
rite Droogies, Cocksparrer" EP 

This tribute 7" has four 
bands, SHOCK TROOPS and DIS- 
GUSTEENS from Canada, the 
OXYS from Germany, and DROP- 
KICK MURPHYS from Boston. 
To cover a band as great as COCK- 
SPARRER is a pretty daunting 
task. And while all bands were 
competent, only DROPKICK 
MURPHYS pulled it off with any 
kind of credibility. Most times with these tribute records, bands 
fall into two different traps. The first is to emulate the band so 
closely as to be nearly indistinguishable from the original. The 
second is to try to do that, but fail miserably. Only the MURPHYS 
do COCKSPARRER justice by bringing their own originality to 
the song and making it work! Worth the price of admission right 
there, Stewart! (JB) 

(Longshot Music, 606-233 Abott St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2K7 

V/A - "A Tribute To Rejestracja" CD 

Wow! What an amazing CD! This is a tribute to the old 
Polish punk band REJESTRACJA. This band was formed in late 
1980 in Poland. And if you know anything about the political 
climate of Poland in the '80s, you will know that in order for a 
punk band to survive, they had to fight through extremely 
difficult odds. Unfortunately, REJESTRACJA did not make it 
through these times and were only able to put to tracks on the old 
Polish compilation "Jak Punk, To Punk". So through various 
cassettes of their rehearsals and gigs, some members of Poland's 
current crop of top bands have redone REJESTRACJA's songs 
and made this tribute compilation. They have multiple guest 
vocalists on this, including one of the guys from the old Polish 
band DEUTER. Needless to say, the music is classic Polish punk 
that has a killer style all its own. Awesome! (RC) 
(Pasazer, PO Box 42, 39-201 Debica 3, POLAND) 

V/A - "As A Matter Of Fact" CD 

This comp features ILL REPUTE, TRIGGER HAPPY, 
STRUNG OUT. Each band does three songs. 
GOOD RIDDANCE is the only standout here. The only band to 
really sound vital, intelligent and not afraid to show excitement 
or pain. The "worse than bad sex" award goes to ILL REPUTE 
(yeah, they are still around). They even manage to mangle 
"Betray" by MINOR THREAT. All the bands represented tend 
to lean towards metal-influenced punk. Not really my own cup 
of tea, but GOOD RIDDANCE is worth checking out. (BG) 
(Fearless, 13772 Goldenwest St, Westminster, CA 92683) 




V/A - "As We Look To 
Future" Split EP 

Interesting combination of 
bands. The ROLEMODELS are 
the "which one of these is not like 
the others." Being that they are 
raw punk rock from Denton, TX 
and the others are HC. CAPGUN 
has a good shout-out NY HC thing 
going. BANE follows (on the 
record, that is I'm not saying who's 
sheep) with more chug-a-chug 
style HC. DRIVEN's alternative intro frighten me, but they 
breakdown into HC quickly. Quality listening. (TJ) 
(Solution c/o Chris White, 192 South Rd, Somers, CT 060671) 

V/A - "At The Club" LP 

Brian Jones haircuts, chelsea boots, mild psychedelics, 
classic rhythm and blues, handclapmania, Farfisa and harmon- 
ica-overload riddle this mid- '60s compilation through and 
through. Here you got a 16-track Euro beat party on your 
turntable doin' the oV YARDBIRDS meets the early-STONES 
which also includes dishy liner notes. The best of the bunch is the 
biker fuzz 'n' roll of the PETARDS, and the NIGHT BIRDS or 
even the cryptic/sleaze factor of the MARQUEES. Overall, this 
is just another record for the outta-the-basement-and-into-the- 
garage set to file away next to their "Pebbles" and "Nuggets" 
compilations. Yawn. (DL) 

]lW Q?M 

V/A - "At War With Society" CD 

This is a compilation of releases on New Red Archives over 
the last ten years. Thirty three songs and less than five of them 
suck. Now that is highly unusual as far as compilations go. Are 
they trying to start a new trend? I hope so. UK SUBS, LOUD- 
just to name a few. The best thing, tho, is the price. Ninety nine 
cents ($2.49 postage paid)! Can you believe it? You can't get a 
better deal than that, so go buy one already. (DP) 
($2.49: New Red Archives, PO Box 210501, San Francisco, CA 

V/A - "Bare Faced Hypocrisy 
Sells Records" EP 

This is the anti-CHUM- 
B AWAMB A EP you ' ve been hear- 
ing about. Four songs from some 
of the band's punkest former fans. 
RIOT/CLONE chime in with 
"Chumbawanka," while the BUS 
"Charlie Harper" instead. 01 POL- 
LOI offers up a gem under the title 
"Shhh-it," while ANXIETY SO- 
CIETY have the most unique 
sounding new-wavey number. The most telling example of 
CHUMBA's new position is that they now believe themselves 
above criticism, or even imitation. The band who made a career 
out of subverting other people's pop songs put legal pressure on 
this tiny DIY label to prevent them from putting reworked 
versions of their songs from WAT TYLER, CHINEAPPLE 
PUNX and LOVE, CHIPS & PEACE on this EP. I'm tempted to 
just say, "Fuck 'em, let them get on with it," but I can understand 
why people feel cheated. I saw the potential for them to act like 
rock stars years ago, I'm just surprised it took this long. (AM) 
(Ruptured Ambitions, Old Forge Cottage, Rushford, Lamerton, 
Tavistock, Devon, PL19 8RY, UK) 

V/A - "Chaos of Destruction" 3xLP 

62 Oh man, this is a Japanese hardcore fan's wet-dream come 
true. Imagine a triple-LP comp (yes, that's 6 sides of a 12") that 
features 27 modern day Japanese thrash core bands. Holy shit. 
This comp is more of the "buzz-saw-thrash-crust" persuasion, 
featuring such heavy weights as DASTON, DISCLOSE, CROC- 
and a million others. Words do not describe my love for this 
record. (MW) 

(Dan-Doh c/o K-Club, Honmachi 2-1-21, Palms Bid BF, Kochi- 
City, 780-0870, JAPAN) 

V/A - "Cleanse the Bacteria-Bonus 12"" EP 

Oh, this thing. From what Mr. Jeff Bale tells me, the 
original '84 release of Pushead's "Cleanse the Bacteria" compi- 
lation came with a limited bonus 12", featuring outtakes from 
seven of the featured bands-which neatly leads us to the latest 
"unauthorized" release to make its way to the MRR review bin. 
One trackeach from early metal-crossoverfavesC.O.C, MOB 47, 
STIGATORS, the new-wavey PART 1 and long-standing heavy- 
weights POISON IDEA (doing the STOOGES "I GotaRight")- 
all names I can recall from my childhood years when the U.S./ 
Soviet arms race inspired a couple thousand thrash protest tunes 
and it seemed anything looked better with a drawing of a skull 
slapped on it. If you're one of the young 'uns into the original 
compilation, this oughtta complete the cycle for you. Me, I'm 
more into JACQUES BREL these days. (JH) 
(Pussyhead Presents) 

V/A - "Four Two Pudding" CD 

This classic reissue is handsomely packaged (finally in a 
jewel case) with pictures from the days of yore when Tim 
Yohannan would do the wave at Giant's games, Ben Weasel 
came put of his bedroom, and when everyone but Richie Bucher 
had long hair. This was Very Small Records' sampler highlight- 
ing bands from the first 25 VSR releases (1989-1993) featuring 
rare out-of-print tracks from such releases as "Make the Collec- 
tor Nerd Sweat" and "What Are You Pointing At?". You could 
go on and on about the timeless tunes or the crucial bands of the 
SCREECHING WEASEL, SCHLONG, blah, blah, blah. Hella 
bad-ass. (HM) 
(Very Small, PO Box 12839, Gainesville, FL 32604) 

V/A - "Fresh Tunes For a Rotten Scene" CD 

Another cheap sampler CD highlighting a labels roster. It 
seems like a good way to find out about bands, but does anybody 
really listen to these things more than three times tops? Still, this 
one showcases Wolverine Records roster, with bands like the 
SCABIES and the BULLOCKS, and they've got something for 
everyone. Well, maybe not for the hardcore crust kids, sorry, (JF) 
(Wolverine, Benrather Schlossufer63, 40593 Dusseldorf, GER- 

V/A - "Got Punk?" CD 

A compilation with no theme other than all the bands 
shared equally in the cost of putting this out. Good idea. Six 
bands from five countries covering a wide spectrum of punk 
styles, from the odd experimental hardcore of Japan's 
MONDO CONDO to the more fuck shit up hardcore of the 
USA's NAKED LUNCH to the awesome fuzzcore of Canada's 
ATTENTAT SONORE and the RIPPERS, both of France com- 
plete the line-up. One of the more interesting (also meaning 
better) comps I've gotten. (DP) 
(Broken Ear, PO Box 660397, Sacramento, CA 95866-0397) 




"Hymns for the Hearing Impaired Vol 1" CD 

WOW! ! ! ! ! I love power violence comps like this because its 
one band after another. One short song after another. It doesn' t get 
boring. This CD contains 50 (yes 50) terrorizing bands. Produc- 
tion of all the bands shitty. Just how I like this shit. For goofy 

blast beat fans only. (TG) 

(Bad People Records, P.O. Box 480931, Denver, CO 80248- 


V/A - "Killed By Death #666" LP 

Well, I guess my turn had to come up. There are only so 
many people who work here and more than enough "Killed By 
Death" LPs to go around. This one includes bands from all over 
the world: RUNE STRUTZ, TUPPJUKK, SODS (not that SODS), 
RENTALS and many more. I'll admit, I have quite a few of these 
records in my collection, but I think these collectors are scraping 
the bottom of the barrel these days. None of these songs really 
stand out. Some are okay, but. . .why should I bother? Just because 
a record is rare, doesn't mean it's good. (CK) 
(no address) 

V/A - "Listen Up Sonny!" CD 

Okay, while I'm not necessarily down with the music on 
this compilation, at least I like the format. Eight unknown bands 
doing three songs each, this way it gives every band a chance to 
bettershow off their wares. And if you aren't going todoa7", then 
this is probably the next best thing. Of course when 75% of the 
bands on a compilation like this is generic ska-core, then it can 
suck on a reviewer, but what are going to do? Oh yeah, neither 
($8: Tuf Guy, PO Box 20634, Keizer, OR 97307) 

V/A - "Living Silent" CD 

This is a combination of bands deemed by Seth Brown to 
play good music. In some cases, I agree, but Seth has gone the sad 

way of other HC kids and he likes... egads the emo. Too much 

emo. It's hard to enjoy the outstanding noisy HC tracks of 
of 1 3 tracks were left off, this would be superb. (TJ) 
(Status, PO Box 1500, Thousand Oaks, CA 91358) 


V/A - "New Frontier" CD 

Billed appropriately as a collection of Colorado bands with 
pretty much every band you may have heard of from that state. 
DOWN.and so forth doing exclusive tracks. A good comp. (RL) 
(Soda Jerk, PO Box 4056, Boulder, CO 80306) 

V/A - "Ozark Babylon" Video 

This video concentrates on the southern Missouri scene. 
They show various bands playing live, coupled with interviews 
of each one. I, unfortunately, found most of the bands pretty 
boring. And in the interviews, the people talk a lot about their 
local scene. So, I was at a loss on most of the stuff they were 
talking about. Most of the bands on here are of the goofy variety. 
The one stand out was INITIAL DETONATION who had a 
great crusty style. So if you are part of the Missouri scene, then 
this video may be just your thing. Otherwise, steer clear. (RC) 
($8: A Harper/Brooks Joint, PO Box 10227, Springfield, MO 

V/A - "Proud to Be Blonde - A Tribute to Blondie" CD 

I guess it was only a matter of time. F m not as crazy as some 
folks about BLONDIE, but it's hard to deny the pop brilliance of 
those tunes, and Debbie Harry's fashion sense is not to be joked 
with. The only problem with this compilation is that most of it 
sounds too much like BLONDIE, with a little extra fuzz. The 
SPACE SURFERS tweak out "Heart of Glass," 
YELLOW SCAB'S amphetamine vocals on "One Way or An- 
other" are cool, and The LOUDMOUTHS trash the hell out of 
"Underground Girl." Most of the female vocalists play it pretty 
straight, though (SQUATWEILER, the KOWALSKIS, SK- 
RAP). The CHUBBIES do one of the less original and more 
competent covers with "Tide is High." It must have been fun 
putting this thing together, and overall, listening to it was, well, 
a gas. (AC) 
(V&V, Langrutiweg 20, 6330 Cham, SWITZERLAND) 

V/A - "Made In Anarchya" CD 

This is a pretty good mixture of European punk, from 
SWOON's female-vocals popcore to the catchy rock of the 
MOPED's "Darling, Let's Have Another Baby" (the vocals are a 
bit weird, what with the Finnish accent, but it's hard to muck up 
a song this good). In fact, every band on this CD is seriously worth 
checking out. The other standouts are MADELS NO MADELS 
(some great Johnny Rotten-ish vocals), TERRORGRUPPE and 
SWINDLE. I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised. (AM) 
(Trisomic, 69 Rue du Puits Juillet, 03600 Commentry, FRANCE) 

V/A - "Punk Chartbusters Vol. 3" 2xCD 

A fun comp of current bands (mostly pop punk) doing 
mainstream hits from various decades. Some tracks previously 
released. 50 bands in all with name bands and less than name 
bands. A bunch of German wanna-be Fat bands too. Worth 
checking out. (RL) 

(Wolverine, Benrather Schlossufer 63, 40593 Dusseldorf. Ger- 


V/A - "Songs of Praise... A Tribute To The Adicts" EP 

What's with all the tribute EPs lately? Well, whatever the 
reason for them coming out, most fall flat on their asses. This one 
isn't a total flop, but the covers here, done by RED FLAG '77 and 
LOVE JUNK, sound so much like the originals, I don't really see 
the point. How about getting EXTREME NOISE TERROR and 
NAPALM DEATH to cover these songs? Now that would be 
interesting and worth three or four dollars. (RM) 
(Nytemaye, PO Box 356, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP2 OQU, UK) 

V/A - "Stumpf 1st Trumpf...Und Oi 1st Gold!" CD 

This 34-band, 34-song CD, of German bands past and 
present, is one worth tracking down. Some of the bands on this 
RUPELZ (who simply kick ass and are my personal favorite) and 
many more. Lots of" raw, snotty punk, oi and hardcore to be had 
on this, so do yourself a favor and find a copy. (RM) 
(Gans Arm, Wallstr. 21, 40213 Dusseldorf, GERMANY) 

V/A - "Teenage Rebel Records, Vol. 2" CD 

30 tracks on this sampler out of the Democratic Republic of 
Germany, a variety of known and unknown (to me) punk bands. 
Some of .the songs are off recent releases and others seem to date 
back from the "day", although mein Deutsch is too rusty to figger 
out which. The general focus is on drunks with studs. Vomit for 
punk! Here's a roundup of the winners: LES PARTISANS, 
MALE, PUBLIC TOYS, and several others. I'm sure that fans of 
the street-rock thing can fish one outta here to make it worthwhile. 

($5: Teenage Rebel, Wallstr. 21, 40213, Dusseldorf, GERMA- 

I KIvl' i Mil i M 



V/A "Tomorrow Will Be Worse" 
- 7" Box Set 

Seems like this thing really 
only needs a lineup listing - some 
of the best current (and recently 
departed) bands in America and 
Japan slug it out. Four singles and 
a booklet of liner notes in a suave 
box with output from CHARLES 
course it' s great, gotta see the HELLNATION and SPAZZ pages 
to appreciate them! And to hear CHARLES BRONSON talk, 
whoa! (TM) 
(Sound Pollution, PO Box 17742, Covington, KY 41017) 

V/A - "This Is American Punk Vol. 1" CD 

A strong comp from a newer cool label. Featuring tracks 
ISTERS, and so on. A good deal if you don't have the singles. 
(American Punk, 802 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231) 

V/A - "USA Meets Japan" 10" 

Continuing in their tradition of combining international 
hardcore/punk bands, Wicked Witch has matched Japan's 
you're not familiar with either of these bands you're probably 
living in a fucking vacuum, 'cause both bands have been splitting 
eardrums with their top-notch thrash-core for a while. Five from 
Get it or continue living in your hardcore-free bubble. (MW) 
(Wicked Witch, PO Box 3835, 1001 AP Amsterdam, NETHER- 

V/A - "Voices" CD 

This is a four-way split compilation of Sao Paulo, Brazilian 
hardcore. Three of the four bands represented are chunky and 
thick metallic crunch. Not flashy or flamboyant in style or 
delivery whatsoever, but lots of standard Youth Crew sing alongs 
over slow low-E floor-punching heavy metal. However, of the 
four bands, SIGHT FOR SORE EYES stand out just on account 
of the fact that they've got that HECKLE meets DAG NASTY 
posi-core thang intact. Unfortunately, they also possess the worst 
production on this CD. I was hoping to get more outta this than 
what I was expecting to get. Dissapointment. (PB) 
(Liberation, Caixa Postal 4193, Sao Paulo, SP 01061-970 BRA- 

V/A - "Why Does Holland Sux" LP 

This record is incredible! All new, recorded live in the 
studio tracks from some of Holland's (and the world's) best 
punk/HC bands. Just listen to the list of bands that make an 
that says it all. (JF) 
(BitzCore, Postfach 30 41 07, d-20324, Hamburg, GERMANY) 

V/A - "Zero Hour" LP 

This comp is a benefit for several resource management 
schemes in sub-saharan Africa. The plans targeted seem refresh- 
ingly specific and direct, instead of the common "uh, money 
from this record will feed the poor..." mission statement. The 
layout is classic peace-punk fare. It's hard to lose with the list of 
bands on here: DIRT, OI POLLOI, UPRIGHT CITIZENS, etc., 
playing the more classic ZOUNDS-y stuff, and NAUSEA, 
DROPDEAD, FLEAS & LICE, etc. bringing shit up-tempo. A 
really nice package of punk-rock with no time to play around. 
Fiery. (AC) 

(Tribal War, PO Box 20712, Tompkins Sq Stn, New York, NY 



After nearly 10 years of DIY anarcho-ounk activism, 
the Profane Existence Collective is calling it Quits! 
For more information on Profane Existence and our 
on-line catalog, visit our web site at the URL below 



BROTHER INFERIOR / S.S.T. Shut Up dndDrinklP 


RESENTATIVES tptit 7" ASSRASH Saw for Your.. 7" 


DEAD SILENCE «#,,... 7" 

SERVITUDE Apoaratttt 7" RESIST Ignoranct it Btiti LP 

DEFIANCE No Jimt 7" 
MISERY Ntxt Jimt 7" 

Dtjtction EP 7" 



DOOM Polict Bastard 7" 

US PRICES 7" Rtcordi art $3 SO po«taa*-paid. LP 
Record! art »8 poitag* paid. Compact Diict ar« $6 

OVERSEAS POSTAGE Canada and Mexico plaai* add ZOX. 
Europe and S America add 30X. El«ew/iere add 50X 
COD and wnotetate order* are wetcomei tend a name. 
IRC or SI for toe latett mailordtr catalog wnn tiandredt of 
political and onarcfio-eunk mutic and print titttt (TEL 612 
813 1216 • FAX 612 813 1219 • tmail trollpo1@aol com) 



Dorkboy Punk Video 

Operation Ivy- live video zine 
its 2 hours long with all shows 
from the bay area. This zine 
even has the hard to find first 
show the band ever played. 

Screeching Weasel- live video 
zine has shows for the 90" to 
92"many of these are hard to 
find and even has the last show 
they played, plus Riverdales. 
also 2 hours 

Fifteen- live video zine is of 
there last tour and shows before 
the tour. You can even see live 
home video of Crimpshrine 

All these fanzines are on vhs and two 
hours long each of them are $15.00 add 
$5.00 outside USA. Send cash, check, 
or moneyorder to George 1 lewitt pobox 
143522 Austin, Tx 78714-3522 send 2 
stamps of catalog. llrstdown.s'V/' 


louse Dig Dug 
split 7" 

Jessica Suc/Schrasj 
split 7" 

The Tie That Binds 
3 song 7" 

Act Your Age 
comp. 7" 

LP's are $7ppd, CD's are $9ppd, and 7"s are $3ppd. Add appropriate 
postage for foreign orders (PLEASE!). Send cash, checks, and money orders 
made out to Mike Gibson, not Act Your Age. Most of these releases are dis- 
tributed by Rhetoric, Parasol, Rotz, Choke, Lumberjack, No Idea, 
Subterranean... or go direct thru Rebound,. Coming Soon... Bicycle Pilot 7", 
Millhouse CD (maybe?) and "Pop Songs For You" LP/CD comp. 

Act Your Age Records o/o Rebound Records/ 1 701 9 Evergreen Elm 
Way/Houston, TX 77059/ 

|WhoS Not a Cool Guy Anymore? 


Studgecore is 

what the kids 

say it is... 



hardcore band 

attacks with 



their heavy and 

dark debut hf- 






member Jeff Ott 
goes acoustic & 
with Amanda to 
srig about real 









i\TraMn» rr,Kr» BaTS' 

"Extra Medium 



the finest B 

rarest fifteen 

anums... now 

reissued! Plus 

bonus tracks by 

One Man Running, 







ahum "festavus 



here! Produced 

by IVfass Giorgn 

(The Queers, S. 

Weasel), this is 

the ffagshti of 

drunk punk rock! 



II you ite All, 




Go-Go's, try 


Nntays Maybe 







All prices are postage paid. CO: $8 - LP/CS: $7 - DBL LP: $9 - 7": $3 


Still available: Everready-fif Vato Loco lp/cd*Automatics/Connie Dungs-split lO'-The Shrooms- 

5 rears ol Anxiety 7" •meen-MegraM lp»Schleprock-io/w Time Ago cd«The Shrooms- 

MiniHaHa!\plcslcu»$\ren- Becoming Wheels IfUcslcti'fiouo&n-GreatasstitsM Ip 

Moo-La-La Records 
invites you to a 


Karate Party Q 

Two year* in the f 
work j, this is Karate 
Party'* lit record. 
Lead by Chris N. , the 
man who recorded the /^ 
Bananas, Har, £ Los 
Buevos, the dude who 
used to be in the Liz 
ards and the Horny 
Mormons. Karate Party 
draws from Devo, Bubble 
Bubble, Sang of Four, 
and Guitar Wolf and 
twists it til it breaks. 
Six songs. Mo filler. (3 

Also Sacraaento: City of a 
Beer coop 7" (Los Buevos, 
Nar, Bananas + 3) (3; 
1M ep $3; Nar-4 song ep $3; 
Los Buevos lp $6; and norel 

Cash « money order onlyf 

Out of US add |1 per item. 

Moo-La-La Record* 

1114 21st Street 

Sacramento, CA 95814 

www . si .net/^ttbooks/moolala 

Surprise Package- 
Volume 1,7" EP 
If you missed last year's explosive 
season's greetings from The Dirtys, 
Bantam Rooster, and The Wildbunch, 
here's your last chance, sucker. 


^^ The Best in Pop Punk !!! ijt 

u& BliwtOOS 

II i,/ 

The Blow/tops 
Deep Thrust LP/CD 

The demented monsters of fuzz- 
rock explode like two tons of 
dynamite on their debut full length. 
Definitely not for the weak of heart. 

The Cretins 

"We're Gonna Get So Laid" 

2.1 pop punk classics from Metal Murf and the 

boys. Featuring ex-Queers B-Face. 


The Young 

"Win A Date With" 

MTX meets the Beach Boys with loads of 

The Blow/tops— 
Maniac at Large 7"EP 

Includes two ballistic tunes 
not on the album. ■* 

Flying Bomb 


Check out 

Available Now!! All CD's $10 ppd add $3 outside USA 
Melted Records 21-41 34th Ave Suite 10A Astoria NY 11106 

P.O. Box 971038, Ypsilanti, Ml 48197 mi. us 

Write for a free catalog. 

Distributed by Revolver, 
Get Hip, fr Subterranean. 


American Measles "Shover the Cupcake"CD($8) 
Arson Family "La Cosa Nostra"CD($7.50) 
Ashley Von Hurler & The Haters 7"($3) 
August Spies "Face'ep ($2.50) 

- "August Spies"ep ($2.50) 

- / 13 Tons of Napalm split ep ($2.50) 
Binge "BingeTD ($8) 
Bottom "Run My Life" 7"($3) 
Bratface "ADD. "CD ($8) 
Broke "Songs About Sucking"CD($6.50) 
Broken Toys "Fury III"Cdep($5) 
Brooklyn Steamer "RocknRoll pt.3"CD($7) 
Carpet Patrol "Carpel Patrol'CD ($8) 
Degenerates / Stalking Leaver split ep ($3) 
Downfall "Pretty OrigjnaTep ($3) 
Fat Day / Th.Jeff.Slave Apts. Split ep($3) 
The F.I.D.s "Learn a Fourth Chord'ep ($3) 
The Freeze Token BonesTD ($8) 
God Told Me To "Briss'CD ($6) 
Greed Seed "20 Years Too Late'CD ($8) 
Gringo / Fall River Overdrive split ep ($3) 

- / The Degenerates split LP ($7.50) 
Highway Strippers "Stories for Stags'ep ($3) 
The Injections "The Kids Aren't Right'ep ($3) 
The Itchies "Jerk Twist Twiich'ep ($3) 
The Johnnies "12 Steps to Nowbere'CD ($8) 
Just About Done "On Our Oun"CD ($8) 
The Kirks "Get Oufep ($3) " , 
The Medveds "My Mom Smoked My Stash"ep($3) 

- "3 Nipple from the Sun'ep ($3) 
Metrorage Warehouse "Ire Proof"CD ($6) 

- "Stick It to the Man"CD($6) 

- / Toboggan split CD ($8) 
Mung / Tree split ep ($3) 
The Nothings "Greatest Misses"ep($2.50) 
Out Cold "Perm.Twilight World"CD($9) 

-"Warped Sense of Right and Wrong"CD($9) 

Penis Fly Trap "Sticky Vowels"7"($3) 

- / Kermit's Finger split CD ($8) 
Philth Shack "Don't Worry God Hates.. "CD($6) 
Purrr "Pussy Power'CD ($7) 
Shoot the Hostages "Shoot First... "ep($2.50) 
Showcase Showdown "Soothing Moments"ep($3)>< 

-/ August Spies split ep($3) 

Sony Excuse "Lets Twist and Shout with"ep($3) 
S.T.N. "Death and Destruction"ep($3) 
:30 Seconds Over Tokyo "All Ages..."ep($3) 
Toxic Narcotic "You Wreckt'cm : CD($5) 

- "People Suck"CD($5) 
25 Liars "Blind"ep($3) 
Useless Fucks "Frat Boy Fuck You"ep($3) 

- "Uncle Sid Wants You"ep ($3) 
Wife Beater "Bad Reputation "ep($3) 

- / Sorry Excuse split ep($3) ' 
Zippo Raid / Jonee Earthquake Band split ep($3) 
V/A "Coincidence or Consequence'ep ($3) - The 
Freeze. The Unseen, S.T.N.+3 

V/A "Guide To Your Dcmise'ep ($2.50) -Fat Day, 
Pissed Officers, McVeighs, Chikita +3 
V/A "Phelpsy Dcstroyef"cp($3)-FIDs, Toss Offs+1 
V/A "Runt of the Litter Vol.3"CD($10)-39 bands, inc 
Useless Fucks, The Injections, Sanity Assassins, 
Sorry Excuse. Philth Shack. :30 Seconds. 

All prices include postage in US/Canada | 

Foreign or ders add $2, + 50 cents per record 
Orders under $ 10 must add $ 1 for P+P 
Payment preferred in well-concealed cash or| 
I money order (made out to Ronl 






n ■ 





SEND CASH OH M.O.'S TO; » x m I1EM ^ 

4104 24TH ST. #103 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94114. 

h ems. or W&ftfi 


"CleanmUpT nen 
^-airl-1-rnan- '■ 

j Berlin-' 

M Ft I " 

Kdc-M Torn* 

„, ,, ltJ( , >.><qer 
01 Nr-w VorK s 


'*' Like 

^Xt/* 1 - 



Thrill City 

CD $10 
hot pink 
for $8 

"Why dont " w ^ w 

Lesbians Love me?" "Pervert at Large" 

V.M.L Records 

P.OBox 183 

Franklin Pk, IL 

60131 U.S.A 


r; l "v " 

sloppy seconds split w/ 

t he vin dictives 7" $3 SCREECHING WEASEL 

V.M.Live 7"s and self-titled CD now out! 
soon to cum: get yer dirty digits on it 
V.M.Live Lp/Cd! for just $ 1 0. CD only. 




yj mj 

Lets Talk „ 

About Peelings 


Swinain' Utters 

Sounds Wrong 

i CD-EP re-issue 


Look Forward „ 
To Failure 


Screechina Weasel 

'Television City Dream 

. . . , CD/LP/CASS 


My Pop The Cop 

7 inch - $4.00 

CD-$10/LP & CASS-$8 

5S Angeles, CA 90067 • 

H [oi H [e1 Irf 


cd only! 




ONLY $4.00 ppd within us 


write for a free catalog 
I SAN FRANCISCO. CA 94119-2027^ 







bCT0BE R ,5.B E S L H E AMvvA 

jCTOBER 22 ■ SAN 0..- 

yM R l°V5, ARTISTS 'Seven Unluckv Sevens' m i3nn™< 


PETTY CRIME "Lovership' T EP - 400 PP* 
| punk gear in the spirt of HUGGY BfcAH. »lwm "^. sk|NNED teen 

I The VSS "Nervous Circuits" LP 2nd and final repress!! 7.50 

I Submission Hold "Wailing lor Another Monkey.. ."LP/CD 7.50/7.50 

I Song of Zarathustra/ Johnny Angel Split 7" EP (+319) 3.50 

I Combat Wounded Veteran 'What Flavor ls..T7"EP. 3.00 

Festival of Dead Deer 'Many Faces of Mental Illness" LP (31G) 7.00 

SmallBlackPlgTheWeaserrEPISIampl.UK) 400 

Sake "Bastards" /"The Desert" 7" (Hopscotch) 300 

I RacebannonSel-litledrEP (Witching Hour) 300 

I Red Scire Self -tilled 7" EP (Paralogy) 300 

Suffer/UrkoSpliirEP(Enslaved,UK) 450 

SlaJn/StateofFilthrEP(Enslaved.UK) 450 

Workin Stiffs /Strychnine Split picture disc 7" imalty cut" 6.00 

Doom "Greatesl Invented" LP (Discipline. UK) 10.00 

Doom "BBC Sessions" CD (Discipline. UK) 13 00 

Dirt 'Black and While" 2 X CD (Active. UK) 14.00 

All prices POSTAGE PAID in the U.S. via 4th class mall 
Priority : add 2.00 lo total ; Overseas surface: Add 2.00 lor first Item, 

1 1.00 each additional : Air : Add 3 00 lor lorst item . 2.00 each additional. 

[ Checks & money orders payable to "Botlfenekk". Send cash at your own risk. 

NfcV 800-item mailorder catalog out now - 
$1 .00 (or free with order) 

or consult the obsessively-updated online catalog at 

Bottlenekk.... mailorder 

P.O. Box 11794 Berkeley, CA 94712-2794 

I Stores & distros - we do wholesale! Three One G, Hopscotch, 
Satan's Pimp, Witching Hour, Gold Standard Labs., Paralogy, Hym- 
I nal Conspiracy Evolve, East Bay Menace, Trainbridge, Rejected 
Caffeine vs. Nicotine, Slampt, Enslaved, Outer Universe Research 
I Best Sex I Ever Had Records, Zum Rat Earth, Discipline, Six 
I Weeks, Utilitarian, Deep Six, Suicide Squeeze, Audio Information 
I Phenomena, Guided Missile, Vinyl J 
I out, Helen of Oi, Vesuvius, X Mist, 
I East Coast Empire, Initial, Edison, Pi_._ 
I miform. Prank, Second Nature, No Idea, Lovetetter, Frenetic, and 
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Phenomena, Guided Missile, Vinyl Japan, ADD, Get Back, Knock- 
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East Coast Empire, Initial, Edison, Profane Existence, Gravity, Ver- 

VhbU V 

V.A. "Holland Sux" LP/CD 

25 song compilation with exclusive tracks from NRA, 
Seein'Red, Funeral Oration, Human Alert, 
DeadStool Pigeon etc. 

NRA "Surf City Amsterdam" LP/CD 

re-release of their legendary sold out album from 1993 
with new artwork and available for the first time on viny 
- produced by Vic Bondi 
Still hot: Is This For Real?", "Fuel", "Access Only" 

"Der FC St. Paul! ist schuld dass ich so bin"DoLP/CD 

exclusive recordings from bands like Turbonegro, Leatherface, Bates, Terrorgruppe 
...But Alive!, Bela B. (Die Arzte!), Frank Z. (Abwarts) and many more only dealing 
about the infamous footie club! 75 minutes length, DoLP has three bonus songs! 

Turbonegro "Never is Forever" LP/CD 

Re-release of the long-gone 2nd album. Remastered and with new cover art 

Turbojugend Mailorder: 

Exclusive and limited items only availble here such as conceptional 7" series, 
clothes, record bag, diploma, patch and more. Registration: 

Cock Sparrer "Two Monkeys" LP/CD 

the new studioalbum - great as usual! Available in Northamerica through Rotz 
Recordings! Check out: "Run Away", "Guilty As Charged"LP/CDA/C 

Available as well: THE MARSHES "Fledgling", "Same" - FLAG OF DEMOCRACY 
"Everything Sucks", "Hate Rock", "Schneller", "Down With People" - TONY ADOLESCENT & 
ADZ "Piper At The Gates Of Downey" LP/CD, "Where Were You?" - TOXIC REASONS "No 
Peace." CD ROM, "In The House Of God", "Independence" - ALLOY "Eliminate" 
"Paper Thin Front" - APT. 3G "New Hope...", "Punk Machine" w/ Dean & Chris from Poison Idea 

Send 2 IRC's for a detailed catalogue with cheap offers! |$®3El 
DISTRIBUTORS, WHOLESALERS, SHOPS-get in touch! ^qstKch 304107 - e-mail: d-20324 Hamburg 

w FAX: 040 313009 


DAHMER S/T T 3.50 











CRY NOW CRY LATER VOL.1 &2 -CD- 10.00 





P.O.BOX 10735, BAKERSF1ELD, CA 93389-0735 


E-MAIL; suamale@zeus foi t'tih list 






New single "(Get Out Of My) Bunnie Hole" 


New 4-song EP "New Race" 

Each £2.65 (UK), $5 (non-UK) incl airmail post 


LIL BUNNIES Unabunnie 7" 
RANCID HELL SPAWN Teenage Lard 7" 
RANCID HELL SPAWN Chainsaw Masochist LP 
STEVE McQUEENS Mission To Rock T 

All prices include (airmail) postage. Send UK or US cash, 
or UK cheques/money orders Send SAE7IRC for full list 


Web site: 

Sound clips of all bands on Wrench Records on this web site! 


UK: Non-UK 

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£2.50 $500 

£2.50 $5.00 

£500 $12.00 

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£5.00 $12.00 

£5.00 $1000 

£2 50 $5.00 

£2.50 $5.00 

Were No* OrJ 1*4*1 

p.c 5o * ^^w^jQin. 



SWAP #3 ,/tif 





SAT. JAN9TH 1999 







24 tracks contains every thing this late great Chicago 4 
piece recorded. Best described as a cross between 
Crimpshrine and Jawbreaker. You can't get these 
songs anywhere else all previous releases are out of 
print features members of the Broadways. And if you 
send $8ppd to QUINCY SHANKS now you get the 
Tricky Dick CD and the 8 song Quincy Shanks 
sampler tape featuring: The 4-squares, Hitmen, 
Gooloo, FFC, Faction of the Fox, The Undesirables, 
Tricky Dick and Toucan Slam. Make all checks 
payable to: Mike Alfini 


P.O. BOX 3035 

ST. CHARLES, IL 60174 

Exclusively distributed by: 

P.O. BOX 4694 

CHICAGO, IL 60680 

PH: 773/395-0809 

FAX: 773/395-0942 


On our titvi. oorg ouin, \oo% Iridic Label: 

"Two fWonhcys' 

Finally another sign from the 
streetpunk legends Cock Sparrer. 

This studio album features new To 9 etour new mailorder catalogue send us $ 6.00 USD (you I. 

tracks with the unique Oi sound 9 et a cou P on for $ 60 °) or 9 rt jt free witn aH credit card orders 

Cock Sparrer are known for. The P laced on our web ' site < total| y secure > : Also 

band spent 9 months in the stu- check out our new su P er fast search en 9 ine and Sl 9 n U P on 

worth the wait. This one might just 
become the best Oi album of all 
time! Check the Rotz Web-stite at for sound 
samples, pictures and the history 
of Cock Sparrer ! 

Rotz Records Distribution, Mailorder & Label 

2211 North Elston Avenue 

Chicago, IL 60614 U.S.A. 

Phone: (773)862-6500 Fax: (773)862-6592 E-mail: 

U.S. stores call 1*800*72*NOISE (!!! stores only !!!) 
Canadian stores call Rotz Canada @ (905)878-4800 Fax: 878-6644 

jFanzine Reviews] 

Between The Lions 

Reviews by: (AR) Aragorn, (LB) Lily Boe, (BO Brianna Chesser, (JO Jeremy Cool, 
:MD) Mikel Delgado, (RD) Raphael DiDonato, (GF) Gardner Fusuhara, (HH) Harald 
Hartmann, (JH) Jeff Heermann, (MJ) Mary Jane, (RL) Rachel Liba, (AM) Allan 
McNaughton, (JM) Jeff Mason, (RM) Raimundo Murguia, (IM) Icki Murrmann, (JL) 
Jennifer L. Mushnick, (CS) Casey Ress, (SS) Sean Sullivan, (TT) Travis T, (CW) 
Charles Wolski. (JW) Joe Whiting, (KW) Kelli Williams, (TX) Trixie. 

Please send your zine in for review. Write down any information you want included in the 
review; method of printing, number of pages, issue number and post paid price. If you want 
us to include a foreign post paid price, tell us. If you accept trades, tell us. The only 
information we will include is what you provide us. It's very simple. 

Specific criticisms aside, it should be understood that any independent release deserves 
credit for all the time and money going into it. 

ALLIANCE #2/3 stamps 
8 1/2x11 - offset - 32 pgs 
This hardcore/emo/SxE zine is a quick, 
if interesting, read. The bulk of it is 
made up of interviews with Avail, Trial 
and the singer from Milhouse, and all 
three have some compelling points to 
make. There's also a taped conversa- 
tion with a local homeless paranoid 
conspiracy theorist, which was humor- 
ous, but a tad exploitative. There are 
also a few pages of zine and music 
reviews and some scene news/gos- 
sip. Not bad. CAM) 
Pat Callahan / 580 Center Dyre Ave 
/ West Islip, NY 1 1 795-4008 

BITTER PIE #1 / $1 ppd 
8 1/2x11 -copied- 10 pgs 
Pretty cool comic, drawn by a wom- 
an who lives here in San Francisco, 
about one girl's adventures in the 
big city. Each issue comes with a 
"not your bitch" sticker, and the 
motto "all proceeds benefit one 
woman trying to avoid a corporate 
career" is one which I can certainly 
support. Thoughts about working a 
shitty job for no money, it's drawn in 
a great style and is realistic. I liked it, 
has a good feeling to it. Trades ok. 

Tena Scalph / 970 Geary St #22 / 
San Francisco, CA94109 


$12 ppd 

Finally, something new! This 2 hour 
video has live performances from 16 
bands, plus an interview with The Don- 
nas (and live footage) and a few ad 
spots. Each band has about 2-3 songs, 
and there's a pretty good chance you'll 
like at least a couple of the bands here. 

My favorites were The Lillingtons, Avail, 
Dynamite Boy and The Vandals playing to 
an extremely hostile crowd. Since there 
was only one interview, it did get a bit 
repetitive, and I ended up fast-forwarding 
through a lot of the bands (especially 
Fifteen, god are they boring!), but this is a 
good idea, and I could see it getting better 
with more interviews and such. (JO 
PO Box 143522 / Austin, TX 78714 


7x8 1 /2 - copied - 44 pgs 
Good first effort fora zine based in a small 
town. The writing is mighty fine, but it 
seems that the editor doesn't have much 
to talk about. I did find out about some 

cool bands (This Robot Kills, the Short- 
wave Channel, Couch, Lovesick), but 
I'd be just as happy reading about the 
town this guy has so much pride in. I'm 
looking forward to future issues. (TX) 
815 S Miller Ave #2m / Chicago, IL 


8 1/2x11- offset - 44 pgs 

This came with an explanatory 
letter that said that it was sarcas- 
tic (and with humorous intent) and 
therefore excused in its very of- 
fensive descriptions of gays, crip- 
ples, the elderly. Sadly it's just not 
funny. It has its rare moments and 
the author has some bits of clarity 
but mostly this is a comic zine that 
wishes it were the Fabulous Freak 
Brothers with a biting critique, that 
barely rises above potty mouthed 
Beavis and Butthead sophistica- 
tion. And I am being kind. (AR) 
PO Box 215 / Kenilworth, NJ 

CHUMPIRE #107/1 stamp 

8 1/2x11 - offset - 1 pg 

Cute li'l one pager with show, 

record, movie, zine and home town 

reviews. Marvel at the editor's 

finesse at heckling! Ooo at the 

"rock star" musicians' lack of 

sense of humor! Well worth a 

stamp. (TX) 

PO Box 680 / Conneaut Lake, PA 


COREKILLZINE#5/$1 and a stamp 
5 1/2x8 1/2 -copied -32 pgs 
This zine features an Interview with 
artist Tom Watson III, Dayton Ohio's 
"Wingnut" Chainsaw, reminiscence of 
"Dayton's Punk Rock Good Ol' Days", 

a tribute to Ben Schelker of the Oxymo- 
rons, photos, some diy comics and 
details of Tom's life that don't interest 
me much. He seems to think this zine is 
for the betterment of the community 
but, whatever. It's got some creative 
bits but it isn't really all that. (RL) 
3240 N Marshall Rd #1 / Kettering, OH 

DETENTION #1 / $2 ppd 
7x81/2- copied - 28 pgs 
It seems fairly coincidental that I get 
two drag racing, space-going, comic 
zines in one month. Anyway, this one is 
a little more quirky and punk than Su- 
preme Nothing. It has a couple of differ- 
ent stories; two about a crazy cat called 
Gumballhead (you can also join his 
fanclubO.Has a kind of 70s TV show 
feeling. Also has a cool list of 33 great 
records, complete with a little drawing 
of each cover. (MJ) 
Rob Syers / PO Box 25925 / Chicago, 
IL 60625 


$2 + sae 

8 1/2x11- copied - 52 pgs 
This is garbage. It's the kind of garbage 
that takes a long time to create and may 
just hide some sort of idiot savant kind 
of brilliance, but to mine eyes, it ap- 
pears to be pages and pages of mashed 
together cut and paste trash, rants 
without points and interviews with bor- 
ing people. (AR) 

1 Crazier Road / Ickenham, Middx 
UB10 8RR/UK 


5 1/2x81/2- copied - 52 pgs 
Lots of hello kitty and models in the 
background of this girl's zine. She turns 
fourteen on page 17! There's rants 
about MTV, Nordstroms, lists of loves 
and hates, Sailor Moon, lyrics to a Hole 
song, Romeo & Juliet, punk, gender, 
Drew Barrymore... you get the picture. 
Two things that caught my attention 
the most were a piece about how girl 
powerdiscriminates against boys which 
I could see the logic behind somewhat 
but found kind of disturbing. A kneejerk 
reaction to the Spicegirls, perhaps? 
Then why call yourself Super Riot Rain- 
bow Grrl? Also, a short piece by her 
friend Wambat on suffering from what 
I call FUF (Fucked Up Family.) Damn, 
this makes me feel old and I'm only 22! 

6523 California Ave SW #278 / Seat- 
tle, WA 981 36-1 833 



5 1 12 x 8 - offset - 100 pgs 

What starts out looking like an abstract, 

artsy little number, turns out to be an 

itemized, table of contents included, guide 

to combusting, dismantling dismember- 

Jfanzine Reviews^ 

ing and manipulating technological appli- 
ances and devices to work within one's 
anarchist or revolutionary agenda. The 
author instructs us how to evade law 
enforcement and even includes a chapter 
called, "So you got nailed" and how to 
deal with incarceration. Interesting, infor- 
mative, resourceful. (JL) 
Richard Anton Thrush / PO Box 1 9394 / 
Cincinnati, OH 45219 

ENERGY #1 /$1 ppd 

5 1/2x81/2- copied - 40 pgs 
Standard half size first issue copy job. 
One dimensional interviews with No 
Use For A Name, Voo Doo Glow Skulls 
and a couple more, plus the usual col- 
umns, reviews, ads and bad photo- 
copying. We've all seen this before. 
458 Franklin Tpke / Allendale, N J 0740 1 

EYE CANDY #7 / $1 ppd or selec- 
tive trades 

8 1/2x11 - copied - 48 pgs 
For some reason all the zines I got this 
month were really unspectacular. Like 
this one, it's not bad, it's just sort 
of.. .there. I liked the interview with Op- 
eration: Cliff Clavin, the one with Dis- 
count wasn't as interesting, but there 
were some good pictures to make up 
for it. If the writings by Joe had been left 
out, I really wouldn't have missed them. 
Some reviews, random lists and little 
pieces that don't really make that much 
sense, like the one about the "Men in 
Black". Like I said not bad but not 
interesting either. (CR) 
7741 Ohio St / Mentor, OH 44060 

VIANCE #4 / $3 

1 1 x 8 - copied - 46 pgs - French 
This is a split zine between two hard- 
core anarchist zines. There are inter- 
views with the bands Defiance, Cress, 
Coprofilia, and Kochise. There are also 
record and zine reviews. There are 
some political articles including one 
on animals in slaughterhouses. But 
best of all there are lots of interesting 
graphics and photos. (HH) 
Florimond Soyez / Chemin De La 
Vernue / 03800 Mazerier / France 

81/2 x 11 -offset- 164 pgs 
Flipside's always got plenty to read. 
The question is how much of it would 
you want to read. Usually I only check 
out the cover, but this month's inter- 
views with Eyehategod and (I can't 
believe I read this) Gary Numan left 
me satisfied. There are tons of other 
interviews in here which I won't even 
bother listing, but rest assured that 
even Flipside can put out a good 
issue every once in a while. (SS) 
PO Box 60790 / Pasadena, CA 9 1 1 1 6 

FRACTURE 4 / $2 ppd 

8 1/2x11 - offset - 64 pgs 

An above average music zine, that's 

similar to Maximum in a way. There 

are lots of columns, letters, interviews 
with Area Effect, Cress, Subjugation 
and our very own Jacqueline and Mark. 
There are lots of reviews and ads. It's all 
well written and organized and could be 
a promising force in the zine world. 

PO Box623/Cardiff,CF39ZA/Wales, 

FTW#1 /$1 ppd 

7 1/2x8 1/2 -copied- 14pgs 
Is this a joke? Seriously now, you can 
tell me. America rules? Foreigners "all 
talk crazy gibberish languages that don't 
sound anything like English"? And 
what's that crap about repenting? If I 
wanted to hear that rubbish, I'd go to 
church. I honestly can't tell if this is 
serious or not. If it is, it's some of the 
most ridiculous garbage I've ever read. 
If it's sarcasm, it's not very good. Either 
way, there wasn't much effort put into 
it. Fourteen single sided pages, half of 
which are completely wasted with hor- 
rible drawings and cut and paste. Why 
me? (JO 

2700 Ellendale PI #208 / Los Angeles, 
CA 90007 

GEEK AMERICA #6 / $1 .32 ppd 

11 x 1 7 - copied - 20 pgs 
The main story of this zine is Brent's trip 
to Japan. It's a day by day account of 
everything he did, which ends up 
amounting to not a whole lot. While it 
may seem like a good idea to include 
one's travel diary in a zine, it doesn't 
work as well if one doesn't edit out the 
boring parts. I didn't really need to know 
about what time he woke up every day. 
I did like the stupid customer part, but it 
couldn't really make up for the rest of 
the zine. (CR) 
PO Box 3 1 95 / Dana Point, CA 92629 

GREEDY PIGS #6/7 / $3 ppd 

5 1/2x8 1 /2 - offset - 44 pgs 
This is labeled a 'double issue,' but I'm 
not sure why, as it's only 8 pages bigger 
than the last one, and it's only average 
sized compared to most other zines. 
Seems like a cheap way to boost the 
number of issues you've put out. Make 
the next one a triple issue and you'll be 
well into double figures, Jon! Layout- 
wise, this looks really nice and clean, if 
a bit sterile. There are interviews with 
Sad Society, Worm, Combat Shock 
and A Grassroots Collective, among 
others, plus an article on the father of 
collage art, John Heartfield, as well as 
reprints of bizarre news stories and 
pranks, and some of the editor's own 
Winston Smith-style collage art. I didn't 

like the advice he gives to other potential 
zinesters - not everyone wants their zine 
to look like this one, and if everyone 
followed the advice, the zine world would 
get (more) boring extremely quickly. (AM) 
c/o Smegma Art / PO Box 1 72 / Rugby 
/CV21 4ZU/UK 














double issue! 

HAPPY GOAT #7 / $1 ppd 

5 1/2x8 1 /2 - offset - 62 pgs 
This is mostly a lot of different people's 
opinions, a lot.from the editor. Standard 
punk fare, society, control, love. Also 
some interviews, The AlkalineTrio,B-Mov- 
ie Rats, and Chixdiggit, but mostly this is 
just a lot of thinking onto paper about all 
that stuff we think of everyday. (GF) 
1 706 NW 10th St / Ankeny, IA 50021 

is W9tch 


a zine for you 

HARO #6 / $4 

8 1/2x6- copied - 68 pgs - French 
This zine combines the best of punk, 

humor and anarchism. The photo of a 
McDonalds with it's windows smashed 
out says it all. There is a band interview 
with Knut, but mostly there are lots of 
cool scene reports from around Eu- 
rope including Spain and Greece. This 
is a fun and inspiring zine with an inter- 
national outlook. (HH) 
Ivan Grunder/ 10av. Giuseppe-motta 
/ 1 202 Geneva / Switzerland 

HEINOUS #5 / $2 

5 1/2X8 1/2 -copied -36 pgs 
This well-written Seattle-based zine is 
written by a devout Evel Knievel fan and 
covers daredevils, Seattle's first major 
league baseball team, and Bob Ne- 
whart. While these may seem like asi- 
nine topics, they are well-researched, 
and Steve, the writer/editor, seems to 
really care about his subjects, which is 
what really makes them interesting. An 
Evel Knievel discography is included, 
and it is bound together by an NWA 
tape. This is a fun read, and I even 
learned something. Also, I respect any- 
one who gets fan mail from Pete Bagge, 
because I like Hate, and I hate every- 
thing else. (BC) 

Steve Mandich / PO Box 12065 / 
Seattle, WA 98102 ' 

8 1/2x11 - copied - 26 pgs 
I guess the last issue of Hoofsip got a 
pretty bad review-they celebrated by 
making a flyer thanking MRR, com- 
plete with a very naked woman. I don't 
know about that issue, but this issue is 
tame, and even just boring. There's a 
completely dull article on how Charles 
Manson might interpret the "new" 
songs from the Beatles Anthology, an 
interview with a band in which Dan asks 
Trivial Pursuit questions, show reviews 
and an interview with two guys who do 
an "offensive" cable access show. If 
as much time had gone into the zine as 
the flier which accompanied it, this 
might actually be good. (IM) 
PO Box 7636 / Bloomfield Hills, Ml 

IDEAS IS MATCHES #1 / $1 ppd 

5 1/2x81/2- copied - 28 pgs 
A semi-political zine with good inten- 
tions. There are British directions for 
homebrew (litres, flagons and other 
terms), a college essay (no, no, no, 
these are meant to be read by your 
professors, not college drop-outs like 
me) on "the commodification of cul- 
ture", veganism, some other little bits 
and pieces. (MD) 
57 Woodview / Lucan Co / Dublin, Ir. 



JUMP OFF A CLIFF #3 / $1 .25 or 


5 1/2x81/2- copied - 42 pgs 
An interesting interviewwith Moral Pan- 
ic, another interesting piece on having 
a family member in the police force. 
Just interesting enough. (AR) 
4006 Lakeview Ave / Regina, 
Saskatchewan S45 1 H9 / Canada 

INMATE IDEAS #1 / 500 

5 1/2x81/2- copied - 44 pgs 

5 1/2x8 1/2 -copied -32 pgs 
These arrived together, so I read Shave 
Dem Burns first since it was written by 
the sender. I really liked it until I discov- 
ered that it contained most of the other 
zine! Inmate Ideas is written by prison 
inmates about their day to day lives. 
There's really good writing about all 
kinds of details and viewpointsand ob- 
servations. Very sobering stuff. SDB 
has a few more articles like a lame trip 
to New York and some reviews. (TX) 
Aaron Krizanik / CZ 8320 / -1600 
Walters Mill Rd / Somerset, PA 1 551 
Shave Dem Burns / 261 Dunview Ave- 
nue / Toronto, ON M2N 4J3 / Canada 


8 1/2x11 - offset - 72 pgs 
First off, I find it hard to take someone 
seriously after I see them recommend 
theDOA "Murder" LP. Uh, can you say 

tasteless? Anyway, who am I to 
judge the magazine simply by their 
musical tastes... it's got a great 
layout, printing job, and the Ger- 
man guy's English is almost flaw- 
less. They've got the usual col- 
umns, reviews, etc., as well as 
interviews with Motorhead(l), Vi- 
sual Discrimination, F.Y.P (where 
they mainly talk about Todd's ex- 
skating career), and countless 
others. As I said, I don't always 
agree with these guys' tastes, 
but they cover a lot of the sXe HC 
scene pretty thoroughly. As for 
the price, I imagine it'll be pretty 
expensive, being a thick, offset 
zine, sent from Germany. Pick it 
up if that's your bag. (RD) 
DPM / Auf Dem Stefansberg 58 
/ 53340 Meckenheim / Germany 


$1 ppd or trade 
5 1/2x8 1/2 - copied -20 pgs 
Energetic and enthu- 
siastic little mag here, 
with as much empha- 
football as on music, 
with Mere Dead 

Jfanzine Reviews"U 

your position to help prisoners out with 
hookups from the outside or anything. 
No, just a " woh, dude, I've like, got this 
crazy fuckin' job where I have to deal 
with all these really scary, 'psycho' 
criminals who are locked behind bars 
and completely at my mercy, but I still 
pretend as if I'm the one in danger" 
kinda thing. I wish I could find it to read 
the rest and offer a more thorough 
review, but from what I read, YUCK' 
3118 Keller / Temple, TX 76504 

MANTIS #1 /50C 
4 1/2x5 1/2 -copied -22 pgs 
Mantis is written by Krissie and Mark, 
and is mostly stories pertaining to be- 
ing a punk, though not neccessarily 
about punk. Krissie's drawings and re- 
flections are worth checking out. I es- 
pecially liked the non-review of a US 
Bombs show, which mostly detailed 
the horrible drive there, and ended 
with, "I'm not really going to talk much 

sis on 
Men, Instant Agony, POAand 
Dublin oi band Skint share the 
pages with passionate rants 
about the overblown egos of 
professional players and the 
commercialization of thegame, 
and an English fan's view of 
what really happened during 
and after their ill-fated game 
against Tunisia in World Cup 
98. It has to be said that there 
are genuine reasons why En- 
gland fans have such a bad 
reputation, but the reaction of 
the French and British author- 
ities definitely bordered on the 
ridiculous. Anyway, great zine. 
40 Grafton Court / Canning 
Circus / Nottingham / NG7 
3GH / UK 

MAKE ROOM #1 / $1 ppd 

5 1/2x8 1/2 -copied - 32 pgs 
I actually lost this zine, somewhere in the 
depths of my house. The thing is, from the 
first few pages I had read, I wasn't too 
impressed anyway. There was your stan- 
dard "sorry this zine took so long to put 
out, but I've been really busy" introduc- 
tion, some other equally stimulating stuff, 
and a column from the author's friend 
about being a prison guard! Not a thought- 
ful, soul-searching exploration of how to 
balance the sheer inhumanity of incarcer- 
ation and working for the man with using 

more about their set, because if you 

were there you know already, and if you 

weren't, you probably don't care much." 

Damn straight. (BC) 

38227 Wilson Ave / Willoughby, OH 


stamps ppd 

5 1/2x8 -copied- 52 pgs 
This zine is all handwritten and a com- 
pilation of Mr. Resistance's thoughts 
and stories, mostly a scattered sort of 

stream of consciousness style. Apro- 
claimed, "theme issue", topics such 
as "equality" and issues surrounding 
consumption and possession are tack- 
led. The author seeks to unite the 
personal and political with most of the 
writing rants, raves, commentary, and 
stories about this guy's life experi- 
ences. (JL) 

Matt Resistance / PO Box 94632 / 
Lincoln, NE 68509 


8 1/2x11 - copied - 20 pgs 
I can't really recommend reading this 
zine, but I can tell a lot of care has 
been taken with it. The columns are 
too short and the reviews are too 
long, but I liked the interview with 
Discount, even though I'd never heard 
of them. These kids seem to be on the 
right track to a good zine, but they're 
not there yet. (BC) 
1403 Belleville Ave / Maryville, TN 



8 1/2x11 - copied - 26 pgs 
Don't get a lot of zines by 1 9 year old 
Gay Chicanos. I like where he's going, 
he just needs to work on developing 
more personality (as a writer) The inter- 
views are kind of common, but at least 
he chooses good subjects; Citizen Fish, 
Stratford Mercenaries, LosCrudos. He 
does have a lot to say, hope he sticks 
at it. Kind of confused by the results of 
surveys at shows saying that 60% of 
the respondents were pro life...? (GF) 
381 6 E Dozier St / Los Angeles, 
CA 90063 

ORANGOUTANG #1 ? / $1 


5 1/2x81/2- copied - 28 pgs 
This is so incredibly cool! It's got a 
cool piece on why fluoridated turns 
kids into Communists, a centerfold 
of some grotesque "jungle boy" . . . 
and who else would make a HC/ 
new wave comparison with Anna- 
bella (Bow Wow Wow) to Ray of 
Today! And you can't argue with the 
taste of someone who listens to 
Jerry's Kids, Stalag 13, and Bad 
Brains? He even recommends the 
book " Confederacy of Dunces " ! I 
didn't know anyone else liked that 
book. We are obviously dealing with 
a very classy man. This is worth 
every penny. (RD) 
PO Box 203 / Bedford Park, IL 

^Fanzine ReviewsT » 

PROPENSITY #1/2 stamps 
5 1/2x8 1/2 -copied- 12 pgs 
Fine first issue with writing about the 
things many young punker's go through. 
Depression, misunderstanding parents, 
alienation etc. It's refreshing to read some- 
one who so earnestly talks about these 
problems. (SS) 

902 Sara Cir / Port Jefferson. Station, 
NY 1 1 776 

YOU) #1 / 500 + a stamp or 

8 1/2x51/2- copied - 24 pgs 
Being a teenager sucks, and 
Zak (the creator of this zine) 
seems to have learned this the 
hard way. Poems, stories about 
being alienated and picked on 
by his peers, and a heartbreak- 
ing story about some fucked up 
shit a girl did to Zak fill this zine. 
Zak's writing is not extraordi- 
nary, but it is super honest. Zak 
is not ashamed of his feelings or 
oblivious to the fucked-upped- 
ness (is that a word?) of others, 
which aredefinitely good things. 
The zine also includes a thing on 
how to rip off pay phones and 
vending machines. A promising 
first issue. (LB) 
PO Box 26263 / Fairview, OH 


8 1/2x6 - offset - 68 pgs - 


In this issue there are interviews with 
the bands Status Quo and The Ras- 
cals. There is also a story of a couple of 
Bavarians on a trip to Berlin. Finally 
there are lots of record reviews, cool 
ads and loads of punk rock gossip. 

Postfach 100709 / 46527 Dinslaken / 

montey * 7 


Serving up the following specials for you: 

Interviews with The Donnas, Calvin Johnson, and 

Consolidated; Personal Diatribes and Revelations; 

The Ever- Abundant Reviews; and More. .. 

SHITWIPER #4 and 5 / $3 ppd each 
8 1/2 x 6 1/2 - copied - 40 pgs 

It's pretty interesting to get some- 
thing from the Philippines, just for 
a break from the norm. Number 4 
interviews Siren, Apocrypha, has 
reviews, etc. Number 5 has Bar- 
rier, Homecide, Your Mother 
(weird seeing them covered from 
so faraway!), columns, and little 
bits and pieces. Aside from the 
nice layout, good printing job, and 
fine grasp of the English tongue, 
these are pretty forgettable. It 
might mean a bit more to you if 
you live in the Philippines. (RD) 
PO Box 37 ACPO / Cubao, 0-C. 
1 135 / Philippines 


2 Stamps 

11x17 -offset - 16 pgs 

Well, what can I say except 

'there's a new Slug and Lettuce 

out!' The usual columns, piles of 

reviews, and constructive thought you 
expect from Christine. This issue she 
tackles the idea that she has started to 
write from the point of view of someone 

who is content, rather than someone 
who feels on the fringes of society, 
fighting back. Can you grow up without 
growing old, or selling out? I think that's 
something a lot of us who have spent a 
huge chunk of our lives in the DIY 
community are dealing with, now that 
most of our contemporaries are set- 
tling down. It's a challenge to try and 
grow in a way that you feel comfortable 
with, without stagnating. (AM) 
c/o Christine Boarts / PO Box 26632 / 
Richmond, VA 23261-6632 

SORE #6 / $1 ppd 

5 1/2x81/2- copied - 28 pgs 
Taylor's put out another good issue of 
Sore with the usual columns, reviews 
and an interview with the local band 
Witness. Taylor's enthusiasm fordoing 
a fanzine is a much needed break from 
the usual cynicism. My one criticism is 
of a column extolling the positive influ- 
ence of Christian hardcore. Taylor ad- 
mits he doesn't agree with this, but why 
then is he printing it in his zine? Hard- 
core for the lord is stupid and if Taylor 
thinks so too, then there's no reason to 
include it in his otherwise great zine. 

PO Box 6871 1 / Virginia Beach, VA 


8 1/2x11 - copied - 38 pgs 
Apparently, this zine has somewhat of 

a following, with letters from the reader- 
ship published in the first few pages and 
record reviews in the back pages. Stuff in 
the middle is mainly interviews and a 
couple of personal tirades. Chris and 
Kelly speak with Calvin Johnson, the 
Donnas and Consolidated. The high- 
light of this zine, by far, is the half 
page where the woman explains that 
her deceased husband has returned 
as a stellar jay, whom she spends 
most of her time with. Interesting. 

416 Jeff Davis Ave / Waveland, MS 



8 1/2x11 - offset - 64 pgs 

This is easy; emo. Eeeee — mo. This 

whole zine looks like a Jade Tree ad. 

(nothing wrong with that or Jade 

Tree) Not too much here other than 

reviews, interviews (All, Midvale, 

Enewetak, Converge, Waxwing etc.) 

and too many ads. But this is a good 

looking zine and if you wanna read 

about these bands, they're all here. 


Box 1500 / Thousand Oaks, CA 



STOT #3 / for trade 
8 1/2x6- offset - 1 2 pgs - Norwegian 
This small minimal zine is packed with lots 
of cool punk rock and rather easy to 
understand even though it is not in En- 
glish. There is an article on No Means No, 
Leatherface and Wunderkammer. There 
are no record reviews, but there is a 
playlist. (HH) 
Rektor Steensgt. 10B / 
5500 Haugesund / Nor- 


#5/ $10 

8 1/2x6 -copied -80 pgs 
- German 

In this issue there's "the 
story" on GG Allin and an 
article on antifa soccer 
fans. There is also reviews 
of some new records and 
lots of information on the 
German punk scene. Fi- 
nally this zine comes with 
a twenty-seven band com- 
pilation CD in which the 
second half of the zine 
lists those bands. (HH) 
Marko Drawe / Georg- 
Dreke-Ring 32 / 17291 Prenzlau / Ger 

SUPREME NOTHING #2 / $2 ppd 

5 1/2x81/2- copied - 40 pgs 
This is great looking and comes with all 
kinds of stuff, like a little poster, a 
wooden glider, Virgin Mary card and 
stickers. It's sort of a beatnik, drag 
racing, going-to-outer-space comic, no 
text, just cool drawings and a couple of 
photos. Obviously, a great deal of time 
went into this. (MJ) 
B. Walker/ PO Box 7362 / Richmond, 
VA 23221-0362 

TAIL SPINS #31 /$3 

8 1/2x11 - offset - 1 08 pgs 
Looks kinda like Flipside and has a lot 
of major label ads like it too. Interviews 
with Electric Frankenstein, Cows, and 
Oblivians, plus an interesting piece 
about Coil, and a very long thing about 
the JFK assassination, uh, very long. 
Not really my cup of tea, this zine does 
pay attention to a lot of music that isn't 
just "punk", and I think that's pretty 
cool. The best part was when they 
referred to Tortoise as "post-interest- 
ing". (GF) 
PO Box 1 860 / Evanston* IL 60204 

THOUGHT CRIME #3 / $1 ppd 

8 1/2x5 1/2 -copied -36 pgs 
Okay, when I first got this I was kinda 
disturbed. There is some nasty ass, 
bloody, fucked up face on the cover 
and pictures of mentally retarded kids 
inside. After reading the zine I found out 
that the nasty cover is there because 
the creator of this zine, Dan, thinks that 
"the insides of this are inspired and 
romantic, and my work can create feel- 
ings of hope and 
passion, but you 
must look past the 
scars and horror of 
the outside to see 
the whole." What- 
ever. I don't care 
how fucking beauti- 
ful your writing is — 
it's no excuse for 
subjecting others to 
a hella nasty ass pic- 
ture! As forthe men- 
tally retarded kids, I 
learned that Dan 
collects old year- 
books and these are 
pictures of retarded 
people from some 
of the yearbooks. 
Maybe the people 
on the page with the 
retarded kids aren't all retarded, but it 
was still disturbing and kinda fucked to 
put pictures of retarded kids in your 

zine to be amusing. Otherwise, this zine 
is filled with Dan's adventures with life 
and college. (LB) 
1 02 Barons Way/ Brewster, MA 0263 1 

TRASH TIMES #4 / $2 

51/2x81/2- copied - 28 pgs 
Mostly this is reviews of mov- 
ies and music, but the reviews 
are actually good, lots of stuff 
you'd expect to find in a zine 
called Trash Times. There's 
an interview with the abso- 
lutely insane Lightning Beat- 
Man. Reading this interview 
can only touch on the mad- 
ness of this man. The run- 
down of '60s Chicago punk is 
good, but too brief-most of 
the info just reads like blurbs 
from the back of reissue 
comps. More! (IM) 
PO Box 248 / Glenview, IL 

SURE #0/$1 

81/2x5 1/2-copied-52pgs 
Aesthetically this misses just 
about every mark-poorly photocopied 
pixelated scans of mostly medi- 
ocre pictures. The pictures in 
the front are all boring snap- 
shots of more indie-rock orient- 
ed bands. Towards the end of 
the zine though the photos start 
getting good, photos that make 
it look like the band and the 
audience and the person taking 
the photos is having fun. If this 
is where Jenn is going, then I'm 
sure you'll be seeing her pic- 
tures around. And now here is 
where the crotchety old man 
traditionalist in me comes out- 
this maybe one of the first pho- 
tozines done with an Advantex 
camera. This is more of a bad 
thing than good as far as I'm 
concerned.'s not cheating,'sjustnotthesame. (IM) 
21 5 Vance St / Chapel Hill, NC 


5 1/2x81/2- copied - 28 pgs 
Unfortunate title now that the 
movie is out, though there's not 
much on urban legends in here. There 
are, however, little interviews with Patti 
Kim (.Fuzzy Heads Are Better) and Rob- 
in Iwata (ex-Cub, now I Am Spoonbend- 
er). More pro — girl stuff too, and a rant 
against working for the man and vegan 
recipe. I was a little miffed at the article 

about stealing from grocery stores, since 
I work in a worker-owned co-op, but as 
long as you're talking targeting multi- 
national corporations... (TX) 
3001 Breeze Terrace / Austin, TX 78722 


#6 / $1 ppd 
8 1/2x11 -cop- 
ied - 56 pgs 
zine loaded with 
interviews and 
reviews. Includ- 
ed are inter- 
views with a sil- 
ly black death 
metal band Pa- 
gan Hellfire, 
One King 

Down, one of 
the owners of 
mmigrant Sun 
Records and a 
Fugazi inter- 
view where Ian 
M a c K a y e 
seems to be 
generally irritat- 
ed at the questions being asked of him. 

■ ^Fanzine Reviews ^ 

Editing the interviews to make them a 
little shorter might make the zine a little 
more interesting. Otherwise, it was all 
right, not great, but all right. (CR) 
Nick Oxner / 88 Woodland Rd / Dart- 
mouth, NS / B2W 2S5 / Canada 


8 1/2x6- offset - 76 pgs - Croatian 
There was always a good scene in 
Yugoslavia so it is good to see zines 
coming out of this area of the world. In 
this brightly colored issue there are 
interviews with the bands: Lost Lyrics, 
Good Riddance, Snuff, Sonic Dolls and 
the German zine Plastic Bomb. There 
are also lots of record and zine reviews, 
but few ads. Sure hope to see this zine 
around more and hope it becomes apart 
of a larger Balkan scene. (HH) 
Sando Pticek /A. Mihanoviva 77 / 
40323 Prelog / Croatia 


DUMPSTER DIVE #1 4 / $2 

A very odd mix of music. Southern 

Culture on the Skids, Hepcat, Stiff 

Little Fingers, Nashville Pussy, Sugar 

Ray, Malcolm Tent. ..lots of (boring) 


PO Box 426 / Norwalk, CT 06856- 




Tiny, pricey little hip guide to NYC 
and cool cheap things to do. Still 
doesn't make me want to go there. 
Ayun Halliday / 406 E 9th St #7 / New 
York, NY 1 0009 

HEART ATTACK #1 / $1 +2 


Intensely personal grrl-type zine, with 
lots of ruminations on high school 
and old boyfriends and poetry and 
getting off anti-depressants and oth- 
er stuff. 

Laura B / 33 Grant Ave 2nd Floor / 
Northampton, -MA 01 060 

ONE NIGHT STAND #2 / free 
No real theme or main focus here, 
just a bunch of random writing and 
pictures from bands. What can I say, 
he did it in two hours, and it shows. 
Dave Hyde / 26 Lacona Dr / Patter- 
son, NY 1 2563 

SWANKHOLE#1 / $1 ppd 

Punk zine with show reviews, beer 
guide of sorts, lots of random clippings 
that are either political or dumb and a 
fashion guide. Rather mediocre. 
POBox 1606/Carmel, NY 10512 



r *to 

Motion *'N£ 

Sickness has often 
been referred to (even by 
the editor) as just another MRR clone, 
but when I first got my hands on issue #T. 
fnew it wasn't true. Phil's got a personality that 

shows through in his writing and reviews that isn't 
common. He's entertaining. And he% a 

ONT H , 

htervieHlH & rem y Coo/ 

So, how long have you been doing it, and why'd you start? 

May of '96, and two reasons. I was going to shows, and there'd be 

ten people there, and I was thinking, these kids don't know these 

bands, so I'll do a zine and plug all these bands and hopefully peo- 
ple will read about them and they'll wanna come out to the shows. And anoth- 
er thing, I hadn't done a zine in ten years, so it was like, fuck it, I'll do a zine. 

What was your first zine? 

I did a really bad metal crossover zine in like '84, '85 called Terminal Rage. 

Like D.R.I. and Testament... 

Yeah, well, no Testament. We interviewed like, C.O.C., NOTA. I always wanted to go toward punk bands, but the other dude would 

interview really bad metal bands. 

Did you have long hair? 

Oh yeah. 

So, do you do it for the free records? 

(laughs) Of course. No, actually, if it comes down to that, not at all. It's 

nice, but like I was showing Tim today; there's a stack of CDs I already 

reviewed for this issue, and there's a box with about another 1 50 that I 

gotta review. Then a stack of seven inches, then a stack of zines. And I'm 

getting shit like, five or six things a day. It's just like, mind boggling when 

you think about it. I'm getting burnt on it. 

Is there anything that you won't review, or do you review everything that 

people send you? 

No, I'm open about that. Like, Interscope sends me everything, and it's 

pretty easy 'cause I just trash it. 

Well, not like, just major label stuff, but I know I've gotten stuff like, girl folk 

and stuff like that ... 

Well, I've told 'em I'll do anything, and I'll try to do it objectively, but if I 

not into it I'll just say it's not my cup of tea, and I'll try to describe the 

music, 'cause it may be someone's cup of tea that's reading. You know, I 

try to be fair. 'Cause I've been in a band, I know you spend hours and 

money and that's your baby. And to have someone listen to it once and go "Oh, this sucks", you know, is pretty unfeeling. 
But at the same time, if they're sending it out for review, they've gotta be prepared ... 

So, what would you say you want to accomplish by doing a zine? 

I don't know. I don't really have a plan. I'm just slowly evolving and trying to change with issues. I'm trying ... I'm trying to become 
more intelligent. I'm trying to become more than music. You know, I like, throw a health article in. I did an article on overpopula- 
tion in the last issue. Just something that you don't see that I feel is relevant. Because, about the only issues that get touched on 
are racism and vegetarianism. It's like, they're good issues, but there's a lot more out there. 
So what's your inspirational magazine, like, what's the pinnacle that you would want to reach? 
At what point would I stop? 

No, I mean, what's a magazine that you'd like to be compared to? 

I would love to be a bastard mix of The Probe and Spectacle. It's like, both ends of the spectrum. I love, like on one end of the 
spectrum I love Spectacle, Second Guess and shit like that, and on the other hand I still like Suburban Voice. I love The Probe and 
Temp Slave and all those fuckin' things. They're rad. But Aaron (The Probe) cracks me up. A memo or answering machine message 
from Aaron cracks me up. It's a drunk thing I guess that other people don't understand. 
Urn, I hate this but, do you have any closing statement type things? 

Well, I started doing a distro for all the zines that I like, that have no outlet in this town: And I would sit there show after show, 
and people would come up and flip through the CDs, ask me if I had any patches and t-shirts and just kinda not even look at'the 
zines. Just pick them up and put them back down. And most of them I traded, so I had 'em for a quarter, whereas they would 
cost you two or three bucks elsewhere. You know, a buck for The Probe. A buck for Temp Slave. But the want the seven inches, 
they want t-shirts, the patches, and it's just depressing. And, I stopped doing it because I got sick of sitting at shows where no 
one cares. You know, no one wants to read and it's just depressing. Oh, one last thing. Kids; if you see a zine in the zine reviews 
and it says it's free, send at least a buck or two for postage. The postage is at least a buck fifty. I keep getting letters from kids 
"Send me your zine. It heard it's free." It's like, so I'm just gonna fork over two bucks. It fucking pisses me off, 'cause postage 
Motion Sickness - PO Box 24277 St. Louis, MO 63130 




nikeo** twain 




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^.unnatural disasters s & lit 


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utre Were 


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Slap A Ham Records 

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Total doom at a molasses pace I 


•GASP "Drome Triler Of Puzzle Zoo People" LP/CD 'BURNED UP BLED DRY "Cloned Slaves For 

Slaves" 7"*"Bl!leeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! - A Music War" compilation 7" •" Fiesta Comes Alive" 

compilation LP/CD •GODSTOMPER "Saturday Morning Power Violence" 7"«FUCK ON 


I 'PHOBIA "Enslaved" 7". MAN IS THE BASTARD "D.I.Y." CD •SPAZZ"Sweatin' To The Oldies" CD I 

All prices postpaid / US currency only 

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Ten new tracks of blistering fast hate-fueled hardcore from Australia. 


Brutalizing 26-song split LP. Czech Republic and Sweden collide! 


It's finally outl The last will and testament of this great San Francisco hardcore band. This 
will be the only pressing of this record. 

Europe In Decline comp. 12" 

All previously unreleased songs from: Freak Show, Mrtva Budoucnost, Cripple Bastards, 
Tolshock,Purgen, Coche Bomba, Wasserdicht, Active Minds, Bullshit Propaganda, Crooked 
Cops, Insane Youth, Rezeznia, Silna Wola, Totuus, Left In Ruins, Shock Troop, Total 
Failure, D.U.R.A.K., Greedy Guts, Violent Headache, Jobbykrust, Cluster Bomb Unit, 
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M «*, 

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ii!iw«AV4 L T.wi.. M , [1JB Tr* 1 , u *wma 

J*> -tw tlrttA i.kc H<nwAT«ftMC|c+ 3»wk 

HI, I'm 
Smilin' Bob. 
Call me... 

"■*"•' bob t . e or«. 

P° «*>x 1002 

homewood, i i 


This stuff is crary Fas), This Stuff is craiy Hard. I don't know, lis sort of 
a Punk style but then its entreemly Hardcore Bui with all said, and 
done its KICKASS! The locals are neck pulsing loud and aggressi 
guitars are hard, aggressive, but also well combined. All rhis stuff is 
also 100% DIV The cover depicts everything someone has to 'digest in 
the world we live in today, if I must say, that's super punk rock! 
ElimiMatioN ZlnE 

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NEW RELEASE ON Summer 1998 




LP (1+2LP116) 

1+2 Records proudly pre- 
sents Canadian Garage 
pop kings, The Smugglers' 
brandnew vinyl. It'a thler 
10th anniversay album 
and was recorded on 24 
track in Madrid. Spain. 
Tnelr show are lull ot 
rock'n roll action. Fast 
paced performance, 
aggresive, wild and fun! 
You'll start to dance with 
them when you listen it 
The songs are tram 5 al- 
bums of their albums and 
out of print stuff. Many 
songs are not availble now without this LP. (LP version included 
extra cut!) Also this hot property is handed over to be shanked, 
cranked, mixed and produced by rock'n roll god Kurt Block from 
Fastbacks. Highly recommended!!! 


LET ME BE CD (1+2CD089) 

1+2 proudly presents LA's 
punk rock flnests. SBWs 
second full length. They 
are pure punk rock band 
as same as Electric Fran- 
kenstein or Nashville 
Pussy. Great snotty vo- 
cals, wall ot distortion gui- 
tar, hard driving rhythm 
and funny lyrics. Totally 
hard hitting sound!!! 
Highly recommend real 
punk rock fans all over the 
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1+2 official URL http://www butaman orjpAJSERS/-optrec/ 


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£f*ah Bras CD-EP Mens Recovery Projecf Waking 

fiorfy spin ip/ c n Bastard Hoise double CO 



CAM « ' 
EOB $ 2 
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P.O. BOX 6O3OS0 


1>J 3 m 



: ■ 

seventeen years cd 

3rd generation punk band v/ith a Muffs feel 

and a Social Distortion edge. 

Male and fern ale uocals tradindg bacK and 

forth make this as sv/eeras candv.sharn 


lI'VMj'J'II "-j 

maw l 




P.O.. Box 14361 Ft-Laud., FL.33302 


■r.,ll.-,"ii!'lll!|.-ll.Ml..|.'.!;j":!.i",=.H.!,|l,ii™ i 

little yellow dox 

life il, Hit *i H 11 ll 111 ■■■pilir 


resume orderttg Ilils at your usual onakiteck pan 


"Little Yellow Box" b/w 
"Why Don't We Do It In 

The Dumpster" & 

Bulge It '3 ppd US Can 
'5 ppd In Che elsewhere zone 

Chordsl Rock! Singing! Boxes! Yellowness! £ 
Conceivably Puerile Innuendo! Unrequited Petite 
Chick Lust! Mispronunciation! of "Anats Mini" 
Anatomical Incorrectness! Dumpsters! Marilyn 
Munsters! Ceorge Tabb References! Really Fast 
MARTBREAKERS Covers! Wallow In the potential 
for misbehavior this record conceivably engenders! 


BULGE * I • BORIS "Grilled Cheese" b w "Bad Guy Reaction" 45 


BULGE 3 • BORIS MEATMEN split 6-SOftg 7" ep 

BULGE 6 • THE TANTRUMS* "Sec You Later" +1 45 

BULGE 7 • LAST SONS OF KRYPTON I Want Action" 3 song 7 

BULGE 8 • BORIS SONIC DOLLS split 6 song 7" ep 

; NEW emir T-SHIRTS: I'm Into Boris the SprtnkHr i 

i and in got MAIL Y 8Kt TTTSr Glrty sixes S M Ul \ 

1=1 postpaid. Pink t black on white. A rather tlow uteri j 
fQMX CD* (JTnaTJHWfflWf 

~ &i 

I DUE l||*B 9 ' HW^HB VavEvnl 

mega anal, 

Ha MckJnf ctMdu! 


mapowmeme T * 

, ^tpetd* — US tCmmm, 
'fpppm eSjoiajpifW PJPaer 

CDs/sMrtl M '• PfMi USCan, ' 10 world f, 
7-s an 1 ppVuS/Can, -S worn 

DO make money orders out to F 

POB 1 173 

^Green Bay Wl 54305 £ 

$ "Grab your OWN damn Bulge!" ■; 

■ tvi !r \^:[ ; »:..*. i : i :i i i ; .H Aiiii!fViJM-ii']^'4HB 

jGLER aptrovl 1) 


POgox 171 1 Kent OH 44240 



°seven Inch 

lour DrooJ Imw 



The NIMRODS ere 

Once Again Saving 

the World takes a 

Back Seat to a 

Good Beer 


12 rock*' beer-soaked I anthems 

CD, Xblvttm 



The NIMRODS T-ShirlNl 

white L-XL $6.00ppd ringers L $7.00ppd 

hecks and Money orders made out to:"The Nimrods 





7" HR022 

The Monsignors 

"Are You There 

God? It's Us..." 

CD HR021 

Trepan Nation 

"Banish Gods 

From Skies And 

Capitalists From 


CD/LP HR020 

LPs now available. 

Free poster with 

purchase of LP. 



"What The 

Hell Just 



■'>C&r*W - O "WHON 1 



Harmless Records 

1437 W. Hood 
Chicago, IL 60660 

(773) 230-9149 

(773) 465-0035 fax 

prices (ppd): 

7" = $3.00 

LP = $7.00 

CD = $9.00 

catalog = stamp 

fancy catalog (w/pictures) = $1 .00 

checks/money orders to "Scott 

Thomson" — NOT Harmless 

distributed by: Choke, Rotz, Cargo, 

Rhetoric, Revolver, 1 ,000 Flowers, 

and more... 



7" compilation featuring 



The Rolemodels 


$3.00 USA 
$4.00 Can & Mex 
$5.00 World 

prices postage-paid from: 

Solution Records 

c/o Chris White 

192 South Road 

Sommers, CT 



1997 LP$ 6 

1993/4- CASSETTE- $ 3 

1987- 12 in L.P. $ 4 

1985- 12 in L.P. $ 4 


P.O. BOX 14016 


Square One "self titled 

Enerjetic Punk-Ska at its best! Four songs fueled 

by fast riveting punk, uptempo traditional ska, 

and brash powerful vocals. Limited pressing on 

clear or blue vinyl! 

Yet another fine ska-punk band from Michigan. 

7" Vinyl 

The Michigan Compilation 

Thirty-one bands of punk, hardcore, ska, and emo. 
Features: Suburban Delinquents, Square One, Cleons 
Down, Agent Twenty- Three. The Mad Butchers, Smatch, 
Slo-Poke, Bourgeois Filth. Social Scare, Spit, Roosteak, 
Small Brawn Bike, The Epileptix. Fudge Gun, Flumpnole, 
Absence, The Krabs, Fieldtree. Hi-Jinx, The Little Rock 
Nine, Line By Line. Aks Mamma, Manander Pattern, The 
Brouhahas, Punk Monkey. Speck. Beauty School 
Dropouts, Nipon. Animated Toyz, Old Spice, BSE D.C 
fianjs and music you will be want to hear more of 

Eneriect Records 507 Sherman St. Holly, Mi. 48442 

Distributed In Km:.. Lumherimk. ,111,1 ki,u ,.,.,., /.....„ 


p.o. box 42586, Philadelphia pa 19101 usa. 
visit us on the web at! 

ACME Discography Ip/cd (Rorschach meets Slayer') $7/$9 

AGNOSTIC FRONT Somethings Gotta Give Ip/cd.... $10/$13 
ACRID / LEFT FOR DEAD split Ip (buzzsaw shaped, on color)$9 
AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY All Fall Down Ip/cs/cd $8/$12 • 
ANGEL HAIR Pregnant With The Senior Class cd $11 

ANTIOCH ARROW m Low With Ictls lp/cd .......'. $8/$ll 

ANTI-FLAG Their System Doesn't Work For You cd $12 

ASSUCK Anti-Capital cd or ASSUCK Misery Index lp/cd.$8/$10 

ATOM & HIS PACKAGE A Society Of People... or s/t cd $9 

AVAIL Over The lames Ip/cs/cd $9/$8/$12 

AVULSION cd (on 625 Records).... $9 

BETTER THAN A THOUSAND Value Driven cd ..$12 

BEYOND No Longer At Ease cd (discoeraphv) $1? 

BIKINI KILL Th- Singles cd.. ' S12 

BOTCH American Nervosa lp/cd $8/$ll 

BOY SETS FIRE The Day The Sun... Ip/'cZ'.".' $s/$ll 

BUZZOVEN At A Loss cd P $," 

CAP'N JAZZ Discography double cd $13 

CAVE IN Until Your Heart Stops 2xlp/cd $14/$11 

CEREBRUS SHOAL Soundtrack To Films By Tim Holland cd..$10 
CHAMPS Home Taping Is Recording Music 2xlp/cd . $12/$12 

CHOKEHOLD Prison Of Hope lp/cd $1, 



CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE s/t lp/cd (on Caufield)I.'.'.'.."$8/$10 

CITIZEN'S ARREST Discogmphy cd $14 

COALESCE Functioning On Impatience lp/cd $9/$ll 

CONVERGE Wlwn Forever Comes Crashing Ip/cs/cd $8/$ll • 


CRO-MAGS Lit* In Wellington 1 1984 demo bootleg cd $14 

DILLINGER FOUR Midwestern Songs ... lp/cd $8/$12 

DISASSOCIATE Symbols, Signals.'f, Noise cd.... $12 

DISEMBODIED If Cod Only Knew The Rest Were Dead cd $9 

DROP DEAD Discogruphy cd $13 

ECONOCHRIST Discogruphy double cd $10 

v/a FEAR OF SMELL Ip/cd (Heroin, MITB, Infest, + 7)'"$8/$10 
v/a FIRST CRUSH cd (Mineral, Still Life, Jimmy Eat, etc) $10 

FOUR HUNDRED YEARS Transmit Ip/cd $8/$10 

FRAIL Mi*' Your Own Noise cd (discography, on Bloodlink) $9 

FRANKLIN Building An A And An E lp/cd $8/$10 

FUGAZI End Hits Ip/cs/cd ."$9/$8/$ll 

GAME FACE Reminder cd (early 7"s & demos) $10 

GET UP KIDS Four Minute Mile Ip/cd '.$8/$ll 

GRADE Separate The Magnets 10"/cd..„ $8/$10 

GROUNDWORK We Will No Longer Be Silent... lp/cd $7/$8 

HATEBREED Under The Knife cd „ .' $9 

HIS HERO IS GONE Monuments To Thrives Ip/cd $8/$8 

HOT WATER MUSIC Forever e> Counting lp/cd ".'.'."$8/$l 1 

IN MY EYES The Difference Between lp/cd $9/$12 

IN/HUMANITY The History Behind The Mystery lp+7"...!'. $9 
INK & DAGGER The Fine Art Of The Original Sin lp/cd.. .$8/$ll 
KID DYNAMITE Demo cassette (ex-Lifetime, Ink & Dagger). .$5 

LARM Extreme Noise cd (discography) $12 

LIFETIME lersei/'s Best Dancers Ip/cd $8/$ll 

MAKE UP In Mass Mind cd $n 

MOSS ICON Lylv.yrnam cd $ 10 

v/a OUR OWN WAY cd (Agnost Front, Red87, Ensign' etc) "$12 

PROMISE RING Nothing Feels Good Ip/cd .... $8/$n 

RORSCHACH Autopsy cd (discography).... $10 

ROYAL CROWN REVUE Kings Of Gangster Bop cd .'..'..'.'.$12 

SPAZZ Ln Revtmcha Ip/cd $K/$m 


TOKEN ENTRY From Beneath The Streets lp/cd $9/$12 

TORCHES TO ROME Ip (ex-Fuel).... $7 

UNDERDOG The Vatlishhg Point lp/cd $9, $11 

VIOLENT SOCIETY The Rise Of Punk... cd $10 

VISION The Kids Still Have A Lot To Say Ip/cd $9/$12 

WESTON Matinee Ip/cd or WESTON Cot Beat Up lp/cd.$8/$ll 
WIDE AWAKE Discography cd „..„ ...$ n 

Dills: minimum order is now $7 due to rising postage costs, 
pa residents please add 6% sales tax. sorry kids. 

* 1st price is for cassette/vinyl. 2nd price is for cd. 
always try to list alternates, credit slips otherwise. 

postage: U.S. postpaid via 4th class, add $2 for fast priority mail 
Add additional $2 to have your order insured from loss 

Canada: $1.00 per 7"/cs, $1.50 per cd, $3 per 12"/lp 
Europe: $2.00 per 7"/cs, $3.00 per cd, $5 per I2"/lp 

World: $2.50 per 7"/cs, $4.00 per cd, $7 per 12"/lp 

We also take Visa/MC/AmEx/Discover cards now, so call 
(215) 203-VERY from 12 noon to 7 pm (orders only). There is a $15 
minimum and all orders must pay for priority mail & insurance. 

If you think that this is all we have, then you are sadly mistaken 

Send us $2 (US) or $4 (World) for our descriptive 150* page catalog 

full of records, tapes, eds, zines, clothing, & more. We hate to be 

egotistical, but our catalog & fast service rules! We've got lots o' 

stuff by Dischord, Victory, BYO, Dr. Strange, Jade Tree, Gravity 

Edison, Bloodlink, Hopeless, Revelation, Ebullition, Doghouse ' 

Initial, Hydrahead, Art Monk, Gravity, Prank, Sound Pollution 

Lost & Found, 625, Slap A Ham, Vermiform, Relapse, Wreck Age 

& plus hundreds of others that aren't so big nor so rich! 

Stores! we do wholesale! drop us a postcard or fax 215.426.9662 
for a catalog, we offer a wide variety & convience & low markups 

\MAXIMUMROCKNROLL music classi/lei 

Attention Classifieds Readers: When responding to these ads remember that the world of MRR readers is not a punk rock 
Utopia where everyone is looking out for everyone else and we're all cool... Be careful what you tell people and be careful who 
you send money to. There are people out there in punkland who will tiy to rip you off, exploit you or manipulate you. I can't 
tell you how scared I feel when I see an ad that begins "16 year old girl running away from home needs places to crash...'' 


shop and mailorder, established 1981. 
We carry old and new records, CDs, t- 
shirts, zines and other stuff. Lots of sec- 
ond hand UK & US punk at good pric- 
es. Skate shop too! Web site: Email: 
ufc. Alans, 53 Mesnes St., Wigan, WN1 
1QX, England. For catalogue send SASE 
(UK) or IRC (overseas.) 


IDissaray / Flexi, Bastards / 7" flexi, 
lAburadako / Flexi, v/a City Rocker LP, 
Iv/a Eye of Thrash LP, Gauze, Gism, 
IZouo, Cobra, Systematic Death, Gai, 
IConfuse, Kuro, Lip Cream, Anarchy, 
iFriction, Comes, Crow, etc... Please send 
Ime your trade/sale/want list. Write to: 
lYoshiaki Nagano / 3-29-5-103, Daita, 
|Setagaya-ku / Tokyo, 155, Japan 

1800+ items, Abrasive Wheels - Zounds. 
Want-list service. Please send IRC for 
catalog: Elista, 157 Common Rise, 
Hitchin, Herts., SG4 OHS, England. Tel/ 
fax: (014G2) 433089. 


sale: 2000+ items, '77 - '85, worldwide 
rare 7"s / Lps, Killed by Death, Back to 
Front, Bloodstains across -stuff, hard- 
core, anarcho, Oi, skinheads... Amebix, 
4skins, Onion Dolls, Big Boys, Sema 4, 
Mets, Mecano ltd., Revenge 88, Fast 
Cars, Directions, Hubble Bubble, ... 
Send 2 IRCs Or $2 for list to: N. Ver- 
banck, B.P. 13, 66320 Marquixanes, 

EUROGRESSION (rec'dby Steve Albi- 
ni), F-13: (trashy, blusey, garage punk 
ala Misfits), Blastoid: (psychobilly surf 
rock), 7" split single w/Eurogression 
& Winter Death Club, HCPunks (w/Cle- 
tus), the Cigs, Desaru, Tasos and more. 
SASE for catalog. All cd's $10ppd/$4 
7"'s. Street Records, PO Box 1356 Folly 
Beach, SC 29439 (843)588-4024/6030 
fax. Dist by Southern and Avant Garde. 

lOBSCURE PUNK 7"s for sale (killed by 
Ideath, back to front, bloodstains across- 
Istuff...) also loads of oi, anarcho, hard- 
Icore. '77-'84 send 2 irc's/2 us $ for list 
Iwith +2000 items to: N. Verbanck, BP 
113, 66320 Marquixanes, France 

VIDEOS - PAL (UK, etc.) & NTSC 
(USA, etc.). Trade/sale. Thousands of 
shows/promos/tv clips. Stuff like Pro- 
paganda, Business, Screeching Weasel, 
Zounds, Exploited, Poison Idea, DK's, 
Blitz, Queers, Conflict, Rancid, GG, 
Dickies, Descendents, Operation Ivy, 
Disorder, Ruts, Misfits, Subhumans, 
Snuff, Gin Goblins, SAE(UK), 2 IRCs 
(overseas) or decent trade list: Dave, 50a 
Great King St., Edinburgh, Scotland. E- 
mail: gingoblin® 

WANTED (Original 1st pressings only, m- 
/m- condition prefer); Nubs: I Dont Need 
7" (wp $1250), Hollywood Squares: Hill- 
side Strangler 7"(wp $200), Tapeworm: 
Break My Face (wp $200), Helen Keller 
Band: Surfin w/ Steve 7" (wp $100), Child 
Molesters: Wholesale Murder 7" (wp $200), 
Horrorcomic; I Don't Mind 7" (wp $100), 
Antisocial; Traffic Lights 7" (wp $300), 
Nothing; Scream & Cry 7" (wp $200) etc 
70's & early 80's punkrock obscurities 
from all around the world! ! I buy or trade 
so write, call or send fax/email to: A.A.R. 
c/o/ Jukka W-M Sateri, PO Box 174, Fin- 
11101 Riihimaki, Finland, fax +358 19 
721328, tel + + 358 40 5481267, email 

VIDEOS: over 1000 shows. All, Adoles- 
cents, Adicts, Bad Brains, Bikini Kill, 
Black Flag, Burn, N. Cave, Chaos UK, Cir- 
cle Jerks, Cows, Cro-Mags, Damned, Day- 
glos, Descendants, Dickies, Entombed, Ex- 
ploited, Eye Hate God, Flipper, Fugazi, 
GBH, SJ Hawkins, Hole, Jawbox, KM- 
FDM, Hyenas, Leeway, Lyres, Madball, 
Marilyn Manson, Meatmen, Mighty Boss- 
tones, and many, many more. $1 for 40 
page list. Write Merle Allin / 214 E. 24th 
St. #5b / NY, NY 10010. Call (212) 889- 
8334. Quickest service anywhere. 

VIDEOS: over 1000 shows. Murder Junk- 
ies, Dwarves, Fear, Antiseen, Screeching 
Weasel, Queers, Rancid, Oplvy, Germs, 
Pennywise, Trashwomen, Bad Religion 96, 
Conflict, Monster Magnet, NoFX, Beast- 
ies, Mummies, Misfits, Lunachicks, In- 
saints, Pistols, Buttholes, Primus, Dead 
Boys, KDs, Ramones 96, Rollins, Circle 
Jerks, Dickies, Social D., Exploited, 7 Year 
Bitch, and many, many more. Write Merle 
Allin/ 214 E. 24th St. #5b / NY, NY 10010. 
Call (212) 889-8334. $1 for 40 pg catalog. 

ATTENTION BANDS ! ! Sick and tiled oi shit- 
ty LA shows? Look no further! LA's only true 
all-ages venue is open! Bollocks has hosted the 
Business, Shap-Her, Stitches, US Bombs, 
Criminals and more! Show & booking info @ 
562-988-0622. Shows happen Fri-Sun. 

GG ALLIN: Largest catalog in the world. 
Get the real deal. Don't settle for shit qual- 
ity and long waiting. Included are videos 
from 1981-1993, best copies anywhere and 
many masters. GG CDs, cassettes, rare sin- 
gles, GG Doll, headstone poster, many dif- 
ferent t-shirts, prints from original art- 
work and new Murder Junkies releases and 
more. Fastest service for years. Call if you 
have any questions. Write Merle Allin / 2 14 
E. 24th St. #5b / NY, NY 10010. Call (212) 
889-8334. $1 for large GG catalog. 

C/ LP'S/EP'S collectors from UK 77 to mid 
80's. Also Wave/Industrial/Gothic. Send 2 
IRCs or $2. Old Continent Distro 31 Ave 
A Blanqui 69100 Villeurbanne. France 
Attn: R. Blanc. 

VIDEOS: over 1000 shows. GG, Anal 
Cunt, Angry Samoans, Nashville Pussy, 
Neurosis, Hole, Muffs, Rev. Horton Heat, 
Junior Brown, Deicide. Sabbath, 
Pantera, Type O, Sublime, Samhain, Toy 
Dolls. Cramps, Clash, Dead Boys. J. 
Thunders, punk movies & comps & many 
more. Quick reliable service. Write Mer- 
le Allin / 214 E. 24th St. #5b / NY, NY 
10010. Call (212) 889-8334. $1 for list. 

PUNK & HARDCORE set sale list. Hun- 
dreds of rare original 7"s and LPs featured I 
on the Killed By Death and Bloodstains I 
compilations as well as rare Misfits, early | 
Dischord, Touch & Go, X-Claim releases. 
New stuff every month. Send stamps or | 
SASE for newest list to: Mike B, 159 Em- 
erald Street, Maiden, MA 02148. 

UNION video filmed 7/11/98 in 
Seattle. Amazing quality. I will fill tape 
with a Promise Ring show unless you 
name another band I might have. Send 
$15. postage paid. I have a huge list of 
other bands such as Avail, Fugazi. 
RFTC, Op Ivy, many others. Send 
stamps for complete list. Email: Choose CTH, PO BOX 
95516, Seattle, WA. 98145 

FOR TRADE (All originals, No 
bullshit!); Maggots; Tammy Wynette 7", 
Absentees; Tryin To Mess w/ Me 7", 
Fresh Color: Source 7 " & Punk Partout 
12", Drones; Be My Baby 7", Bastards; 
Danger 7", Rocks; Your So Boring 7", 
Checkmate: Only Fools 7", Sods: TV 
Sect 7", Authorities; Trouble 7", Paere 
Punk LP, Stalin: Stalinism 7", Brulba- 
jz: Dodens Apostlar 7", Electrochoc; 3 
minutes 7", etc etc tons more all around 
the world!!! I trade or sell. (Catalogue 
w/ +4,000 punk items for $2 bills / 3 x 
IRC) Write, call or send fax/email to: 
A.A.R. c/o Jukka W-M Sateri, PO Box 
174, FIN-11101 Riihimaki, Finland. Fax 
++35819 721328, tel + +358 40 5481267, 

MEGARARE Finnish Punkrock Obscu- 
rities for Sale or Trade, like; Briard: All 
7"s & LP, Destroy: Sanoja 7 ", Rattus: 
Khomeini Rock 7", Stalin: Chaos 7", 
Neuroosi: Rock Against Seija Isonsaari 
7" (rarest European punk single, 10 ex- 
ist!!), Kasvain: Onko Suomi Usattunut 
7", Nauta: Ibko Suomi Vapaa Maa 7 ", 
000:Oodeja Simasuille 7" & LP, Taavi 
& Rytmiryhma: Aanilevyko 7" 
etc. ..available almost all early finnpunk 
wonders so check my wants ad and of- 
fer trade (prefer) or send serious money 
offers! ! ! ! (massive catalogue for $2 bills 
or 3x IRC) Write, call or send fax/email 
to: A.A.R. c/o Jukka W-M Sateri, 
PO Box 174, Fin-11 101 Riihimaki, Fin- 
land, fax +358 19 721328, tel + +358 40 
5481267, email 



powerpop 45's & LP's (1977-1982): Send 
$2.00 or 2 IRC's for latest set sale cata- 
log. Reasonable prices. Trades, wantlists, 
etc. welcome. BEAT BEHIND THE 
DYKES, Steenhouwerspad 6 / 7101 Em 
Winterswijk / HOLLAND, phone/fax: 

BANDS-I CAN DESIGN and print your 
7" covers at a reasonable and competi- 
tive rate. One to four colors, single or 
double sided. Printing w/o graphic design 
also available. T-shirt silk-screening also 
available. Write or email for rates. Lar- 
y/Genetic Disorder, PO Box 15237, San 
Diego, CA 92175 or <harmonl@ mail.>. 

NEW. DAHMER/DENAK split 7", Wisig- 
oth 7", Dahmer/Saturation split 7". Also 
Human Greed CD, Hybride 10", Dahmer 
"Dahmerized" LP, Dahmer/Apt. 213 split 
7", Dahmer t-shirts 2 designs, white on 
black $9 or red and black on white $10. 
Dahmer pins and patches $1. Stauration 
t-shirts and patches $7/$. 50. 7"s = #3.5, 
LP 10" CD = $7. All US cash post paid in 
North America. Others add $. Payable to 
Chirs Dragan. Write for free catalog or 
wholesale list. Spineless Records / PO 
Box 524 / Stn. C / Montreal, H2L 4K4 / 
Canada. 514-282-9449. www. spineless, 

IGET OFF THIS ROCK! with Crawling 
[Chaos, Knumbskulls, Public Offender!, 
ISticklers, Catalogs, PettyFords and Brick 
iFight. Get the big seven-inch. $3.50 + 
l$1.50 s/h (First Class) cash/m.o. to rusty 
Irecords / P.O. Box 37974 / Honolulu, HI 

nancial backing. Excellent opportunity to 
put out Israeli's finest. Everything's ready 
to go. Us Israeli's are just broke. Please 
contact with any info: Yotam Ben Horin 
/ Ilanot St. 5 / 34324 Haifa / Israel. 

FREE SHIT! Hi everybody! I'm back with 
the same old crap along with lots o' new 
stuff. Write me for my latest list of mu- 
sic, zines and movies that you pick the 
prices for. Act now and mention the ad 
that's above this one and recieve free 
stuff! Thanks! Alex Faber, Ste. 107, 512 
Livingston St, Norwood NJ 07648 

FREE 3 -song casette #4 from Skidd Free- 
man, the master of chaos. Send request 
to Skidd Freeman, P.O. Box 4281, East 
Lansing, MI 48826. Or email: skidd (one per household 

Ifield King 12", Cringer - I Take... LP, 
■Thatcher on Acid - Frank LP, Give Me 
iBack comp. LP (1st Press), Can of Pork 
Icomp. 2xLP, Econochrist - Comabox LP 
l(lst Press), Can You Break Through? 
Icomp. LP, Rorschach - Remain Sedate LP 
■(1st Press), Pink Lincolns - Headache LP, 
ICrisbald 96 LP. Make an offer. Ian Lynam 
1/ P.O. Box 673 / PDX, OR 97207. 

Comp CD with 36 tracks for just $9.00 
postage-paid! ! ! Order from the Hawaiian 
Express Mail-Order Catalog. Use a com- 
puter for more info and a complete cata- 
log @ 
news.html and send money to Jason Mill- 
er / PO Box 777 / Bryon, CA 94514. Maha- 

LISTEN TO PUNK ROCK radio on the net 
available with new shows every week and 
full play lists and DJ's notes. Dirtnap Ra- 
dio has the latest punk and Gift Wrapped 
Crap features classic stuff. Tune in and 
continue surfing on www. antenna 

ERRRRRRRR! (sounds of the ) Splurge 

comp. cassette w/ Ahtio Ethik/No-fi/ 
Sprawl/Anus Grin. 60+ minutes of Exper- 
imental/Noisy stuff. Comes w/ 'zine + 
stickers. $2 ppd. Bands! Send tapes for 
upcoming cass/vynil comps/splits (We love 
noise!!!) Anti-Everything, 22 South Mal- 
lory St. Apt #1, Hampton, VA 23663. 

BORED? GET YOURSELF cheap cassette 
recorder. Record yourself/ your friends/ 
anybody causing public chaos/ mad noise/ 
screamin'/ Bangin' on shit/spoken word/ 
lo-fi/experimental/home made/punk/ 
noise/whatever/etc. Go the fuck off! Mail 
it to me w/ art/words and your address. 
Why? for upcoming cass/vynil projects. 
Bands! Send demos! All styles welcome. 
It's all punk to us! Extendi Bordome, 22 
South Mallory St. #1, Hampton, VA 


fi=noise collective. Japanese noise from 
Hapmton, VA. Critics say: "...the new 
Crass" -Zero Points Bulletin "A dynamic 
flux of repulsive impulsion" - Selective 
Scene You'll say :Hey man, what the fuck 
man? Send $1.00 for Demonstration Cas- 
sette. No-fi c/o Existencil Bordeom, 22 
South Mallory St. Apt #1, Hampton, VA 

HIGH QUALITY cheap t-shirts and patch- 
es for you or your band. Some of the patch- 
es I have are: Aus Rotten, Los Crudos, 
Filth, Choking Victim, and many more. 
Over 150 designs. I can also make shirts 
and patches for your band. Wholesale 
prices available for shops and distros. For 
a catalog send 1 stamp to:F.T.B. Inc. c/o 
Cheez 119 Chesterfield Rd Pittsburgh, PA 
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PUNK CORE RECORDS- all the worst 
punk rock since 1989!! Check us out on- 
line at: or send 
a stamp or sase for our full catalog of punk 
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Punk Core PO Box 916 Middle Island, 
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GIANT MAILORDER. 10000+ items 
available. Punk, hardcore, alternative... 
etc. Send $2 for a catalog. Outside Eu- 
rope $3. Or visit the website: http:// Mar- 
ginal Mail, Postbus 3051, 4700 GB 
Roosendaal, The Netherlands. E-mail: 

BANDS WANTED! New punk and hard- 
core label (illmattic jerks records) is 
looking for bands. I am looking for ev- 
erything from ska to death metal. Send 
demos to Eric Hansen, 91 Fishkill Ave, 
Beacon, NY 12508. 1 am also looking for 
more bands for a Screeching Weasel trib- 
ute I am putting out . I will respond to 
all demos. You can also e-mail me at ill- 
matticjerk © 

CHE AP OI! MUSIC! Huge list of Oi! and 
77/82 style punk. Many items below cost 
price, plus loads of great new releases 
from good labels (GMM, Step One, 
Knockout and many more), all at good 
prices! 25 dollars gets you surprise Oi! 
package (10 singles, surface postpaid), or 
send SAE (UK), or IRC or US Dollar 
(overseas) for list to Savage Amusement, 
Trev, 57 Briardene, Burnopfield, New- 
castle Upon Tyne, NE16 6LJ, England. 


and CDs by the finest — Antiseen, Cock- 1 
noose, Rancid Vat, Hellstomper, Lime- 
cell, and a host of others. SASE for cat- 
alog to Baloney Shrapnel, PO Box 6504, | 
Phoenix, AZ 85005 

YAK ATTACK! ! ! Mailorder punk & ska 
CD's, records, cassettes, T-shirts, stick- 
ers, patches, baseball caps, hooded 
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Direct from The Queers: "Suck This " vi- 
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thing not in our catalog? We'll find it! For 
our latest huge catalog, send $1.00 to: 
MANIYAK MUSIC, RR 2 Box 101, Ran- 
dolph, VT 05060 

THE CHURCH- looking for musicians to 
contribute tracks to a tribute cd to the| 
Church. Cassette, DAT, mini-disc, vinyl, 
cd, okay. Send to Fandango R&D, 
POBox 80311, Charleston, SC 29416. 
Call 843-797-8723 

VIDEOS HAVE LOTS such as Swingin 
Utters, Blatz, Neurosis, Business, Sui- 
cide Machines, Dwarves, H20, F.Y.P., 
Donnas, Zeke, Criminals, Link 80, Good 
Riddance, Cletus, Ramones, Rancid, 
Queers, Cramps, Mummies, Gutter- 
mouth, AFI, Ignite, Vandals, Face to 
Face and many. Send list for trade. Send 
SASE if possible. Send extra stamps 
to: Kelly 1019 N.Anza, El Cajon, CA 
92021 Thank you. 

Apart, Anti, on LP or preferably cd. Vice 
Squad cd's, Creamers cd's, Government 
Issue - You cd, M.I.A. - Murder cd. Will 
pay cash or trade. Write to Bossk, 28305 
Klevius Ct., Canyon Country, CA 91351. 

around the world. Sanity Assassins want 
radio air play around the world. Write | 
us with show info and formats played, 
and we'll send you some of our music. 
Sanity Assassins, PO Box 380152,m East | 
Hartford, CT. 06138-0152. 


Bastard Squad, Kozik, Mung, Razor- 
wire. $6 ppd US? 7 ppd world. Still 
available Toe Tag "Reality" + "Righ- 
teous" cd's, $6 ea. pp US/$7 pp world. 
Send M.O. to John Kozik, PO Box 58, 
Boston, MA 02134 USA. 

PUNK ROCK CONCERT flyers want- 
ed. Will trade one for one from my huge 
collection. Especially wanted, D.C. 
hardcore, old Boston hardcore, Misfits, 
D,K.'s etc ...Send flyers to Funhouse Pro- 
ductions Inc., 127 W. Fairbanks Ave., 
Suite 420, Winter Park, FL 32789 

punk records, cds, shirts, videos, etc. 
Large SAE. UK 2 IRCs Europe, 3 IRCs 
world, to North Records, 26 Hardhorn 
Way, Poulton, FY68AA UK. Website 
from November- 
Thanks. Sorry we've been away! 

I SOAR THROAT, new EP (featuring 
members of Doom) $3 ppd, Deathcharge 
"A look at their sorrow, " raw punk from 
Portland, debut EP $4 ppd, outside N. 
America add $2 for airmail. After the 
Bomb Rec. / PO Box 66876 / Portland, 
OR 97290 

Rock mailorder catalog in the world! 
Over 65 pages of rare and out of print 
Punk records from: The Adicts, Dickies, 
Blitz, Crass, Partisans, Dead Kennedys, 
Misfits, Subhumans, Dils, and thou- 
sands more. Everything from 1977 to the 
present. Also hundreds of patches, 
shirts, stickers, and buttons to choose 
from, (all for cheap too! ) For the newest 
catalog, send 3 stamps or $1.00 to Dr. 
Strange Records, PO Box 7000-1 17, Alto 
Loma, CA 91701 USA. Or check out the 
web page at And 
when in Southern California check out 
the new store. 2300 square feet of pure 
punk rock! Records, cd's, creepers, 
bondage pants, studs, and more... (909) 

JGoofballs" punk rock CD. Fun, moder- 
lately offensive and non thought provok- 
[ing music. Only $3.00 (postage paid). 
[Payable to Cedric Crouch, PO Box 163, 
iBarto, PA 19504. Distros/labels we also 
I trade. 

the gestapo got us equipment monev, can 
you help too? GEEKING DREAM by the 
Pimps includes "K-9 Christ", "My Dad 
Smokes Crack", Tape $4, send to: CNF 
P.O. Box 9152, Virginia Beach, VA 23450 

FOR TRADE: Iron Cross - "Skinhead 
Glory" 7", Bags, Alleycats, Middle Class, 
Descendents, C.I.A., C.F.A., Side By Side, 
Bold 7", etc. Wanted A.F. - "United 
Blood", Urban Waste, Violent Children, 
Neon Christ, Necros - "IQ 32", Aveng- 
ers, Eyes, Misfits, Teen Idles, CH3, etc. 
Spike 2533 #3 McClintock Rd Charlotte, 
NC 28205 

WANTED: Varuckers - "Blood Suckers" 
LP, The Threats 12" & 7", Vice Squad - 
"You'll Never Know" 7", Slaughter And 
The Dogs LP", Ligotage LP, Resistance 77, 
Riot Squad, A-Heads "Dying Man" 7", Po- 
tential Threat, Vibrators - "London Girls", 
X-Ray Spex - "Oh Bondage" 7", will buy 
or trade. Spike 2533 #3 McClintock Rd 
Charlotte, NC 28205 

RARE 7" RECORDS for trade, have old 
and newer punk. Oi!, UK 82, lots oi'Head- 
coats/Childish related stuff. Therapy?, 
stuff like Exploited "Attack' (Italian), 
Skinhead times EP, Discharge, A-Wheels, 
NBTs, Test Tubes etc. Wanted: Antiseen 
(& other COS stuff), Poison Idea, GG, 
Dwarves, Bosstones. Send list for mine: 
Ross. 2 Seymour Rd.. Tipton, West Mids, 
DY4QEW,' England. 

MUSICIANS WANTED. Radio airplay... chart 
action. What's the secret? Do it yourself... Call 
1-888-diy-prom. www. 

PATCHES 50 CENTS and a stamp each: 
Rudimentary Peni; G.B.H. - Charged logo 
or Explosion logo; Violent Society; Dead 
Kennedys; Partisans: Vice Squad; Born 
Against; Subhumans - Time Flies, Rats, 
Religous Wars or Demolition Wars; Dis- 
charge- spike jacket; Antischism: Jade, 127 
W. 15th St., Apt. 4F. New York NY 10011 

WANTED: Old records on the labels Crass, 
Corpus Christi, Spiderleg, Mortarhate, 
Pusmort, and Small Wonder. Bands like 
Alternative, Amebix, Icons of Filth, Rudi- 
mentary Peni, DIRT, The Mob, Flux of 
Pink Indians, Poison Girls, Fatal Microbes, 
Omega Tribe and Antisect. Jeramy, 41 10 
SE Hawthorne Blvd #121, Portland, OR 
97214. PS Don't send me any Christian 
bullshit or you will regret it. 

RARE AND OBSCURE Punk/Hardcore/ 
Garage/PowerPop and New Wave 7" 
records for sale from all eras - includes: 
Anonymous, Effigies, Fits (Can.), F.O.D., 
Headcleanters, Infamous Scientists, In- 
serts, State, Lost Cause, Kraut, Malibu 
Kens, Necros, Plastic Idols, Rock&Roll 
Bitches, 63 Monroe 12" etc. Please send one 
dollar or IRC for auction list to Warren 
Bidlock / P.O. Box 61050 / Edmonton, AB 
/ T5E 6J6 / Canada. 

right Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell 
went punk and took the whole cast with 
him. Rock out to his band No Class by get- 
ting their 7" "It's a Wonderful Life" and 
their split CD with the Tone Deaf Pig Dogs. 
7"— 3 bux... CD— 8 bux. Write 'em: No 
Class/ PO Box 6165/ Rome, GA 30162. No- 
noclass/ indexfu.html 


YOU BUY IT! Send us a blank sixty minute 
cassette and a buck for shipping, and we'll send 
it back filled to the brim with: punk, ska, indie, 
spoken word, and experimental music from our 
label/distro along with our catalog and a stick- 
er. Mail tape and one dollar to: Mensual 
Records, PO Box 394 Hudson, NH 03051 


COMPILATION available now. This tape is 
full of Christmas inspired punk songs. $2 
PPD. Also Ism-Ology-Core zine is looking 
for submissions. Send articles, scene reports, 
columns, ads, etc. Ad rates are $10 full page. 
$5 half page, and $3 quarter page. Send tape 
orders, and zine submissions to Counterfeit 
Entertainment P.O. Box 281 Torrance, CA 


with free vinyl sticker & Black Flag song if I 
you send $1.50 in stamps to: KING FETUS 
RECORDS 406 Caple Ave. Fairdale, 
KY 40118 

NOBODY'S HEROES - New 7" (Kill To- 
morrow) in stores now! If you can't find it 
call BHB Records @ (508) 420-0424 or mail 
$4 ppd in cash only to BHB Records. 1 Liam 
LN., Centerville.'MA, 02632. Contact No- 
body's Heroes @ email: 

hundreckoftitiesforyourlistenirigpleasure! [ 
Send a S.A.S.E for a complete catalog. 
BHB Records 10 Liam LN., Centerville, MA 


426 Norwalk, CT, 06856. $2.00 ppd ($4.00 
foreign) #14 - featuring: Hepcat; Malcolm 
Tent; Stiff Little Fingers; Nashville Pussy; 
S.C.O.T.S. plus lots more junk! 

SUBHUMANS '98 TOUR videos, photos, 
flyers + Infest videos wanted. Buy or trade. 
Mint Slave 12" + photos from Spanky's + 1 
others, BGK, Varukers, etc. Brian (310) 917- 
5849 Alex 17525 BurbankBlvd, Encino, CA | 

CONNETICUT: BEST OF punk and hard- 
core history CD looking for recordings of any 
and all CT bands torn '78 to '88. 2nd CD 
will be from '89 to present. Must be punk, 
hardcore, oi, or metal. No ska, industrial or 
rock. Please spread the word. For detailed 
info send SASE to Ice Records/ PO Box 
422965/ San Francisco, CA 94142-2965 

WANTED: MRR 129, 131, 136-41, 144, 
153, 161, 164-66. Write quoting prices. | 
A.E. Roach, 6919 Harrison Lane, Alex- 
andria, VA 22306-1430. 

TAPE TRADERS send your list in ex- 
change for mine. Have rare stuff by all 
yourfaves. Good quality too! Over 100 
tapes on my list covering punk, ska, psy- 
chobilly. etc. PAL System video traders 
also wanted. Music & Wrestling lists 
available. Write to Ross, 2 Seymour Rd.. 
Tipton, West Mids, DY40EW, England. 

BANDS WANTED! New punk and 
hardcore label (illmattic jerks records) 
is looking for bands. I am looking for 
everything from ska to death metal. 
Send demos to Eric Hansen, 91 Fishkill 
Ave, Beacon, NY 12508. 1 am also look- 
ing for more bands for a Screeching 
Weasel tribute I am putting out . I will 
respond to all demos. You can also e- 
mail me at illmatticjerk © 


ways to show are local law-enforc- 
ers that we're down right pissed. 
We're trying to pyrate a radio sta- 
tion hoping to reach new folks who 
want'a make a difference. You could 
help us with this project by sending 
$3 for our zine and 2 patches (choose 
4 bands). Thomas Skinner / PO Box 
66 / Olean, NY 14760 

SOCIAL MISFIT— 21 yr. old reclu- 
sive male, seeking companionship 
with an anti-social/reclusive female. 
Angry at society, but full of warmth 
for that special someone. I know 
you're out there, please write! I'm in 
the New England area. Ages 19+ 
please. Dan K., 8 Aster Court, 
Greenfield, MA 01301 

XXX PUNK XXX Punk & alterna- 
tive females needed for adult & fe- 
tish photographs. Tattoos, piercings, 
scars, body modifications, dread- 
locks, mohawks, wild hair, no hair. 
All body types. $100 plus $20 per 
hour & copies. Firestorm Produc- 
tions/ PO Box 422965/ San Fran- 
cisco, CA 94142-2965 USA 

ICHINESE ROCKS! Building up #1 
lout now! The first Chinese punk 
Irock zine! Brain failure interview, 
■photos, articles, Beijing punk re- 
ports, comics, and more from the 
Icore of the Beijing punk scene. 36 
■pages, written in English/Chinese. 
ISend 2$ p.p.d. to Stacey Falls 15065 
poster, Plainwell, MI 49080 USA 

PUNK ROCKERS: Applying for 
college? Consider UC Davis. The 
school's allright but the campus ra- 
dio station is tops! Host your own 
show and play what you like (the 
more underground the better). Come 
visit us at 14 Lower Freeborn Hall 
if you're in the Davis/Sacramento 
area. Listen wherever you 
are: — KDVS 90.3 
FM, (530) 752-0728 

|2 1 YEAR OLD aging scenester needs 
■mail. Send me wacky letters, zines, 
Imix tapes, etc.. I will send you some- 
thing in return. Thanks - Chris/ 
IPO Box 5683/Evansville, IN 47716 

SAN DIEGO: Moving early January 
'99. 1 am a non-smoker, vegetarian, 
and have a very open mind. Musi- 
cal tastes range from the Clash to 
Infest. Please call Carl at (513) 831- 


CA. Ross here from England. I re- 
ceived your package today (9/18/98) 
but you didn't write your'address. I 
was too dim to put it in my address 
book! I have cash and tapes wait- 
ing to post for you. Please get in 
touch with your address. Cheers. 

punk cable worker shows you how to 
build your own descrambler with 
only 7 Radio Shack parts, for under 
$13! 7 step instructions anyone can 
do. Fast service, you will receive in 
two weeks guaranteed! Send well- 
concealed cash or $10 money order to: 
Ed, PO Box 157, West Sayville, NY 

TIME! Laid off punk cable worker 
tells all! Build a descrambler for un- 
der 13 bucks with 7 Radio Shack 
parts. Very easy to do, simple 7 step 
instructions sent immediately! Send 
$10 well-concealed cash or money 
order to Ed Duckfield, PO Box 157, 
West Sayville, NY 11796. DIY punks! 

Brand new box! Only $10 ea. post- 
paid to: Kevin/ PO Box 5461/ Laurel, 
MD 20726 

dollar for first issue of Punks Before 
Profit. Comes with a free patch. Send 
albums, copied on a blank tape to be 
reviewed (not looking for free hand- 
outs). Write for prices on ads of dis- 
tro, band, etc. If you are in a band, 
write for possible shows in Olean, 
NY area (near Buffalo). Send to 
Punks Before Profit, 209 Center St., 
Olean, NY 14760. Bands call Ryan or 
Liz at 716-373-7130. Thank You very 
much for your support. 

THE SMITHS - Isn't there one girl 
out there who feels the loneliness I 
feel? Isn't there someone who knows 
this kind of love? Write me. If you 
don't I will probably DIE. Doesn't 
anyone know this need for love? I 
love. God, please give me one wom- 
an who needs to be loved too. Bry- 
an Hayhoe, 1499 Sutter, SF, CA, 

skateboards at discount prices. 100 
decks to choose from.! All $50 with 
tape (includes shipping). Wheels, $20 
a set! Clothing and shoes at unbeliev- 
able prices! Call (508) 771- 4595 or 
(508)420-0424. Ask for Paul! 

PUNK PORN Yes punk porn, al- 
ternative & punk women & men 
having hot & nasty sex with punk 
& alternative soundtracks. Send 
an SASE with 18 or older age 
statement w/ signature. Fire- 
storm Productions/ PO Box 
422965/ San Francisco, CA 
94142-2965 USA 

CUSTOM BUTTONS! 1" pins in 
your design, black ink on white or 
colored paper. $25 per 100 pins. 
skill@op.netor 215.879.0936*Send 
stealthy cash or M.O. to Schuylkill 
Records PO Box 42346 Philadelphia 
PA 19101 


three other girls want to go to 
Chicago and New York in De- 
cember, so I'm looking for plac- 
es to stay and ideas of where to 
go. We are into hardcore and 
love stuff like Strife, Hate- 
breed, Veil, Cause for Alarm, 
Morning Again, H20 and many 
more. Oh, that's all, take care! 
Write to: Diana Schoch / Im 
Hinterfeld 2 / 97708 Grossen- 
brach / GERMANY Phone: 

yourself! Kung fu videos available | 
wholesale! Brand new in box $5 ea. 
(10 piece min.) or $6 for sample tape. 
To: Kevin/ PO Box 5461/ Laurel, 
MD 20726 

XXX PORN We need punk and al- 
ternative females and male/ female 
couples, no single men, to be in al- 
ternative/ punk hardcore adult 
films. Punk/ hardcore/ alternative/ 
industrial bands needed for 
soundtracks. Females $500-800, 
males $200. 18 or older. Send info 
& photo & age statement w/ signa- 
ture. Firestorm Productions/ PO 
Box 422965/ San Francisco, CA 
94142-2965 USA 


I'm putting together book/zine 
that will be a collection of pho- 
tobooth pictures. Send a strip 
(or square) of pictures to be in- 
cluded. Single photos will also 
be accepted. Be sure to mention 
who (if anyone) is in the pic- 
tures as well as where and when 
they were taken. Everybody 
who submits photos will get a 
copy of the final product, due 
out sometime in 1999. Send to: 
icki / PO Box 1223 / Blooming- 
ton, IN / 47401 

harsh a— b niMD MiMf Iff ftp 


U.S.A. $2 $3 $4 $5 $7 $8 

Can/Mex $3 $4 $5 $6 $9 $10 

Europe $4 $5 $6 $8 $11 $12 

Asia $5 $6 $7 $9 $13 $14 

Cash or M.O.'sto:"Will Killingsworth" 




.Distributed by Ebullition. 

E-mail: - 




( /^IfRtCORDS 

& REO SPEEDEALER! ! $ 7 p.p. 

REV. HORT. HEAT ! $ 7 p.p. 

Probe #7 Out now $5 ppd. 
144 pages, less than 10% ads, full 

color cover, and more photos of 
naked scenesters than ever before! 

And lots of great articles! 


COLOR WAX - $ 3.50 p.p 
SILK SCREEN COVER | LTD. TO 200 )- $5.50 p.p 







L.P - $ 8 p.p. 

PO BOX 8345 



All woman band from Florida who 
play hard, heavy, screaming punk 
rock. The Queens of FUCKING 
ROCK! $3ppd. 

Flight 13 Records in Germany are available for 
all Probe related mail order in Europe. It cost $7 to 
air mail a single copy of Probe #7 from the U.S. 



■HO. Box 5068 
Pleasanton, CA 94566 


ELM 24 7" $3.50 
Tedio Boys 
"Co Country" 
Fuck The Beatles, 
the Tedio Boys are 
here! Seven inches 
of Porkobilly mad- 
ness. Man Or 
Astroman meets 
The Cramps at a b- 
movie drive in! 

ofl02Eastr* -44 USA *X\ 


HM 25 7" $3.50 
Deoc/ End Kiefs 
"Something For the 
Raucous Florida 
punk rock! These 
bastards have a sick 
sense of humor and 
they know how to 
abuse it! 



yJLt -I 



■A y.r^ W&* 



SMKtsSwB* ^ 



11 ■> 





• *> 

E1M 26 CD one/ LP 
$10 and $8 
Kitty Bod Ass 
"One Cell At A 

Finally, something 
new for tired ears. 
With a heavy dose 
ofX, Kitty Bad Ass 
refresh the scene 
with some post- 
wave stylings! 

Elevator also features releases 
from these other fine bonds: Jiker, 
Thumper, The Independents, The 
Showcase Showdown, The Pist, 
Injury, The Supermarket Allstars, 
The invaders, Howitzer, Cleanser, 
Dissolve, and many more! 

Elevator Music 

P.O. Box 1502 

New Haven, CT 




n 000 D DucUi> Bops' 

°H\M. Bombs 
H J2as1)mUe {Htsttjp 

°(Dk Jforgottcn 
(Eljr Business 
i I ° pressure ^Ooint 

B3D2 a flo One's Dictim <E1k ^tarnation* 
H <Llmtcb BlooO D (Djr Ivmbumus D €1)c BomcS 
H <Ti)c 3utijontp damnation B poison iocn 
^>na|J-i>rr H <Tl)c Decline Cljr itfiiioerers 
H £lK ftiinlmnisf £>mut ^coolers Z\n JfianUs 
BBlaoocr Blaooei (Pang (Picrn n&uin Bops 

jUaWfcr&, /-^illata i\atOS nunreleased 

. w" f-^ - _ __ „ «r \/im/l rtnlw 

free catalog ^^1^ mWAK $ , , PPD 
P.O. Box 92708 Long Beach CA 90809 

_____ ****** U< rt> LATE 

HP - 






ENLIST NOW. CD-$ 10 LP-$9 


This ep rips. AFI turns out another 

classic release. A Fucking Incredible. 

7"- $5 CDEP-S7 

/, ______ 7 - 5S tUtP- >/ 

/ a " ord e"geTa~l 

,'freeOMAorAFi * he*- «" Pinhead Ounpowrjor * 
SPoster. untf , w ) _%• _x_\ CHRP coming soon 

\ run out ok / write for oar catalog 

All prices are postage paid in the US. 

Canada add. $2 eh ? Overseas add $4. J 

(Send good checks, money orders or well hid cash- thanks) I 

ADELINE RECORDS P.O. BOX 11470 OAKLAND CA. 94*11 ph/fx 510.652.8021 




I have a couple dozen copies 

of these left, so I'm selling them 

as a package for $6 ppd. 

Haggis - Cornfield Girl 7" 

Haggis / Life After Johnny split 7" 

Skidfish / Freak in a Jar split 7" 

I also have a few copies of the Cravedog Records CD 

compilation The Encyclopedia of Post Punk Hits" for 

only $5 ppd. The CD features tracks from Haggis, 

Bubba, 90 Proof, Belligerent Youth and 7 more. 

Also still available: 

♦ V/A - 20 Bands Trash 20 Songs to Find the 
Way to Sesame Street LP - $7 

♦ V/A - Boise Punk compilation LP - $6 

♦ Adversives / Cause split T - $3 

Make checks / MOs payable to Mark Hanford. 
All prices are postpaid to North America 
Others add $2 per item. 

screwball productions 

po box 8059 
santa cruz, ca 95061 

e-mail: hanford(2)cruzio.corn 



to ~ ■» 

I -i 

= nj 

r- _ m 



S " 8 
n> U s 

3 1) 



o. to -a 
- > =i 

O Q) C 

% ^ ° 

o = i2 

Rational Inquirer #9 

Probe #7 

M M 

Ten Things #19 

Suburban Voice #41 

All Prices are PPD. Stamp = Full Catalog 

2050 W 56 ST STE 32-221 

A bunch of bands 

ripping apart some DK songs. 

17 band CD 

$10ppd N. America/$12ppd World. 



27 long CD 

lit 2 Lri on on* CO. 

$tppd N. America/$10ppd Work) 


LIVE At Zed 
17 long CD 
Great live recording!! 

$«ppd N. America/$10ppd World 


24 long CD 

Fuck all mat weak shit. Brutal. 

$»ppd N. America/$10ppd World 



17 song CD 

All the shift on one CD. 

$Sppd N. America/SlOp pd World 



IS song CD 

2nd hill length by theie O.C. drunks. 

$8ppd N. Amerlca/S lOppd World 


36 band compilation CD 

The Suspects, Naked Aggretslon. 

Horace Pinker, The Meatmen, All Day, 

Rhythm Collision, The Fixtures, Das 

Klown. Voodoo Glow Skulls, Intuit, 

Rancid Hell Spawn, Fury 66, Swooni, 

Vitamin L, Spunk, Drain Bramaged, 

Media Blitz. Apocalypse Hoboken, 

Moral Crux, The Proceu. etc 

$8ppd N. America/$10ppd World 

fc *<» 

NE W All Day "Looking At Thorn" 7" $3.50ppd N.Ay$6ppd World 
N- W Arson Family/40 Short split 7" $3.60ppd N.AVSSppd World 
Llboramo comp 7" W Lot Crudoa, Youth Against, Parados End, 

Huaalpungo, godstompar, otc.. S3 50 ppd N.A7S5ppd World 
Daa Klown 'Holy Crapl" CD $8ppd North America jSIOppd World 
Araon Family "La Coaa Nostra" CD $10ppd N. AJ$12ppd World 
Loa Crudoo "Lot Prlmaroa Grttoa" LP S7ppd N.A/$lOppd World 
Youth Against "La Ravolucion...." LP $7ppd N.A/$10ppd World 
P.U.SJO.H.O.B.N.A. apllt 7" $3.60ppd NA7J5ppd World 
The Fixtures "Screw The Work!" 7" $3.60ppd N.A/SSppd World 
FUCKFACE LP $7ppd N.A/$10ppd World 
Brother Infarlor "Anthoma For Greater ..." LP $7ppd N.A_/J10ppd World 

tend weJI hidden coih, 
chack or monay order to; 


DEI, UMnatnwt Chofc«, Hon, Tempereno 
mekk. Bound Ot CaHfomut, ReTVototion, 
Sour Tooth, F.A.B. . etc- 


P.O. BOX 90579 



562-138-3069 fax 

and a damp 

for a catalog full of 
all kinds of duff, 
frit «#h ordtr. 


Distributed by Mordam 




" axmraaian. 





Also Available: 

Nobodys w/ Joe Queer 7* The Fairlahes CD 

p.,.,1, *. 


Homeless Wonders CD 

Orchis Comp CD 

CD $8ppd/7' $3ppd 




1750 30th St #365 
Boulder, CO 80301 
suburbhome@aol .com 

U.S. Foreign 

$8 ppd. $10 ppd. LP 

$10ppd. $12 ppd. CD 

Send cash, checks or money orders to: 
Johann's Face Records 
P.O. Box 479164 
Chicago, IL 60647 

Write for a free catalog! 


Web site: 

P.O. Box 479164 
Chicago, IL 60647 


P Box 229 Arlington, VA 22210-0229 


New TQC12 The Goons 'Living in America' CD 17 songs $10.00 ppd. 

New TQ0011 SCREAM live at the Black Cat in DC' CD 21 songs £10.00 ppd. 

TQ0010 The Suspects 'Voice of America & 7" CD 13 Songs $10.00 ppd. 

TQ006 The Suspects 'New Dawn in the 21st Century' CD 12 Songs $9.00 

TQ005 Lickity Split 'Volume Won' CD 14 Songs $10.00 ppd 

Upco m ini? Rel eases 

The Spoilers u~D 

Lickity Split 'self-titled' CD 

Please Send Check, Money Order or Well Hidden Cash 

US Currency Only Overseas add S3. 00 for Air $1.00 Surface 

Torque is exclusively distributed by LUMBERJACK 



mm ** 

7" EP $3.0C 
Oi! PUNK ROCK <«* 


THE BLAME 7" EP $3.00 
7" EP $3.00 



8 S0N<5 CASSETTE $6.00 PPP 


ELVIS 7' EP $3.00 PPP 
PEAP ENP KIPS 7' 0* $300 PPP 

SEND CASH OR MONEY ORDERS(made out to cash) 









Debut full-length from three dumb 
kids from the Middle America, 
we have a limited tour edition 

tour CD S7.00 + postage. 

T-shirt S10.00 4 postage. 

MR T EXPERIENCE "Road to Ruin" LP 

Clearview Records unrelenting 
series of Ramones LP s marches on. 
'Nuffsaid LP only $8.75 + postage. 




six tracks on one side of a record 
plus a Norb etching on the flipside. 
Limited to 1000 copies. Red vinyl for 

mailorder only. $7.00 + postage. 


BEATNIK TERMITES Live@0rifice LP .. $7.50 + 
BEATNIK TERMITES Live@0rifice CD .. $9.00 + 

BORIS End of the Century CD $10.00 + 

BORIS Mega Anal Picture LP $10.00 + 


dread Collection CD $9.00 + 

CROOVIE choulies Planet Brian 7" ... $4.00+ 
LILLINCTONS Shit Out Of Luck LP + 7" $7.50 + 

LILLINCTONS Shit Out Of Luck CD $9.00 + 

LILLINCTONS I Lost Mv Marbles 7" $3.00 + 

nothing COOL Losers Hall o' Fame 7" $3.00 + 

QUEERS Rocket to Russia CD $10.00 + 

retreads say Cheese 7" $3.00+ 

v/A Banana Pad Riot 7" $3.00 + 

V/A Banana Pad Riot CD5 $4.00+ 


Our mailorder service has tons of pop, 
punk and garage sounds, we have imports 
and domestic stuff, send a couple stamps 
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Phone 781.545.1533 • Fax 781.545.4083 

e-mail us! 

CD Available December 1998 on Kat 

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Turning Into Small LP/CD 

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'The True Story of the 'Sridgewater "Astral League LT/CT) 

LP $7 CD $10 


Future:Rye CoalitionJThe Lapse, The Sin-Eaters, Computer Cougar 

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Clash. Naked Raygun, 
Husker Du...? Fuckin' good!! 
White vinyl. Tour: Sept. + Oct. 


12 songs! (Only $4 ppd!) 
Catchy punk with melodic 
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ELMER "Songs of Sin..." 
LP/CD Johnny Cash meets 
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Tl 71 

I. AND | 

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h BILLY [901)274 4445 
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■ IIIIIH. ••■•< '••» ■ 
m "■""■ I eS 




P.O. BOX 460760 
SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94146-0760 





PERMIT No. 728 



Do-It Yourself Resource Magazine No. 7, 1999 

For 6 years MRR has joined forces with various collectives and put together a resource magazine which many of you sent in listings 
for, and many of you utilized in booking tours, putting together compilations, traveling around the world, or just using to keep in touch. 

And then the unimaginable collective stepped forward to team up for the 1998 edition. The 1999 edition should make 
up for that— in addition to the usual print edition, BYOFL will also be available in a perpetually-updated, searchable format on the web. 

We will be compiling the resources geographically, trying to give as complete a listing of DIY and related activities as possible. The 
thoroughness of this project will depend on the response we get from people involved with different projects. Listings in this magazine will 
be free of charge; all you have to do is get on the web or send in a note with the information requested below. Please, if you're sending in 
listings of many types, break them down by the categories listed below so the typists won't go crazy trying to sift through a mountain of 
info, and keep the statements or descriptions concise!! If at all possible, please use BYOFL's web page to submit your listing (remember 
some libraries and computer stores have net-connected computers). 


BANDS: Name/Address/Telephone NoTEmail Address/Web URL/Brief Description (40 words or less please!) 

DISTRIBUTORS: Name/Address/Telephone NoJEmail Address/Web URL/Specialty (vinyl, cassettes, CDs, zines, etc.)/Area of Coverage 

(mailorder, wholesale, gigs, etc.) 

LABELS: Name/Address/Telephone NoJEmail Address/Web URL/Brief Description (40 words or less please!) 

PROMOTERS/VENUES: Name/(Mailing) Address/Telephone No./Email Address/Web URL/Hall Capacity/Lodging or Food Provided?/ 

Working Terms (guarantee, percentage, etc.) 

RADIO STATIONS: Station Name/Band Frequency/Address/Telephone No^Email Address/Web URL/Contact Person/Punk-HC Shows and 


RECORD STORES/BOOKSTORES: Name/Address/Telephone NoJEmail Address/Web URL/Specialties 

ZINES: Name/Address/Telephone No./Email Address/Web URL/Postage Paid Price/Frequency/Size/Description (40 words or less please!) 

MISCELLANEOUS: We also ask people to send in tips on hangouts, cheap places to eat, free.clinics, bulletin boards, crash pads, etc. 

These listings could be especially helpful for touring bands. 


Display ads will be sold to help pay for this project (only for the print edition, not the web version). However, to make this resource 
issue as fair as possible there will be only one size. We are doing this to make ads just as accessible to the small 20 page fanzines as 
the big record conglomerates! The ad size available is 3 3/4" across by 2" down or 95mm x 51mm (basically, a slightly elongated 
business card size). The cost for ads is $25 which will help keep the cover price as low as possible. Please, only one ad per label, zine, 
promoter, etc. 

Submit listings on the web at 

(preferred method) 

Deadline: Feb 1, 1999 - Due Out: April 15, 1999 

Send all ads to: 
Send snail mail listings to: MAXIMUMROCKNROLL 

The Amoeba Collective PO Box 460760 

438 Donohoe St, #3 S.F., CA 941 46-0760 

East Palo Alto, CA 94303-1 805 


1) Use the web submission page if at all possible! This will decrease the chance of inaccuracies or your listing getting lost in the mail. 

2) Be brief! We're not editors. If you snail mail them, send them in nice and typed or neatly printed. 

3) Submit them early. Like now! If you go over to the web site it'll only take you a couple of minutes and you won't have to hunt for a 

4) Don't use all uppercase (or all lowercase) letters. It makes it really hard to figure out what is part of a name and what is just a 
descriptive word (and if you submit it through the web site, we'll have to retype it). And punctuation is good. 

5) Feel free to send friendly letters, goofy drawings, and other goodies, but don't expect a reply. We're swamped. 

6) We don't need the address and phone number of every member of your band. Pick one! 

7) Don't send in 18 listings for all the semi-existent bands you're in— just for the ones that are really active! 

8) Maybe take responsibility for getting your whole scene's listings done, but.... 

9) Check with people before submitting their info for them. Hassle your friends to get their listings in too (the Internet is your friend). 
10) No certified/registered mail, please!